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Izzy and Chef face off in hand-to-hand combat for the first time.

Unlike the other contestants, Izzy is not afraid to face Chef Hatchet in hand-to-hand combat. Throughout Total Drama, the two will occasionally have a duel between each other, in which Izzy usually comes out as the victor. Though Chef finds Izzy an annoyance, he admits that he had a degree of respect for Izzy due to her combat skills.

Total Drama Island

Hide and Be Sneaky


Izzy tails Chef, imitating all of his moves.

Instead of finding a hiding spot, Izzy secretly follows Chef, mimicking all of his movements and diving into bushes, behind a rock and behind trees whenever he turns around. When Chef enters the kitchen looking for campers, he hears a sneeze coming from the ceiling, which turns out to be Izzy, who was hiding in the rafters. Izzy nervously laughs, then jumps from the ceiling onto Chef's back, sending him to the floor. When Chef gets up, he smiles menacingly and tosses his water gun aside. The two proceed with a rather epic fistfight. At one point, Izzy is thrust back, but she catches her balance and shows that she is ready for more action. The duo battle again, and Izzy dodges a grim-looking punch and kicks Chef to the floor. She then runs out of the kitchen, screaming, "You'll never get me alive!" Chef is in hot pursuit, as he kicks the door down and follows her, yelling a battle roar the entire way. He chases Izzy to the Dock of Shame where she tries to slide to the lifeguard chair, but she slides on a puddle and ends up in the lake. Later, it is shown she was captured by Chef.

Hook, Line, and Screamer

When Owen and Izzy are running from what they assume to be the killer (actually Chef in disguise), Owen pushes Izzy into Chef to save himself. After it is revealed that this all part of a challenge, Izzy ends up laughing at Chef and Chris's prank.


Izzy accidentally shoots Chef.

Wawanakwa Gone Wild!

Izzy accidentally shoots Chef with a tranquilizer gun while she is trying to hunt for a deer in the challenge.

Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island

Chef is visibly annoyed at Izzy when she pukes all over a steak he's making.

Total Drama Action

Alien Resurr-eggtion


Chef and Izzy face off once more.

After Chef, as Mama Alien, shoots Harold and Owen, he turns his attention to Izzy and Heather. Izzy tries to fight back by pulling out a paintball gun of her own and further angers Chef by saying she can handle "a bald, emotionally withdrawn cook in a Halloween costume." Chef only feels insulted by the cook line before firing his paintball gun at her. The two shoot several paintballs at each other. After another grueling battle, Izzy falls to the floor, however, she does not get up. Concerned, Chef quickly runs over to her aid to check on her, thinking she is dead. However Izzy suddenly springs back up from her spot, and the two of them laugh it out together.

The Aftermath: I


"Check out that impact!"

- Geoff

Izzy reveals to Geoff and Bridgette that Chef originally wanted to make an alliance with her, instead of DJ. He would help her as long as she split the money with him. Izzy refuses and kicks Chef in the chest instantly, sending him out of view, in which Izzy guessed that's why she lost in that episode. Later in the episode, Chef appears on the screen, saying not to listen to anything Izzy says and also adds that she is crazy.

Full Metal Drama

Earlier in the episode, Chef kicks Izzy to the front. As Owen tries to kiss Izzy before she takes the Walk of Shame, Chef quickly grabs her and tosses her into the Lame-o-sine.

The Aftermath: II

The feud continues in this episode as Izzy attempts to regain her position as a guest on the Aftermath show, only to have Bridgette call in security in the form of Chef. Izzy manages to avoid capture by tricking Chef into falling into a piranha-filled tank originally set up for Gwen and then fleeing the show.

The Aftermath: IV

This episode may show a small break of the feud, as Chef agrees to be the DJ for the dance-off when Izzy tells him to "Hit it!" and calls him "D.J. Jazzy Chef."

Total Drama World Tour

Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water


Chef getting kicked by Izzy for going near Ruby.

During the That's Gonna Leave a Mark segment, Geoff shows an unaired clip of Chef approaching Ruby with a ladle and pan. Izzy comes to her defense, saying she won't let Chef cook her friend. She first attempted a flying kick but Chef easily deflects her with a pot. Seeing that her attack has no affect, Izzy goes "Egyptian Style" on him. Even though Chef uses the pot to protect himself, Izzy, oddly enough, punches him with a third arm. Finally she kicks him, knocking him on the ground. Ruby then sits on him. Izzy then proceeds to tickle Chef's feet as Chef begs for her to stop and tries to explain that he's only trying to give Ruby some oats.

Can't Help Falling in Louvre


Chef is annoyed when Izzy starts pressing buttons in the Cockpit.

At the beginning of the episode, Izzy is seen sitting with Chef in the cockpit, annoying him along with everyone else on the plane by activating the plane's many controls. She sends the plane flipping and spiraling many times, while Chef yells at her to stop, before it finally crashes in Paris. Later, Chef acknowledges to Chris that there should be a lockable cockpit door instead of just a curtain to keep Izzy out. Later, as Izzy goofs around with Grant Wood's "American Gothic," Alejandro tells her they're playing "sculpture piece bingo" and that Chef is winning. Upon hearing Chef's name, Izzy immediately pulls her head out of the painting, says "Look out, Cheffy!" and takes off running.

Hawaiian Punch

As Chef and Chris's boat begins sinking due to Ezekiel crash-landing into it, Izzy is seen laughing at them along with the other contestants.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Finders Crepers (41)

Izzy fires arrows at Chef.

Finders Creepers

After the challenge, Izzy ties up Chef, somewhere in the woods, and shoots several toy arrows at his head, to which Chef grunts in annoyance. Due to this he is absent from the Campfire Ceremony, and is unable to give the Marshmallow of Toxic Loserdom to the eliminated contestant.


  • This is arguably one of the most physical conflicts of the series.
  • Despite being half of Chef's size and weighing much less than him, Izzy is able to defeat Chef more than he has defeated her, with the score of four to two currently.
  • Despite this heated rivalry, their Total DramaRama counterparts generally get along fine.

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