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Chris McLean is the host of Total Drama. He has hosted every episode with the exceptions of Basic Straining, Are We There Yeti?, Eat, Puke and Be Wary, Zeek and Ye Shall Find, and all the aftermaths other than The Aftermath: IV. He was arrested at the end of the fourth season for turning the island into a highly contaminated toxic waste dump. However, he was paroled from prison and returned to host the following seasons. Though he is not the host of the first spin-off series, he does make a cameo appearance in the season finale and returns to host the reboot. He's also appeared as a minor character in the second spin-off series.


Chris McLean is the primary host of Total Drama. He is an overwhelming narcissist, with little concern for the well-being of his contestants – and even sometimes best friend Chef Hatchet as well. Chris feeds off the pain of the teenagers, physical and emotional and strives to keep the drama in Total Drama alive at all times. He is a very selfish and arrogant man as he does not care about anyone or anything but money, higher ratings, and personal pleasure gained from the pain and suffering of others. Chris also enjoys messing with and preying upon the relationships of the contestants for his own personal gain as he loves it when contestants bicker, argue, and fight amongst each other. He appears to have gotten increasingly sadistic as the series has progressed, with the challenges turning from humiliating and occasionally dangerous, to being full-on life-threatening. While he continues to elaborate that it is for high-ratings, in later seasons it seems he is more concerned with causing pain than actually increasing the popularity with viewers.

In The Final Wreck-ening, he excitedly explains that the challenge was so dangerous the network rejected the initial proposal - and he lies about shutting it down. However, in one instance, Chris does actually begin to worry that the contestants may die (but only because this would result in no show, and thus no paycheck to support his luxurious lifestyle). Despite the negative points of being a reality show host, Chris loves his job and the fame that comes with it. He enjoys spending life in luxury, including catching some rays in his tanning bed and relaxing in his jacuzzi. He has tried other activities like hosting a cooking show and being in a boy band, but all of them have been ill-fated. Chris is frequently seen in various costumes when introducing challenges, with Chef often dressed up as well to coordinate with him. He is highly rebellious against the network lawyers. On a few occasions, he has shown to be somewhat childish as well, whining when he is displeased about something.

Total Drama Island (2007)

Aside from being the show's host, Chris is also the show's writer, background designer, director, and executive producer. In X-Treme Torture, he revealed that he is training to get his pilot's license, while flying a rickety plane on the verge of falling to pieces. He, along with his sidekick, the producers, the interns, and the camera crew, are the staff of the show. He makes it very clear that he really enjoys torturing the campers, taking delight in pointing out how life-threatening the current challenge is, and sometimes even pairing the contestants up depending on their hatred for each other. Chris does not care what the campers do or what happens on the show, as long as it's legal and he gets paid, although there is a strong bias on the latter.

He has narcissistic tendencies, which are first seen in Paintball Deer Hunter, when he asks if his teeth could get any whiter. He also pauses the tape in X-Treme Torture and begins to fuss about his appearance, saying it's degrading (even though he looks the same as always and Geoff was in a much worse situation at the time). He also seems to be irresponsible and careless, as he mentioned to Trent once that when he thinks he has forgotten something, he usually ignores the thought until it goes away. Throughout the series, he mentions most of the interns dying or being in the hospital, without a hint of remorse and almost with glee. He loves to torture the campers, but hates being forced to take the hits himself (an example of this is shown in Hide and Be Sneaky, when he is hit by Chef's water gun and is blasted back a long distance, and is clearly not happy about it). When wayward accidents come his way, he shouts angrily at other campers to not hit his face.


Chris getting threatened by Duncan for the final marshmallow.

Despite the fact that he loves torturing the campers, he, at least in this season, has shown that he can, at the very least, be understanding of very morally wrong things. When Heather manages to avoid being eliminated in Not Quite Famous, and Justin was kicked off instead, Chris states that he felt the result was completely unfair, unlike the usual mean remarks he makes to the campers when they leave. Similarly, when Heather publicly humiliated Gwen by reading her diary on public television, even Chris was shocked that Heather would stoop that low (showing he has some respect for others). In Paintball Deer Hunter, he pitied Cody after he was voted off because he was severely mauled by a bear to the point where he was unable to move on his own. In Who Can You Trust?, he allowed Katie to board the Boat of Losers to be reunited with Sadie. He also has shown that, despite his harsh challenges, he does care about the camper's lives (as he rushed to save Gwen from the psycho killer because he was worried about lawsuits, though tried to see a positive in it in regard to the show's ratings). He also seemed concerned that Owen kept doing so many dares in I Triple Dog Dare You! (even offering him a tetanus shot at one point), and he is shown to be disturbed in that same episode by the lengths that Gwen, Owen, and Heather were willing to go in order to win; after seeing Owen eat dog food and enjoy it, Chris vomits, loses his bet with Chef, and, while in the outhouse, declares, "Okay, that was so gross! Is there nothing these freaks won't do?!" In Brunch of Disgustingness, he allowed the campers to do an alternate eating round when two contestants refused to eat dolphin hot dogs.

His one and only absence in the season (and the entire series to date), was in Are We There Yeti?, in which Chef took over as host and left the final four alone in the woods to find their way back. Other than a flashback Owen had to the first challenge, Chris doesn't even appear or have any lines. Chef's increased cruelty to the campers throughout the challenge results in some of them, in the confessional, actually wishing that Chris was back.


Chris gets thrown into the lake in the Total Drama Island finale.

At the end of the season, Chris is subdued by Owen, Duncan, Geoff, and tossed off the Dock of Shame, ruining his hair, in retribution for all of the dangerous things he has forced them to do over the season. This was much to the joy of all the contestants, including Heather, who seemed to admire Chris at the beginning of the season. Chris revealed at the end of the season that the campers, including the winner of the previous season, can win one million dollars by finding a briefcase in the woods. However, Chris's plan winds up accidentally causing a fourteen-way tie after the competition becomes extremely fierce over the case, so he is forced to create a second season.

Total Drama Action

Upon returning to host the second season, Chris continues to do what he does best: humiliate the campers- now called "cast members" - through strange and awkward challenges. He also had some upgraded facial expressions, as the animators thought that it was difficult to portray much emotion through his dot eyes. Chris starts up a large number of challenges based on movie genres for the new season. He once again has Chef dress up in humiliating outfits; however, throughout season two, he starts to lose control, as Chef begins to rebel against him (mainly because Chris never sends him his paycheck). Chris actually operates a number of challenges himself from the safety of his control room (though he is not afraid to get himself involved if he feels a challenge is not up to his cruel standards).

Once again, Chris is an egomaniac and nearly all the props and awards of the season are modeled after himself. He seems to also take more pleasure in taunting the contestants and acts more cruel to them. One instance of this is when he brings Gwen up to his viewing room and makes her watch Trent be eliminated just to make her feel bad. Chris has also worn many costumes this season, more than the previous season. He has a habit throughout the season of dressing up in various outfits and opening the challenges up with some strange stunt that comes at an unexpected time (annoying the cast as the challenge begins). Near the end of the season, he also seems to face budget problems, as a number of events (such as Courtney's lawsuit) seem to have cost the show some money.

Picture 1

Chris prepares for another episode of Total Drama Action.

Upon the immediate start of the season, Chris starts up his new set of challenges, each of which is based on a specific movie genre. Beginning in Alien Resurr-eggtion, Chris starts to lose control of Chef, who is angry that his boss never pays him. Unknown to Chris, Chef forms an illegal alliance with DJ in Riot on Set. Confident of his new alliance, Chef starts to defy Chris (even fighting with him in the process).

Chris the cowboy

Chris, shown in his cowboy outfit, in 3:10 to Crazytown.

Starting in 3:10 to Crazytown, Chris really starts to get into his challenges as he wears his first of many costumes, a cowboy costume. In this same episode, Chris starts to have legal problems, as his lawyers (and some of the cast) start to warn him that his challenges are getting too violent and he has to start toning them down. While Chris does not like to do so, he does, simply to avoid trouble and keep the contestants calm. Despite the tone down, he still finds ways to make the casts' lives miserable, as he shows Gwen footage of Trent's elimination. When she asks if he only did this to make her feel bad, he says "yes."


Chris promotes himself, while disguised as Steve the Yeti.

Chris does not appear in person in The Aftermath: I, but instead, he talks live over the television set dressed as Steve the Yeti. He apparently was not informed of Total Drama Action Aftermath's production, as he angrily questions Geoff and Bridgette as to why they have a show now and tells them they stink. He's caught in the act by Chef.

In The Chefshank Redemption, Chris dons a police uniform and puts the cast through a series of prison-related challenges. While the cast is competing, Chris tries to get back on Chef's good side, though he does it in an awkward way that shocks Chef. During the third part of the challenge, Chris allows Izzy to return to the show because in Riot on Set, she had been eliminated as "E-Scope,” not Izzy. Therefore, he considered E-Scope's elimination as a technicality, and brought Izzy back after she abandoned the name E-Scope. Chris then pulls a sick prank in One Flu Over the Cuckoos, where he puts itching powder on the cast's pizza, and makes them study all night. Then, by setting some fake symptoms, he fools them all into thinking they have a deadly disease. Leshawna, however, is able to figure everything out and wins the challenge.

Chris finally finds out about Chef's alliance with DJ in The Sand Witch Project, where the guilty DJ reveals it to everyone. In Masters of Disasters, Chris actually shows concern for the cast as the second challenge goes horribly wrong. The cast is supposed to escape from a flooding submarine, but the top door was booby-trapped and no one can figure out how to open the bottom hatch as water fills the subs. Horrified that the cast may drown (which would end Chris's paycheck and his "luxurious lifestyle"), Chris begs for Chef's help, to which the cook refuses to budge. Luckily, Harold is able to use straws to make a snorkel, crack the code and open the hatch, thus ending the challenge and saving everyone to Chris' immense relief. Chris offers the Gaffers a reward to the top of a volcano, but angered about what happened, they refuse to take it and choose chips and soda instead. Chris lets the injured (but out of hospital) Owen join them as long as he doesn't sue.


Chris in his red car in the beginning of Ocean's Eight—or Nine.

In Ocean's Eight—or Nine, Courtney eventually won her lawsuit against the show and Chris had no choice, but to re-admit her, albeit begrudgingly. Chris is not happy with the result, however, and even mocks Courtney when she loses the challenge. At the award ceremony, he warned the Killer Grips that Courtney's lawsuit had given her invincibility for the one episode and that he couldn't handle any more lawsuits (as Courtney's hit his financial interests hard and his massage budget got sliced in half). Unfortunately, all the Grips still voted for Courtney, meaning only Courtney's vote for Owen counted. Owen was eliminated, but Chris allowed him to give a good-bye speech (possibly to annoy Courtney since her lawyers couldn't stop it). Chris has now greatly buckled down and is determined to avoid more lawsuits.


Chris blows into a caveman horn in One Million Bucks, B.C..

In One Million Bucks, B.C., Chris is continually forced to adhere to the terms of Courtney's contract, which included gourmet meals, a private bathroom and special linens (among other things). However, he takes advantage of this by sharing this knowledge with the rest of the cast, making them angry at Courtney for entitling herself to what Chris called "special treatment.” This only fueled everyone's growing dislike for Courtney. For the entire caveman challenge, Chris wore a loincloth, which earned him a lot of laughs, especially from Duncan. He had a lot of fun blowing the prehistoric blow horn used to signal the events.

In Million Dollar Babies, Chris really gets into the challenge's theme. He would create an echo when announcing who would be the boxers and told them to go slow-mo for the challenge. Later, he revealed that he was in a badminton movie once, and even reenacted a scene from it, which made Chef cry. During the cheer-leading tie-breaker, Chris gave the Grips victory because their cheer was about him. In the beginning and in the end of the episode, Chris wonders about the relationship between Courtney and Duncan.

Chris man

Chris as Batman in Super Hero-ld.

In Dial M for Merger, Chris puts the cast through a number of spy-related challenges. Chris plays the role of the villain, wearing an eye patch and petting a white cat (similar to Ernst Blofeld from James Bond). He also sports a Russian accent, though it is greatly criticized by everyone. Chris spends most of the episode at a safe distance from the cast, as most of their challenges involve explosives. He communicates mainly through screens to them. At the end of the episode, he rewards the winners (Courtney and Lindsay) with a cheese factory tour. The two, however, refuse to take it (but do so later).

In Super Hero-ld, Chris gets a bit upset when his challenge's opening stunt gets messed up. He's so mad to the point when Courtney asks if he'll tell her what the challenge is, he starts fixing his hair and outfit and says "When...I...feel like it." After he calms down, Chris has the cast design their own super hero costumes and powers (though he is greatly upset with a majority of them). Lindsay designs a costume and becomes Wonder Woman, being reminded by Courtney that Wonder Woman already exists. Chris, however, admits he loved Wonder Woman as a kid and awards Lindsay the victory for the first challenge (though he may have done this simply to annoy Courtney). Despite this, Courtney wins the second challenge and invincibility.

Chris was announced as "Sir Chris" in The Princess Pride. He was annoyed with Beth when she revealed the theme before he did. Chris did the challenges differently by explaining the rules as if it were a fairytale and from an armchair. During the episode, Chris tried selling "Princess Courtney" CDs and dolls. Courtney's lawyers wanted 80% of the profits from Princess Courtney dolls, so Chris changed them to Beth dolls and gave her a contract that stated she gets 0% of the profits. Later, he did a fake-out and said that Duncan was voted off in order to get a reaction from Courtney. In the end, Chris and Chef Hatchet played with Beth dolls when they could not sell them.


Chris with his rubber prop in Get a Clue.

In Get a Clue, Chris gives the first set of instructions from a message in a flash drive, hidden in Harold's breakfast. When released from the safe, Chris reveals he dislikes the taste of black licorice. He gets annoyed with Courtney when she started to demand a prize, so he gave her cheese puffs. Later, Chris was found dead and the cast tried to figure out what was going on. He later walked in with the copy of his fake dead body, which he explained as being made of rubber. He dubbed Lindsay the winner of the challenge, and allowed her and Duncan to watch his badminton zombie movie. In the final moments of the episode he compliments his rubber copy as he watches the movie with it.

Following in Rock n' Rule, Chris announces that the next challenge is a rock biography flick, explaining the normal rock life. Chris then gets mad at Owen arriving off-key. He then reluctantly explains the challenge, and later watches an angry Courtney hit Duncan in his groin once again. Finally, at the end of the episode, he signs off by saying Total Drama Action has said goodbye to it's most foxy player.

In Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen, Chris appears back at Camp Wawanakwa as a karate instructor, hanging from wires in order to make the cast think that he is levitating while performing karate as he explains the challenge. He explains that Owen wouldn't participate, because he wants him to sabotage the teams this episode. Then, in 2008: A Space Owen, Chris appears with his hair messed up, in the cavemen suit due to budget cuts and explains the challenge. He then gives everyone a package from home.


Chris's reaction to seeing Geoff and Bridgette in his quarters.

In Top Dog, Chris appears with his parrot for the challenge, but when it bites him, he disappears from the screen and noises are heard, after which he returns and the parrot is not present. Then he lets the cast choose their animals. He, then, whispers to Owen to sabotage the rest of the cast. When Beth is the first to reach the finish line, she and Chris wait for a long period of time for the others to arrive, with Chris growing a beard in the process. At the end, he tells Courtney that she was voted off by Duncan and Beth, and proceeds to fire Owen who was caught red-handed by Beth and Courtney. He then announces Beth and Duncan as the final two.

Chris once again wears his pirate attire in Mutiny on the Soundstage. He then gets into a fight with Chef over whose job was harder. Beth sees Chris cry over Chef, but he tries to cover it up by saying that it was the onions he was cutting. Chris takes Beth's advice about being nice and lets Chef have a raise and a vacation.


Chris charms a flight attendant so he and Chef can get an upgrade.

In The Aftermath: IV, Chris and Chef have left the set and are ready to go on vacation, believing the season is over. However, while in the airport, Chris discovers that Geoff and Bridgette have got some secretly recorded footage of him. Desperate to stop them from airing it, he and Chef rush back to the studio. While stuck in traffic, Chris angrily states to Chef that he wants a third season and that footage could get the show canceled. Chris tries to give the driver directions to the studio, but winds up at Camp Wawanakwa. He does manage to finally make it back to the set and upon return shows footage that reveals Beth's dark, greedy side and Duncan's nice, caring side. Chris allows the past castmates to ask Duncan and Beth questions, but regrets it later when their questions are boring and/or not questions at all. In the end, he has everybody vote in the old bathroom stall from The Sand Witch Project, since the budget was gone. He counts the votes and, depending on the ending, gives either Duncan or Beth the million dollars

In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Chris is the first person to arrive at the red carpet, in a limousine. Chris momentarily forgets who the Total Drama cast is, but corrects himself later, saying that he loves them and their work. Later, he wins the award for best reality TV show host. Afterwards, he says he will announce a new season called "Total Drama Dirtbags," a new season featuring new characters in New York City on "The Orpah Show.” Upset at this, the original contestants try to beat the "Dirtbags" to New York. Chris is excited by their motivation, and after the bus falls into a canyon, he rescues them, and has the contestants (including Sierra and Alejandro) go into another season.

Total Drama World Tour


Chris introduces the season's singing motif with a brief dance routine.

Chris starts the season off in Walk Like an Egyptian—Part 1 introducing the characters from the past seasons, and the new contestants: Sierra and Alejandro. During the episode, Chris's private headquarters are revealed, and they have a wood-burning pizza oven, a grand piano and a four-person hot tub with dancing waters. Later, when Chris is explaining the elimination process, Ezekiel interrupts him by saying that he has a peanut allergy. Chris gets so fed up that he throws Ezekiel off the plane and counts him as eliminated, refusing to let him back on board. During the musical number, Chris tells the contestants they have to sing in each episode to avoid automatic elimination, as it is part of the season three rules, however this rule is rarely adhered to as several contestants don't sing in songs they were allegedly required for. At Egypt, Chris dresses up as an Egyptian pharaoh for the first challenge, which involves the contestants going over or under a pyramid. After completing the challenge, the contestants are split into three teams, except for Duncan, who quits the competition as he does not want to sing a reprise. After this irregular event, Chris lets a pleading Ezekiel (who had managed to return to the competition, much to Chris's shock) back into the game due to Duncan quitting meaning he was one player short, and puts him on the third team. Chris tells the selected teams to name their teams. One of the teams is named after Chris, being Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot. Chris is very pleased with the name and considers it the best name ever, with a thumbs up. After giving the teams their rewards, Chris tells the teams what the rewards will be for in the next challenge. Afterwards, Chris signs off the episode and tells the viewers to watch the next episode.


Chris has a special dislike for Ezekiel for this season.

In Walk Like an Egyptian—Part 2, Chris introduces the second challenge of the season while he is sitting on an intern. After Chef drops scarab beetles all over the place, an intern gets eaten alive by them. Throughout the episode, Chris is seen to still be using the dead intern's skeleton as a type of footstool to put his feet on. Then, Chris tells the contestants that the bugs are in mating season right now and they have to sing to calm them down. When the contestants do the Amazing Camel Race, Chris and Chef are waiting for them near the Nile. Then Izzy and Sierra decide that they want to swap teams, Chris comes across the Nile on a speedboat after Alejandro says that he'll never allow this. Sierra then cuffs his legs and sucks up to him, saying that it's his decision and that he's the "best decider" ever. After hearing this, Chris quickly allows the swap to happen, much to Alejandro's chagrin. At the end of the episode at the Barf Bag Ceremony, Chris explains the rules to Team Victory. After Ezekiel is kicked out of the plane by Chef, Chris comments that he knew it would be satisfying. Duncan says that he is waiting for a ride home and Chris answers that they are going the other way and pushes Duncan out of the plane. Then, when Alejandro is in the confessional and says that he is worse that Heather, Chris calls him a "real competitor" and signs off the show.


Chris says their next stop is Japan.

At the beginning of Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan, Chris calls all the contestants to the dining area of the Jumbo Jet, and announces that their next location would be Japan. After Harold complains about Chris and Chef's cultural mistakes, Chris grows annoyed and signals for Chef to slice the plane's door open, sending all the contestants out of the plane. Chris then announces the "Human Pinball" challenge, which happens inside a Japanese studio game show. He pairs up Alejandro and DJ with panda bears and pairs Cody up with Sierra. After this, Chris shows the contestants a dubbed Total Drama Action commercial. After being asked by Courtney why it's dubbed even though it's in English, Chris explains that the natives don't like the cast's voices. During the Japanese commercial challenge, Chris is shown to dislike Team Amazon's and Team Victory's commercial. At the Barf Bag Ceremony, Chris hands out barf bags of airline issue peanuts to everyone, but DJ and Harold who are in the day's bottom two. When Chris is about to hand out the final barf bag to Harold, Harold quits the show with honor and falls out of the plane through the Drop of Shame. Chris then tosses him a parachute, before signing off the show.

In Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better, Chris is mean by making the flight rough and not giving the contestants coats. It is revealed by Sierra that Chris's favorite drinks are tomato juice and hot cocoa. Chris is a little unnerved by this because that information is not on the fansite. It is known that Chris has at least a high school education. Chris says that this season, there is a chance that every challenge is an elimination round in order to make everyone work harder. Later, he makes Bridgette and Team Amazon sing because they were the only people around to hear the bell.

In Broadway, Baby!, Chris starts getting annoyed by Sierra's constant dragging up his most embarrassing facts, including the fact that he was in a Boy Band named "Fametown" and that had a cooking show named “Keep it Plain with Chris McLean,” which was canceled after the first episode. He then gets really angry at Sierra, and tells her to be quiet for the rest of the episode. Chris announces Team Amazon as the victors, and congratulates Team Victory on not coming in last. Chris solemnly tells Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot that they will have to face elimination, but then takes it back, as it was actually a reward challenge the entire time. Chris explains that they can keep or throw away the prizes in the apples. He tosses a mallet to Cody, who smashes the first apple, which contains candy. Chris questions whether Heather will ever earn the respect of her teammates, then signs off the episode.

Owen the sausage

Chris is entertained by seeing that Owen ate the sausage.

In Slap Slap Revolution, Chris welcomes the contestants in the German Alps, and warns them that they can't sing very loud or they will cause an avalanche. He then explains the Meat Grinding challenge to the contestants. At the second challenge, he gives Team Amazon the lederhosen, and makes Cody wear it. Chris declares Team Amazon the winner and Noah angrily scolds Alejandro for losing so easily. At the Barf Bag Ceremony, Chris gives barf bags to Lindsay and DJ, while Leshawna is eliminated. Chris pushes off Leshawna, but holds on to the door. Chris signs off the show and rhetorically asks if Team Victory can still call themselves that way after they've lost so much.

Amazon bananas dj lindsay team victory

Chris distributes bananas to DJ and Lindsay for being the first team to make it to that checkpoint.

In The Am-AH-Zon Race, Chris welcome the contestants to the Amazon, and explains that the challenge is to hike along an ancient Peruvian trail all the way to Machu Picchu. Above the ruins, one team must find the golden treasure. The discoverers will win first-class treatment as they fly to their next location, and that the losers will send someone home. Chris begins to list the dangerous animals in the Amazon, and Cody raises his hand. Chris, already knowing the question of Cody's many allergies in The Amazon, pulls out an EpiPen. Cody makes a grab for it; however, Chris tells him that it wouldn't make sense to give it to the person with the allergies in case he passed out. Chris tells Team Amazon to remain calm, but them, the chime for a musical number is heard. Chris then commands that the song is all Team Amazon, and that it must end with a solo from Heather. Chris walks over to Owen and Tyler, who are struggling to remove a small pillar from the ground. Chris tells them that they have the wrong treasure, and when Lindsay approaches him with a small golden statue, he crowns Team Victory the winners of the challenge. Owen removes the pillar, and as the sun casts upon its ominous blue tip, the ruins begin to shake violently. Chris, Team Victory, and Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot evacuate quickly. Chris begins the elimination ceremony, and makes a joke about Cody's swollen thumb. He then reveals the votes, then reveals that the elimination was fake. After Heather swears revenge on her team, Chris signs off the show.


Chris yells at Cody for his and Sierra's current state.

In Can't Help Falling in Louvre, Izzy plays with the buttons in the cockpit of the plane, causing it to make an unexpected crash in Paris outside the Louvre. Chris had originally wanted to land at the Eiffel Tower and as a result, didn't have enough time to prepare his speech (forcing him to quickly flip through some note cards). Chris starts the contestants off with their first challenge: find parts of famous statues and assemble them. When Alejandro says these statues aren't in Paris, Chris tells him that they're fakes that Chef made (though Chef actually forgot and runs off to quickly make them). As Cody tries to cheer up the crying Sierra, Chris decides to exploit the moment and rings the musical number bell. Angry at Cody, Sierra sings Paris in the Springtime (though she claims it's for Chris). When Team Victory loses, Chris decides to make the elimination a walk-off with the remaining two members picking a model and dressing them up in a fashionable outfit. Chris acts as one of the three judges, the other two being Owen and Heather. Despite his best efforts to lose, DJ winds up winning the walk off and Lindsay is eliminated. Later, Chris has her parachute of the plane in traditional elimination. Tyler attempts to kiss her one last time before she goes, but Chris stops him, telling him "it's a half hour show.”


Chris and his cousin, Jerd, from Newfoundland.

In Newf Kids on the Rock, Chris takes the cast to his homeland, Newfoundland. Chris brings in his cousin, Jerd McLean, a native mariner with a thick accent, to help with a challenge involving Alejandro to translate a phrase he says in his mariner accent. Chris then had DJ, and a member from Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot kiss fish. In the end, Chris pronounced DJ safe, Team Amazon the losing team, and Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot the winners of the day's reward challenge.


Chris wears a woman's dashiki for the Jamaican challenges.

At the beginning of Jamaica Me Sweat, Chris tells Alejandro that DJ can't switch teams to join Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot, which he names differently to exaggerate his own beauty, something he does throughout the whole episode. When the plane runs out of gas, he tries to calmly warn the contestants over the PA system, but panics halfway through the announcement and screams in terror as the plane falls to earth in an unknown Jamaican beach. Once on land, and after Izzy and Owen are rushed to the infirmary, Chris announces the plane is out of gas and lists the various reasons why they couldn't afford more fuel, all of which are because he had to pay for his frivolous necessities. He later unknowingly puts on a woman's dashiki for the challenges and explains the first challenge requires the contestants to dive into a shark and electric eel infested lake to retrieve "pirate gold,” which are actually the gold chains Chef wears while he and Chris participate in karaoke night. By the end of the challenge, he angrily tells Chef to fix the plane while he's still young, which prompts Noah to jokingly ask if the contestants had landed in the 70s, which in turn prompts Chris to shove Noah off the cliff. During the second challenge, which involves the contestants bobsledding down a death slide into an empty pool, Chris times them and eventually declares Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot the winners. During DJ's elimination, which takes place with the plane on land because of the lack of fuel, Chris insists DJ must scram after he leaps out despite being only a few feet above ground. DJ initially does this, unconvincingly by yelling for his mother. However, when he is attacked by fire ants, he starts running around frantically and screaming loudly, which satisfies Chris. Finally, Chris announces that the cast will have to stay in Jamaica until more money arrives for more fuel.


Chris introduces the guards for the first challenge in I See London...

In I See London..., Alejandro sees Chris talking to a mysterious figure. Later, Chris explains the challenge is to follow clues in order to capture Jack the Ripper. In the end, he reveals that Ezekiel was the killer and would have let him back on the show if he avoided capture. Chris says that Team Amazon wins and forces Duncan to stay. He sees the clip of Duncan and Gwen kiss and wonders what kind of drama will stir up.

Greece chris eliminates intern

Chris eliminates an intern in Greece to spare Duncan.

Chris reveals that he broke the lock on the confessional in Greece's Pieces in order to cause more drama and trouble. Chris originally believed that the Olympics originated in Rome and was annoyed to find out it was not true. He blames the interns and makes one leave the plane and the other to research about Greece. Chris states that Duncan must sing for the entire episode to make up for lost time. He is one of the people to call Cody a girl much to his chagrin. In the end he ignored the votes of Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot and made and intern take the Drop of Shame, instead of Duncan. He admits he wanted to save Duncan for the drama he caused.

In The EX-Files, Chris sends the teams to Area 51 to retrieve an original alien artifact still intact; a task that included deadly booby traps along the way. When Team Amazon is trapped on a minefield, he appears over the zone using a jetpack and calls for a song, giving them the option of singing or tap dancing on the minefield. Once the two teams make it to the base, Chris informs them the second part of the challenge and that the security system is activated due to him hacking the system to talk to them, making them run for their lives. When Owen is taken by the security system of the base and gets the make up, Chris and Chef laugh while watching the secret cameras and thanks the Colonel for letting them use the machine.

In Picnic at Hanging Dork, Chris explains the challenge to the contestants. When Chef asked how long it would take Chris responds by looking at a map and saying two hours. Chef then opens up the map and he corrects himself with two days, and Then they both laugh. At the elimination ceremony Chris reads off how many votes everyone has. Chris still makes Gwen perform the tie-breaker despite her allergies, and she gets eliminated.

In Sweden Sour, Chris happily says that the jackets ordered for the contestants in the Yukon would arrive in six to eight weeks, much to their chagrin. He implies that he intentionally put the instructions to the junk piles through a shredder. He mocks Duncan and Alejandro's choice of Owen for captain. When Team Amazon lost and faced elimination, they all unanimously voted for Courtney However, once again, Chris decided to bend the rules just for his own personal pleasure and spared Courtney from elimination once more, greatly distressing her team.

In Niagara Brawls, Chris drops the contestants off the Jumbo Jet, along with two swan paddle boats. After the cast members make it to shore, avoiding a waterfall drop thanks to Sierra, Chris announces that they are back in Canada, at the Niagara Falls. Chris and the cast members then head to Niagara Falls casino, but have to be in the concert theater because they are all under age. Chris then tells them that a contestant will be back on the show, and both Duncan and Cody want it to be Gwen. However they are shown in the musical number that it's Blaineley, who most of the contestants don't really care about. When Blaineley asks which team she is on, Chris announces that the teams are merged. The boys are then placed in a giant casino machine, and the girls have to pull a lever to chose their "husbands" for the challenge. After the girls choose their "husbands,” Chris announces the first challenge, which is that the male of the duos must lead the blindfolded girl to a wedding dress, while avoiding many obstacles, and if a duo doesn't get a dress, they are out. Everyone succeeds the challenge, and Chris then announces the second part, which is to walk across the Niagara Falls on a tight-rope, and then pass "customs,” also known as Chef Hatchet. Chris then informs the cast members that there are also sharks at he bottom of the Falls. After Duncan and Courtney win the challenge, Chris declares them invincible. At the elimination ceremony, after reading the votes, Owen is eliminated.

Throughout Chinese Fake-Out, Chris constantly gets phone calls, interrupting his hosting of the show. Apparently, the producers were giving him a hard time about the budget for the show. This prevented him from finishing the instructions for the first challenge, and distracts him from the cheating in the food challenge. In the end, he decides to kick both of the tied contestants off instead of wasting money on a tiebreaker. He also learns from Blaineley that she was originally approached about hosting the show, and the only reason Chris is hosting today is that Blaineley said no. Chris shoved her and Courtney off the plane before Blaineley could say anything else. Later, when Chris is about to sign off the show, he asks Chef if he was actually the one approached first, to which Chef nervously reassures him it was him.

In African Lying Safari, Chris punished Chef for forming an alliance with Blaineley by making him wear a heavy coat and hat in the middle of Africa. While Chef was noticeably sweating and very uncomfortable, he did not seem to get mad when Chris taunted him, implying that he was willing to accept his punishment. Chris presented the feral, animal-like Ezekiel to the contestants with little to no concern for Ezekiel's extremely unhealthy state. When Alejandro and Heather won the challenge by tranquilizing Ezekiel, Chris congratulated them, then quickly told them to grab the unconscious Duncan (who had been attacked by Ezekiel and accidentally tranquilized by Alejandro) and "get the heck out of Africa before Zeke wakes up!" He obviously seemed desperate to get rid of Ezekiel, and his plan at first seemed to work, as the Jet quickly took off. However, Ezekiel managed to climb aboard, rip off a metal sheet, and jump inside. At the elimination, Chris finally allowed Duncan to be voted off fair and square, as he apparently had lost his ability to cause drama.

Easter island chris

Chris in his authentic clothes for Rapa Phooey!

In Rapa Phooey!, Chris is seen in the cockpit, wanting to fly the plane. Chef denies Chris's request. When landed, Chris explains the challenge to the contestants. Chris is then seen pushing giant boulders down the cave the contestants are climbing. He explains the second part of the challenge, and tells Alejandro to start singing. During the ceremony, Chris reveals that Sierra would have been voted out, had it not been a reward challenge.

In Awwwwww, Drumheller, Chris is first seen sleeping in his hypoallergenic sleeping chamber as Alejandro sneaks into his quarters to use his computer. Upon landing, Chris explains the challenge to the contestants. He is impressed by Heather's dinosaur, which was made to resemble him as a form of flattery. For the second challenge, he sends the contestants to search for several barrels of oil that the interns had accidentally buried, but not before pushing a barrel of snakes and bugs onto the interns that had failed him. Chris is later seen making hamburgers, and asks Sierra if she wants one for winning the challenge, looking surprised when she turns down the offer. During nightfall, Chris reveals that the day's elimination will be done in the style of Total Drama Island, with a Campfire Ceremony instead of a Barf Bag Ceremony. After Sierra blows up the Total Drama Jumbo Jet, Chris goes into hysterics, roaring at Sierra and disqualifying her from the game in a fit of rage before signing off the show, brokenheartedly telling the audience that the destruction of the plane may mean the end of the Total Drama series, before breaking down into sobs.

PTHAM - ChrisPaperBag

Chris hyperventilates because of his plane being blown up in Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles.

In Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles, Chris is still shown sad about his plane. He is happy when Chef brings in the emergency helicopter. He tells the final three their challenge, and refuses to let Sierra ride with him. He occasionally gives contestants updates on who is in the lead. He instructs the contestants to sing, I'm Gonna Make It. When in Mexico, he informs Heather and Alejandro that they have to get to Hawaii. In Hawaii, he states that Heather has made it to the final two. He also says that Alejandro and Cody have tied. He then waits until the episode runs out of time, and ends it.

HP - Alejandro, Chris, and Heather

Chris explains the final challenge to Alejandro and Heather.

In Hawaiian Punch, Chris says that Alejandro and Cody have to compete in a tie-breaker challenge, but first decides to show some confessionals from the final three. He gives Heather a choice of choosing the challenge which she accepts. He explains what Heather has to do, and lets her go in. When Bridgette recalls using ping-pong balls, Chris reveals he switched them with golf balls by saying he was disappointed in them. Chris forces Geoff to pick up the ball that Heather coughed up. Chris responds to Alejandro's question about the challenge by saying that he already checked and it's a no. Chris is next seen explaining the challenge to Alejandro and Heather, and makes them sing Versus. When Alejandro finishes first, Chris gives him a twenty second head start, as well as the wheelbarrow that Courtney won for him in Hawaiian Style. He lets Heather use Cody's baby carriage. When the final two hit a "minor obstacle,” Chris tells them what to do. In Alejandro's ending, after Heather throws the dummy into the volcano, Chris informs her that she has thrown Alejandro's dummy in by accident and calls down the volcano to him so he can claim his prize. However, before Alejandro makes it up the volcano, Ezekiel attacks Chris and, after a brief tussle, manages to pry the case from him. Chris says that he "didn't see that coming," and then yells for everyone to run when the volcano begins to erupt. He escapes from the lava and announces that there will be a new cast. He is last seen on a boat with Chef. Suddenly, Ezekiel rose from the volcano and fell on Chris's boat, causing it to create a giant hole in the deck and the boat then sank. In Heather's ending, he hands Heather the case after she throws her dummy in the volcano and defeats Alejandro. After the credits, Chris and Chef manage to save an injured Alejandro by placing him into a Drama Machine (a parody to a scene of Star Wars). Chris then calls Alejandro a spaz after he received the news of the million dollars.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island


Chris frightens Zoey and Mike with his bomb.

In this season, Chris seems to have developed a tendency to laugh evilly and is far more sadistic in this season and seems to care little, if anything, for the contestants. Chris starts off explaining that this season will return to Camp Wawanakwa and will have more action, but the rules will be the same. He tricks the audience so they think that contestants from previous seasons would play, but then reveals that entirely new cast of characters are going to try and win the money. Chris blows up the yacht they were on and makes them run through the woods. He assigns them to teams roughly based on which order the contestants crossed the finish line. Chris explains that he rented the camp out and it was filled with radioactive waste which caused the animals to be mutated. He gives the first challenge and waits for them at the campground. Owen appears and asks why he was not in the game this time. Chris says he and the previous contestants have outlived their usefulness and Chris blows Owen away.

Truth or Laser Chris McLean

Chris explains the challenge.

Before the first challenge in Truth or Laser Shark, Chris confiscates Sam's and Dakota's electronic devices. He explains the rules for the first challenge and gets annoyed that everyone started bickering with each other so they skip the first challenge due to running out of time. For the second challenge, Chris made everyone wear glasses similar to Harold's so they can not see and comments how well everyone does.

Chris dresses in a suit and wears a white wig in Runaway Model. He announces that the challenge that day would be a fashion show. When Lindsay was kidnapped he was worried that he would be held liable if she got hurt.

Chris was about to get in trouble with the environment protection agency in A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, but Chris had a plan to get out of it. He had the interns store all of the toxic waste into the abandoned mine shaft, which in turn left Dakota bald and eventually caused her to mutate due to her prolonged exposure to the waste. He then had the contestants partake in a challenge in the mine that would see them destroy most of the stored waste and destroy the evidence of his wrongdoing.

In The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean, Chris and Chef strand all of the campers on rafts out in the middle of the lake after Chef knocks them out with his homemade Pasta Bottelini the evening beforehand. Chris explains the challenge while riding on his jet ski, just in time to catch Dakota mutating into a monster due to her exposure in the polluted mine shaft in the previous episode. During the entire challenge, Chris avoids Dakota when she tries to get back at him multiple times for mutating her, keeping distance by remaining airborne in his helicopter. After the campers successfully return to shore, he reveals that he trapped Sam and veteran contestant Gwen in a wooden chest buried underground, and that the campers must rescue the two before they run out of air. At the elimination ceremony for the Mutant Maggots, Chris reveals that Dakota ate all of the marshmallows while in the infirmary, and instead counts off the votes for each contestant. Ultimately, it is Dakota who is eliminated, but she pays no attention to Chris as he hurls her off the Dock of Shame, as she is too busy kissing Sam.

In Grand Chef Auto, Chris reveals that it's merge time, and destroys one of the cabins. Later on, a mammoth-sized monument in his own honor on the island, a giant monolith carved into his head called "Mt. Chrismore." Chris then brings out Duncan for his cameo, but didn't realize he'd take off as he was untied. Chris then allows the teens to rummage through Chef's kitchen for part one of the challenge, then use his go carts for part two. He makes the teens travel to three different land marks and tag each of them. When the teens were doing so, Chris is seen on a GPS as he announces he's added an extra landmark, which was Mt. Chrismore. It was then revealed it was Chef using a dummy with a tape recording to get back at Chris for the destruction of his stuff. Chris is then seen furious to find out what had happened, and blames it on Duncan. Little did he know, it was really Chef's idea. When he finally got to the Mountain, Lightning had already spray painted on it, while Duncan blows it up, destroying his monument. Later that night, Chris hurls the next victim, Mike, before he and Zoey could have their first kiss.

In Up, Up and Away in My Pitiful Balloon, Chris is first seen with his new zeppelin as he introduces the next challenge. Later on, Heather is seen hitting him and Chef with his Gemmie Awards, and later being pushed off the aircraft. Chris then changes the challenge to capture Heather instead. Later at elimination, Chris asks the newly eliminated Jo for any final words. When she speaks, Chris hurls her off the island.

Chris was next seen announcing the challenge in Eat, Puke and Be Wary. When doing so, he accidentally falls into one of Scott's traps he created, causing him to be shot into the communal washrooms. He then gives the hosting job to Chef while he is stuck. Later that day, Chris is still seen in the washrooms stuck, with no help from his interns nearby. Eventually, he makes it out to hurl the next player for his actions.

In The Enchanted Franken-Forest, Chris brings the contestants to the Mutant Forest of Terror, where he makes the contestants travel through the woods in search of a flower inside of a mutant Venus flytrap. Chris later reveals that the flytrap the teens are looking for was actually his plant named "Larry." Chris looks through pictures of what he looked like before he accidentally left him on the island while the toxic waste built up. He also cheers Larry on for beating up the contestants, preventing them from making it to the finish. Eventually, Lightning makes it to the finish line first with Larry's flower. Chris then takes the flower and gives it back to Larry, then cuddles with him.


Chris declares the winner in the ending of the fourth season.

In Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown, Chris shows home videos to the final two. He then takes them to his arena, where the eliminated contestants sit alongside him as they will watch the two battle. Chris then gives the challenge of building armor, then attacking and pinning down the other opponent to win. When Lightning tries to defend himself from Cameron's shots from his robotic suit, his remote and throne was hit. The remote was what allowed mutant creatures come into the arena, but it malfunctions, releasing all the mutant animals. Chris is then seen surrounded by mutant gophers, but Larry defends his owner and they cuddle even more. In Cameron's ending, after his suit powers down he falls on top of Lightning, pinning him down and winning the competition. However, in Lightning's ending, Cameron falls over right before Lightning does, making Lightning the winner. At the end of the episode, Chris crowns the either Cameron or Lightning the winner of Total Drama: Revenge of The Island, and then tries to blow up the boat that the contestants are on. But when doing so, Chris blows himself off the dock as Chef gives him an evil glare, having tricked him once more.


Chris gets arrested by the government.

Chris then yells at him as Chef it moves away and the government then comes in to arrest and quarantine him and the island, holding him accountable for the environmental destruction he allowed to occur on the island. They then proceed to subject Chris to the painful process of decontamination before arresting him. The contestants laugh at his misery as they ride off.

Total Drama All-Stars

Heroes vs Villains (2)

Chris is seen in prison.

After a year being in prison, Chris appears to have lost his mind as he is shown "hosting" a new season in his cell using cockroaches and stinkbugs as contestants and replacing Chef with a cashew that resembles him. Chef eventually came to bail him out but Chris refused. However, after Chef shows him an envelope stating the producers have agree on a new season, Chris agrees to leave to resume his role as the show's host.

Chris brought back six contestants from the original casts and seven contestants from season four to Camp Wawanakwa. He also tricked everyone that he is bringing back a still-feral Ezekiel to the competition only revealing that he is lying and tell his Robot assistant to launch Ezekiel away from the island. Once everyone made it to shore, he divided the contestants into the Heroic Hamsters and the Villainous Vultures. When the Vultures complain that they have one team member short, Chris gives them his Robot assistant. It is revealed that the Robot is actually Alejandro, who has finally recovered after his "lava accident" two seasons ago. In the end, the Villainous Vultures won and the Hamsters vote Lindsay off. Chris then send her off via the new elimination method, the Flush of Shame.

During the season, Chris continued to open the episodes, explain the challenges and make everyone's lives miserable. However, in You Regatta Be Kidding Me, Duncan discovers Chris's house and decides to blow it up. This causes Chris to report Duncan to get him arrested and kicked off the show.

In the following episode, Zeek and Ye Shall Find, Chris celebrated the 100th episode of Total Drama but was kidnapped by Ezekiel, sparking Chef to send the final seven down to rescue him, but Ezekiel was able to catch them all, except Cameron and Gwen. However, Chris and the others were saved by Gwen and returned to the surface of the island. During the elimination ceremony he declares there would be no vote, since Cameron is too injured to continue competing and sends him to the Flush of Shame with his injuries instead of taking him to a hospital.

However, in The Bold and the Booty-ful, Chris sent Gwen to find a painting of him for the challenge, but because of an accident, she finished the portrait with animal feces. This made Chris upset and disqualified her from the show.

In the final, The Final Wreck-ening, he told Mike and Zoey to shoot down the past eliminated contestants from the balloons. Though Gwen, Cameron, Alejandro and Heather were picked, the rest of the players flew away much to Chris's carelessness, causing him to get repeated phone calls. After Mike or Zoey won, the island sunk and Chris announced that they're right into their next season, Total Drama: Pahkitew Island.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

With the destruction of Camp Wawanakwa, Chris moves the show to a new location: Pahkitew Island, a Cree island located in Western Canada. For this new season, Chris selects an entire new group of contestants from different peers.

Chris first appears in So, Uh, This Is My Team?, greeting the new contestants on the zeppelin via hologram. From there, he explains to everyone to quickly grab a bag that may or may not have a parachute in it and jump out of the zeppelin as Chris had it blow up. Once the contestants have reach the island, Chris splits them into two teams based on who had actual parachutes and who didn't. He names the ones with parachutes (Amy, Jasmine, Max, Rodney, Samey, Scarlett, and Topher) as the Pimâpotew Kinosewak, while those without (Beardo, Dave, Ella, Leonard, Shawn, Sky, and Sugar) as the Waneyihtam Maskwak.

I wanna look younger

Chris is more worried about his looks than ever, thanks to Topher.

Like before, Chris continues his torturing of the contestants, pitting them against each other in difficult challenges, some of which include building their own shelter, an obstacle course, a surprise balloon fight, and Truth or Scare. For every challenge won, Chris rewards the contestants with second-hand fast food from one of the sponsoring restaurants. Any contestant who was eliminated via voting or other methods will be placed inside the Cannon of Shame and launched away from the island. Among the new set of contestants, Chris developed a hatred for Ella for not only singing in every episode but also being able to tame any animals, even Scuba Bear. Chris then gives Ella an ultimatum: either to stop singing or she will be eliminated. Eventually, Ella was caught singing, and after Sugar told Chris about it, he had her eliminated.

Slowtox face

Chris is seen, with a smile on his face.

One of the contestants, Topher, is a huge fan of Chris, admiring his works and looks. Initially, Chris likes Topher but eventually finds him annoying as Topher doesn't seem to concentrate on the challenges at all. It is later revealed that Topher is actually trying to steal Chris's job as the host of Total Drama, believing that Chris is getting too old and that he is better than Chris in every way. Using Chris's phone, Topher badmouthed him to the producers while telling them about himself. However, Chris had anticipated Topher's plan and allowed Topher to steal his phone. Episodes later, Chris phoned Topher, under the pretense of as a person from the network, and told him that he is to replace Chris. This news made Topher happily scream which caused his team to lose the challenge. Once Topher realized that he was tricked, he was speechless as Chris launched him away from the island, removing another annoying contestant from the competition.

It is then revealed that Pahkitew Island is actually an artificial island with a center computer controlling everything. When the computer went haywire, Chris had the contestants disable the island's self destruct sequence, all while he watched safely from a helicopter. Little did Chris know that the seemingly quiet bookworm Scarlett is actually an evil genius. Once she gained control of the island's computer, Scarlett blackmailed Chris to surrender the million dollars or she would blow up the island but Chris refused. Eventually, the contestants manage to stop Scarlett and deactivate the self destruct sequence, saving the island. Later, Chris had Max join Scarlett in the Cannon of Shame, being sick of "evil" contestants, and launched them away from the island.

After the elimination of twelve contestants, it was Sky and Shawn who made it to the finals. To make things interesting, Chris had them partner with their respective love interests and placed them in a three part race to the finish line. Near the end, he turned the helpers against the final two b Shawn's past confessionals from previous episodes in which he explained that he refuses to share his winnings with Jasmine. He also showed Dave Sky's audition tape, revealing that Sky already had a boyfriend the entire time. Although Jasmine was hurt, it was Dave who took this revelation the most, turning him into an unstable person focused solely on revenge. Seeing that his plan worked, Chris made Jasmine and Dave hinder the movements of the final two and if they failed to reach the finish line in time, each would received only half of the million dollars. Despite Dave's insanity and attempts to foil the final two, one of them did reach the finish line in time and was declared the winner of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. In Shawn's ending, the avalanche carried him past the finish line, causing him to win. Him and Jasmine reconcile. In Sky's ending, Shawn didn't make it past the finish line, but he and Jasmine still reconciled. In the end, Chris leaves with Shawn, Sky, and Jasmine and signs off the season, before realizing that they left Dave on the island with Scuba Bear.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

Chris cameo

Chris makes a brief cameo in the season finale of the spin-off series.

In A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars, Chris is seen sitting on a bench, reading a newspaper casually as the Police Cadets drive past him.

Total DramaRama season 3

Chris appears in Broken Back Kotter hosting a reality TV show featuring teachers competing for education professional of the year. After presenting this year's nominess (Jerry, Estelle, and Chef Hatchet, Chris shows the viewers a footage of last year's competition, revealing that dangerous the competition is. This frightens Chef to the point he is paralyze in fear but is still forced to participate by the kids who have control of his body. At the end of the competition, despite Estelle winning the final challenge, Chris declares Chef the winner instead after he saves the children from angry crocodiles. In this episode, Chris wears a purple version of the blue suit he wears during the Gilded Chris Ceremony in Total Drama Action.

Getting eaten by sharks wouldn't hurt the ratings at all

Chris forces the kids to compete in "Total Drama Something".

He later appears in A Hole Lot of Trouble, during one of Izzy's imagination sequences. When she, Cody, Courtney, and Lightning fell off a portal that transported them from the daycare to Camp Wawanakwa, Chris walked to them and announced the name of the newest Total Drama season, "Total Drama Something." He then asked Alejandro, Heather, and Jasmine if they're ready. He then begins to introduce the challenge, which is to retrieve the McLean-Brand Chris Head that's guarded by a talking shark. He is last seen giving a "word of warning" to the contestants, saying that "being eaten by a shark would be painful, but it wouldn't hurt the ratings at all," before proceeding to push a button which makes the portion of the cliff the kids are standing on to rotate, making them fall to the water below. Chris has his normal clothes this time.

Total Drama Island (2023)


Chris returns to host the reboot.

Chris returns as the host of the reboot. He opens Meet the Victims by welcoming the contestants to the island, mocking his "new victims" as they arrive. He expresses particular excitement in watching Emma and Chase fight, and forces Julia to hand over her phones. During the challenge he gleefully reacts to the contestants’ various injuries, and at the elimination ceremony he expresses his approval for the Drone of Despair before signing off the episode.

Chris spends Pirates of the Cabbage'an dressed as a pirate to go along with the theme of the episode. During the challenge he relaxes on the beach with Chef, and refuses to take the parrot that keeps biting him until it insults the contestants. When Axel is eliminated, he sarcastically tells her that he is taking her off his Christmas card list.

Before the challenge begins in Drown Town Abbey, Chris warns the contestants about the danger they presently face. After pressuring Julia and Damien into entering the glass booths, he takes great pleasure in causing them to fill with toilet water. When the challenge begins, he purposefully neglects to inform the contestants about several of the threats, criticizing Chef for suggesting that he forgot.


Chris pushes Scary Girl away from him.

In Numbskull Island, Chris is annoyed by Scary Girl’s constant excitement at the challenge, at one point physically pushing her away from him with a stick. When Chef gets mad at Chris for turning up the air pressure too high on the plunger gun, he reprimands Chef for never thinking of the ratings.  Despite his annoyance at her, he makes Scary Girl's jackhammer an official part of the game. After Scary Girl's elimination that night, he gladly bids her farewell and brushes off the fact that she took the skull from the challenge with her.

In Jurassic Fart, Chris criticizes Damien and Priya for whispering while he's talking, and MK for assuming there’s going to be a catch during the challenge. He promises Chef that there are no landmines in the challenge, instead unveiling the raptors that will be pursuing the campers and escaping on a jetski without him. In The Launchback of Notre Game, Chris enjoys watching the contestants injure themselves during the challenge, particularly Raj and Chase. After MK is eliminated, he tells her that he won’t miss her. In Severe Eggs and Pains, Chris announces the merge and warns the contestants about the dangers of cassowaries. He denies Ripper the win after he drops the egg at the finish line, instead declaring Millie the winner. At the marshmallow ceremony, Chris reluctantly has Raj and Wayne medically evacuated at Chef’s suggestion.

TDI 2023 8

Chris introduces the Wheel of Vomit.

Chris serves the contestants breakfast in The Wheel of Vomit while Chef prepares the meals for the challenge. He is greatly entertained by the campers' disgusted reactions to these dishes, but is puzzled by Zee's positive reactions to almost everything. He and Chef also express confusion about Emma and Chase's arguments. When everyone begins to throw up after Julia wins immunity, Chris puts up an umbrella to protect himself.

In Paddle Field Earth, Chris gripes that the network has been complaining about the previous challenges being too menacing, and undersells the danger of that day’s challenge. Throughout the challenge, Chris continually introduces new threats including bears, crocodiles, geysers and bees, with Chef asking him why he’s like this. Later, Chris stands at the top of Honey Mountain wearing a beekeeper outfit, watching the events at the end of the challenge. At the elimination ceremony, Zee announces his plan to try and vote Chris off (despite the fact that he is the host), ultimately leading to his own elimination.

Chris spends most of The Truth, The Pole Truth and Nothing But the Truth taunting the contestants during their challenge. He and Chef relax comfortably while they tempt the campers with food (and later money), and Chris is particularly impressed by Chase knocking everyone off their poles. In Tortoise Rigamortis, Chris congratulates the Final Five and informs them about the dangers of taking photos with animals right before announcing the challenge. He tips Julia and Emma off about the fighting turtle that they can get a selfie with, which he and Chef later shame Emma for killing at her elimination.

Chris and Chef disagree about the monster

Chris doubts Chef's belief of a monster being in the caves.

Before the challenge begins in Caved by the Bell, Chef forces Chris to warn the contestants about the cave monster that awaits them. He then blows up the entrance, forcing them into the cave. Throughout the challenge, Chris continues popping up to taunt them about the hazards they’re facing, and he and Chef make a bet about if the monster will eat any of the contestants. At the elimination ceremony, Chris informs the contestants that Chef accidentally left the marshmallows in the sun, causing them to melt into a clump. Due to this, Chris decided to read the votes himself. Before the final vote was read, he revealed that a new rule: in the event of a tie, the camper with more immunity wins gets to stay. To his and Chef's utter surprise, however, his new rule is rendered useless as everyone else voted off Julia, Bowie betrayed him. Nonetheless, he led her to the Dock of Shame and signed off the show.

Chris chats with the final three

Chris congratulates the Final Three.

In Magma Cum Laude, Chris congratulates the Final Three on making it to the finale. He explains the challenge and reveals that they will be getting helpers, before proceeding to argue with the helpers about the Wheel of Losers. After Priya and Millie make up, he calls it "boring" and orders Millie to go stand with the other losers. As Bowie and Priya compete in the final challenge, Chris is thrilled with Chef's twisted suggestions for additional hazards. When the winner is revealed, Chris congratulates them before being disgusted by the puke hug he receives. At the final campfire ceremony, Chris informs the contestants that they all are invited back for another season.

Total Drama Island (2024)

Chris first appears in The Pink Painter Strikes Again flying a helicopter with all the previous campers in it while recapping the previous season's events. He then drops all of them on lake. He announces that two campers are going to chose the teams. During the challenge, he introduces Chef's grandmother and watches the challenge. He sees that the balloons are filled with pink paint instead of red paint like he wanted. He fires an intern named Sally with MK over hearing.

The next episode has Chris explaining the challenge and says there is a dangerous slide worth four points, while Chef saying that the slide doesn't count as its too dangerous, but Chris allows it anyways. The following episode has MK using the intern outfit that she stole last episode to overhear Chris explaining the challenge to give her team an advantage. Throughout the challenge, he laughs and causes the misfortune of the campers covered in sap. Chris notices that Team Skunk Butt is not covered by anything, to his surprise. He doesn't de-spray most of Team Rat Face, causing them to vote of Millie for her actions in the previous episode because Damien can't say anything.

In Choosin' for a Bruisin', Chris presents the challenge that the pointless, invasive, embarrassing questions he asked last season will be used for the challenge. The campers have to guess what the person on the TV answered correctly to move on. In the challenge, Chris questions where MK is, and Julia responses that she has explosive diarrhea, grossing him out. MK went to find the correct answers for her team and making them win. The following episode Chris explains the challenge that it will be painful, causing him joy. He has a bad hair day because he can't find his hairdryer causing him to wear hats and Chef tries to fix his hair. MK stole the hairdryer to cheat. At the end of the episode, Chris catches MK sneaking into his trailer returning the hairdryer.

In Canoe Believe It?, he announces the merge, an immunity idol will be in play, and everyone to pick a canoe partner expect for MK. He draws a mustache on her and exposes her for cheating. Chris puts on a medieval costume and that they have to duel their partner and surprising everyone. He give MK a bear has her duel partner. MK gets beat up in the challenge and she claims it isn't fair. He makes to the two duelists joust on horses on the lake, just like the old days. Chef remarks that Chris has never read a history book. Damien wins the challenge, much to Chris and Chef's surprise.

Chris announces the challenge is to make a cake that looks like him in Fun Fight at the O'Cake Corral. He presents Owen as a special judge. He asks how he has been, and Owen answers, showing that he didn't do much. He and Chef is surprised when the contestants fight for the ingredients and where Damien got the trident. He loves Priya and her team's cake but finds out that it was made with Ripper's sweat, making him give the win to Julia and the Hockey Bros. When Ripper grabs onto Axel as she gets carried away by the Drone of Repair, he this as a double elimination. Chris hands out giant coins for the challenge. The campers insert their coin in a giant Chris rock to bring them into the pinball part of the challenge. He enjoys all the pain the contestants go through. He stops Zee before can say Chris's secret.

Chef gives the contestants twelve minutes and fourteen seconds to find the largest object they can get in Breaking Up is Hard to Do. It is because that is the exact length of the video of a kitten and tortoise becoming friends and shows it to Chris. He loves the video. Caleb believes he won because he brought Chris's yacht in which Chris says it is "smallest, least favorite yacht." He explains that the challenge is that the campers have to break their object and insert into a slot in a door. He doesn't allow Chef to interfere in the challenge as MK breaks his car. When MK gets eliminated, he is confused with her and Julia's friendship. In Circling the Drain, he gets bored in the challenge and allows the winner to be able to share immunity with one other person.

In Working K9 to 5, he talks to MacArthur when the police dogs hunt down the campers to both of their enjoyment. In the following episode, Chris congratulates the final four and explains the fear tank challenge. Later, he says to Caleb is fear of clowns and snakes are boring, so he combined them to make it more exciting. He is disappointed that Wayne was able to overcome his fears. He is surprised that Wayne made it the finals.

In Soar Losers, Chris welcomes the finalists to the final and shows the previous campers will be divided into teams on who they want to support. He explains the three part race that involves pulling a wagon with their supporters, crossing a high rope, and flying to the Dock of Shame by a flying squirrel suit. Chris gags when Julia's hair becomes a mullet by the raptor she insulted last season. He is surprised that Wayne wins the season and presents him the $1,000,000 prize.


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While Camp TV did have a host, they were not supposed to be seen by the audience. At one point in the promo, Geoff says "Yo, Chris, what's up? I love that guy". Although the promo does not confirm who Geoff was really referring to, "Chris" was most likely the host, as Gwen is the only member of the first twenty-two contestants who is known to have had their name changed during pre-production.



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