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Chris interrupts Gwen and Trent's kiss before the latter leaves in Search and Do Not Destroy.

Gwen despises Chris, and is likely his biggest hater on the show, with their conflict beginning the moment she arrives on the island. Other than being put through dangerous challenges and changing the rules constantly, Gwen is also annoyed by Chris's overly cheerful personality, along with his huge ego, and constantly insults him. Chris, on the other hand, enjoys having Gwen around so he can continue messing with her romantic life in order to boost ratings.

Total Drama Island

Not So Happy Campers - Part 1

Poor Contract

Gwen rips up her contract.

As soon as Gwen arrives onto the island, she starts to complain that she did not sign up to be at a run-down summer camp. She rips up her contract, only for Chris to show her a copy of it, annoying Gwen. She then tries to leave the island, but cannot because her boat has already left, prompting to call Chris a "jerk." She is also annoyed by Chris and Geoff's constant use of the word "man".

The Big Sleep


Gwen begs Chris to give her some coffee, or even the grinds.

Chris constantly taunts Gwen and the remaining campers that have yet to fall asleep in the Awake-a-Thon challenge by drinking coffee in front of them. An immensely tired Gwen begs Chris to give her some coffee, begging and saying she'll take anything, even the grinds, but he ignores her. Once Duncan falls asleep in the bathroom, Chris raises Gwen's hand, declaring her team victorious.


When Gwen enters the main lodge, Chris announces her arrival to everyone and proudly claps for her along with all the other competitors.

Not Quite Famous

In a rare case of sympathy, Chris shows disgust when Heather reads Gwen's diary out loud during the talent contest, revealing her secret crush to Trent for the whole viewing world to hear.

Phobia Factor

When burying Gwen in sand for her challenge, Chris jokes about letting her stay buried, Gwen clearly being upset by the joke. While they mess with Geoff, both Chris and Trent forget they have left Gwen buried alive, even after the required five minutes to complete the challenge have passed. Once Trent remembers, Chris helps him dig Gwen out. After a frustrated Gwen throws her walkie-talkie at Trent, Chris cheerfully declares she's alright.

Paintball Deer Hunter

At the Campfire Ceremony, Gwen quickly completes Chris's sentence on how the elimination works and the fate of the camper who did not get a marshmallow, much to Chris's annoyance.

Who Can You Trust?

During the first part of the challenge, Chris pairs Gwen up with Heather, much to her displeasure. When Heather rips off the bottom of Gwen's skirt, revealing her underwear, Chris is impressed with what he sees and even agrees with Duncan.

No Pain, No Game


Gwen complaining to Chris through his loudspeaker.

Gwen is angry when Chris decides to bring Eva and Izzy back into the game, lying about his earlier rule that nobody is allowed to return after being eliminated.

Search and Do Not Destroy

Chris pauses the video where Gwen was kissing Trent, finding it adorable. At the Campfire Ceremony, Chris interrupts Gwen and Trent's second kiss before Trent gets onto the Boat of Losers after his elimination.

Hook, Line, and Screamer

When it is discovered that Gwen is facing the actual psycho killer, Chris, Chef and the other contestants quickly race to the main lodge to warn her, showing that he has great concern for her safety though he admits that he will face lawsuits if she is killed. After he sees Gwen successfully defeat the killer, Chris awards her with invincibility despite Duncan being the one who won the challenge by defeating Chef.

Camp Castaways

Chris overhears Gwen mentioning that the producers are not "the sharpest tools in the shed" and probably don't know where to look for her and the other campers. In the confession, he looks annoyed, but decides to ignore her comment.

I Triple Dog Dare You!


Chris taunting Gwen for taking a disgusting dare.

While watching Gwen takes Cody's dare (putting ice in her underwear), Chris makes several ice related puns which greatly annoy her. Gwen angrily demands him to give her a freebie, since she successfully completes the dare. When the wheel lands on Geoff's dare (drinking powdered fruit punch from a toilet), Chris taunts Gwen to see her decision; take the dare or use her freebie. When she agrees to take the dare, Chris laughs at her, as well as being grossed out by her decision.

The Very Last Episode, Really!

When Gwen was about to fall off the plank she had to walk over, Chris, along with Trent and Chef, gasps in sympathy. In Gwen's ending, Chris cheers when Gwen manages to defeat Owen and win Total Drama Island along with the one hundred thousand dollars prize. After the winner is declared, Gwen and the rest of the girls cheer as Owen, Geoff, and Duncan throw Chris into the lake.

Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island


Gwen is angry that she has to give up her prize money in her opening.

In Gwen's opening of the episode, Gwen becomes very angry at Chris when she is forced to give up her prize money for a chance to win a million dollars, despite her protest. Chris is so frightened of Gwen that he jumps into Chef's arms. If Owen is the winner instead, Gwen initially protest but ultimately accepts the challenge after Chris taunts that contestants for allowing Owen to win a million dollars easily. After the case gets eaten by a shark, Chris announces that Gwen and several other contestants will be competing for season two. Gwen objects, but couldn't because of the fine print on her contract. In response, Gwen yells "I hate the fine print!".

Total Drama Action

Riot On Set

Before Gwen and Trent choose their teams, Chris states, "Ladies first," however, he then adds that they "have no ladies here" and instructs Gwen to pick.

3:10 to Crazytown


Chris makes Gwen watch Trent leave to make her feel bad about it.

After Trent's elimination, Chris brings Gwen into the control room to watch Trent take the Walk of Shame in order to make her feel bad for her actions.

The Chefshank Redemption

Chris knows that Gwen has voted for herself under orders from Justin and the Killer Grips. While Chris admires her actions as it will earn her karma points, he also mocks her for losing a chance for the million dollars.

One Flu Over the Cuckoos

During the recap, Chris calls Gwen a "traitor" to her team for sabotaging her team's challenge despite knowing the true cause of her actions.

The Aftermath: II

In order to avoid being asked about her recent actions with Trent, Gwen constantly tells the two hosts of the Aftermath about Chris and a cameraman having a prank war.

Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special

Like all of the other contestants, Gwen is angry that Chris has replaced them with Total Drama Dirtbags.

Total Drama World Tour

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1

During Come Fly With Us, Gwen and Duncan both refuse to sing until Chris tells them that they will automatically be eliminated if they do not.

Broadway, Baby!

Like the other contestants, Gwen laughs at Chris when it is discovered that he used to host a cooking show, but it was cancelled after one episode and that Chris was in a boy band known as Fametown.

The Am-AH-Zon Race

Amazon walkie talkie chris lindsay heather gwen tyler

Chris refuses to send help to Gwen's team.

Despite Gwen's pleas, Chris refuses to send help when she and her team are captured by a group of Zing-Zings and even added that the walkie talkie is for emergencies only. Despite the situation, he forces her to sing a song. Later during the voting, Gwen tells Chris that she will give him ten dollars if he forgets to give Heather a parachute.

Can't Help Falling in Louvre

Chris is shocked that DJ chooses Gwen as her model during the tie-breaker challenge. During the judging, Chris agrees with Heather that Gwen is a bad model. Angered, Gwen threw DJ's shirt at him and storms off from the stage.

Jamaica Me Sweat

While in the infirmary with Owen, Chris forces them to sing a song. Gwen protests because of their injuries and also because Owen just broke up with Izzy, but Chris reminds them that they will be eliminated if they do not.

I See London...

Knowing that Gwen has feelings for Duncan, Chris arranges things so that Duncan enters the confessional while Gwen is using it by breaking the lock. Once he notices their kiss, Chris is delighted as the drama is going to get very high ratings.

Greece's Pieces

In the recap, Chris admits he broke the lock to the confession in the previous episode, allowing Duncan to enter while Gwen is using it. In order to keep the current drama going between Gwen, Duncan and Courtney, Chris, during the elimination ceremony, pushes one of his interns out of the plane instead of Duncan.

Picnic at Hanging Dork

At the elimination ceremony, Chris lists reasons for everyone to get eliminated and mentions Gwen's reason by mocking her relationship with Duncan. He also forces her to participate in a tie-breaker challenge that she was disadvantaged in because of her allergies. This ultimately resulted in her elimination.

Hawaiian Punch

Gwen is seen laughing at Chris with the other contestants after Ezekiel crashed through the deck of Chris's boat, causing it to sink with him and Chef standing in it.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean (48)

Gwen angrily calls Chris for burying her alive.

Chris somehow manages to trap Gwen into a chest and bury her somewhere, together with Sam. Gwen begins to panic when she realizes where she is. Later, Gwen contacts Chris with her cell phone to tell him that he has gone too far, but is knocked out by Sam's fart before she can finish her sentence.

Total Drama All-Stars

Heroes vs. Villains

When introducing Gwen, Chris refers to her as a boyfriend stealer, which causes her to yell, "He wasn't her boyfriend at the time!". Due to how she ended up with Duncan two seasons ago, Chris places Gwen on the Villainous Vultures, much to her displeasure. When Gwen asks why she was considered a villain, Chris explains by saying Gwen was a boyfriend stealer, which prompts her to yell that Duncan wasn't Courtney's boyfriend at the time.

Evil Dread

Chris shows amusement after Gwen triggers a water trap by giving Chef a high five. After Gwen fails to apologize to Courtney, covering her in trash in the process, Chris taunts Gwen by clapping and stating happily that she is "definitely on the right team." Gwen hangs in her head in sadness.

Saving Private Leechball

Chris laughs at Gwen after she accidentally kicks a bucket of leeches that fall on Courtney and calls her "pure evil."

Food Fright

Chris mocks Gwen when her stomach gives out and she vomits, thus being eliminated from the challenge. During the elimination ceremony, right before Chris reveals that the Heroic Hamsters did not finish their pancakes, he "congratulates" Gwen for not hurting Courtney in any way for the entire episode.

Suckers Punched

Chris cries

Chris is touched to tears by Courtney and Gwen's friendship.

Unknown to the contestants, Chris rigs the Wheel of Misfortune to stop at the contestants' fears. When it is Gwen's turn to spin the wheel, Chris makes it stop at Courtney, knowing the rivalry between the two will boost the show's ratings. Gwen refuses to fight Courtney as their relationship has been improving ever since she and Duncan broke up. However, Chris shows Courtney video clips of Gwen and Duncan kissing to provoke her to fight Gwen. In the end, Chris gives the girls two points out of kindness, giving the Vultures the victory.

Zeek And Ye Shall Find

After Chris is captured by Ezekiel, Gwen manages to avoid getting caught in the mines and rescues everyone, including Chris. Chris appreciates this and decides to honor Chef's earlier promise of immunity and permanent residence in the Spa Hotel to whoever won the challenge. Chris also allows her to choose who gets exiled to Boney Island.

The Obsta-Kill Kourse


Gwen is sent to Boney Island for mocking Chris.

During the elimination ceremony, it is revealed that Gwen did not like staying at the Spa Hotel with Chris and refuses to stay with him for another night. Chris then sends her to Boney Island for exile in retaliation, much to her surprise.

Sundae Muddy Sundae

After Chris reveals the challenge for the final five contestants, Gwen calls Chris sick, to which Chris claims prison has changed him.

The Bold and the Booty-ful

In the confessional, Gwen is annoyed by Chris when he is announcing the challenge and mocks him, saying that Chris is an egomaniac as his "most prized possession is himself." Gwen is tasked to find one of Chris's paintings in the cottage her ex-boyfriend destroyed a few episodes ago. When Gwen finds one, she accidentally smudges the painting and has no choice but to repaint it using bear droppings. Chris is furious over what Gwen did and makes her the first of the final four to be eliminated, much to her displeasure.

In the exclusive clip, after she and Scott end up at Niagara Falls, Gwen once again exclaims her hatred for Chris as she's swept over the waterfall.


  • This is the first conflict formed in the series.
  • Both of their voice actors play the lead cast of 6teen.
    • Chris's voice actor, Christian Potenza, plays Jude.
    • Gwen's voice actor, Megan Fahlenbock, plays Jen.

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