Chris's cell phone is a mobile device used by Chris over the course of the series. He uses a light gray flip phone until switching to a touch screen smartphone in Total Drama: Pahkitew Island.

Total Drama Island

Opening sequence

At the beginning of the intro, Chris is seen sitting on a chair, holding his phone and a cup of coffee.

No Pain, No Game


Chris calls the judges to find out if it is okay for Izzy to do a dare.

Chris uses his phone to contact the "judges", to ask if Izzy can nominate herself to perform the poison ivy mud wrap dare.

Total Drama Action

3:10 to Crazytown

The producers call Chris to inform him that he isn't allowed to have the contestants participate in a "quickdraw gunfight" for legal reasons, and instead he should use water guns.

Full Metal Drama

The producers call Chris during the first challenge and tell him the PM has allowed the contestants to jump out the plane without parachutes.

Total Drama World Tour

Chinese Fake-Out

IMG 0928

Chris is preoccupied with answering calls rather than starting the challenge.

Chris continuously receives repeated calls from the producers regarding the show's budget. He keeps on taking the calls, and holds off from starting the first challenge to the contestants' confusion and impatience. He later receives calls again in the second challenge, just as Heather calls out Blaineley and Alejandro for cheating. Still busy with his call he dismissively agrees to Heather's requests. Later at the elimination ceremony, the producers continue to call Chris regarding the show's budget but he ignores them by throwing away his phone and decides to eliminate both Blaineley and Courtney to fulfill their demands.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Ice Ice Baby

When Chris is stressing to Dakota that she is not allowed to return, he is interrupted by his cell phone ringing. The caller is Dakota's father, who offers him a large sum of money to allow her to come back.

Runaway Model

What do you mean my fault

Chris is being told that he is liable if Lindsay comes to harm.

The show returns from a commercial break with Chris speaking on the phone, verifying that he is liable if Lindsay gets hurt at the hands of Sasquatchanakwa.

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean

Chris buries Gwen underground with Sam for the challenge, where she calls him and furiously demands his aid, but Chris laughs it off and refuses to help her.

Total Drama All-Stars

You Regatta Be Kidding Me

While Chris announces the challenge, he gets a phone call from his stylist, in which the host asks why his socks don't match his shirt.

Toxic phone

An annoyed Chris tosses his phone into the toxic waste.

The Final Wreck-ening

After some of the contestants fly away contained in balloons, Chris receives several phone calls from the enraged producers, which he appears unfazed about. Annoyed, he throws the phone into the toxic waste, where it shorts out. After the winner has been declared, he gets another call green-lighting a new season.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

Chris is like a baby

Topher steals Chris's cell phone.

Mo Monkey Mo Problems

After colliding with Chris, Topher manages to discreetly take his phone, which he uses to call the network.

This Is The Pits!


Topher uses Chris's phone to locate an exit.

While traveling through the tunnels, Topher continues to check Chris's phone for signal bars, expecting a call from the producers at any moment. Eventually, Topher finds a signal coming from a narrow cavern. He uses it to lead him and Jasmine out of the cave.

Three Zones and A Baby


Topher received a call from the "producers".

Throughout the challenge, Topher continues to only pay attention to Chris's phone as he tries to contact the producers. When going through the snow-filled third and final zone, he finally gets a call from the producers, who state that they are impressed by Topher's skills and want him to be the show's new host, and the excitement causes Topher to cost his team the challenge. During his elimination, Topher tells everyone about his call and that he is the new host. Unfortunately, Chris reveals later that the call was actually from himself in disguise, and that he knew all along that Topher stole his phone in an attempt to steal his job.

Hurl and Go Seek

Chris uses his phone and calls the poison hotline for the Juggy Chugs after he notices that the contestants are having the side effects.


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