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This article focuses on Cartoon Network's Total Drama All-Stars Website. This site contained all the contestants, videos of the series, links to the forum where users can discuss characters, games from previous seasons, and a summary with the winner from each season. The site was officially put up on Monday, August 19, 2013 and was removed in 2018.


There was only one game available to play on Cartoon Network's Total Drama All-Stars website. The game was Rain of Terror and was released on Monday, August 26, 2013, a week after the site was created. However, you could play past games from previous seasons.


Like the first four seasons, a small biography of each character appeared on the page.

Following Heroes vs. Villains (the first episode, when the teams were announced), members of the Hamsters had a mixture of yellow and olive green as the background for their names, whereas the Vultures had red for their names.

Each time a contestant was eliminated, an X, with "ELIMINATED" in white was listed, similar to Cartoon Network's Total Drama: Revenge of the Island website. The only difference this time is that the X and background of "ELIMINATED" were black instead of red.

Previous seasons

Similar to the Cartoon Network's Total Drama: Revenge of the Island website, there was a page dedicated to the previous seasons and the winners from the United States.

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