This article focuses on Cartoon Network's Total Drama: Revenge of the Island website. This site featured the cast's audition videos, character biographies, a preview of the next episode at the time, and an overview of the past seasons. The site also featured the season's only game. The addition of Cartoon Network's Total Drama All-Stars website over the URL of the Revenge of the Island website leads to a revamped site on August 19, 2013.


Like the first three seasons, a small biography of each character appeared on the page. Though unlike the first three seasons, this one only gives a short description of the characters' personality, and occasionally, strengths, and weaknesses.

Each time a contestant was eliminated, an X, with "ELIMINATED" in white was listed. The X and background of "ELIMINATED" were red.


This website featured a new section, not seen on the previous sites. Due to Cartoon Network's deletion of the previous seasons' websites to make room for this one, this section gave a quick overview of the past three seasons and their three winners for the United States.



  • In Jo's biography, there was a quotation mark before "first loser" but no quotation mark to end it.

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