This article focuses on Chef Hatchet's alliances, which were formed during Total Drama Action and Total Drama World Tour.


The first alliance is formed by Chef in Riot On Set, consisting of himself and DJ. Chef had initially attempted to form this alliance with Izzy, but it is never shown in the episode, and is instead revealed in an aftermath. The purpose of the alliance is to assist DJ by helping him "man up," but Chef's main intention is to force DJ to split the million dollars with him in the event of DJ winning Total Drama Action. However, it is dissolved when DJ quits Total Drama Action, and outs Chef to everyone. In Total Drama World Tour, Chef forms another illegal alliance with Blaineley after being talked into it by her. However, it is dissolved by the end of the episode when he admits to his cheating, and she is soon eliminated.

Total Drama Action

Riot On Set


Chef forcing DJ to form an alliance with him.

Frustrated seeing how soft DJ is, Chef pulls him aside while he is applying makeup on Duncan, and forces him to form an alliance with him. The deal is that Chef will help DJ toughen up as well as helping him in any other way in order to ensure DJ winning and in return, DJ must share the prize money with him. It is likely that because of Chef's biased judgment that allows the Screaming Gaffers to win the challenge.

Beach Blanket Bogus


"Make sure you're the kicker, not the kickee."

- Chef Hatchet

Before the challenge starts, Chef convince DJ to kick sand at anyone, and not the other way around.

The Aftermath: I

During her interview, Izzy reveals that Chef Hatchet offered her the alliance before he offered it to DJ, which is followed by a clip of it, shown by Geoff. After Chef offers, Izzy replies by kicking him in the stomach, refusing. She appears to know that Chef threw the challenge for DJ, but she seemed to be fine by it.

The Chefshank Redemption

Early in the episode, Chef allows DJ to help him with the cooking, serving as his mentor. When Chef realizes that DJ has added his mother's secret spice into the opposing team's meal, Chef scolds him for nearly costing his team the challenge.

One Flu Over the Cuckoos

While eating pizza, DJ's team realizes that he`s missing. Upon hearing this, DJ, who was in the kitchen cooking the pizza, quickly returns to his team and pretends that he was there the entire time. It is revealed that the pizza that DJ cooked is spiked with itching powder and laxatives, which made the castmates sick during the challenge. However, DJ pretends to be shocked in order to keep his alliance with Chef a secret.

The Sand Witch Project

DJ standing up Chef

DJ officially breaks up the alliance.

Chef spends the entire episode ensuring that DJ's team wins the challenges. While the Gaffers choose Duncan to be their team's killer, Chef forces them to choose DJ instead. This made Leshawna aware that something is wrong. When DJ fails to make Duncan and Heather to scream (since they are still in shock from kissing each other moments ago), Chef appears with a large chainsaw, scaring all three of them. Because of his interference, Chef is sent to the producers to be disciplined. By the end of the episode, the guilt is too great for DJ to handle especially when he started to see his mother scolding him. During the awards ceremony, DJ reveals his alliance with Chef to everyone and opts to eliminate himself. Chef tries to talk DJ out of it but DJ refuses and leaves Total Drama Action after bidding goodbye to his friends.

Full Metal Drama

With his secret exposed, Chef is being punished by the producers, and is forced to feed Owen a remedy for his constipation which he doesn't like. However, Leshawna drinks it instead since Owen doesn't like the taste.

The Aftermath: II


Chef scaring DJ into going against his morals and reading from a script.

More about the alliance between DJ and Chef is shown by Bridgette and Geoff. In addition of toughening him up, it was revealed that Chef also provided DJ with better necessities such as massages, good food, vitamins, clean clothes, and even packages from home. Chef also forces DJ to make a fake confessional pretending that he enjoyed being in an alliance with Chef. The alliance has done little to hurt the contestants' trust in him as most of them realize that DJ was a victim of Chef's scheming.

Total Drama World Tour

Chinese Fake-Out


Blaineley forms an alliance with Chef.

In this episode, Chef is convinced by Blaineley that he would be better off on a show of his own and that Chris was holding him back. This statement restarts his illegal alliance, despite the fact that Chef didn't agree to it at first, and was not the first one to suggest it. He helps Blaineley in the challenge by pulling the rickshaw that she is in, which gets her across the finish line first. In the second part of the challenge, Chef feeds Blaineley actual food rather than the gross dishes that the other contestants are forced to eat. However, in the end, Heather figures it out, busts them (along with Alejandro and Courtney), and the alliance ends when Blaineley (along with Courtney) is voted off.

African Lying Safari

In this episode, Chris punishes Chef for having formed an illegal alliance for the second time in the series, this time with Blaineley. As punishment, Chef is forced to wear heavy clothing throughout their stay in the hot climatic zone of Africa, known as the "penalty parka." This makes him sweat profusely and regret making the alliance. Chris later forgives Chef and offers him the chance to watch the episode from his hot tub.


Chef Hatchet's alliances
Character Formed Dissolved
DJ Riot On Set The Sand Witch Project
Blaineley Chinese Fake-Out Chinese Fake-Out


  • Chef has been involved in two of three alliances so far in the series that involved a contestant and a staff member, the other being the alliance between Chris and Owen.
    • However, unlike Chris's alliance with Owen, both of Chef's alliances were illegal. Chris's alliance with Owen apparently did not break any game rules.


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