This article is about the multiple caves, two of which are recurring locations on Camp Wawanakwa and Boney Island in Total Drama Island, Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, and Total Drama All-Stars, while the other appears in Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. The caves are dank, nearly pitch-black, above-ground tunnels, inhabited by various creatures from the show.

Notable caves


One of the main caves on Camp Wawanakwa is the mines. The feral Ezekiel takes up residence in the mines accompanied by mutant creatures and toxic waste. It is featured prominently in A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste and Zeek And Ye Shall Find.

Waneyihtam Maskwak's cave

On Pahkitew Island, one particular cave served as the shelter for Waneyihtam Maskwak during their time on Pahkitew Island.

Boney Island

Cave of Treacherous Terror

TDI Cave of T. Terror

The Cave of Treacherous Terror.

The Cave of Treacherous Terror is cave located on the supposedly haunted Boney Island. It has appeared in only one episode of Total Drama Island, Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon. It seems to be inhabited by many animals, including spiders, bats and woolly beavers.

Scared in fear

Duncan and Leshawna get scared off by two angry woolly beavers.

It appears in the second challenge in Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon, where the six remaining campers must take the remains of the cursed tiki idol into the cave, which is presumably the place where the Idol was originally held (even though the idol was actually found in a bush far from this cave). Gwen and Geoff were the only team to successfully put their piece of the tiki idol back into the cave, because Owen became scared by a spider that was hanging off the roof and ran off taking Heather with him, and Duncan and Leshawna were chased off by two angry Woolly Beavers.

Camp Wawanakwa

Total Drama Island


Owen after being kicked out of the cave in The Big Sleep.

In The Big Sleep, campers are to stay awake as long as possible after a cross-country run and an all-you-can-eat buffet feast. In his shape, Owen is naturally the first camper to fall asleep. He mentions in the confessional that he ate baked beans and maple syrup during the feast, which makes him sleepwalk. Around the end of the challenge, after Eva has been eliminated, not realizing that that his team has won, Owen somehow stumbles into a cave full of "Sasquatchanakwas." These creatures see that Owen is sleeping, and, after poking him, realize that he just farted. The Sasquatchanakwa act on this and quickly kick him out of the cave forcefully.

In The Sucky Outdoors, campers are to stay one night out in the wild woods. Katie and Sadie of the Killer Bass get lost and separated from the rest of their team, due to being distracted by blueberries (courtesy of Katie, which eventually leads to her elimination). During their separation from the team, they almost lose their close friendship. While arguing, they hear an owl hooting, which scares them and causes them to run off-course into a cave. As Katie tries to assure Sadie that they would be safe in the cave until morning, a bat flies out of nowhere and torments Sadie. After this action, Sadie begins to lose hope and repeats to herself that they were going to die there. Later, a bear that inhabits in the cave "awaken" Katie and Sadie, which causes them to flee the cave screaming, towards the campsite (though too late to save the rest of their team from a campfire ceremony).

In Who Can You Trust?, Sasquatchanakwa is seen watching television in the cave before getting hit with a crab apple by Sadie, who continues to throw them everywhere even after Leshawna and Owen win the challenge. Sasquatchanakwa does not react to the apple and continues watching television.


Molotov in the cave with Sadie or Katie's clothing after he lost his fur.

In No Pain, No Game, an incident occurs when Eva was to spend ten seconds in a crate with Sasquatchanakwa. Unfortunately, Eva tears it to shreds. Later, another incident occurs when Leshawna pile-drives numerous piranhas onto Molotov. Around the end of the episode, both Molotov and the Sasquatchanakwa retreat to a cave. Both have excessive fur loss and numerous wounds from the beatings. The Sasquatchanakwa finds Geoff's hat to cover his head, whereas Molotov finds a suitcase with very skintight clothes, like the clothes Katie and Sadie wear. Wearing them all, he then lets out a squel that the two girls often make.

In Search and Do Not Destroy, campers had to find keys stowed in hidden spots. Owen's key was stashed as a necklace around a sleeping bear's neck in a cave. As Owen tried to get his key, the bears almost eats Owen's head upon waking up.


The guys' alliance is started inside the cave.

In Hide and Be Sneaky, as campers were to find hiding places from Chef Hatchet, Duncan chose the cave. Later on, Duncan uses his cave hiding spot to form and orchestrate the first meeting of the new-founded guys' alliance. After declaring the start of the alliance, Duncan tells the other guys to leave since the cave was his hiding spot first. As Chef Hatchet begins to pick off campers one by one, he finally checks the cave and gets Duncan.

Later, in Wawanakwa Gone Wild!, Heather's task was to catch a bear and bring it unharmed to the campsite. Since Heather had the bear to catch, she brings some garbage to its assumed cave and tells its to "come and get it." The bear begins to roar from hearing her voice and she runs away.

In Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon, during one of the three challenges, the remaining six campers divided into teams of two (Duncan and Leshawna, Gwen and Geoff, and Heather and Owen), and were to return the tiki idol which Beth stole from Boney Island (which gives away the fact that she lied when she said she would return it). Campers were to try to return pieces of the idol to the Cave of Treacherous Terror (different from the regular recurring cave). Heather and Owen get inches away from the cave when a common spider jumps onto Owen's face, which causes him to run away. Duncan and Leshawna actually get into the cave, but gets chased away by woolly beavers. Gwen believed that they (her and Geoff) had been beaten since she had seen everyone retreating. Geoff believes that they could still win and, without even approaching the cave, throws their part of the tiki idol into the cave and wins that challenge.

During Are We There Yeti?, Owen, Gwen, Heather, and Duncan run into a pitch-black cave after Gwen and the Sasquatchanakwa scared everyone. After finding out that everyone was in the cave, they discover that a pack of bats were among them, which causes them to run out of the cave, as well.

TDI Katie and Sadie 3

Katie and Sadie talk in the cave while "waiting" on Justin to finish his business in the special.

In I Triple Dog Dare You!, previously eliminated campers sent in sick dares for the final three to complete. One of the dares Owen had to do was submitted in by his significant other. The dare was to give a purple nurple to a sleeping bear. This dare had only shown the cave where the viewer could only hear Owen's voice inside, saying that he was going to give the bear a little pinch, then be on his way. After doing so, the viewer was then able to hear screams of terror, and then Owen running out of the cave. After which, he goes back to the campsite where the viewer can then see him very injured from the bear.

After the winner's victory in Total Drama Island, in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, all twenty-two campers race to find a case with $1,000,000 inside. Justin teams up with Katie and Sadie. While searching for the case, Katie and Sadie talk nonchalantly about past experiences. This drives Justin crazy, and then he loses it. He then lies to them by saying that he has to use the bathroom. He asks them to wait in a cave and give him privacy. As Katie and Sadie walk into the cave, they begin to talk about number 2 and if Justin actually does it (not regarding that all humans do). Showing more of their bubbly personality, Katie and Sadie talk about other events other than #2 that they would hate doing in public, an example being diarrhea. Katie brings up moments of the time where Sadie was stuck in a bathroom with mono (shortened form of mononucleosis). Later on, Katie and Sadie's friendship strays more when they get into an argument over who Justin has a crush on. They leave this untrue fate up to a folded paper game that they call "The Magic Square." When both play the Magic Square, it ends up saying that Justin has a crush on the both of them.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Finders Creepers (25)

As Anne Maria and Vito get a little too comfortable in the cave, units of toxic waste can be seen in the background.

Fitting with the island now being contaminated with toxic waste, a cave acts as a storage place for units of radioactive materials. In Finders Creepers, a "giant mutant spider" captures the contestants, imprisoning them in a web located in a cave. The cave also has a rock with six hooks to be used to zip-line to the finish line.

Total Drama All-Stars

Courtney volunteers to look after Sam

The Heroic Hamsters find a cave where the injured Sam can stay.

In Saving Private Leechball, the Heroic Hamsters come across a cave and allow the weakened Sam to rest inside. Courtney stays with him while Sierra, Zoey, Mike, and Cameron perform in the challenge. Its final moments take place in the cave as Jo engages in a confrontation with Courtney and Zoey. As Jo explores the cave, ready to win the challenge, she encounters Zoey who later defeats her.

Pahkitew Island

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

For the cave that Waneyihtam Maskwak resided in, see Waneyihtam Maskwak's cave.

One of the cave systems appearing in This Is The Pits!

A cave appears in This Is The Pits!, which the contestants must navigate out of as part of the challenge. It is riddled with technology, such as an elevator and a robot crocodile, which makes Scarlett suspect that Pahkitew Island is not what it appears to be.

Another cave makes a brief appearance in Hurl and Go Seek. A passing Jasmine, ill from having consumed a Juggy Chug earlier in the episode, vomits near the entrance. She then flees when Sugar locates her.


  • The final four of the first season have had more than three instances in a cave; whereas, the first four eliminated campers (Ezekiel, Eva, Noah, and Justin) on Total Drama Island have yet to set foot in a cave.
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