This article focuses on Cartoon Network's Total Drama World Tour website. It was themed around the Total Drama Jumbo Jet. There were also two downloadable features, a Chris bobblehead, and a Chef bobblehead. However, they were replaced by other downloadables after the first episode aired. Following each episode, the downloadables got updated every time. This website, alongside the websites for the first two seasons, were removed in favor of Cartoon Network's Total Drama: Revenge of the Island website in April 2013.


Like in the first two seasons, a small biography of each character appeared on the page. Unlike the first two seasons, it showed three words to describe the character, a quote that they said at some point during the season, and one favorite thing.




















  • In Three Words: Athletic, Soulful, Surfer
  • Favorite Sport: Surfing
  • Quote: "I have a boyfriend!"

















A map of all locations to be visited in Total Drama World Tour. The four locations shown on the map are Egypt, The Alps, Amazon, and Tokyo, Japan, a few of the locations before the season's merge. People who visited the page got a chance to vote on which location they thought the cast were going to first. There was also a "starting point" location shown. However. it doesn't necessarily reveal where it was. However, it appeared to be in Canada, since that is generally where two seasons of the Total Drama series takes place. To further prove this, various clips of the airport in the very first episode, including in the theme song, has been seen to have the CN Tower in the background, essentially confirming that it's located in Toronto. Each day after a new episode aired, the map was updated, as was the sidebar. The sidebar included the location visited, the challenge (or challenges), the reward (if any), the elimination, a downloadable GIF and song, and a picture from the episode at the top.



All the contestants "unblinded" in the beginning of the season.


All the contestants "blinded" (excluding Heather) at the end of the season.

When a contestant was eliminated, they received a Drop of Shame video, which is a montage of their time on the show. Also, their character picture on the main page got an orange blind pulled down over it that partially blocks out their face, leaving only an orange overlay. Also, Heather had a winning image instead of being blinded, since she won.



  • There are many goofs dealing with the final frame of some "Drop of Shame" videos, in which the most recently-eliminated character fades from the group shot.
    • In Ezekiel's elimination video, Duncan is still seen in the final frame as Ezekiel disappears, despite quitting the competition in the first episode.
    • In DJ's elimination video, Izzy is still shown in the final frame, even though she was taken out of the competition before DJ was, due to an injury.
      • Lindsay can also be seen despite being eliminated the episode before DJ was.
    • In Noah's elimination video, Duncan is not seen in the final group shot even though he returned in the same episode.
      • Also, Lindsay and Izzy are still shown in the shot, despite having already been eliminated by that point.
  • The "coming soon" image for Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2 remained on its spot on the map, even after the episode aired, when it should have changed to the episode's rollover image. Also, the rollover image was different from the "Coming soon" image.
  • In the downloadable versions of the songs, there wasn't any autotune, making some of the voices sound off-key.
  • The name of The Am-AH-Zon Race song, Gypsy Rap, is incorrectly titled as "Bridgette Raps" on the episode sidebar, despite Bridgette being already eliminated at that point in the competition. It was then changed to just "Rap."
  • The episode sidebar for The Am-AH-Zon Race says the reward is "all the bananas you can eat"; however, this was the reward for the first part of the challenge only.
  • Cody's profile picture is from the deleted scene in Broadway, Baby!, which is not shown in the Cartoon Network edit of the episode.
  • Niagara Brawls didn't have a coming soon image. Instead, the episode rollover appeared.
  • In the background for African Lying Safari, it says "See more from Tazania," instead of "Tanzania."
  • Despite competing, Blaineley was never added to the list of contestants. She was also never "blinded," nor does she receive a "Drop of Shame" video.
  • In the background for Rapa Phooey!, a rock carving of Gwen's head can be seen, even though it was never shown in the actual episode.
  • In A Chinese Lesson's download, the first part of the song is cut out.
  • In Blainerific's download, half of the song is cut out.
  • In the "Best of Alejandro" video, Alejandro's name was misspelled as "Alajandro." This was later fixed.
  • On the map, if one looks at the USA, they can see that the state of Florida is missing, and if one looks at Europe, the Black Sea is missing.
  • In the background for Hawaiian Punch, Courtney is seen cheering for Heather. However, when Heather wins, Courtney is shown to be angry.
  • The episode sidebar for Greece's Pieces says that the reward was "keep(ing) your gold medals." However, Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot lost, and Owen was shown with two gold medals in The EX-Files regardless.
    • Additionally, the reward for Greece's Pieces was a phone call to your loved ones and not "keep(ing) your gold medals".


After each episode airs (in the United States), the "downloadables" section on the "Map" page was updated. Before the first episode aired, the downloadables were bobbleheads of Chris and Chef. After the first episode aired, it was changed to another downloadable, and one could now download the episode's song to their computer.

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