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Five stars

Owen gives Chef's food five stars.

Owen doesn't hate Chef as much as the rest of the contestants. In fact, he is one of the only contestants who actually appreciates his cooking. Chef, however, while thankful for Owen appreciating his cooking, has low tolerance with his stupidity and treats him the same way he treats the other contestants, with pain and torture.

Total Drama Island

Not So Happy Campers - Part 1

Chef overhears Noah and Owen joking about his temper while he is explaining about the campers' daily serving and angrily tells Owen to say it again, labelling him "fat boy." Owen nervously says that he didn't say anything and quickly takes his dish.

X-Treme Torture

Owen helps Chef clear up the dishes of gruel by pouring all the leftovers into his mouth. After he's finished he compliments Chef's cooking.

Hook, Line, and Screamer

While alone with Izzy in the woods, Owen encounters an escaped killer and proceeds to run away in fear. Once they are cornered, Owen immediately pushed Izzy towards the killer in order to save himself. After Owen finds out it was Chef in disguise he embarassedly laughs about it to a disgruntled Izzy.

Are We There Yeti?


Chef angrily scolds Owen for eating his sticky buns.

For the challenge, Chef pairs Owen with Duncan, referring to them as "Chubby" and "Delinquent" respectively, against the team of Gwen and Heather and tells them to get back to camp. He also warns them about the dangers in the woods, especially Sasquatchanakwa. While waiting for the campers to return, Chef begins to enjoy his time alone in the campgrounds by stealing the contestants' belongings including Owen's secret candy stash. The next day, Chef is about to eat a tray of sticky buns when suddenly, Owen who smells the scent of his buns, comes rushing out of the woods and eats them, infuriating Chef.

I Triple Dog Dare You!

Owen pancakes

Chef dumps a pile of pancakes on Owen in I Triple Dog Dare You!.

During breakfast, Chef is annoyed with Owen's behavior towards the buffet and him continuously asking for more pancakes. After Owen keep pestering him to give him more, Chef lose his patience and dumps the entire table of pancakes at Owen, expecting to annoy him only for Owen to be delighted.

The Very Last Episode, Really!


Owen, Geoff, and Duncan prepare to throw Chef into the lake with Chris.

Chef complains in the confessional how poorly he was treated the entire season but adds that he was glad that Owen appreciates his cooking. When Owen reaches the finish line first in his ending, Chef, Chris and the eliminated contestants cheer for him. After the winner is declared that night, after Owen, Duncan and Geoff throw Chris into the lake, they're about to do the same to Chef. Once Chef realizes what they are about to do with him, he quickly runs away with the boys chasing him.

Total Drama Action

Monster Cash

Owen is the last contestant remaining after Chef had successfully captured the others using the robot monster. Chef easily found Owen lying on the street, already tired and hungry from all the running. However, Owen is too heavy to be picked up and Chef's controls short circuit after a while. With the monster defeated, Owen is safe to find the trailers and rescue his friends.

Alien Resurr-eggtion

At breakfast time, Owen shocks Chef Hatchet (along with everyone else) when he turns down bacon and eggs in favor of a bowl of prunes. During the challenge, Owen pleads for Chef to shoot him with the paintball gun so that he can go to the bathroom. He later states in the confessional and the elimination ceremony that Chef's shot did what the prunes were not able to.

The Sand Witch Project

After DJ quits the competition, Owen is horrified at not eating his food, and when Chris tells him that he will be eating Chef's cooking again instead, Owen immediately screams and vomits on Chris' shoes.

Masters of Disasters


Chef throws a book into Owen's mouth, which breaks his jaw.

While Chef glares at the contestants for making fake compliments about his cooking, Owen is the only one who enjoys them and tells Chef that he gives it five stars. Chef doesn't buy this and angrily states "I hate stuckups" against him. During the first part of the challenge, Chef throws a book at Owen's mouth, which impacts so hard it ends up breaking his jaw. This leaves Owen out of commission for the rest of the episode and prevents him from eating solid food for a while.

Full Metal Drama


Owen is unwilling to drink Chef's blended puree.

As punishment for his illegal alliance with DJ, Chef has to help Owen with his bowel problems since he drank too much blended food since breaking his jaw in the previous challenge. Owen is disgusted with the blended puree that Chef served to him and immediately rejects it.

2008: A Space Owen


Chef is unaware the "pillows" he's patting is actually Owen's butt.

After Courtney and Beth manage to stop the leak in the spaceship that the castmates are on, Chef is impressed by their strategy for using pillows to seal the window and begins patting on them. However, Chris clarifies to Chef that those aren't pillows he's patting. Chef is horrified when he comes to the realization he's actually been patting Owen's butt, which leaves him shaking in terror in the confessional.

Total Drama World Tour

Hawaiian Punch

After the boat Chris and Chef were on begins to sink into the ocean (courtesy of Ezekiel), Owen and the rest of the contestants laugh at their misfortune.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!


Chef places a bomb on Owen's face to get rid of him.

After the contestants arrive past Wawanakwa expecting to come back again, Owen swims back to ask Chris and Chef why their yacht wasn't stopping only to find out that he and the other "classic contestants" are not participitating this season. Chef is then ordered by Chris to get rid of Owen and he does so by placing a time bomb on him. The two of them laugh at him as the bomb explodes, sending Owen away from the island.


  • Owen, along with Brick and Scott, is one of the few contestants who enjoy Chef's cooking at some point.
  • Both are known as stressed eaters.
  • They are the only characters whose names are referenced in the title of more than one episode.

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