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This article focuses on the known relatives of all the characters in the Total Drama and its first spin-off series.


  • Alejandro's father: According to Chris and his Total Drama Online profile, he is a diplomat. This could explain Alejandro's great knowledge of the other countries', cultures and his abilities to manipulate people by smooth-talking them.
  • Alejandro's mother: First mentioned by Alejandro in Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, when he tells Bridgette that his mother "raised a gentleman." His mother is mentioned again in Sweden Sour, where he offers Courtney a cookie and some advice that his mother gave him. Alejandro's mother is once again mentioned in Rapa Phooey!, when Alejandro shows Cody the sweets he gets delivered as a reward for winning the challenge and states that he "does not have much of a sugar tooth" and that his mother told him he is sweet enough already.
  • Alejandro's uncle, Julio: Mentioned by Alejandro in The EX-Files. Alejandro claims that his uncle is a hypnotist, and that he learned several of his uncle's hypnotism techniques, which he later used on Owen.
  • Alejandro's brother, Carlos: Alejandro reveals in African Lying Safari that he has a brother who is a professional soccer player.

José in Suckers Punched.

  • Alejandro's brother, José: Alejandro mentions him in Hawaiian Punch, saying it would be an embarrassment to lose to Cody. He later physically appears in Suckers Punched to fight Alejandro.

Amy and Samey

  • Twin sisters: Amy and Samey are twins, with Amy being older by seventeen minutes, who usually torments her younger sister. The only difference between them in terms of their appearance, is that Amy has a beauty mark underneath her right eye.
  • Mother: Mentioned by Amy in I Love You, Grease Pig! when she says that she and "Mommy" had to wait seventeen minutes for Samey to come out. Their mom was then mentioned by Samey in A Blast from the Past, who says she dislikes Amy.


  • Beth's father: Shouts at Beth to be quiet in her audition tape. In The Chefshank Redemption, when Gwen barfed up her retainer onto the ground, Beth explains that her father would have been very angry at her if she had lost it. In her Total Drama Island profile, it says that Beth calls him 'Pa'.
  • Beth's mother: First mentioned on Beth's Total Drama Island profile. She loves her daughter very much, and the feeling is mutual with Beth. Beth talks about how her mother has encouraged her to follow her dreams and never give up. In Monster Cash, Beth claims her mother said her world would open up when she got her braces removed. In her Total Drama Island profile, it says that Beth calls her 'Ma'. She also says if she wins the million dollars she will take her mother and Lindsay on a cruise.


  • Brick's mother: Brick mentioned that he always wins the "letters home to mom" medal. Nothing else is known about her yet, but he loves her a lot since he sends plenty of letters to her. In Ice Ice Baby, Brick said that his mother is a strong woman.


  • Bridgette's mother: First mentioned on her official Total Drama Island profile. They are very close, as it is said that Bridgette's mother is proud of her daughter for her generosity and being on the honor roll at school. It is even said that Bridgette's best friend is her own mother. She is mentioned again on her Total Drama World Tour profile when she states that her best childhood memory was when her mother took her surfing for the first time when she was five.


  • Brody's sister: Mentioned in Ca-Noodling. Brody once babysat her pet that was somehow eaten by a crocodile. It is unknown whether she is older or younger than Brody.


Screen shot 2012-04-14 at 4.08.48 PM

Cameron's mother.

  • Cameron's mother: Mentioned in his audition tape that she is very protective of him. She is later seen in a video call from home in Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown, where she tells him he has to win to fuel the air for his bubble. She calls her son "Cammy Bear." In terms of appearance, she resembles her son.


  • Carrie's sister: Devin mentions her in New Beijinging and reveals that she dared Carrie to eat a worm when she was younger and Carrie puked for six days straight afterwards.

Chef Hatchet

  • Chef's mother: She was only mentioned in the exclusive clip of Brunch of Disgustingness, when he says that his mother was right when she had told him to become an accountant.

Chet and Lorenzo

  • Stepbrothers: Lorenzo and Chet have been stepbrothers for a year since Chet's mother and Lorenzo's father married. Despite this, the two are still mortal enemies and are constantly at each other's throats. The two finally end their feud in Shawshank Ridonc-tion and become friends after they discover that they share the same interests.
  • Chet's mother: Chet calls her in None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 2, telling her that he is not going to be friends with Lorenzo and requests that she divorce Lorenzo's father.
  • Lorenzo's father: Lorenzo mentions him in None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 2, saying that he's a motivational speaker and uses this in a attempt to make Chet eat the stew faster.



Chris with his cousin, Jerd.

  • Chris's cousin, Jerd McLean: Little is known about him except that he has a thick Newfoundland accent and is very difficult to understand, with Chris being the only character to fully comprehend him. Alejandro is also able to partially understand him, but had difficulty figuring out what Jerd was saying. He appears in Newf Kids on the Rock and plays a role in the challenge when the contestants have to translate a sentence he dictated. Jerd apparently dislikes Noah stating that he is "as smart as a bag of rocks." Each time Jerd speaks, music from Sea Shanty Mix is played.
  • Chris's mother: Dakota mentions Chris's mother in The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean. When Chris pulls up to the campers to describe the episode's challenge, Dakota interrupts him and mockingly asks him "How many times did you call your mommy today?" Topher also mentioned her in Three Zones and A Baby, having apparently sent Chris a picture of a cat to his phone.


  • Cody's father: Shouts at Cody to be quiet in his audition tape. He works as a professor and once went on a journey of enlightenment simply so that he could beat Cody in a game of chess. It is revealed in Awwwwww, Drumheller that he and his wife forgot Cody's birthday the previous year.
  • Cody's mother: In Total Drama Online, Cody says that she is a psychologist who gave him fifty dollars when he beat his father at chess. It is revealed that she and her husband forgot their own son’s birthday.
  • Cody's aunt: In Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2, Sierra reveals she called Cody's aunt and posed as a telemarketer to get her to expose secrets about Cody.


  • Courtney's mother: Courtney mentions her mother in 2008: A Space Owen, when she says "Momma didn't raise no sucker."


  • Crimson's grandmother: Mentioned in Little Bull on the Prairie, Crimson states that when she was younger, she spent most of her summers at her grandmother's farmhouse.


  • Dakota's father: Mentioned in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, when Dakota had a difficult time figuring out how to use a hacksaw, Dawn told her to pretend it was "daddy's steak knife." Her father is also mentioned at the end of Ice Ice Baby where he calls and pays Chris an unknown amount of money to get Dakota back on the show. Chris accepts it and brings Dakota on as an intern.



DJ's mother in The Aftermath: II.

  • Momma: Shown in his audition as a photograph, and later makes many appearances throughout the series. She plays a major role in Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special.
  • DJ's brothers: Mentioned in Up the Creek. They dared DJ to jump off the high dive when he was eight-years-old, which resulted in DJ "inventing" the wedgie flop. It is unknown how many brothers he has. However, considering the fact that DJ sometimes calls male friends "brothers," he may just be referring to his friends and not actual family members.



Duncan's parents (left and right) and parole officer (center).

  • Duncan's parents: Duncan's mother is blonde and looks somewhat like an adult version of Lindsay or Bridgette, but with shorter hair. His father is a stern looking person who bears a strong resemblance to Duncan and seems to be aging. Duncan's Total Drama Island profile claims that both of his parents are police officers. Duncan's mother loves him very much, despite his many arrests. His father, however, seems to have a great contempt for him being a "criminal." On the video, he openly questioned if he should love his son, which his wife scolded him for saying that. Duncan's father is bald and wears hairpieces, which Duncan sold as pets once. This amused his mother, as she seems to dislike her husband's hairpieces. Duncan's mother was also mentioned in Mutiny on the Soundstage, when he says that she made him join the muskrat scouts to learn how to tie knots. He also explains that his mother never realized that the knot tying would come in so handy. It is also mentioned in this episode that he calls his mother "Ma." Duncan loves his mother very much as he wrote a letter wishing her happy birthday even when he is in prison after being eliminated in You Regatta Be Kidding Me. Duncan’s parents even have an appearance in Total DramaRama in Bananas & Cheese as the band for young children, in which whom the episode is named after, Bananas and Cheese. In this episode, Duncan shows great embarrassment for them, and attempts to hide his secret that they are his parents. After the secret is revealed at the end of the episode, Duncan becomes very embarrassed and tells his parents to leave.
  • Duncan's brothers: Duncan also mentions his brothers in the confession stand in That's Off the Chain! He says that he and his brothers had stolen bikes from the "nerds down the street" and smashed them against the school wall. They were then forced to rebuild them as punishment. They are mentioned again in The Sand Witch Project, where Duncan tells his teammates about how he and his brothers would cover themselves in fake blood and try to scare kindergartners on Halloween, even causing up to a dozen five-year-olds to have seizures.
  • Extended family: Duncan's Total Drama Island profile mentions his aunt, his cousins, grandmother and many other relatives, who are all police officers.

Dwayne and Junior

  • Father/Son: As Dwayne spends most of his time in the office, he and Junior don't spend much time together so he viewed the race as a chance to do some father and son bonding. Although this often leads to embarrassment for Junior whenever he reveals embarrassing secrets about him on the show. Dwayne's incompetence during the race often causes Junior to take the lead and see his dad as a liability. It isn't until Little Bull on the Prairie that Junior begins to appreciate his father and the two grow closer together.
  • Wife/Mother: Mentioned several times by both Dwayne and Junior whenever Dwayne says something that might offend her and his son reminds him that she'll be watching the show, which makes him correct himself. Dwayne says in Brazilian Pain Forest that he believes that 'a happy wife means a happy life'.

Emma and Kitty

  • Sisters: Kitty and Emma have been close since they were young, but things change after the latter is dumped by her boyfriend, Jake. The breakup strained Emma's relationship with Kitty, as Emma became less trustful of others. Early on in the race, Emma underestimates her sister several times and blames her for circumstances that were not under her control. Even when Kitty is successful at something, she would downplay her achievements. However, Emma would eventually loosen up and appreciate Kitty's efforts, and by the time of their elimination, she does not blame Kitty for their loss and is happy to still have her sister.
  • Grandmother: Mentioned in Hawaiian Honeyruin. While trying to encourage Kitty to dive into the bay, Emma brought up the pool in their grandmother's condominium.


  • Eva's parents: Only mentioned on her Total Drama Island profile which states that Eva's parents are proud of their daughter's leadership skills.


  • Ezekiel's mother: Never appeared on camera, but she screamed when Ezekiel accidentally shot her with an arrow in his audition video. It appears that they have a good relationship, and she serves as his homeschooling teacher. In Skatoony, Ezekiel mentions that his favorite teacher had a root canal at the dentist. When Chudd asks if he wants to give a shout out, Ezekiel says "Sure, hi Mom!"
  • Ezekiel's father: Mentioned in Not So Happy Campers - Part 2 when Ezekiel says that his father instructed him to look after the girls if they needed help, meaning he was most likely the sexist influence on his son. He similarly stated this in his online biography on the Canadian site for Total Drama World Tour, where he said that his father instructed him to look out for the girls, which he didn't get, since they were all stronger than him.


  • Geoff's parents: Only mentioned on Geoff's Total Drama Island profile. They are said to be Bohemians who met, married and conceived Geoff on a beach.
  • Geoff's mother: Geoff mentioned his mother in Aftermath Aftermayhem, when he said, "My mom always said, if you can fart and burp at the same time, you have no soul," making an obvious remark to Blaineley's footage. He also mentioned his mother in his Lame-o-sine video with Bridgette, when he says that money doesn't buy happiness, but his mother's mac and cheese does, however.
  • Geoff's brothers: Mentioned in his Total Drama Island profile, where it says Geoff has four brothers that are all younger than him. However, in Brunch of Disgustingness, Geoff gives credit for his monstrous burping skills to his "big bro" back home.
  • Geoff's grandmother: Mentioned in Mediterranean Homesick Blues, Geoff states that she used to tell him that 'If you swim in a shark's mouth, you got to keep on swimming'.



Gwen's mother and brother.

  • Gwen's mother: Her mother has brown hair, a pink dress with a pink jacket over it and pink heels. Gwen's mother seems to love her daughter a lot and even paid a neighborhood girl to pretend to be her (much to her son's embarrassment). She looks very similar to Gwen without relaxed eyes. In Gwen's profile, her mother is currently single, which indicates that the parents of Gwen (and her younger brother) are probably either divorced or he passed away.
  • Gwen's brother: Her brother has brown hair, a green T-shirt with a skull on it, jeans and sneakers. He wears a backwards facing baseball cap. He slightly resembles Ezekiel with his hair. It is revealed in The Chefshank Redemption that her brother puked on her in the tilt-a-whirl. It is also revealed in Mutiny on the Soundstage that Gwen's brother owns a "Gibson" guitar. Her original online profile states that she took care of her brother while they were younger, and that they are very close and have lots of fun together (an example being when they put beef bouillon cubes in the Community Pool). Gwen admitted that her brother was the reason she joined the show, as he dared her to send in an audition.
  • Gwen's grandmother: In Total Drama Online's "Get The Look", it is stated that both Gwen and her nana use the same hair dye. This hints that her grandmother is also a goth.


  • Harold's mother: Mentioned in If You Can't Take The Heat... when DJ points out that she sews Harold's name onto the labels of his underpants. Harold plans to ask her if he and Leshawna can move together into his mother's basement when they turn thirty years old in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island. In Beach Blanket Bogus, Heather claims that the only "lady fan" Harold actually has is his mother. In One Flu Over the Cuckoos, he says, "Mother, is that you?," mentioning her again. It is possible his parents are divorced (a point in case would be that he mentions the possibility of divorced parents, or being fat at childhood, to be the cause of Heather's mean character, stating he understands her); his father has never been mentioned once. In Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon, Harold's mother donated $200.00 to the show in exchange that Harold cleans his family's garage.
  • Harold's sister: Harold mentions her in the reunion special. Harold reads her psychology books, insinuating that Harold's sister is older than him. However, his Total Drama Island profile stated that she is younger than him.
  • Harold's brother: Only mentioned in his official Total Drama Island profile. He is older than Harold, and apparently does not hold much respect for him. It is said that Harold's older brother has called him an over-exaggerating, melodramatic fret-bucket and finds him weird, as with his sister.



Heather's parents.

  • Heather's parents: Heather's parents appear to have a strained relationship with their daughter. In her video log, Heather's mother and father are shown throwing a party in her absence as movers remove Heather's belongings from the house. Heather's father mentions one of his hobbies being golfing and Heather's mother reveals she enjoys getting pedicures. This suggests the family may be wealthy. Heather shows signs of being closest to her mother, who is first mentioned in Brunch of Disgustingness when Heather tells Bridgette that her mother always said "a lady can always use a little boost in the looks department". Later in One Flu Over the Cuckoos, Heather leaves all her belongings to her mother in a written will and had the option of spending time away with her had she been chosen to accept the prize. After Heather's elimination in Million Dollar Babies, she reveals in her Lame-o-sine interview that she would like hair extensions but says her father is so cheap she will likely end up with "pony hair". She then decides to cut off her mother's hair while she sleeps, mentioning that "she's always had nice volume". Heather also mentions her parents in The Aftermath: III, saying that they tried electroshock therapy on her when she was younger to make her nicer but to no effect. Heather's mother is voiced by Julie Lemieux.
  • Heather's brothers: Heather is revealed to have more than one brother in One Flu Over the Cuckoos when she calls her brothers and sisters "lazy slackers". Heather's brother Damien is mentioned in her Total Drama Island biography. It is revealed that Damien enjoys playing pranks on Heather such as putting glue in her hair conditioner. This suggests they do not have a very good relationship.
  • Heather's sisters: In One Flu Over the Cuckoos, it is revealed that Heather has more than one sister whom she does not get along with. She considers all of her siblings to be lazy slackers. Heather's sister is mentioned again in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine when Heather says she picked her sister's diary with a bobby pin.
  • Heather's cousin: In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Gwen reveals that Heather has a younger cousin who sent her a video of Heather's cat Bruiser licking Heather's face as she sleeps.


  • Izzy's mother: Never appears on-screen, but calls Izzy at the end of her first audition tape. Izzy shouts "Sorry mom!" in her second audition after setting off the smoke alarm by twirling fire batons indoors. From the way she talks to her, it can be assumed that Izzy does not have a good relationship with her mother (or that they often communicate by shouting at each other from across the house). Izzy may have just been yelling since she was making an audition tape and her mother interrupted her.
  • Izzy's father: Only mentioned on Izzy's Total Drama Island profile. Very little is known about him.
  • Izzy's brother: Mentioned in That's Off the Chain! According to Izzy, he was previously an auto mechanic before getting hit by a car, developing a fear of all motor vehicles afterward. Due to his occupation, he is most likely older than Izzy. Because she learned from studying her brother's skills, Izzy was able to quickly assemble her bicycle for the challenge.
  • Izzy's uncle: Mentioned in Wawanakwa Gone Wild! He is an artist. He tried to emulate Vincent Van Gogh by cutting off part of his ear, but becomes scared midway, leaving part of it hanging, which then apparently fell into Izzy's salad.
  • Izzy's grandfather: Mentioned in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island when Izzy reminisces in the confessional stall about scaring him so badly that he wet his pants one time.
  • Izzy's great-grandmother, Mavis: Mentioned in Riot On Set. Izzy claims that she is a reincarnation of her. Izzy personified her as having a distinct Scottish accent, strongly hinting towards the origins of Izzy's family.


  • Grandmother: Mentioned in Ca-Noodling. Jacques compares noodling catfish to massaging his grandmother's feet, which he doesn't like.

Jay and Mickey

  • Twin brothers: As their team name the "Adversity Twins" suggests, the twins face many struggles as they share many of the same allergies, phobias, disorders, ailments, and accidents that plague them on a daily basis. But at the same time, they have a never give up attitude when it comes to facing whatever life throws at them. They are also known to go to the same high school and presumably have gym class together. Being the older twin, Jay is protective of his brother and is always there to give him moral support.
  • Mother: Jay mentions her in Hello and Dubai when he gets scared by the challenge and asks Mickey to tell her he loves her.


  • Jo's parents: Jo mentioned her mother and father in Ice Ice Baby while talking to Brick, saying that they made her a climbing wall playpen.


  • Josee's mother: According to Jacques, tantrums run in Josee's family. Like Josee, her mother believes winning is everything and that bronze is the "medal of failure." In Hello and Dubai, Jacques mentions that one time he was late picking up Josee from practice, her mother attacked him with a lamp. Josee then adds that she doesn't miss that lamp, to which Jacques adds 'or her mom'.


  • Justin's mother: Only mentioned on Justin's Total Drama Island profile. It says that Justin "was a test tube baby and his mother paid handsomely for that test tube."
  • Justin's aunt: Mentioned by Beth in Mutiny on the Soundstage. Beth said that he cried at her wedding and that her full name is Lady Cici Mimi Didi Leduda.


  • Katie's mother: Mentioned in The Sucky Outdoors when she and Sadie reminisce about their childhood when they both got lost in a mall, causing their mothers to panic.

Kelly and Taylor

  • Mother/Daughter: Being a loving mother, Kelly tends to be patient with her disrespectful daughter and gives her anything she wants. Taylor; however, misbehaves with her mother all the time, blaming her whenever anything goes wrong and treating her like a doormat. It isn't until Hello and Dubai that Kelly decides to teach her daughter a lesson until she apologizes. The race ends up improving their relationship, with Kelly taking Dwayne's advice of keeping boundaries by cutting off Taylor's allowance.
  • Husband/Father: Taylor likes her father significantly more than her mother, as he spoils her beyond measure and because they both have a mutual dislike for avocado. He is known to own a trophy store, from where he gave his daughter trophies and medals, making her believe that she is good at everything she did, until her mother told her. Kelly is apparently his supposed trophy wife. 


  • Leshawna's mother: Mentioned in Brunch of Disgustingness briefly, when Leshawna says her mother taught her that nothing in the world came for free. She used this lesson to warn Bridgette about getting too involved with Heather, as it may eventually lead to her being manipulated.

Leshawna's cousin, Leshaniqua.

  • Leshawna's cousin, Leshaniqua: Appears in One Flu Over the Cuckoos when Leshawna is able to visit the spa with her after winning the reward challenge. Her design is directly based on one of Leshawna's prototype designs from Camp TV, only with an altered color scheme. They appear to be very close, as Leshawna refers to Leshaniqua as her very "best" cousin and possibly her very best friend.


Screen shot 2012-04-14 at 4.10.00 PM

Lightning's father.

  • Lightning's father: Seen in a video call from home in Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown, though his face is not shown. He doesn’t appear to be very affectionate, never even turning to look at his son in the video call. Lightning's father seems to share the same personality as his son, being arrogant, cocky and self-inflated about his son's abilities. It's implied he holds high standards for Lightning, who feels pressured to meet them and not disappoint his father. Presumably his surname is Jackson.


  • Lindsay's father: Only mentioned on Lindsay's Total Drama Island profile. Apparently he is very wealthy and is the type of father who spoils his children rotten. He is said to have a vintage Ferrari (which he cares very much for), considers Lindsay as his "little chipmunk,” and has thrown an extremely expensive Sweet Sixteen birthday party for her.
  • Lindsay's mother: Only mentioned on Lindsay's Total Drama Island profile; she apparently is concerned that her daughter may be too easily tricked and taken advantage of by people with more dominant personalities.
  • Lindsay's younger sister, Paula: Mentioned in Not Quite Famous. She had diarrhea on a date and Lindsay had to bring her toilet paper as a result, a fact Lindsay never revealed to anyone... before accidentally saying it on international television.
  • Lindsay's other sister: Mentioned in The Sand Witch Project; Lindsay says that when she and her sisters choose where to go shopping she is always the third vote. This reveals that she has another sister, other than Paula.
  • Lindsay's grandmother: Mentioned in One Million Bucks, B.C. Lindsay says that she accidentally set fire to her grandmother's house twice because of a flat iron when she was twelve-years-old.


  • MacArthur's father: MacArthur mentions her father in How Deep is Your Love, and how he would always pressure her into winning and coming first.


  • Mike's Uncle Vinnie: Mentioned in Total Drama Online that Mike's first job was working with his uncle fixing cars. Although the way the interview is written implies that Vito took over to answer the question. So whether Mike has an uncle or the uncle is part of Vito's back story is unknown.
  • Mike's wife: Mentioned in Total Drama Online that Mike's dream date would be to take her prospecting in the Yukon. Although the way the interview is written implies that Manitoba Smith took over to answer the question. Her existence is a mystery since she has not been mentioned on the show and Manitoba has been known to flirt with other women.


  • Noah's parents: Only mentioned in Noah's Total Drama Island profile. There is not much revealed about either parent except for the fact that they noticed Noah's advanced intelligence at a very early stage and have a very large family.
  • Noah's siblings: Only mentioned on Noah's Total Drama Island profile. The genders and ages of these siblings are unknown, but what is known is that Noah is the youngest and most intelligent of his siblings. Overall, he has eight siblings. It is from having to endure this obstacle that Noah gained the skills he has today.
  • Noah's cousins: Mentioned in Newf Kids on the Rock. Noah mentions that his little cousins are not allowed to watch the show.
  • Noah's aunt: Also mentioned in Newf Kids on the Rock. She is the mother of Noah's little cousins and prevents them from watching Total Drama.



Owen's parents.

  • Owen's parents: His parents are seen in a Video log from home. His father is extremely obese, balding, and wears glasses. Owen's mother has a strong resemblance to Sadie, with both even being voiced by Lauren Lipson; the most notable difference between the two is Owen's mother's blonde hair in contrast to Sadie's black hair. She is also obese, but not as large as Owen's father. They seem to have a good relationship with their son, possibly to the point of overindulging him, as his mother sends him a care package filled with gravy. Owen's mother appeared in The Aftermath: III as a video guest in order to tell Owen that the family was broke from spending $50,000 on a cheese cellar.
  • Owen's grandfather: Owen mentions his grandfather in The Sucky Outdoors where the grandfather himself was shown in a doodle-styled flashback as Owen tells stories (some true, some false) about the two of them and their excursions in the great outdoors. If the flashback is anything to go by, Owen's grandfather is also obese, with a large gray beard and mustache. He was depicted wearing stereotypical Canadian hunting gear.
  • Owen's brothers: in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island Chris introduced the winner of Total Drama Island as being the "youngest of three brothers.” However, they are revealed to be younger than him in the third aftermath, when he blurts out that he pushed one of them down a flight of stairs and blamed it on his other brother. Their names are revealed to be Johnny and Gavin.
  • Owen's Uncle Max: Owen is revealed to have an uncle Max who wears a toupee which Owen glued to a goat's butt at a petting zoo when he was in fourth grade.


  • Rock's parents: Rock mentions his parents, when he reveals that the reason he wants to win the race is so that he can finally move out of his parent's basement because of their constant pleads, but only to build his own basement. His mother is later mentioned again in Down and Outback by Spud, who states that Spud will one day get Rock killed.



  • Ryan's Parents: Mentioned in How Deep is Your Love. Whenever they have an argument, his father will gratuitously agrees with her until she either calms down or leaves.


  • Sadie's mother: Mentioned in The Sucky Outdoors when she and Katie were arguing. Sadie mentioned Katie crashing her mother's car into a snack shack. She also reminisced with Katie about their mothers panicking when they were lost in the mall as children.
  • Sadie's sister, Cindy: Mentioned in The Aftermath: I when Sadie says that Trent is "nuttier than my sister's peanut allergies"; then she waves to the camera and gives her a shout-out.
  • Sadie's Aunt Gwen: Mentioned in The Aftermath: II when Katie and Sadie talk about how they formed a "Trent Fan Club,” and Katie suggests it be changed to an "Anti-Gwen Club.” Sadie mistakenly thinks she meant "Auntie Gwen Club" and that it would be a club for her Aunt Gwen. She then waves to the camera and says "Hi Auntie Gwen" before she realizes her mistake.


  • Sanders's grandmother: In Shawshank Ridonc-tion, Sanders mentions her ill grandmother and wants to call her if she wins the reward.


  • Scarlett's parents: Mentioned in her audition tape when Scarlett introduces herself and explains the meaning behind her name.
  • Scarlett's brother: Mentioned in This Is The Pits! while Scarlett is using the confessional. It is unknown whether he is older or younger than Scarlett. As a revenge for pulling her hair, Scarlett made her brother's RC toys come to life and scare him every night for six years. Because of his sister's action, he is still under therapy.



  • Shawn's uncle: In Sky Fall, Shawn mentioned that his uncle owned a tanning salon named Bernie's Tanning Salon (despite his name not being Bernie). Within a year, the salon went out of business as there weren't any customers.



A photo of Sierra's mom.

  • Sierra's mother:  Sierra's mother has a huge crush on Chris which is why Sierra knows many facts about him. She was mentioned by her daughter several times in Total Drama World Tour, regarding about her crush on Chris. After Chris ditches her in Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles, Sierra ordered her mother through the confessional to pack away all of her Chris shrine at home before she returns. A picture of her could be also seen as an item in Find It, one of the Total Drama games.
  • Sierra's grandparents: Sierra says that her grandparents were German in Slap Slap Revolution. It is also hinted that Sierra's grandparents were also basket-weavers. They may also be fans of Chris, as Sierra describes herself as a "third-generation Chris McLean scholar."
  • Sierra's great-grandparents: Sierra has mentioned in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1 that she's a fourth-generation basket weaver, hinting that her parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents were also basket-weavers.


Sky's Sister

Sky's sister in New York.

  • Sky's older sister: In A Blast from the Past, Sky tells Dave about her older sister and that she is Sky's role model, meaning that they might be close. Sky also mentions that she almost made it onto the Canadian Olympic team for rhythmic gymnastics. In A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars, a woman who resembles Sky is seen outside the airport walking past Don. Fresh TV's Twitter later verifies that she is Sky's sister.
  • Sky's mother: In Sky Fall, after Sugar says a rhyme dealing with punching mothers, Sky states that she hopes their mothers don't meet each other.


  • Spud's mother: Spud mentions her in New Beijinging, saying his mother calls him a light eater, which meant that he starts eating as soon as the lights go on. 


  • Staci has a variety of relatives who she claims to have invented things, such as swimming or log cabins. However, it's questionable if said relatives are real.


  • Sugar's little brother: Mentioned in Three Zones and A Baby. Sometime in the past, Sugar lost him during a visit to town. As a jab to her poor memory, Sugar doesn't know her brother's name.
  • Sugar's uncle: Mentioned in Scarlett Fever when Sugar was surrounded by robot copies of Chris which reminds her of the time when her uncle built a robot army of his own by putting pictures of his face on donkeys wrapped in tin foil. His name was reveal to be Elliot in Sky Fall. The farm he owns is apparently where Sugar did her audition tape.
  • Sugar's mother: In Pahk'd With Talent, Sugar wishes that her mom was there to give her the "awesome pep talk" she gives Sugar before every pageant: however, it seems that talk is just yelling at her to hurry up and get dressed.
  • Sugar's grandmother: In Pahk'd With Talent, Sugar climbs to the top of the tree during Shawn's challenge because her grandmother said that in a battle, you always take the high ground. When it looked like she was about to fall, she said it would be grandmother's fault if she got hurt.


  • Trent's mother: Mentioned in Phobia Factor when Trent tells Gwen about how when he was four years old and his mother took him to the circus to see the elephants. For a moment, they were separated and when Trent was trying to find her, he ran into a mime, got scared and ran away, thus causing his fear of mimes since. He seems to have a close relationship with his mother. She was also mentioned in Brunch of Disgustingness when Trent said she and his father would hold him down and feed him broccoli. It is revealed in The Aftermath: I that his mother was the one that told Trent that nine was his lucky number after a wheel fell off of the toy train his grandfather gave him.
  • Trent's father: Mentioned on Trent's Total Drama Island profile. He has a double occupation as a lawyer/accountant, as both are involved in the area of law. He wants Trent to be an accountant, like himself, which Trent strongly dislikes and promises he will never pursue "in this lifetime.” In Brunch of Disgustingness, Trent threatens the campers, and says his father can sue them as he is a lawyer.
  • Trent's grandfather: Mentioned in The Aftermath: I. Believed to be very close to Trent, which led to Trent loving the number nine so much. He gave Trent a ten-wheeled toy train as a gift. Right before he died, one of the wheels fell off, leaving only nine wheels on Trent's train. This was the main basis behind Trent's number nine obsession.


  • Tyler's father: Only mentioned on Tyler's Total Drama Island profile. Tyler's father apparently is hooked up with major sports sponsors, which would explain the fancy athletic gear that Tyler has despite his lack of athletic skill. He is putting a lot of pressure on Tyler to win Total Drama Island, but is certain that his son will live up to the hype he has surrounded his son in.


  • Zoey's parents: Only mentioned in her Total Drama Online profile. Zoey says her parents were proud of her when she brought home her first finger painting.


  • Beth, Cody, Junior, Taylor and Zoey are the only known contestants confirmed to be an only child.
  • Trent is the only contestant with a known deceased relative.
  • Gwen and Rodney are the only contestants known to have a single parent.
    • Gwen has only a mother, while Rodney has only a father.
  • Justin's mother calls him a "test-tube baby," suggesting Justin was born via IVF.
  • All of the family members who physically appear on Total Drama (with the exception of Owen's mother) are voiced by the same actors as their corresponding contestants
  • Cameron's mother's top bears strong resemblance to the one worn by Sky, with the latter's being a recolor.
  • Chef's mother and father both wanted their son to become an accountant, suggesting that they tried to have control over their son, but weren't able to.
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