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Celebrity Manhunt is a television program that appears in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special and is later mentioned in Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon and Niagara Brawls.


The hosts of Celebrity Manhunt, Blaineley (but she quit since Bridgette went to Total Drama World Tour so Blaineley went to help Geoff but in Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon Geoff said Blaineley went back to Celebrity Manhunt but she couldn't) and Josh.

The show focuses on celebrity gossip, with the hosts being Josh and Blaineley. In the Total Drama Action reunion special, they show photos and videos to give the audience an update on what the Total Drama contestants have been up to since season two ended. They also speculate and investigate what is going on in some of the former contestants' lives. During the Red Carpet award show, Sierra becomes a temporary interviewer for Celebrity Manhunt and is supposed to interview the contestants and dish out all the drama; however, she is not very good at her job and is unsuccessful. Blaineley and Josh are excited about having Sierra at first, but as the show progresses, Blaineley grows a dislike for Sierra as she is annoyed by her lack of interviewing skills.

The program is mentioned in Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon when Geoff informs Bridgette that Blaineley was fired from the show. The program is mentioned one more time in Niagara Brawls when Blaineley enters the competition during Blainerific when Cody forgets who Blaineley is. She freaks out and angrily reminds him that she interviewed him for Celebrity Manhunt.


  • This is the second gossip or talk show to be shown in the series, the first being the Total Drama Aftermath.
  • In the introduction for the show, many characters are previously seen in Total Drama (mostly interns):
    • The man and woman who were fans of Chris in The Aftermath: IV appear in the airport sequence.
    • Sadie's Camp TV design and the Canadian intern from The Very Last Episode, Really! appear in a restaurant at a table together, in which the latter starts choking on some food.
    • One of the interns that appears in Total Drama World Tour makes a brief cameo appearance in the airport scene.
    • The intern who was DJ's Camp TV design also appears and is kicked in the groin by a woman's leg.
  • After the events of Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Blaineley and Josh have left Celebrity Manhunt at some point.
    • Blaineley is fired and joined Geoff and Bridgette to host Total Drama Aftermath. She later becomes a contestant for a brief time.
    • An interview with Keith Oliver and Chad Hicks reveals that Josh had quit Celebrity Manhunt to start his own show called "Nobody Likes Josh," but returned once his show was canceled after two episodes. It is also mentioned that Celebrity Manhunt greatly lowered his salary from this point onward.

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