Chris advertises Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candy Fish Tails.

Chef Hatchet's Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candy Fish Tails is a type of candy made by Chef Hatchet.

Total Drama Action

Though not seen in the actual episode, when Izzy crawls across the rooftops, a billboard displaying Chef Hatchet's Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candy Fish Tails is present.

Total Drama World Tour

During Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, the contestants have to make a Japanese-style advertisement to promote the product. When Alejandro tastes some of the candy, he immediately spits it out and compares the candy to tasting like "rotting fish intestines with a side order of fermented squid and dirty hockey equipment".

Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot's commercial is a loose parody of Godzilla. Owen, dressed as a monster, terrorizes a tiny model of Tokyo while Alejandro, Izzy, Noah, and Tyler act as soldiers who fret over the monster demolishing their city. Alejandro puts a stop to Owen's destruction by throwing a Candy Fish Tail in his mouth, and the team sings an anthem about the candy before the commercial ends. Their project is titled "Monster Rampage".

Team Victory creates a short film in which Harold plays a lone samurai riding his horse into a village. Bridgette, Leshawna, Lindsay, and DJ act as villagers who beg the samurai for food, but the samurai starts to die moments after his arrival. A lone beach ball rolls onto the set and is impaled by Harold's sword. Harold then a Candy Fish Tail to his mouth while somberly reciting a song about the Candy Fish Tails. This commercial is titled "A Samurai's Lament" and, due to its obscurity, ends up sending Team Victory to elimination.

Sierra and Cody make a commercial for Team Amazon that consists of random clips, including spinning hockey masks, exploding doughnuts, and Sierra singing loudly into a megaphone. Before the advertisement ends, a seagull with its neck caught in plastic six pack rings eats a Candy Fish Tail and a gong sound is heard in the background. This commercial is titled "Huh?" and wins Team Amazon the challenge.

Noah mentions the Candy Fish Tails again in Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, asking Chris if their next location is some place without Candy Fish Tails. Owen, who is sleeping beside Noah, wakes up upon hearing about the candy and excitedly asks where he can find some.

They are also mentioned in Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon, as a reward for whoever donates twenty-five dollars to the show.

In I See London..., Owen attempts to bribe himself out of the challenge by offering a Candy Fish Tail to a guard. Noah interjects, telling Owen, "Don't kill him, you clown!"

During the recap in Picnic at Hanging Dork, a bag of Candy Fish Tails appears when the plane is flipped upside down.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

Pahkitew tails

The candy appears once in Total Drama: Pahkitew Island.

In Mo Monkey Mo Problems, Waneyihtam Maskwak's reward for winning the challenge is a bag of Candy Fish Tails.



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