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This article focuses on the known relatives of all the characters in Total DramaRama. As the series takes place in an alternate universe than that of the main Total Drama series, these characters may be different than that of how they are portrayed in the main continuity or do not exist at all.


  • Mother: She makes a brief appearance in Hic Hic Hooray to pick up Bridgette after class is over though only her legs are seen.

Chef Hatchet

Young chef and his bro

Chef's older brother scaring him.

  • Chef’s brother: Chef’s older brother appears in Hic Hic Hooray in Chef’s flashbacks from his childhood. Chef states that he and his older brother would always scare the hiccups out of one another.
  • Chef's mother: Chef's mother appears in Mother of All Cards, arriving to see the cards the kids made, under the impression Chef made them. Upon finding out Cody made the final card standing, she punishes Chef and takes the kids out for ice cream.


  • Cody's brother: In A Licking Time Bomb, Cody mentions he has a little brother after Gwen says that she performs pet funerals, with Gwen responding that she does funerals for little brothers as well.
  • Cody's mother: In Mother of All Cards, Cody's mother is seen to have orange hair, as it is colored in the card he makes.


  • Courtney's mother: In Snots Landing, Courtney mentions her mother when saying that there wouldn't be room for her mom in the diorama of her dream house that she created if she couldn't find the diorama couch.
  • Courtney's younger sister: In Snots Landing, Courtney reveals that she has a younger sister named Kate.
  • Courtney's father: In Duck Duck Juice, Courtney says that her dad once camped out all night in the snow to get a phone. In Snots Landing, Courtney mentions her dad again, saying that he helped her build a diorama of her dream house. 


Inoculated pigpox

Duncan's parents.

  • Duncan's parents: They appear in Bananas & Cheese as the titular children band, visiting the daycare. Their appearances greatly differ from how their original counterpart looks. Duncan's mother still resembles her Video Message From Home self but now has reddish-brown hair, a darker shade of blue for her eyes, and fairer skin. His father looks younger, looking almost entirely like how teenage Duncan looks. The only difference is his long sideburns, slightly different goatee, and lack of a unibrow. Their voice actors have also been changed. Feeling embarrassed if his parents show up, Duncan does everything he can to prevent them from arriving but fails.


Gwen's mother is now blue haired

Gwen scaring her mother.

  • Gwen's mother: She appeares in a flashback in Mother of All Cards. While still resembling her original counterpart, Gwen's mother's hair color is now teal to match her daughter's hair and she also shares Gwen's pale skin tone.


  • Mother:


Leshawna's family photo

Leshawna's parents and grandmother in a photo.

  • Mother:
  • Father:
  • Grandmother:


  • Mother:
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