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Chris prepares to celebrate the 100th episode of Total Drama, right before being captured by Ezekiel.

Chris shows great distaste for Ezekiel throughout the series, believing him to be a nuisance. While they have little interaction in Total Drama Island, the conflict between the two quickly escalates two seasons later. Early in Total Drama World Tour, Chris is annoyed by Ezekiel since he wouldn't stop talking about how far he would make it and throws him out of the plane moments before it takes off. However, Ezekiel manages to get back onto the plane and Chris has no choice but to put him back into the competition after Duncan left. This didn't last long; however, as Ezekiel is eliminated the next episode and is pushed off the plane. For most of the season, Chris didn't know that Ezekiel is still on the plane, trying to steal the million dollars. However, whenever Chris figures out about him, he uses him as part of the challenge and tries to ditch him after any of these challenges are over.

This conflict continues in Total Drama All-Stars, with Chris continuing to mistreat the still-feral Ezekiel for his own amusement. This results in Ezekiel kidnapping him in the one-hundredth episode, as well as nearly killing him.

Total Drama Island

Poor Zeke

Chris gives Ezekiel some advice upon his arrival to the island.

Not So Happy Campers - Part 1

When Ezekiel first arrives, Chris gives him a friendly greeting of "What's up, man?" Ezekiel responds by pointing up toward the sky and replying, "I think I see a bird". Chris, seeing how clueless Ezekiel is to teen life, puts a hand on his shoulder and gives him some advice on how to last longer on the island, which is "don't say much and try not to get kicked off too early". Ezekiel then replies, "Yes, sir".

Not So Happy Campers - Part 2

When Ezekiel is eliminated, Chris says that he isn't shocked because he has seen Ezekiel picking his nose and insults it by saying that it was "not cool".

The Big Sleep

In the recap of the previous episode, Chris comments that Ezekiel's elimination is unsurprising, stating that "homeschooling and reality TV really don't mix".

Total Drama World Tour

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1


Chris shoves Ezekiel down in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1.

At the beginning of the episode, Chris introduces each contestant by name and is presumably just about to introduce Ezekiel before he interrupts Chris with bad slang, confidently stating that he will win the season. Chris then introduces Izzy, Tyler, and Bridgette in rapid succession and skips mentioning Ezekiel until he reminds him to do so, prompting a deadpan introduction. Chris is easily annoyed by Ezekiel throughout the episode, due to these constant interruptions. When Chris tries to explain the elimination process this season which uses barf bags, Ezekiel interrupts him by bringing up his peanut allergy. Chris tries to continue, but Ezekiel interrupts him again and continues talking about his allergy. Chris then decides to punish Ezekiel by "demonstrating" how the Drop of Shame works. He then proceeds to grab Ezekiel by the jacket and roughly throws him off the jumbo jet just as its taking off. Ezekiel quickly got back up to his feet, starting to chase after the jet, yelling for Chris to let him back in. Chris smugly replies "All eliminations are final, bro!" and he then shuts the door. Just as Chris prepares to start off the "Pyramid Over Under" challenge, Ezekiel runs up to the cast and tells Chris that he is not going to lose this time. While Chris is noticeably impressed with Ezekiel's determination, he still considers him eliminated. Ezekiel, however, is so determined to prove that he will not give up, that he participates in the challenge anyway. At the end of the pyramid challenge, Ezekiel begs Chris to let him back in the game once more. Chris is so irritated that he finally gives up, pushes him over, but accepts his request (since Duncan quit and they are short one person), by placing him on Team Victory.

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2


"Wow. Sucks to be you."

-Chris to Ezekiel.

Chris reminds the contestants that Ezekiel's interruption of Lovin' Time has caused the need for a reprise, which earned Ezekiel many glares as a result. When Ezekiel is forced to confess that he lost his team's reward item; the stick, Chris laughs and says, "Wow. Sucks to be you". At the elimination ceremony, he once again reminds Team Victory that it is Ezekiel's fault that they had to go through an elimination ceremony in the first place. Later, Chris states that he knew that he would be satisfied with Ezekiel being eliminated and him being kicked out of the Total Drama Jumbo Jet by Chef. He didn't seem to notice Ezekiel still hanging onto the jet, and is thus unaware of his status as a stowaway until much later.

Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan

Chris, once again, taunts Ezekiel after his elimination in the recap. This time saying that Ezekiel "finds a way to lose, un-lose, and lose again".

Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water


Chris pulls out a baseball bat to hit Ezekiel's silhouette.

Chris pulls out a wooden baseball bat after seeing Ezekiel's silhouette in the midst of the steam in his hot tub, only for the silhouette to suddenly disappear before he can make another move.

I See London...

Chef finally finds Ezekiel hiding in the cargo hold and brings him to Chris. However, Chris apparently has something else in mind for Ezekiel and thus, evicts Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot from the first-class area so that he and Chef could secretly strike a deal with Ezekiel; he must play as Jack the Ripper in the day's challenge, and has to kidnap all of the remaining contestants one-by-one. If he does so successfully without being captured himself, he would get to return to the game. Thus, almost immediately, he begins fulfilling his duty; he captures Alejandro before the challenge even starts, due to him eavesdropping in on their conversation. Later, he manages to capture Sierra, Cody, Tyler, and Heather, before Owen manages to capture him. Thus, Chris reveals Ezekiel's identity to the entire cast. He then declares that since he failed to complete his task, he could not return. He has Chef throw him off the plane, but once again, Ezekiel is seen to hang onto the jet. Though this time by grabbing onto the wheels after his fall.

African Lying Safari


Chris explains to the remaining contestants the challenge is to capture Ezekiel.

Chef finds Ezekiel in the cargo hold again, only this time, after a tip from Blaineley during her elimination in the previous episode. Chris also says Ezekiel is like a one-man cockroach infestation, since he "just won't go away". Chris uses him in the challenge once more, this time taking advantage of his feral, animalistic state and using him as the prey for the final five to hunt. While Chris is explaining the challenge, Ezekiel attempts to grab the oblivious host through the bars of his cage, but is unsuccessful, as he is too far out of reach. When Ezekiel is finally tranquilized, Chris immediately tells the cast to get back on the plane so that they can leave before he wakes up, hoping that they can leave him behind and be rid of him once and for all, though he climbs back on.

Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles

Chris refers to Ezekiel briefly in the episode as he tells Cody that they don't need another "cling-on" on the season.

Hawaiian Punch

HP - AlternateEndingEzekielLungesAtChris

Chris and Ezekiel fight over the million dollars in Alejandro's ending.

In Alejandro's ending, Ezekiel attacks Chris for the million dollar case, which results in him falling into the active volcano along with the million dollar case. The only thing Chris could say in reply was "Whoa. Didn't see that one coming". He didn't seem to devastated by this incident at all, nor did he show any sign of sympathy for the seemingly-dead Ezekiel. After Chris and the rest of the cast retreat down the volcano path and into the water, Chris got on a boat with Chef and started to sign off the show. However, Ezekiel is suddenly shot out of the volcano at that moment and crashes right through the deck of Chris's boat, causing it to sink with him and Chef still on it.

Interview with Erin

In an interview with Erin, Chris states that he didn't think that Ezekiel would win a season or a challenge at least.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Once the campers escaped the mine, Chris activates the bombs they left inside, trapping Ezekiel, who is left behind.

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean

In the recap, Chris mocks Ezekiel for being more successful with girls in his feral form than he was as a human being.

Total Drama All-Stars

Heroes vs. Villains


Chris prepares to kick Ezekiel off the show again.

After all the other contestants have been introduced, Chris announces Ezekiel as the fourteenth contestant of the season (much to the contestants' shock), only for him to say that he is kidding. Chris then explains that there is no way Ezekiel is coming back before ordering The Robot to shoot Ezekiel far away from the island.

Zeek And Ye Shall Find


Ezekiel attempts to dunk Chris into a tank of toxic waste.

While Chris is celebrating the 100th episode of the show, a still-feral Ezekiel sneaks up from behind and kidnaps him. It is revealed that Ezekiel took Chris into the mine from season four and hung him upside down above a tub of acid as payback for his mistreatment towards him two seasons ago. A nervous Chris tries to reason with the still-feral ex-contestant, but to no avail, as Ezekiel releases rats to cut the rope that Chris is hanging on. Chris brings up his acts of cruelty towards Ezekiel in the past episodes, angering the former contestant even further to the point that he howls in anguish. Chris begins screaming for help as Ezekiel manages to capture the majority of the contestants and place them in a cage. Gwen, Chef, and Cameron come to Chris's aid, and after some difficulty, Gwen manages to subdue Ezekiel with Chef's meatball bazooka, winning the challenge and is allowed the stay in the McLean Spa Hotel. In the confessional, Chris claims that he is faking being terrified of Ezekiel, but when a growl is heard from the outside (courtesy of Mal) Chris runs away, screaming in terror.


  • Chris's voice actor (Christian Potenza) revealed in an interview that he originally auditioned to play Ezekiel.

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