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Chef threatens duncan

Duncan's rebellious nature often puts him at odds with Chef Hatchet.

Because of Duncan's hatred for the authorities, Duncan does not have a positive perspective of Chef, a feeling that is mutual due to Chef's hatred of his rebellious attitude (even though they have a friendship in rare moments). The mutual hatred between the two develops early on during Total Drama Island, and only develops further as the series progresses.

Total Drama Island

Basic Straining

Duncan constantly irritates Chef, which marks the beginning of their conflict. When Chef is leading the group in the dancing part of the challenge, Duncan stops the music abruptly, much to the other campers' relief, and protests that Chef had said that the boot camp would be over for the day when someone drops out. Chef then tells Duncan to do twenty push-ups, which Duncan complies to, rolling his eyes.

Later, Chef demands that the remaining campers write a three hundred word essay on how much they "love" him. Chef is angered when Duncan's ended up writing "just one sentence with five pages of "verys" in between," but doesn't eliminate him. During the obstacle course portion of the challenge, Chef Hatchet forces Duncan to spend the rest of the night alone in the boathouse for constantly annoying him with his defiance after the latter kisses Chef on the nose after being told to do twenty more push-ups and refers to Chef as "general crazy." Despite his punishment, Duncan leaves his solitary confinement with Courtney to go raid Chef's kitchen. When Courtney tells Chef that he needs to chill out, Duncan high-fives and hugs her, obviously proud of her insult to Chef.

Hide and Be Sneaky


Chef hoists Duncan in the air after finding him.

Chef Hatchet is in charge of the challenge in this episode. Duncan is hiding in a cave for the challenge. When Chef Hatchet finds Duncan, he grabs him by the neck and Duncan spitefully tells him that he was found and to let him go.

Hook, Line, and Screamer


Duncan fights Chef dressed as the killer.

The challenge of the episode is to avoid getting captured by Chef, who is dressed as an escaped killer with a chainsaw and a hook. Chef easily captures most of the campers, leaving only Duncan and Gwen, both who had extensive knowledge on how to survive a horror movie situation. Duncan later leaves Gwen to face Chef himself. He tries to throw several objects at him but Chef easily cuts them with his chainsaw. After dodging one of Chef's attacks, Duncan grabs the chainsaw and cuts off Chef's hook before unmasking him.

Are We There Yeti?

Fake Sadness

Duncan fakes sadness to steal some night-vision googles.

Duncan steals Chef's night-vision goggles at the beginning of the episode so he and Owen could see in the dark at night and escape the forest more easily. Towards the end of the episode, it was revealed that Chef took Duncan's knife to clean his toenails (much to Duncan's disgust). Ultimately, when the guys lost to Gwen and Heather, he chose Duncan to be eliminated over Owen because he didn't like him. Chef then repeatedly scared Duncan as he rode the Boat Of Losers by wearing a Sasquatchanakwa costume and constantly putting the mask on and off.

The Very Last Episode, Really!

Chef is happy when Chris gets thrown into the water by Duncan, Geoff, and Owen. However, the trio suddenly begin chasing Chef around the island to throw him into the lake as well.

Total Drama Action

Riot On Set

Despite their conflict, Chef declares Duncan the winner of the acting challenge, therefore winning the challenge for his team. Though this may have been due to Chef's alliance with DJ at the time.

The Chefshank Redemption

When Duncan attempts to sacrifice himself and takes Gwen's place to the Lame-o-sine, Chef removes the cuffs from Gwen and is about to put it on him stating he didn't care who gets eliminated. Duncan quickly took back what he said stating he was just kidding.

The Sand Witch Project

Chef threatened Duncan by questioning if he "likes having his arms attached to his torso," in order to have DJ fill the role of the serial killer in the challenge. Duncan also agrees with Justin that Chef should be voted off instead of DJ during the elimination ceremony.

One Million Bucks, B.C.

Duncan censure-

Chef grabs Duncan, and "exposes" him.

As Duncan was getting ready to find some firewood for the first part of the prehistoric challenge, Chef grabs Duncan by the loincloth, and asks him to give back some of the things that he might use to cheat during the challenge, calling him "prehistoric pond scum".

Million Dollar Babies

Duncan and his team are disgusted when they see Chef in a bikini. Chef says that they are all just jealous.

Mutiny on the Soundstage

Duncan shows signs of caring for him when he is pumping his cannon in the challenge, and notices that Chef isn't insulting him as he always does, so he asks in a concerned tone if Chef is okay. Chef is shocked by this, saying that after a whole season of cooking bad food, he doesn't know why he would think he isn't okay now. As Duncan fails to answer all of his questions, he has to compete all of the season's challenges again, much to Chef's amusement. For one of the questions, regarding The Princess Pride, Duncan does not know whose wedding Justin cried at, and as a result has to carry Chef in a dress across the bridge. Chef warns Duncan that if he drops him, he would be "dead meat."

Total Drama World Tour

Greece's Pieces


Chef whips Duncan each time he fails to sing.

Chris makes up a rule that whenever Duncan talks instead of singing, Chef will whip him with a towel. Duncan mocks this punishment, only for Chef to whip him violently, causing him to recoil in pain. Chef abides to this rule and continues to whip him throughout the challenge each time Duncan talks rather than sing.

Hawaiian Punch

Duncan, along with everyone else, laughs at Chris and Chef's misfortune when Ezekiel sinks their boat.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Grand Chef Auto

Chef brings Duncan into the camp, tied up in order to demonstrate the challenge. Once he is untied, Duncan uses this as an opportunity to escape. Later, Chris blames the fourth mysterious graffiti target on Duncan and Chef agrees that it was Duncan, even though it was Chef who did it. After Duncan destroys Mount Chrismore, Chef laughs with him.

Total Drama All-Stars


"Duncan, you fixed my jeep. You're a good kid"

- Chef

You Regatta Be Kidding Me

In order to restore his "bad boy" reputation, Duncan attempts to drive Chef's jeep into the lake but it wouldn't start. Duncan then tries to fix the engine but by the time he is done, Chef returns and playfully calls Duncan a "good kid" for fixing his jeep, much to Duncan's annoyance.


  • This conflict helps start the relationship between Courtney and Duncan, since Chef sends Duncan to the boathouse in Basic Straining, which gives Courtney a reason to talk to him alone and lead to a consequent relationship.
  • This conflict is mainly caused by each of their personalities: Duncan (being the trouble delinquent) and Chef (being the strict authority figure). Duncan challenges Chef's authority and begins a large conflict.
  • They are the only playable characters from Total Drama in the game Cartoon Network TKO.

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