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Chef tries to clear DJ's guiltiness being in an alliance with him.

The two have limited interactions over the course of Total Drama Island, but develop a conflict during Total Drama Action, after Chef creates an illegal alliance with DJ. Under the terms of the alliance, Chef would help DJ become tough enough to win the season, in exchange for a share of the prize. He is also given special treatment, and his team given advantages in select challenges. However, this ultimately causes DJ to feel excessively guilty for his questionable actions, leading to his ultimate departure from the game.

Total Drama Island

Not Quite Famous

Seeing how poorly DJ performed in the talent show because of his mishap, Chef awards him with only two points which makes DJ sadly walk offstage.

Basic Straining

After the voting ceremony, Chef pushes both DJ and Geoff aside in order to carry Courtney to the Boat of Losers.

Brunch of Disgustingness

When DJ and Bridgette openly refuse to eat the dolphin wieners that he made, Chef angrily complains in the confessional how he is not appreciated by them after all the hard work he did to make the final dish.

Total Drama Action

Opening sequence

DJ works with Chef in the kitchen.

Riot On Set

Throughout the episode, Chef sees how soft DJ is, refusing to pull a heavy trailer up a hill due to being overcautious and applying make-up for Duncan, leading to Chef to admit that he sees a little bit of himself in DJ and feels that he needs to toughen him up. He tells the Gaffers that DJ for sure won't play the tough guy in their scene, which makes DJ almost cry. He pulls DJ aside and forces him to form an alliance with him, with DJ promising to share the prize money with Chef if he wins. After the challenge, DJ chides Chef for crying over Duncan's acting but Chef counters back by saying that if it wasn't for him, DJ's team would lose.

Beach Blanket Bogus

Chef tells DJ that if anybody kicks sand in someone's face that DJ had better be the one doing the kicking, not the one being kicked at. During the first challenge, DJ loses his trunks after a shark eats them. As he flees the area covering himself, Chef angrily yells at him that "the body's a beautiful thing" and he "doesn't need a suit."

The Chefshank Redemption

Chef scares djj

Chef coaches DJ on how to be a tougher person.

Chef lets DJ help him with the cooking and occasionally acts as his mentor. However, DJ finds out that Chef has a soft side as well, and is not always the tough guy that he appears to be. Later, Chef scolds DJ for adding his mother's spice into the Killer Grips bowl which nearly cost his team the challenge.

One Flu Over the Cuckoos


DJ is forced by Chef to help cook pizzas.

DJ has to help Chef cook the pizza that is to be served to the contestants. In addition, DJ is forced to add laxatives and itching powder to the pizza, to make everyone who eats it feel sick.

The Sand Witch Project

DJ standing up Chef

DJ finally works up the courage to quit his alliance with Chef.

DJ guilt for being in an alliance with Chef becomes overwhelming, but Chef tells him to be patient as they are close to winning the prize money. Chef forces the Screaming Gaffers to choose DJ as their team killer instead of Duncan. To further ensure their victory, he helps them to win the final portion of the team. Meanwhile, DJ's conscience, in the form of his mother appears and scolds DJ for cheating. It is because of this, DJ stands up to Chef during the Awards Ceremony and tells him that the alliance between the two is over.

The Aftermath: II


Chef threatening DJ.

A clip is presented during the show displaying the various benefits DJ received while involved in the alliance. He got massages, good food, vitamins, clean clothes, and even packages from home. In a confessional, it appears that DJ liked having this alliance and was eager to win the competition despite the obvious deceit. After DJ requests "another angle" be shown on it, it is revealed that Chef threatened DJ into staging the aforementioned confessional. The alliance has done little to hurt the contestants' trust in him, as most of them realized that DJ was a victim of Chef's scheming.

Total Drama World Tour

Jamaica Me Sweat

After DJ is eliminated from the competition, Chef grins at him while giving him his parachute.

Hawaiian Punch

As Chef and Chris' boat begins sinking due to Ezekiel crash-landing into it, DJ is seen laughing at them along with the other contestants.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

EPBW (11)

DJ is kidnapped by Chef for the challenge.

Eat, Puke and Be Wary

Chef brings DJ back to camp, tied up on a dolly, in order to be the judge for the cooking challenge. DJ becomes upset when he finds out where he is, as he had vowed never to return to Camp Wawanakwa as long as he lived. Chef then reminded him that due to his contract, he had to return. Eventually, DJ escapes and Chef has no choice but to change the challenge.


  • Both are voiced by Clé Bennett.
  • This is the first alliance ever formed which consists of a staff member and a contestant.
  • Chef is somewhat responsible for DJ's first two eliminations, as is DJ himself:

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