"Changing Guard Mix" (also known as "Strip Them Down," but changed due to censorship reasons) is the sixteenth song featured in Total Drama World Tour. It is sung by the remaining contestants (except for Tyler, Cody and Alejandro) in "I See London..." when the contestants have to decide who has to strip down a London Tower Guard to find one of the challenge clues. During the song, both teams go through a selection process, deciding on Gwen from Team Amazon, and Tyler from Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot.


Owen: It's creepy how they stand there,
and don't even blink!
I don't wanna see his bum, all naked and pink!
Noah: Hey buddy,
Can we bribe you,
to strip yourself down?
Owen: Yum-Yum Happy Go Time Fish?
Noah: Don't kill him, you clown!
Courtney: No way, I can't strip him,
Duncan will freak!
Heather: And I'm allergic to uniforms.
Gwen: Okay, that's just weak.
Sierra: I made a vow that Cody's the only man for me!
Gwen: Okay, so then I have to do it? Uh, hello!? Injury!? Ow!
Courtney: If we're gonna find that clue...
Heather: There's only one thing to do!
Sierra: Force someone to strip him down!
Courtney, Heather, and Sierra: And, sorry, Gwen, that's you!
Gwen: Ow! Oh, wait!
Noah: If we're gonna find that clue...
Owen: There's only one thing to do!
Noah: Force someone to strip him down!
Noah and Owen: And Tyler, dude, that's you!
Gwen: Sierra! Look! It's Cody!
And I think he wants to strip!
Sierra: Poor honey! Quick, get out of those things.
And that will help, I bet.
Gwen: Yeah, we're gonna find that clue.
Heather: We're doing what Chris proposed!
Courtney: Force someone to strip him down!
Courtney, Gwen and Heather: Cause if we don't, we're hosed!
Courtney: Totally ho-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-osed!



  • Tyler, Alejandro, and Cody did not sing, but they were not eliminated.
    • However, Alejandro was not present for the song due to being kidnapped by Jack the Ripper.
  • The two contestants who were forced to strip the guards down were Team Victory's models in the tiebreaker challenge in "Can't Help Falling in Louvre."
  • This is the only song of the season to be edited by Cartoon Network.
    • On the download version, Sierra's line "I made a vow that Cody's the only man for me!" is changed to "I can only strip Cody and he can only strip me!"
    • This happens once again later in the song when Sierra is supposed to say, "Poor honey! Quick, get out of those things! And that will help, I bet." She instead says, "Before our honeymoon or marriage? Cody, you're a trip."
    • Ironically, this song focuses on stripping people down, and in some way, nudity.




  • The burn on Gwen's hand is only present when she mentions it.
  • On the edited version of the song, Sierra's mouth follows the original lines.
  • In the closed captioning for this song, Owen's line is mistakenly written as "Yum Yum Happy Co-Type Fish" instead of "Yum Yum Happy Go Time Fish".


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