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Chris and Chef's friendship is jeopardized after the latter attempts to quit in Mutiny on the Soundstage.

Chris and Chef seem to have a relationship that constantly switches between friendship and conflict. The two of them seem to enjoy tormenting the contestants by making the challenges harder and more life-threatening. However, Chef is often angry at Chris's egotism and selfish behavior. In addition, Chef hates Chris for making him do all the hard work (often resulting in him getting injured) while Chris does nothing and gets all the credit.

In Total Drama Action, Chef decides to go against Chris by forming an illegal alliance with one of the contestants after Chris fails to give him his paycheck. After this was discovered, Chris punishes Chef by making him work even harder. By the end of the season, Chef attempts to quit the show, after becoming tired of the under appreciation he was getting. The two of them quarrel, but eventually reconcile after some counseling from Beth to both of them.

The two of them return to their friendship/conflict stance in Total Drama World Tour, with less interactions between them this time. However, Chef does go behind Chris's back and back another illegal alliance. This leads to Chris being forced to punish Chef, increasing Chef's animosity towards Chris. Then, in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, this anger eventually leads Chef to get revenge on Chris by planting a bomb on the dock Chris is standing on. He and the second generation cast then laugh at Chris as he is arrested by the government.

A year later, Chef bails Chris out of prison and gives him a new contract for a new season. Although Chris is still angry for Chef's betrayal (in addition to Chef not visiting for an entire year), he agrees to return to the show once again. The two of them continue to torment the contestants as they risk their lives for fame and fortune.

Following the destruction of Camp Wawanakwa, Chris and Chef move to a new island and bring in fourteen new contestants and watch as they suffer, like their predecessors.

Total Drama Island

Not So Happy Campers - Part 2

In a flashback, Chris is seen forcing Chef to dive off the cliff into a lake of man eating sharks. After Chef does it, and notices the sharks, Chris is seen walking away leaving Chef in danger, saying to himself that it 'looks safe enough' for a challenge.

Basic Straining

The two share a friendly conversation about the contestants' performance during the first part of the challenge. As Courtney and Duncan raid Chef's supply, Chef tells Chris a story about when twenty-five people, including him, went into a forest and how only five came back out.

Hide and Be Sneaky

When Chris asks Chef to demonstrate the spraying of the water gun Chef points the gun at Chris. Chef sprays Chris really hard to anger him, which makes Chris angrily shout, "Not at me, dude!"

Camp Castaways


Chef cradles Chris in his arms in Camp Castaways.

With the remaining campers trying to find their way off a "deserted island," Chris and Chef relax at the staff tent, enjoying themselves with a luxurious brunch and playing with the entertainment provided. While having tea, the two of them have a conversation about the current condition of the campers. Chris shows slight worry for them, as Chef scoops Chris up in his arms and rocks him like a baby and tells him he's one dedicated host and an inspiration. Chris then says, "Thanks dude; it's what I do," and has no problem with the hug and seems to even enjoy it. When campers unexpectedly arrive at their campsite, a startled Chef jumps into Chris's arms. After it begins to rain, Chris and Chef hop into their trailer, refusing to let the other four campers in.

I Triple Dog Dare You!


Chef wins the side bet he had with Chris.

Chris and Chef have a side bet to see who can hold their the stomach the longest while watching the contestants do all the dares and the loser have to pay the winner $100. After seeing Owen eating dog food, Chris finally vomits and pays Chef $100 before Chef himself too vomits.

The Very Last Episode, Really!

Chef helps Geoff, Owen, and Duncan throw Chris into the water, claiming he wanted to do that all season.

Total Drama Action

Alien Resurr-eggtion


Chef is irritated that Chris hasn't paid him yet.

Throughout the episode, Chef is shown to be frustrated that Chris hasn't paid him any money yet, presumably for all the work he did in the first season. He later threatens Chris about it, prompting Chris to run away.

3:10 to Crazytown

When Chris complains that they need to upgrade things for the challenge, Chef gets angry at Chris. He also refused to provide anymore water for the challenges due to his irritation with the heat. Later in the episode, Chris teases Chef for his damsel outfit, prompting Chef to tie him up to a fence post for the rest of the challenge.

The Aftermath: I

During the webcam segment of the show, Chris is the guest (disguised as "Steve the Yeti"). While he is complaining about how Geoff and Bridgette get to host their own show, Chef interrupts off screen yelling, "Yo, Chris! If I wanted to take a hot tub by myself..." in an oddly suggestive tone. Chris seems embarrassed by this, while Chef asks Chris if he was on the webcam.

The Chefshank Redemption

LOL Chef Chris

Chris tries to ask Chef if he wants to see a movie while they are waiting for the teams to arrive.

While the castmates are digging their way to the finish line, Chris and Chef are waiting from the sidelines. Chris, while being more awkward than usual, attempts to strike up small-talk with Chef, which Chef does not partake in. Chris then asks him if he is doing anything after work and suggests that they rent a movie together (which Chris quickly regrets asking) and that makes Chef feel awkward.

The Sand Witch Project

As DJ was explaining his illegal alliance with Chef, Chris is seen angrily glaring at Chef, despite Chris already knowing about it.

Masters of Disasters


Chris hugs Chef to celebrate the contestants being alive, much to Chef's dismay.

Chris and Chef play cards with each other as they wait for the challenge to finish. Chris begins to have a panic attack because the campers are likely to die and no more campers means no paycheck. Chef constantly tries to draw his attention from them so they can continue their game and while Chris somewhat admits what his friend is doing is impressive, he screams at him to turn the water off. Chef winds up snapping the lever in half, but thinks nothing of it and keeps trying to get Chris to finish, offering any other game he wanted to play. Because of the fact the series would end once the castmates died, Chris's luxurious lifestyle would end and Chef would lose nothing as Chris had lagged behind in paying him.

Later on, after Chris suffers through the failing attempts of the castmates to save themselves, Harold saves the day by constructing a snorkel out of bendy straws. He is extremely relieved and, while exclaiming happily that he will still receive his paycheck, he hugs Chef from behind. Chef shows extreme annoyance at this action. This possibly indicates that the second season has put their friendship into a certain degree of trouble, as Chef, getting unpaid, has begun to defy and act against Chris.

Million Dollar Babies


Chris insults Chef, who irritably punches Chris in the face, and knocking some of his teeth out.

Earlier in the episode, Chef is moved to tears by Chris's movie performance in a badminton movie, feeling sorry for "the poor little flipper" in the movie who apparently didn't get the chance to compete. At the end of the episode, Chef punched Chris in the face after becoming annoyed with Chris's hyperactive joking about knocking Chef out in a comedic way.

Super Hero-ld

Chef dresses as a damsel in distress for Chris to save in the beginning of the episode. While the stunt is successful at first, the bungee cord snaps and they both fall to the ground. When the challenge begins, Chris tells Chef to throw bowling balls harder, Chef throws one at his face, knocking Chris out.

2008: A Space Owen

In one scene, Chris is talking to the audience, and the viewer can see a cut-out of Chef's head. This is being used as a make-shift dart board. Chris also warns Chef in a nervous tone that the "pillows" he thought he was patting was actually Owen's butt. 

Mutiny on the Soundstage

At the beginning of the episode, Chef and Chris keep fighting and getting into each other's face over who has the easier job. Chef says he is going to quit and move on to better things. Chris does not understand why he would do this and continues to insult Chef, which annoys him even more. They resolve to switch jobs for the episode, in order to give the other a taste of how hard they have it. Chris gets highly emotional and starts crying, although this is only because he is peeling an onion. Beth talks to Chris and gives him some advice, and Chris smiles. Beth tells Chef that Chris will miss him, and later Chris admits it himself. While preparing to fire a safe at Duncan and Beth, Chef and Chris make amends as Chris tells him that the show would not be the same without him, calling the way he tortures the kids "inspiring." After agreeing on a few new terms (including a better pay check), Chef decides to stay and they hug each other. They then shoot the safe at Beth and Duncan.

The Aftermath: IV

Both Chris and Chef are planning to take a vacation in this episode, but end up fighting for several reasons, such as when they are stuck in traffic. A few girls ask Chris for an autograph, much to Chef's annoyance. After finding out what the Geoff and Bridgette are doing at the Aftermath studio, the two quickly leaves the airport on the Lame-o-sine in order to get takes under control. Along the way, the two encounter a heavy traffic much to Chris's annoyane but Chef simply tells him to be patience. Chris directs the driver through a short cut but they somehow ended up at Camp Wawanakwa. Chef sarcastically compliments Chris's sense of direction and suggests him to get a new job as a GPS.

Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special

Chris complains about Chef's driving skills and tells him to clean up the barf.

Total Drama World Tour

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1

While on the P.A. system, Chef states that musical numbers were the worst idea ever, even though it was his idea in the first place to do musical numbers. He then calls Chris an idiot, much to Chris's anger and annoyance, but he quickly realizes that the P.A. light is still on and switches the intercom off.

Broadway, Baby!

Chef cracks up in the confessional when he heard Chris was in a boy band. While waiting for the teams to arrive at the finish line, Chris and Chef have a friendly conversation. Chris mentions that someone he knows has a sister and Chef asks Chris to give her his number.

Jamaica Me Sweat


Chris and Chef arguing about the funds.

In the episode recap, while Chris is saying "World Tour," he accidentally hits Chef. Chef and Chris argue throughout the episode. Chef yells at Chris for spending all of the funds for the season on himself. He also throws a radio at his head, possibly knocking him out.

Picnic at Hanging Dork

Chris and Chef sit together on a ledge and Chef plays a didgeridoo while Chris smiles and snaps his fingers to the tune of the music.

Chinese Fake-Out

After Blaineley tells Chris that he was only hired as host of Total Drama because she had rejected the offer earlier, Chris worriedly asks Chef if what she had said was true, Chef looks nervous, indicating it is, but reassures Chris that he was the producers first choice. Chris cheers up and then tells Chef to watch as he signs off the show, to which Chef chuckles and says, "It is better when you do it."

African Lying Safari

Chris punishes Chef for helping Blaineley in the previous episode by forcing him to wear a penalty parka. This causes him to sweat intensely because of the the heat of wearing a parka in Africa. Chris later forgives him and allows him to take it off before the end of the episode, believing he suffered enough.

Rapa Phooey!


Chris and Chef fighting over the controls.

When the plane is about to land, Chris asks Chef if he could fly it just once. Chef refuses, but Chris insists that he fly it since it's technically his plane. The two then get into a slap-fight over the controls, resulting in a rough, low landing that knocks over one of the Easter Island heads on the island.

Awwwwww, Drumheller

At the beginning of the episode, Alejandro infiltrates Chris' sleeping quarters on the plane and boots up Chris' laptop, which reveals a wallpaper photo of Chris receiving a massage from Chef. When Chris is flinging boulders at the contestants, he accidentally flings an angered Chef. Chef then does the same thing to Chris as revenge once he returns.

Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles

When Chris asked Chef if they should tell the contestants about the rough weather approaching, both just shared a laugh.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Finders Creepers


Chris is annoyed by Chef's peacock outfit as it ruined the spooky theme.

Chris is disgusted by Chef's new peacock outfit, until Chef says they were all out of vampire costumes.

Runaway Model

At the beginning of this episode, Chris laughs when Chef falls through the Dock of Shame.

Grand Chef Auto

Clean it loser

Chris forces Chef to clean his kitchen after making the cast destroy it.

After Chris announces the merge and drops a huge block of concrete on the Mutant Maggots's cabin, Chef flies Chris away on a helicopter. When Chris hits the block of concrete while being carried away, he angrily yells at Chef for not being careful.

Chef gets angry at Chris later in this episode, as Chris not only uses his kitchen as the site for the first part of the challenge, he also allows the contestants to use Chef's go-karts. This makes Chef mad, and he decides to get even with Chris by leading the contestants to an extra site that they need to mark; Mt. Chrismore. When Chris finds out about this, he initially thinks it is Duncan, who escaped earlier in the episode. Chris orders Chef to drive them to Mt. Chrismore to stop them from ruining his precious monument, but Chef purposely drives slowly, and even stops at a drive-thru along the way. By the time they reach, Lightning has already defaced the monument. After Duncan destroys Mt. Chrismore, Chef cheers loudly for Duncan.

Eat, Puke and Be Wary

Chef Chris quiche

Chef offers Chris a piece of Scott's disgusting quiche.

While Chris is doing the recap, he and Chef are flying kites. However, when Chris asks the viewers who will "get cut loose", he takes a pair of scissors and cuts the string of Chef's kite, much to Chef's anger. Later, Chris ended up getting trapped in the washroom after getting caught in Scott's trap. Chef shows concern for Chris and tells several interns to save him. Angered by the contestants' actions, Chris orders Chef to take over and to change the challenge to the one Chef proposed but was initially rejected. After Chris escapes the outhouse, he steals Chef's position as "Hurl Master" and catapulted Scott away before Chef could activate the Hurl of Shame. As payback for stealing his credit again, Chef gives Chris one of the leftover food made by the contestants; Scott's horribly baked quiche. Not realizing the disgusting nature of the quiche, Chris take a bite out of it and ended up vomiting with Chef jokingly commenting that "you are the Hurl Master" before laughing.

The Enchanted Franken-Forest

When Chris starts crying while looking through pictures of Larry, Chef rolls his eyes at him and says that crying over a "stupid plant" is pathetic in the confessional.

Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown

At the beginning of the episode, Chef reaches for the million dollar case, but Chris puts a mousetrap on his hand to prevent him from doing this, causing Chef to glare at him. Later, as Chris presses the button that makes the boat explode, he ends up blown up instead. He then finds out that Chef is responsible for this, which was payback for torturing him the past four seasons. Chris replies "Chef!" with a swearing arm. The event led to Chris's arrest.

Total Drama All-Stars

Heroes vs. Villains

Heroes vs. Villains - 4

Chef meeting Chris in prison for the first time in one year.

A year after season four, Chef visits Chris at prison to release him as his sentence for polluting Camp Wawanakwa is over. However, Chris is less than delighted to see him as this is the first time Chef had visited him. It is presumed that Chris is still mad at Chef for betraying him last season. As his sanity in prison deteriorates, Chris has replaced Chef with a cashew that looks like him. Once Chef shows Chris his new contract for the next season, Chris agrees to leave.

Suckers Punched

After Chef brings Mike/Mal back from Boney Island, Chris teases Chef about having trouble with the animals. However Chef tells Chris that Mike "ain't right."

Zeek And Ye Shall Find


Chef saves Chris though Chris wonders what took Chef so long.

Chef was shocked to find out that Ezekiel had captured Chris during his announcement and quickly changed the challenge to rescue Chris. Once he got the monitor working again, Chef was worried as Chris is hung above a tub of toxic waste. After the majority of the campers were also captured by Ezekiel, Chef decides to save Chris on his own and quickly rushed to the mine after arming himself. Once he gets there, he quickly got the rats chewing on the ropes tying Chris away but before he could get him to safety, Chef was shot by Ezekiel with his own meatball gun.

The Obsta-Kill Kourse

While Chris is doing the recap, he is furious with the person who keeps replaying the scene in which Chris cries for help, and threatens to fire that person. The culprit is later revealed to be Chef, who is editing the scene from the control room.

Chris take down

Chef shoots Chris with his meatball bazooka.

The Final Wreck-ening

At the end of the challenge, when Chef is shooting at the finalists with his meatball bazooka, Chris takes a moment to call his skill "unimpressive." Chef shoots him in response, sending Chris flying.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

So, Uh This Is My Team?


Chef scolding Chris for not ensuring his safety on the zeppelin.

When the blimp that Chef is piloting suddenly explodes, Chef is shocked to find out that the Chris he is talking to is actually a hologram, and he grabs the last parachute and jumps out like the contestants did. Chef's bag however, does not contain an actual parachute, much to his horror. Luckily, Chef falls into the lake with most of the contestants without a parachute. Once he gets out of the water, Chef scolds Chris for almost killing him again, though Chris refuses to apologize. Later, while assigning the contestants into teams, Chris voices his annoyance at Chef using a free online translator in order to translate the English names of the teams from the Cree language, thus needing to be corrected by Sky. Chris and Chef laugh and fist bump each other when Chef scores a hit on Sugar.

Mo Monkey Mo Problems

When Chris makes a lame joke about Waneyihtam Maskwak's current situation with a bear, Chef rolls his eyes in annoyance.

Pahk'd With Talent

After Chef sings to introduce the talent show challenge, Chris is impressed with his song and states that should Chef be a contestant, he would be hard to beat.


  • Both have a major conflict with Duncan and also did something that leads Duncan to have his first kiss with both his ex-girlfriends:
    • In Basic Straining, Chef sends Duncan to the boathouse. Courtney later enters to have a talk with him, which eventually leads to them stealing food from Chef's fridge and results in their first kiss.
    • In I See London..., Chris breaks the lock to the confessional stall while Gwen is inside, which allows Duncan to enter and eventually kiss her. This also allows Tyler to catch Duncan and Gwen in the act, which leads to Courtney dumping Duncan when she hears about this.

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