Season two has reached its end, and everyone is living the big life outside of the show, and some... not so big. All twenty-two contestants gather at the Gemmie Awards for their show's nomination. However, their world comes crashing down when the former host announces a new reality show to replace them. In a desperate attempt to save their fame, all of the contestants (plus a new face) join together in a race to New York City in a bus to beat a team of dirtbags and their leader. All the while, a third show documents their every move. Can they make it in time and stop the world from knowing them as Reality TV has-beens? What does their old host really have planned?



The hosts of Celebrity Manhunt, Blaineley and Josh.

The episode opens with the introduction of a show called Celebrity Manhunt with the two hosts, Josh and Blaineley. Before discussing the cast and what they did after Total Drama Action ended, they mention that the Gemmie awards are that night and that the cast of Total Drama have been nominated for "best reality show ensemble." They both agree that they will definitely win it, and when the cast gets on the Red Carpet, they will "drain every last bit of drama" right out of them. They begin giving previews of a few stories, including Ezekiel getting his party on, Beth's pants being caught down in Paris, Duncan and Courtney adopting a pet raccoon, and even Heather's noticeable three ounce weight gain. Josh says he can't wait for the possible catfights. After a short pause, Blaineley says that they will measure the popularity using Celebrity Manhunt's Drama Machine which was broken at the time.

They start off by covering Beth and Lindsay's visit to Paris. The girls are shown to be in a museum, next to the Mona Lisa, while Lindsay is video taping Beth saying "hi" to her mom. Lindsay says that Beth is so much cuter than the Mona Lisa and tells her to move closer to it, but she trips in front of it and causes the picture to shake. A guard notices this and yells at them in French, but Lindsay tries to fix the painting anyway. However, when she licks her finger and rubs it on the photo, she smudges the painting, a siren goes off and the guard grabs her in order to take her away. Beth and Lindsay's mug shots are seen and then they are shown in jail. Beth tries to explain, but Lindsay asks the police if they have seen her earring anywhere, and when Beth reminds her they do not speak English, Lindsay just speaks louder. After a few months in jail, Beth's parents had to sell their car to bail them out (or in Beth's ending, Beth uses her prize money to bail her and Lindsay). Josh asks if they will pull themselves together for the Red Carpet, but Blaineley assures that Lindsay will due to being a "style super diva." They then go to a short segment of Harold beat-boxing and gaining weight. According to him, he had "a few" burritos, but he adds that beat-boxing requires an expanded diaphragm like in opera singing. He then "operaboxes" while Blaineley transitions over to a short piece about Eva, who had majorly pumped herself up to the point where she could move a school bus using only her teeth.

After Eva was shown, they then switch to Owen, who has somehow managed to get abs... or at least a picture of fake abs taped onto himself. Owen then says if people wanted "abs like his", they should buy the Bellybuster 5,000, which will burn off fat if the user "goes hard for eight hours a day." While he explains the product, the price goes down, from one hundred and fifty dollars, to eighty dollars, and when the handles begin going crazy, the price goes down all the way to five dollars. The hosts then go to DJ and his mom, where they had a show called "Momma's Heaping Healthy," where they counted smiles rather than calories. Owen is then seen trying to grab some food, but DJ's mom slaps his hand away. Apparently their food was full of calories, carbs, and cholesterol, and good enough to die for... literally, implying that the food actually killed some people. When they try to interview DJ's mom about what she was thinking, she slaps the interviewer's face and walks away. After several dozen lawsuits, DJ and his mom were left with nothing, but their tour bus. It is also revealed that Celebrity Manhunt also had no whereabouts on Noah, who had gone missing after the show. The only photo seen was a blurry one, where he was wearing sunglasses and holding a briefcase and coffee. They also catch up with Ezekiel, who had gone back to his farm and had started to act cool, complete with sunglasses and a golden necklace with a "Z" and cowbell on it. However, his arm gets stuck in the chain of the necklace, and when he attempts to get out, he eventually falls over. His bull, most likely attracted by the cowbell, leans in to kiss him.


Gwen and Heather begin an online blog war.

Next, they show that Gwen and Heather's conflict is continuing even after the show has ended, only now it is online. Before showing the clips, Blaineley asks how Heather got her celebrity status, and Josh and Blaineley both say they would be on team Gwen all the way if they had to choose sides. It first shows one of Gwen's blogs, talking about how people should go green. In the background are Katie and Sadie, who talk about going green before Gwen's cue, prompting Gwen to tell the two to shut up. Katie and Sadie apologize, but tell her that her show is "kind of bad". Gwen asks herself why Leshawna had to bail on her. They then show Heather's online attack, where Heather is seen in a Gwen wig, with Katie and Sadie puppets. She calls it the "Loser Gwen Show" and makes fun of everything she did, and even brings Gwen's like of Duncan into the insult.

Gwen then insults Heather back in another blog, saying that she couldn't get a date for the semi-formal, so she stayed at home and made out with her cat, Bruiser. It then shows Heather's cat licked Heather on the lips several times and in a different video, the same cat is seen grooming itself under its leg. After a few more weeks of this, Josh invited the two to the Celebrity Manhunt studio, where Josh asks after all they have been through, why were they fighting instead of being friends. Heather then says this is because Gwen is a gigantic loser, and Gwen says that Heather’s breath reeks of cat butt. The two then beat each other up senselessly while Josh chants "cat fight." It then shows a limo outside the studio with Chris in it, and he falls out of the door. He then angrily asks Chef Hatchet if he learned to drive at NASCAR, and Chef told him to suck it up, and Chris tells Chef to clean up the barf. Chris then greets Celebrity Manhunt and asks if they got his video, which is in a trash can at the time being bitten by a rat. Chris momentarily forgets who the Total Drama casts are, but when Blaineley reminds him of who they are, Chris says that he loved their work, and then asks if he can talk about his new show. Blaineley then says they will take a short break, but they give a preview of the story of The Drama Brothers by showing a bit of the music video for "When I Cry." Chris then signs off for the commercial break.


Duncan and Courtney at a press conference.

After getting back on, a stage lamp falls down, but they ignore it and welcome back the viewers. They then talk about Duncan and Courtney, whose relationship was seemingly going well after Total Drama Action ended, even getting matching heart-shaped tattoos. However, several photos taken when they were at a restaurant revealed that they had a food fight and had broken up for that time once again. At a press conference, Courtney's only comment about Duncan is that he is a complete thug and she wishes she never met him. Duncan says "no comment," but Courtney keeps complaining about more stuff he does to the point Duncan blocks out the camera while saying once again "no comment." It is also revealed Courtney is suing Duncan for custody of their pet raccoon, Brittany. Blaineley tells Duncan to suck it up and take Courtney back, while she also encourages Courtney to grow a heart.

They then show another one of Gwen's blogs relating to the incident, first talking about the many emails she had gotten saying she deserves Duncan, but she says Duncan already has a girlfriend and signs off. A second blog showed Gwen saying Courtney was crazy letting Duncan go like that, but while talking about it she accidentally calls Duncan hot. Josh then says they may be in for some love triangle action as they move onto another couple; Geoff and Bridgette. Apparently, the relationship had gotten so strong there were no magazines that did not have Geoff and Bridgette together. Apparently, Geoff's popularity shot straight up and she had to put up with a lot of Geoff's stalkers (one being Sierra). However, once when they were about to go surfing, Geoff started staring at a different girl, and when that happened, Bridgette whacked Geoff with her surfboard, knocking him unconscious. At a press conference, however, they apologize and start kissing each other. They did so much together afterward, they even made out while doing laundry and trying on socks. However, Blaineley also calls the two total amateurs at being Total Drama Aftermath hosts.


The Drama Brothers on the cover of a magazine.

Blaineley then gets to the story of The Drama Brothers, consisting of Cody, Trent, Harold, and Justin. They were a boy band that had gotten so popular; girls even stole their used hotel bedsheets. Trent then said it was all about touching their fans on an emotional level, while a girl steals Cody's hat. Justin is then shown in a recording studio playing the guitar, saying that he doesn't really play an instrument, but the fans don't even care, followed by Justin accidentally breaking a guitar string. Blaineley then gushes over Justin, saying she is crushing on him and that he had enough flavor for the whole band. When their album ad shot straight to the top of the charts, the fame had also gone straight to their heads, as they jumped into a pool naked at a birthday party (Sierra was shown to be spying on them). As a result, they were forced to do community service. But when they weren't doing that, they were recording for a new album. Josh interviewed the band, but since Justin wouldn't stop playing the guitar during the interview, Trent had to snatch it from him. Justin then went on to text someone while Cody explained the birthday party was only part of rock n' roll. Trent then thinks the problem was the music and Harold thinks he is referring to the beat boxing. Trent then tells "H-Bomb" that he likes his style, but it is about giving the fans what they want. Harold once again thinks he is referring to the fans who want Harold to make a solo album. Cody then asks Justin what he thought, but he didn't hear him because he was busy breaking up with someone, and Trent asks if he can do that for his girlfriend too. After Josh face-palms himself, Harold and Josh chat about what he is going to do, and Harold says that the beat boxing he just did was his last performance as a flavor boy, and that he is going LO$O (solo). Josh thinks this is funny, even though Harold says he is serious. After he does go solo, Harold and the rest of his band came out with albums on the same day. However, only one person came, and she only wanted the case, so the band broke up what was left of them.


Izzy becomes extremely frustrated the set of a movie and goes into a cursing tirade.

After Total Drama Action, Izzy had become a very talented actor, and had apparently signed a lot of movie deals, some including Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, Kill Bill, King Kong, and The Sound of Music. Her career skyrocketed until she "scared the lunch" out of her crew. Apparently she had a rant about the director walking across the set, and she cursed during the montage (this is changed mostly to "stinkin'" in the American version). Even though she said she was just kidding and went ballistic for no reason, the director began to cry and was in trauma counseling for months, thus ending her career. The last contestants to be discussed were Tyler and Leshawna, who had been on several various reality shows including Celebrity Stunt Driving, Doctor for a Day, So You Think You Could Eat That?, and Extreme Chess: Pillar Edition. Celebrity Manhunt caught up with them on "Sharp Things Flying at Your Head," where Tyler explained that he could bring out his true athletic abilities on all these shows although they went to waste during Total Drama. Tyler explained that Leshawna could too, although she said she was only doing this for the money. Tyler then gets hit by a cinder block and the two hosts discuss each worst career move. Blaineley believed Leshawna's worst career move was Leshawna's appearance on the weight loss show because she "trimmed down her perfect booty," and Josh believed Tyler's baby bump was a desperate career move. Blaineley then says while some people would do anything for fame some people would do anything to avoid it. It then shows Eva surrounded by fans wanting an autograph, which causes her to get angry, break a hockey stick in half, and breaks the camera. A blog is then shown with pictures from the incident.


Izzy reveals she has given secrets to Sierra.

Celebrity Manhunt then invites Sierra to be interviewed, but she asks to keep her identity a secret (with the lights dimmed and her voiced disguised). She also says that she leaked a story about Noah having false teeth, and she is not only a gossip-crazed Eva fan; she has blogs for all of the contestants. When she says that that is why she must keep her identity a secret. Unfortunately for her, Izzy comes out of nowhere, turns on the lights, and tells Sierra a secret about Lindsay having four ingrown toenails. After Blaineley asks if she was the one that told Sierra everything about the cast, at first Izzy laughs at her, saying she is crazy, but then reveals it was true. Izzy then says she had to pay off the RCMP, who are still on her tail. After Izzy leaves, the limos containing the other 21 contestants arrive at the Red Carpet, causing the two hosts to be very excited. Blaineley also lets Sierra be Celebrity Manhunt's interviewer, which makes Sierra very happy and makes her hug Blaineley. After Sierra runs off, Josh asks where Izzy is, but she is already on the Red Carpet, asking why the Red Carpet was red. Josh then gets excited about the possibility of "cat-fights" and signs off for another commercial break.


Sierra has trouble with being Celebrity Manhunt's interviewer.

After a rat passes by the set, Blaineley welcomes the viewers back. As Josh reviews about the limos arriving, it switches to Sierra, who is on the Red Carpet and says she has it covered. Harold (H-Bomb) is the first one to arrive, wearing the yellow suit he wore earlier. Right after Sierra introduces him, a person yells out "you suck," and throws a book at Harold. The book was apparently a tell-all book about The Drama Brothers that Harold had recently written. Katie and Sadie arrive next, wearing green variations of their regular outfits and both greet Josh and Blaineley. Sierra tells them they look great and tells them to tell the ten million viewers what they think of their outfits. Upon hearing this, Katie and Sadie become speechless, even after Sierra tells them it was a pretty simple question. DJ and his mom then arrive in their tour bus, and Sierra rushes over to them to ask DJ how he felt about losing it all after the cooking incident. DJ tells her it was no biggie, and Sierra stays quiet for a while until Blaineley reminds her that they wanted the drama. This time, Sierra asks DJ who he hates the most in Total Drama, which causes DJ's mom to whack Sierra with her purse and asks Sierra what is wrong with her. Blaineley, obviously annoyed by Sierra, asks if the Drama Machine is working yet, but the mechanic isn't even trying to fix it anymore and is drinking coffee instead.


Noah is revealed to be Chris's assistant.

Meanwhile, Courtney and Duncan arrive. It seems as if Courtney had gotten back Brittany, but the two still seemed to hate each other. When Sierra asks them about everything that has happened, both said in unison that their lawyers said "no comment," although Courtney was shocked that Duncan actually got a lawyer. Lindsay is the next ex-contestant to arrive, wearing red, triangle earrings. Sierra is shocked that Lindsay is not dressed up, but Lindsay thinks that this was a dress rehearsal, though Sierra reminds her that they are at the Gemmies. Sierra just tells the camera that this was getting awkward when Lindsay said she got new earrings, while Blaineley said she would never use Lindsay as a fashion consultant.

Just then, Blaineley noticed a lot of the cast was arriving on the Red Carpet now, while several contestants wave to the crowd. Heather then says that she calls dibs on the front row seat, while Leshawna chases after her to get the front row seat. Owen mistakes "dibs" for "ribs," and everyone (except Tyler) runs off to get the front row seat. After a short pause, Tyler says that he belongs in the front row, too, but as he is running towards the door, he trips over a bump in the Red Carpet and crashes into Ezekiel and Beth, causing a pile-up of the entire cast. Ezekiel starts saying "yo" a few times, but DJ's mother slaps him for it. Just then, another limousine arrives with Noah in it, talking to a PA ordering a latte and a gluten-free muffin. Blaineley then gets very angry at Sierra for not getting any facts about anyone, but then The Drama Brothers arrive and Sierra gets excited. Blaineley boringly says they have probably reunited and were releasing their last hit single, which turned out to be true, and Cody asked how she knew. However, when they are about to walk inside, Chef Hatchet tells them only famous people could enter, and as of about five seconds prior, it excluded them. Chris had made him the doorman. Noah then rushes over with a latte and a muffin, and Gwen asks if he is really Chris's assistant while Duncan and Cody both mock him for it. Noah then tells them to cut him some slack since he needed to work up to a better job.


Izzy tries to get into the studio.

Another limo then arrives containing an intern, Sasquatchanakwa, the killer, the bear, and an Eskimo. They are all allowed in. Chris then reveals they are the stars of his new show, Total Drama Dirtbags. No one knows what he is talking about, so Noah explains it is about a bunch of nasty jerks that live in a huge mansion, get bored, and backstab each other. Heather gets mad and says that she should be in that show, since she is nasty. Alejandro, another one involved in Total Drama Dirtbags, then arrives and shoves Cody out of his way. Chris raises his hand for a high-five, but Alejandro ignores him and walks by into the Gemmie awards. Chris then finally drinks his latte, but it is cold so he fires Noah, and Chris shuts the door on the contestants so they cannot come in. A cricket is heard chirping, but Duncan steps on it and smashes it, getting DJ angry. Sierra says they have to find a way inside, and Izzy says to leave that to her. Izzy grabs a wire from the spotlight and attaches Brittany, who is eating garbage, to climb up onto the roof. She climbs into one of the roof vents and looks around the studio, including in a toilet and under a flower pot. Izzy then comes out the door holding popcorn, but she unfortunately does not pay attention to the door and it becomes locked again. When Sierra asks if she can do that again, Izzy had no clue what she was talking about.


Courtney throws a tantrum after the cast doesn't win "Best Reality Ensemble".

As the Gemmie awards start, Courtney says if they win "best reality ensemble," they will be famous again. A while into the show, everyone except Izzy and Sierra were sitting down while the Gemmie awards went on with other categories. They were both excited when they mentioned a show about a talking car. Much later, most of the contestants had fallen asleep, but when the TV finally mentioned who the best reality ensemble was, Alejandro took his time opening the envelope, but when he did open it, the winner was "Golden Oldies in Their Undies." Lindsay said that was cute, but Gwen angrily told her that means that they lost. Courtney then angrily rips the TV off the wall and throws it away. While Duncan says he misses Courtney, Leshawna angrily says that "Golden Oldies in Their Undies" was the only reality show that her and Tyler weren't nominated for.

Cody then sees the cracked TV is still working while it announces the best reality show host was Chris, while the cast groans. Chris says he couldn't have done it without a few people from Total Drama Action, but included in this was the caterers, the interns, and his stylists, and he didn't mention the cast. Noah was especially angry about that he didn't mention his "long suffering" assistant, and kicked the television away, and calls Chris a "schmuck." Chris then says he will announce his new show Total Drama Dirtbags at the Orpah Show.

Geoff is saddened, thinking that means they were nobodies again, while Duncan and Ezekiel both say they can probably survive on the street, though a random hobo steals Ezekiel's wallet and runs off. Justin says he'll just go back to being another pretty face, though Katie and Sadie also pecs and abs, and Owen mentions his butt. Heather then says she cannot go back to her old life, because if she isn't famous, she isn't popular. All the contestants then walk off in separate directions, but Sierra tells them not to give up, because they have so many millions fans who are rooting for them, and they know everything about them. When Owen asks what they are supposed to do, Sierra tells them they should beat the Dirtbags to the Orpah studio, hijack the interview, and then they are famous again. Harold wonders how they are going to get there by tomorrow afternoon, since Orpah is in New York. Izzy tries to come up with an idea, and tells Cody to get a lot of lumber, Owen to find a medium-sized boat-loader, and Noah to get three gallons of diesel fuel, which Noah sarcastically says he will get his pet unicorn to deliver it. DJ then asks if they are going to get on the bus or not, which causes everyone to cheer, but DJ's mother says to wipe their feet first, and Sierra tells them they will be famous again... right after a commercial break.


Leshawna's bra on Noah's head.

After the commercial break, the Celebrity Manhunt hosts announce that Total Drama is making a comeback. Chris, in a helicopter, says that the cats will really stop at nothing to get back their fame and fortune, including sabotage and cheating. Chris then says he loves them, but when Chef Hatchet seems surprised after what had happened earlier, Chris said he didn't like them before they set off on the journey. Sierra then tells the hosts of Celebrity Manhunt that the cast really was gossip worthy, but it only shows DJ, Katie, Owen, Beth, and Sadie asleep. Courtney was driving and was angrily wondering if the bus went any faster. When Gwen suggested that Duncan should drive, Courtney said she wasn't helping, and Heather said she was just sticking up to her boyfriend. Beth said she thought she was going to get bus-sick, but DJ's Mom told her she would not get bus-sick on her new bus. Leshawna tells DJ's Mom that she is something else, but she tells Leshawna to put her cup of water under a water coaster.

Owen tries to stuff some caramels inside the bus, but he is caught and they spill all over the floor. Bridgette then sees the Dirtbag bus straight ahead, and Cody says they have to find a way to slow them down. Harold says to get in front of them, and then they would attack them with tactics Harold learned at pirate camp. Leshawna tells Harold he's got game as Courtney rams into the Dirtbags' bus. Leshawna then throws her bra to use as a catapult (which is very large) while the cast looks shocked. Leshawna just asks them if they've never seen a big bra before as Gwen opens the back door. Tyler loads caramels into the bra, but he trips, but they still land in the bra. Harold tells Owen to fire the caramels and they hit the Dirtbags' front window. Chris excitedly watches the scene in his helicopter, and tells Blaineley he has never seen anything more depraved than this. Owen launches another one as Alejandro uses the windshield wipers and tells the cast they are going to regret this. Heather tells that they messed with the wrong reality show cast, and Sasquatchanakwa veers his head out of the window, only to be hit by a several caramel-covered chocolates, dubbed "caramel-flavored cannonballs" by Chris.


Courtney doesn't pay attention to the road when she makes-out with Duncan, which causes them to fall off a cliff.

Duncan tells Courtney to hurry up, but she says that the bus cannot go any faster. Duncan says that they need a man behind the wheel, and Courtney says that Duncan needs tape over his mouth. The two argue and Duncan calls Courtney insane, while Courtney calls Duncan a monster. However, they pause and start kissing. Cody then notices that the Dirtbags were way behind them now, which causes everyone to cheer, and Owen and Izzy to hug. Lindsay and Tyler hi-five each other, but miss and hit each other in the face. While shutting the door, Gwen notices the road has gotten bumpy. Because Courtney and Duncan were kissing, no one was driving the bus and they were heading off the road, towards a cliff. DJ looks out the window and notices this and tells Courtney to look out. Courtney pushes Duncan out of the way, but the bus kept on moving and lost a wheel. Blaineley and Josh simply eat popcorn as the bus headed closer and closer to the cliff. Courtney couldn't steer the bus to the lost wheel, and DJ's mother angrily asked Courtney what she said about crashing her bus. The brakes where not working either, so the contestants screamed as they began to fall off the cliff. Chris sees this and immediately says that Total Drama Inc. is not responsible for the sudden and gruesome demise of the cast.

Everyone except Izzy is scared as they start to fall off the cliff, and they almost land on the ground, though when they are mere inches away from the ground, they stop. A gopher underneath them as relieved, but it is taken away by an eagle shortly afterward. It turns out that Leshawna's bra was holding the bus up, and it eventually flings them back up into the air. For a short time, everybody in the bus floated in mid-air, and Izzy said she felt like this all the time. DJ's mother sees barf, and it turned out it was Beth's who couldn't hold it any longer. When the bus falls down again, it hits Lindsay and the bus once again stops a few inches off the ground. Courtney tells Duncan to cut the bra, so he pulls out his knife and cuts the bra, making the hood of the bus smashed and it also flips the bus over. However, no one is injured (except Noah, who is under Owen) and they all safely get out of the bus. Chris and Chef wonder if they should call for help, but they laugh and fly away.


Trent and Geoff find a nuclear testing site.

Geoff seemed the most annoyed by the incident, saying that he came here to party, but this really lacked a party at the moment. Geoff suggests looking for help... and then partying. Geoff, Katie, Sadie, Trent, Justin, Beth, Eva, and DJ's mother all go to look for help while everyone else stays in the canyon. The next day, Bridgette wonders where Geoff is and wonders if he has found help yet. The scene shifts to a house located in the middle of the desert and Geoff calling for help. Geoff asks the dummies why they didn't open the door and Trent notices that they really are dummies. Geoff then realizes that the fact they are in the middle of nowhere, there are dummies, test signs, and flesh eating mutants could only mean one thing - they are in a bomb testing zone. They all run away and seconds later, a bomb explodes on the house.


The other contestants fall asleep while waiting for Geoff to find help.

Back at the canyon, all the contestants have fallen asleep, but Owen caught scent of a smell. It turns out that DJ was cooking food for everyone with everything he could find, so basically, it was bad enough to make even Owen throw up. Chris then shows up with a giant magnet and pull the bus up, and said that they don't call him the best reality show host for nothing. All the contestants get in the bus, but when Owen was trying to get in, his pants get caught on the bus and ripped off.

Chris takes them back to the Abandoned film lot where Alejandro cooks them all pancakes, which Owen eats all of. Chris then announces that nobody does drama like them, but Heather interrupts and asks what happened to Total Drama Dirtbags, but Alejandro angrily says it was all a trick. Heather asks if that is really true, and Chris said the only thing he came up with was the name. Chris then asks if they still had it, and Heather once again asks about Alejandro, but Chris gives her a noogie and tells her he was there for the insight, but he said that he could join them next time to make up for it. Noah asks about what "next time," and Chris tells them it is an All-Around-the-World competition in a jet. Gwen asks if he has really thought everyone would do it after all the crap he was putting them through. But Chris asks if they would do it for a million dollars and all the contestants have agreed. Celebrity Manhunt has made an alert about the next season of Total Drama, and the Drama Machine went so high up it exploded.

Geoff and the others arrive shortly afterward looking for help, but Blaineley tells them it is too late. As they look at the screen, Trent wonders what everyone is doing with Chris on TV, and Geoff wonders what he is doing with bags of money, and the hosts told that Chris has set off on the next season of Total Drama, taking place around the world with a chance to win one million dollars. Geoff screams in agony and sadness, but Eva gets extremely angry and starts hurling equipment at the hosts. Josh gets hit by a camera as he tries to sign off, bringing the show into technical difficulties.


Chef Hatchet and Chris decide that the new season should include songs.

Confessionals are then seen for a majority of the contestants. Courtney says she will keep a much closer eye on Gwen this time around due to Duncan, and Harold and Leshawna are seen together in a confessional. Harold puts his arm around her and Harold asks if they could be in an alliance and starts beatboxing, but Leshawna shuts him up. Sierra has a long confessional, talking about how excited she is for the new season and stuff she wants to know about Cody, and Ezekiel raps in his confessional (and falls off the chair). Bridgette talks about that she misses Geoff already, and Gwen says this could be her season this time, since "third time's lucky." Duncan says he is game and tells Chris to bring it. Alejandro tells the cast to watch out, since the new guy is going all the way to the top, and DJ tells his mother that he will win the new Total Drama season to buy her a big house and also a new bus. Owen simply eats pancakes in his confessional and Sierra continues her confessional by saying where they are going first, and more Chris facts, but it lasts so long that the confessional runs out of battery.

Chris then is seen nearby the Total Drama Jumbo Jet. As Chris reviews what will happen this season, he asks what more could you possibly want? Chef comes out of the plane and suggests music, and Chris thinks that is a great idea. Chris then sings the season will be called "Total Drama Musical," but the plane's front falls off and Chris says "maybe not." The new season, Total Drama World Tour, has its logo shown as the episode ends.


Voice actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris
Marco Grazzini Alejandro
Sarah Gadon Beth
Carla Collins Blaineley
Kristin Fairlie Bridgette
Cle Bennett Chef Hatchet/DJ/DJ's mother
Peter Oldring Cody/Ezekiel/Tyler
Emilie-Claire Barlow Courtney
Drew Nelson Duncan
Julia Chantrey Eva
Annick Obonsawin Female Drama Brothers Fan/Sierra
Dan Petrojenivic Geoff
Megan Fahlenbock Gwen
Brian Froud Harold
Rachel Wilson Heather
Katie Crown Izzy
Dwayne Hill Josh
Adam Reid Justin
Stephanie Anne Mills Katie/Lindsay
Novie Edwards Leshawna
Carter Hayden Noah
Scott McCord Owen/Trent
Lauren Lipson Sadie
  • One of the mutants speaks, though it is unknown who voiced him.
  • The killer appears but has no lines.

Still in the running (Advance to Total Drama World Tour)

TDWT Alejandro
TDI Beth bw
TDI Bridgette
TDI Cody
TDI Courtney
TDI Duncan
TDI Eva bw
TDI Ezekiel
TDI Geoff bw
TDI Gwen
TDI Harold
TDWT Heather
TDI Izzy
TDI Justin bw
TDI Katie bw
TDI Leshawna
TDI Lindsay
TDI Noah
TDI Owen
TDI Sadie bw
TDWT Sierra
TDI Trent bw
TDI Tyler



  • Sierra, Alejandro, and Blaineley, the three newcomers to Total Drama World Tour, make their debut in this episode.
  • Heather wears a new wig as a gag for part of this episode. This was her last seen wig on Total Drama.
  • Justin's former girlfriend is based on Sadie's Camp TV design.
  • Sierra appears twice in the special, in photographs, before the actual reunion starts:
    • She is first seen in a photograph where she is lifting up her shirt so that Geoff can sign her stomach (which greatly angers Bridgette).
    • She is also seen in a photograph stalking The Drama Brothers at their wild party, hiding just around the corner and spying on them.
  • The dummies in the military base are identical to the ones seen in Beach Blanket Bogus.
  • On many occasions throughout the special, previously-seen locations in the series are seen again, apparently serving a different purpose:
    • The stage where Izzy cursed at the intern is the same stage she used in her skit in Riot On Set.
    • When Josh says 'Has Duncney gone rabid?' behind them is the make-up confessional.
    • Also, when Gwen spots Heather's three ounce weight gain, they are on the set of Total Drama Action.
    • When Blaineley says 'DJ, what were you thinking?' the picture is at Camp Wawanakwa and DJ is in the same position he was in when he was given the chicken hat to wear in Not So Happy Campers - Part 2.
    • In both scenes with DJ's mom on camera, the scene is the city set seen in Monster Cash.
    • When Courtney and Duncan show off their tattoos, it appears that they are at the front gates of the abandoned film lot.
    • The picture that comes up for Bridgette and Geoff is the picture from the scene in Mutiny on the Soundstage when Geoff and Bridgette are making out in Chris's tanning booth.
    • When Josh says that Geoff and Bridgette ate salad, it is at the same restaurant Duncan and Courtney broke up in, and the same restaurant that appeared in Celebrity Manhunt's opening sequence. Also, when he says they tried on socks, it is the same store Heather is in during Total Drama Action Alternate Reality.
    • The airport where Bridgette hit Geoff in the head with her surfboard is the same airport that Chris and Chef were in in The Aftermath: IV. The airport is also seen in the Celebrity Manhunt introduction/theme song.
    • The studio where Tyler and Leshawna are filming "Sharp Things Flying at Your Head" is actually the Celebrity Manhunt studio.
  • Noah can be seen cuddling Cody while they are both sleeping. This is very similar to what happened in The Big Sleep.
  • When Justin says that he's going back to being a pretty face, Katie, Sadie, and Owen also adds his pecs, abs, and butt. This mirrors the same spoken dialogue Justin said during the confessional in Monster Cash.
  • In the Celebrity Manhunt intro, the man trying to get Chris's autograph in The Aftermath: IV is seen.
  • This episode contains the most characters in the entire series.
  • When Owen gets up after the bus fell off the cliff, it was revealed that he fell on and crushed Noah flat during the impact. The next time something like this will happen is in Broadway, Baby!.
  • The hobo that steals Ezekiel's wallet appears again during the musical number in Broadway, Baby! and in "DJ's World of Animals" in Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon.
  • In Australia, the special was shown in two parts.
  • At the Gemmie Awards, the music playing in the background is actually the Total Drama theme song.
  • Lindsay and Beth's mugshots confirm that Beth is four foot six, and Lindsay is five foot six.
  • This is the first time Ezekiel has ever used a confessional.
  • This is the first and only episode of the season, and the third episode in the series overall, in which every character has a line. The others are Not So Happy Campers - Part 1 and Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island.
  • This is the only episode that Katie and Sadie change their outfits, although they are in the same outfit which is simply in a different color (green).
  • This is the first episode directed by Keith Oliver and Chad Hicks.
  • The director that Izzy yelled at was based on Tyler's Camp TV design and his counselor was based on Tyler's second design.
    • The place where the director took counseling is similar to Duncan's house.
  • During the entire gossip segment in the first half of the special, Katie, Sadie, and Noah are the only three cast members to not be talked about or interviewed, although Katie and Sadie were featured briefly in Gwen's video blog. Noah, on the other hand, was not talked about because he had vanished mysteriously, and Celebrity Manhunt had no information on him.
  • After the events of this episode, Josh and Blaineley are no longer the hosts of Celebrity Manhunt as Blaineley was fired (for yet to know reasons) and Josh quits but later returns with a lower salary.
  • According to Blaineley and Josh, the events of this episode take place a year after Total Drama Action ended.
  • This is the only Total Drama Action episode that is not on Netflix.
  • This episode ties with The Sand Witch Project and So, Uh This Is My Team? in featuring the most characters voiced by Cle Bennett, with three.
  • Though not seen in the actual episode, when Izzy crawls across the rooftops, a billboard displaying Chef Hatchet's Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candy Fish Tails is present.



  • The Gemmie Award is possibly a reference to the Emmy Award or its Canadian counterpart, the Gemini Award.
  • The part when the guard yells "Omelette Du Fromage!" is a reference to the Dexter's Laboratory episode "The Big Cheese".
  • There is a parody of "Top Secret!" during the episode.
  • The movie posters that Izzy had done after Total Drama Action were parodies of the films "Kill Bill," "Attack of the 50 Ft. Woman," "King Kong," and "The Sound of Music."
  • The scene where Geoff, Trent, Beth, Katie, Sadie, Justin, Eva, and DJ's Mother find the nuclear testing facility in the middle of the desert is a reference to the infamous scene in "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull."
  • When a clip is shown of Izzy on the set of one her movies, she starts screaming and cursing at an intern who is apparently the director of photography, after he apparently walked right through the set during a take. This is most likely a reference to the Christian Bale Terminator Salvation incident. Some of the dialogue is actually very similar to the original rant (with the high swears being replaced with lesser ones), including the lines "Don't just be sorry; think for a second!" and "I'm ready to go now!"
  • The costume that Harold wears for his solo career is the costume of Ali G, a famous TV character created by British comedian Sacha Baron Cohen.
  • Sierra's "third generation Chris McLean scholar" speech is an allusion to The Millionaire Matchmaker.
  • "The Orpah Show" that Chris mentions he would be going to is most likely a parody of "The Oprah Winfrey Show."
    • Talk show host Oprah Winfrey's name was originally "Orpah," meaning the title could be a play on that as well.
  • Chris makes a reference to the motorsports show NASCAR when he asks Chef where he learned how to drive.
  • Several of the reality shows that Tyler and Leshawna starred in are parodies of real reality shows:
    • One show, "So You Think You Can Eat That?," is a parody of the reality show "So You Think You Can Dance?"
    • Another show that Leshawna starred in was apparently called "Largest Loser" a parody of "The Biggest Loser."
    • The part where Tyler pretended to be pregnant could be a parody of the reality show "Scott Baio is 46 & Pregnant."
    • Extreme Chess: Pillar Edition is a reference to "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition."
  • The gopher pulling out an umbrella when the bus is falling towards him is a reference to Wile E. Coyote.
  • The name of the band Trent, Cody, Harold, and Justin were in, "The Drama Brothers," is most likely a parody of The Jonas Brothers.
    • Also, the picture of the Drama Brothers' album is a parody of the Beatles' album Abbey Road.
  • In this episode, Gwen reveals that Heather attends "White Pines High School," which is actually a real life school in Ontario.
  • "Momma's Heaping Helper" is a parody to the "Hamburger Helper."


  • When Eva is punching the camera, her mole is on the right side of her face instead of the left.
  • Courtney and Duncan's tattoos are never seen again after their first appearance and in future episodes.
  • When Sierra interviews Katie and Sadie, her head is completely round.
  • When Lindsay arrives on the red carpet, she has earrings on, but they are not seen throughout the episode.
  • When the cast is waiting to see if they won the Gemmie Award for the best reality show, Heather has her regular hair. Also, in this same shot, Noah's sunglasses are missing.
  • When the teens are watching the Gemmies, Katie and Sadie's green lines go back to their regular striped shirts.
  • Both Ezekiel and Eva seem to completely disappear towards the end of the special, starting with the action sequence.
    • Eva was noticeably absent during the entire bus chase. She was not seen following the bus' crash, and was also absent when the small rescue party fled from the nuclear testing facility. Nonetheless, she was alongside them when they arrived at the Celebrity Manhunt studio, and was enraged when she found out that she would not be participating in season three.
    • Ezekiel was seen in many of the group shots, as well as several of his own shots, during the bus chase. He was absent following the bus' crash, but was apparently among the cast members rescued by Chris and taken back to the craft services tent. Also, when Chris announced Total Drama World Tour, Ezekiel was missing from the wide shots of the entire cast in the tent. Despite this, he still appeared in the confessional in the very end of the episode, stating that he was glad to be in season three.
Katie's Missing Arm Goof

Katie is missing her right arm.

  • While the characters are watching the Gemmies outside the studio Noah's sunglasses disappear, only to re-appear again when everyone gets up.
  • The show Tyler and Leshawna were on was called "Sharp Things Flying at Your Head," yet some items such as a cinder block, missile, trash can, tennis racket, and cash register weren't sharp, but do hurt when you're hit with one.
  • When Owen tells DJ's mother that he keeps a stash of caramel chocolates handy for after his "workouts," Katie's right arm is missing.
  • When Gwen and Heather are near the back door of the bus, Heather's hair was being blown by the wind as if the wind was being blown from the outside into the bus. However, Gwen's hair was being blown as if the wind was coming from inside the bus and blowing out.
  • When Harold is at the Gemmies he is in his "H-Bomb" outfit, but once he gets on the bus, it disappears for the rest of the episode.
  • When the blurry photograph of Noah is shown, his head is right in front of the limousine he is getting out of. Yet when they zoom in on the picture to catch some details, at one point they zoom in on just Noah's head and the sky is behind him instead. This contradicts with what Josh and Blaineley said about it being only one picture, when they would instead have several pictures in order to get the two different angles of Noah's head.
  • When Courtney and Duncan are in the bus, scared, Duncan's hand is missing.
  • Leshawna, Eva, and Sierra are mysteriously not present when the bus was about to fall off of the cliff.
  • When Josh is recapping all members of the cast, and it shows a small profile picture of each member as he says their name, Tyler's eyebrows are missing in his picture.

A goof where Heather's original hair is seen, and Noah is missing his sunglasses.

  • When Owen lands on Noah, Noah's legs and feet are missing, but they come back as soon as Owen gets up.
  • When Lindsay and Beth get their mugshots in France, the measurements appear to be in feet and inches, despite France using the metric system.
  • The flashback to Lindsay and Beth in the Louvre museum in Paris depicts the Mona Lisa as being relatively unprotected and in the open, with a simple rope in front of it. However, in actuality, it is behind a massive glass case.
  • On the Drama Brothers magazine cover, the bottom of Cody's undershirt is colored its usual gray instead of the green one he wears as a member of the band.
  • When the bus is falling down the cliff, and everyone is screaming, Izzy is in front of DJ's mother. However, when she realizes that Noah was Chris's assistant, DJ's mother is next to her.
  • When Duncan is shown growling at Brittany, the Raccoon's tail is animated behind Courtney instead of in front of her.
  • In Gwen's final video blog shown by the two hosts, the dolls in her room are missing.
  • At the end of the special, when Chris talks about the new season, he mentions that sixteen competitors would be competing in season three. However, there there were seventeen contestants at the start of Total Drama World Tour.
  • When Geoff said "I came here to party, but this" but when he began to say "seriously lacks partationess" Beth is shown.


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