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After her return, Dakota is required to work as Chris's intern.

Brought onto the show due to questionable means, possibly tied to her connections with her rich father, Dakota becomes an immediate target of Chris from the moment she arrives at Camp Wawanakwa. Humiliating her in any way possible, including eliminating her paparazzi and taking away her cell phone, Chris acquires the ire of Dakota for preventing her from having the fame and the spin-off series she believes she deserves. Dakota and Chris continue to get at each other even after her elimination in Truth or Laser Shark. She returns to the island in hopes of staying in the spotlight, but ends up stuck as an intern instead, forcing her even further under Chris's twisted thumb. Eventually, Chris decides that Dakota is a poor intern and makes her a contestant again in A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, much to her displeasure. Dakota's hatred for Chris intensifies when he kidnaps Sam in The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean. Her rage coupled with the radiation exposure she suffered in the previous episode causes a mutation expanding to every part of her body.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Opening sequence

Theme Song (20)

Dakota's modeling is ruined by Chris in the opening sequence.

Dakota's attempt to model for the paparazzi on the dock is interrupted by Chris dumping a bucket of water on top of her from a jetpack.

Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!

While introducing the new contestants, Chris quickly shifts the camera to Anne Maria while introducing Dakota. Dakota pushes her aside complaining about the sudden pan away. After the yacht is destroyed, Dakota's paparazzi arrive to take pictures of her. Annoyed at the intruders, Chris has Chef Hatchet place a bomb on their boat to quickly blow them away. When Dakota is almost injured by the laser-eyed squirrel, Chris laughs at her misfortune. During the challenge, Chris again gets rid of her paparazzi by sawing a nearby tree. The men are crushed, and Dakota pleads him to "take it easy."

Truth or Laser Shark

Dakota and the other contestants protest the early hour Chris wakes them up, with her stating that she hasn't "gotten enough beauty sleep." When Dakota attempts to call a paparazzo, Chris confiscates her phone, as any electronic equipment is not allowed on the island. However, Dakota reveals later that she brought a spare. During the challenge, Chris tells Chef to send her paparazzi away by bursting their hot air balloon with a slingshot. At the Hurl of Shame following Dakota's elimination, Chris catapults her off the island before she can finish her sentence.

Ice Ice Baby

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Dakota is shocked that she is only allowed to return to Total Drama as an intern.

During the elimination ceremony, Dakota makes a surprise return by hang-gliding her way back to the island. Chris says that he hates it when "losers get all clingy" and orders Chef Hatchet to remove her again, but Dakota pleads with Chris to let her stay in order for her to gain more camera time. Just as he begins to refuse her pleas, Chris receives a call from Dakota's father, who is willing to pay him a large sum of money so his daughter can stay. Chris agrees and allows Dakota to return; as an intern, much to her disappointment.

Finders Creepers


Dakota working as Chris's intern.

Chris has Dakota blow an air horn to wake up the contestants, temporarily deafening her due to not giving her any earplugs. He also knocks her over when he rolls out a board to better explain the challenge. Dakota voices her disdain in the confessional about Chris and returning as an intern. She says that Chris put a restraining order out on the paparazzi so they cannot make any more surprise appearances. In addition, he is taking full advantage of her being one of his laborers. Chris makes Dakota dump kitchen grease into the open graves and fill his toilets with spring water. At the elimination ceremony, Chris is disappointed that no one is being eliminated so he can shoot off the catapult. Dakota returns from her chores at that moment, and he decides to hurl her. Chris tells her that she is welcome to return if she can swim back to the island, much to her dismay. He gives her a deflated flotation device to help with her task.

Backstabbers Ahoy!

After doing the recap, Chris orders Chef to throw a still asleep Dakota into the lake, where she is attacked by a school of piranhas. Dakota is required to demonstrate the challenge to the others alongside veteran contestant Bridgette. When the canoe they are on is destroyed, Chris laughs at them. Dakota yells back that what he did was "rude." After the explosion, Dakota is left hanging on a buoy even after the challenge has ended, leaving her at the mercy of Fang.

Runaway Model

Dakota is forced to do stressful chores for Chris, while he relaxes on his beach chair.

A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste


Dakota is forced to trim Chris's toenails.

The episode starts off with Dakota filing Chris's toenails. Chris soon yells at Dakota that she is not doing a good enough job, and she worriedly files harder. Later, when everyone is at the mine, Chris reveals that he had sent Dakota before them for safety testing. He says with hesitation that she's "going to be fine-ish." At the infirmary tent, Dakota wakes up to discover that she has lost all of her hair as a result of prolonged radiation exposure. Saddened that she is now bald, Dakota screams that Chris is a "dead man." At the elimination ceremony, Chris reveals that Dakota isn't a good intern, but he can't fire her or Mr. Milton will take his money back. Since the Mutant Maggots are currently one player short, as Anne Maria has quit earlier, Chris brings Dakota back into the competition, which she is not happy about.

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean (19)

Chris watches as Dakota begins to mutate while she insults him.

Dakota is still angry at Chris for making her lose her hair in the previous episode. Her hatred for him intensifies when Chris buries her crush, Sam, somewhere underground. As she continues to rage, Dakota mutates drastically because of the radiation exposure and is determined to get her revenge on him. At the elimination ceremony, Chris is glad that Dakota will be eliminated one last time.

Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown

At the end of the episode, Dakota and the other contestants laugh at Chris after he is blown away by his own bomb and arrested.

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