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Chris brings Duncan back in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island to make up the camera time he 'owes' during the previous season.

Duncan has a strong hatred for Chris for putting him and the other contestants through life-threatening challenges as well as making them follow the complicated rules that he sets. While Chris apparently likes Duncan for the drama he can cause, he dislikes Duncan's methods and will not hesitate to disqualify him from a challenge or mention calling his parole officer to send him back to juvie. The conflict between them reaches a new level in Total Drama World Tour after Duncan quits, frustrated with the need to sing in every episode. Chris does not forget this and brings Duncan back later on in the season as well as the next to "pay back the camera time that he owes him".

In Total Drama All-Stars, Chris places Duncan on the Heroic Hamsters after he did a good deed and continuously taunts him, which makes Duncan frustrated as he begins to act much nicer. Eventually, this teasing provokes Duncan enough to blow up Chris's cottage and regain his bad boy image. However, this action also infuriates and devastates Chris, enough for him to send Duncan to prison in retaliation.

Total Drama Island

The Big Sleep

Duncan restrains Eva from attacking Chris. During the challenge, Duncan groans when Chris begins reading Canada's history to make the remaining contestants fall asleep. The host allows him to take a bathroom break at the condition he lets the camera crew come with him.


Chris insults Duncan's appearance, by telling him he "looks like crap" from the results of the last challenge. Duncan retaliates by threatening him.


Chris "helping" Duncan with his deer accessories.

Not Quite Famous

While explaining the challenge, Chris tells the campers that they can perform anything during the challenge, so long it is legal, specifically pointing to Duncan. Upon hearing this, Duncan snaps his finger in disappointment.

Paintball Deer Hunter

When Duncan is designated as a deer for the challenge, Chris takes great pleasure in "helping" Duncan to put on his deer tail, which the latter is extremely unhappy about.

Who Can You Trust?

During the climbing challenge, Chris sprays Duncan with hot sauce. However, Duncan merely opens his mouth and eats it. He mockingly asks if that was the best Chris could do, to which Chris genuinely asks his crew if it was. They also exchange bemused remarks when they witness Gwen's skirt being ripped off by Heather. 

X-Treme Torture


Duncan threatens Chris for the final marshmallow in X-Treme Torture.

When Duncan and Harold are in the bottom two, Chris makes fun of Duncan, due to his humiliating loss of the day's challenge to Lindsay. When he continues to taunt Duncan, the latter grabs Chris by the shirt collar and threateningly states that "the chick was determined". This is enough for Chris to quickly give up the final marshmallow and eliminate Harold.

Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon

Chris finds Duncan carving "D+C" into the back of a wooden carving of Courtney's head. He starts to make fun of Duncan and shows the carving to the others, humiliating Duncan. However, Leshawna intervenes, abruptly ending Chris's teasing and sparing Duncan further embarrassment.

The Very Last Episode, Really!

After the winner is declared, Duncan, along with Geoff and Owen, throw Chris into the lake as a revenge for all the dangerous challenges he had made them perform in the season.

Total Drama Action

Alien Resurr-eggtion

When Chris arrives in the craft services tent welcoming everyone to Day 2 of Total Drama Action, Duncan asks if he will do the introduction every time. Chris replies that he will, to which Duncan dismisses it.

Riot On Set


Chris after Duncan's performance

After watching Duncan's performance Chris, Chef, Heather, and Leshawna are moved to tears.

3:10 to Crazytown

Chris announces that the Screaming Gaffers have to wear cow udders on their head for the final challenge of the day. He starts to make fun of them in the ridiculous get-up, and Duncan threatens Chris with an udder sandwich, to which Chris replied, "I'm good".

One Million Bucks, B.C.

When Duncan sees Chris in his caveman costume, he laughs at Chris and sarcastically says that Chris's look hurts him a lot. Chris also catches Duncan using a lighter for the fire making challenge by looking at camera files, and gives the Killer Grips the victory since Duncan cheated.

Million Dollar Babies

Chris criticizes Duncan on his humiliating loss to a girl in wrestling at the elimination ceremony. Chris gives Duncan a Gilded Chris award, calling him "Diaper-Shark".

Super Hero-ld

During the challenge, Chris says that Duncan's psychic powers are "lame", and gives him two points out of ten. Duncan also comments that Chris had dinner with the flour sack that the contestants are required to rescue.

Rock n' Rule

Chris compliments Duncan on his actions during the red carpet challenge.

Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen

After seeing Duncan forcing Harold to wax the lame-o-sine, Chris asks Duncan if Harold could wax his car. Due to the parking lot being filled with cars, Duncan asks Chris which one belongs to him. Chris to replies that all the cars are his, resulting in the two laughing at Harold's expense.

Top Dog


Chris congratulates Duncan and Beth for making the final two in Total Drama Action.

Chris tells Duncan and Beth that they are the final two of Total Drama Action. He asks "which one will lose", which causes Duncan to glare at him. Afterwards, Chris pushes both Beth and Duncan.

The Aftermath: IV

Chris makes Duncan feel embarrassed by showing a video of him being nice to some of the male contestants while they were sleeping. Duncan complains about him for showing that.

Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special

Like everyone else, Duncan is angry that Chris replaced them with Total Drama Dirtbags. However, this is all just a ruse to trick them into entering the third season. In the confession, Duncan accepts Chris's challenge and tells him to "bring it on".

Total Drama World Tour

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1


Duncan angrily tells Chris that he quits Total Drama World Tour.

Duncan is increasingly annoyed by Chris in the entire episode due to Chris forcing Duncan to sing. When Chris tells Duncan he needs to sing a reprise, Duncan finally snaps and lets out an angry rant about how frustrating the entire day had been, followed by him quitting the game. Chris doesn't seem to mind Duncan's resignation (albeit due to being shocked and slightly threatened by Duncan in the process), but refers to him as "Duncan McQuittypants" later, possibly because it meant Ezekiel could come back to the game to fill in his place, which Chris is not happy about.

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2

Chris pushes Duncan

Chris pushes Duncan off the plane.

While in the plane, Chris catches Duncan humming Come Fly With Us while he is enjoying a drink in the first-class area. Duncan denies the accusation, but Chris indicates he will be watching him if he does it again. Later, after Ezekiel is eliminated, Chris gives Duncan his parachute and tells him "last stop for non-contestants". Duncan reminds him that he is supposed to be given a ride home, but Chris says that they're going the other way, so he pushes Duncan off the plane with a grin, telling him to have a happy landing.

Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water

It is revealed in this episode that, after Duncan took the Drop of Shame and went missing, Chris sent a giant Drama Machine to look for him.

I See London...

Gwen and Courtney capture Duncan and bring him back to the plane, much to his anger. He attempts to leave again, but Chris refuses to let him do so, telling him that the game would catch up to him eventually. He forces Duncan to stay and put him on Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot.

Greece's Pieces

It is revealed during the recap that Chris broke the confession lock in the previous episode in order to get Duncan and Gwen to kiss and stir up some drama, and consequently cause more trouble. Chris makes Duncan sing during the whole episode to make up for all the songs he missed and every time he didn't sing while talking, he would be whipped by Chef. At the elimination ceremony, Chris automatically eliminates the intern instead of Duncan (who had received the majority of the votes), just to keep the current drama alive, since it was "just getting started".

Picnic at Hanging Dork

At the elimination ceremony, Chris indirectly mocks Duncan about his new relationship with Gwen.

Niagara Brawls

Chris relishes in the fact that with Duncan and Courtney winning the challenge together, they will be forced into first class together and couldn't vote each other off. This upsets both Duncan and Courtney.

African Lying Safari

Duncan mocks the sport of soccer, only for Chris to kick a soccer ball at him. When Duncan is hit with a tranquilizer ball, Chris demands a song from him, as well as the other paralyzed contestants, no matter how groggy they were. When Duncan is voted out, Chris didn't give him time to say goodbye and tosses him off the plane. Chris then says that he would miss "that delinquent".

Hawaiian Punch

Duncan is seen laughing with the other contestants when Ezekiel crashes through the deck of Chris's boat, causing it to sink with him and Chef standing in it.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Grand Chef Auto


Duncan blows up Mount Chrismore.

Still angry that Duncan quit last season and thus, owes him camera time, Chris captures Duncan in order for him to demo the challenge, which Duncan is not happy about. Once Chef unties him, Duncan uses the opportunity to run away. Chris later blames Duncan for tampering with the challenge, even though it was actually Chef's doing. Duncan later returns and blows up Mt. Chrismore, Chris's monument to himself in which he was upset about.

Total Drama All-Stars

Saving Private Leechball

Observing that Duncan's behavior in the episode was heroic, Chris switches him from the Villainous Vultures to the Heroic Hamsters, ignoring his protests that he doesn't "want to be a lame-o hero".

No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition

Throughout the episode, Chris mocks Duncan for his recent change in personality, becoming a much nicer person. He also shows a video of Duncan consoling a mother bird when he tries to take its egg. Chris then teases him by saying he's being brought back for another All-Star season and the teams will be "Total Sweethearts" and "Total Bigger Sweethearts".

Suckers Punched

Duncan hopes that by participating in the boxing challenge will further prove that he is still a "bad boy". Little does he know that Chris has rigged the challenge, making the contestants fight something that Chris knew they would have difficulty with. Before Chris reveals the opponent, Chris talks about how he could potentially hurt someone in an attempt to take him out of it. In his match, he had to fight the mother bird he met from the previous challenge. Duncan refuses to fight for similar reasons that Chris gave him beforehand and forfeits the challenge, making Chris mock him even more.

You Regatta Be Kidding Me


Chris calls the cops to arrest Duncan for destroying his cottage.

Chris continues to mock Duncan's kindness for most of the episode, claiming he has lost his edge. In retaliation, Duncan left in the middle of the challenge to destroy Chris's cottage with a dynamite in order to prove that he is still a "bad boy". Furious, Chris reports this act of vandalism to the police and Duncan is arrested. With his "bad boy" reputation restored, Duncan believes that he will be running juvie only for Chris to tell him that he'll be confined to an actual prison because of it. Duncan tries to talk himself out of it but to no avail and Chris gladly watches as Duncan is taken away.


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