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Chris using Owen

Chris scolding Owen for failing to sabotage the newly-formed friendship between Duncan and Harold.

Unlike the rest of the contestants, Owen appears to be in good terms with Chris. Likewise, Chris seems to like Owen and is known to call Owen "my man", as a simple term of endearment. Throughout the first season, the two of them have many positive interactions.

Their friendship, however, takes a drastic change in the next season. After Owen's family goes bankrupt, Chris brings Owen back into the competition as a saboteur to create more mayhem and distrust amongst the remaining contestants. This is done to stir up the drama and increase ratings for the show. Owen reluctantly agrees to do so as Chris promises to pay him $50,000. Eventually, Owen's role is discovered and he is fired by Chris. However, the two appear to still be on friendly terms during the next three seasons.

Total Drama Island

Not So Happy Campers - Part 1

Bro hug

Owen hugs Chris once he arrives at Camp Wawanakwa.

When Owen arrives to the island, he and Chris happily greet each other, but Chris doesn't seem to like it when Owen hugs him tightly.

Not So Happy Campers - Part 2

When Owen is the only contestant left who has to jump off the cliff, meaning his jump will decide the result, Chris teases him about the pressure of such situation.

Hook, Line, and Screamer

Chris manages to calm Owen down after he saw the killer attacking him and Izzy.

Camp Castaways


Chris eliminates Mr. Coconut for Owen's mental sake.

Chris eliminates Mr. Coconut (Owen's imaginary friend after losing his mind) who is then thrown onto the Dock of Shame, because Owen's obsessive friendship with it was frightening him.

I Triple Dog Dare You!

Chris is concerned about Owen when he begins to accept extreme dares that may affect his health. After taking Beth's dare (re-chewing Harold's gum), Chris gives Owen the first freebie and asked him whether or not he wants to take a tetanus shot (since Harold often picked his nose and may had touched his gum without washing his hands) which he declines. After watching Owen eating dog food, Chris can no longer hold his stomach and finally vomits. In the confession, he expresses his disgusts with Owen and the two girls, who are willing to do anything to win the money.

The Very Last Episode, Really!

In Owen's ending, Chris cheers when Owen manages to beat Gwen and win the season. After giving him the final marshmallow and the prize money, Owen, Geoff and Duncan throw Chris the Dock of Shame in retribution for all of the dangerous things he has forced them to do over the season.

Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island


Chris coaxes Owen to surrender his winnings for a bigger reward, in his opening.

In Owen's opening, at Playa Des Losers, Chris announces that Owen has to give up his prize money for one final challenge with a million dollars on the line. This challenge also includes the other contestants. After a moment of consideration, Owen happily agrees and Chef rips his check. In the end however, no one wins the challenge, but Owen and a few others will be qualified for a new season, in which Owen seems happy to participate.

Total Drama Action

Monster Cash

Chris mocks Owen's weight when it helps him escape from the monster. After Owen eats prop food during the second challenge, Chris offers him a medical condition, being worried about him. However, Owen refuses, telling Chris he has a strong stomach, but promptly changes his mind and tells him to call 911.

Alien Resurr-eggtion

At the Awards Ceremony, Chris gives a Gilded Chris Award to Owen and calls him "my man!" Owen thanks him for it.

Beach Blanket Bogus

When it's revealed an actual bus arrived for the contestants to transport them to an actual beach, Owen states it's the first time that Chris hasn't lied to the contestants and asks if it means they should trust him.

3:10 to Crazytown

Chris angrily scolds Owen for drinking all the water in the water guns as they needed them for the next part of the challenge. Since Chef refuses to refill the guns, Chris has to change the challenge.

The Chefshank Redemption

Chris calls the Grips losers while doing the recap. Owen and the Grips hear this and are offended by it.

The Sand Witch Project

Chris holding his pet

Chris reminds Owen he will have to eat Chef's meals again.

After DJ took the the Lame-o-sine, Chris grabs Owen's face and tells him whether or not he could survive the next challenge; Chef's cooking. Upon hearing this, Owen faints since he has been eating DJ's delicious cooking ever since. Right before the episode ends, Owen vomits on Chris's shoe, much to his disgust.

Masters of Disasters


Chris brings Owen back from the hospital.

When Owen breaks his jaw during the first part of the challenge, Chris gives his team the victory despite the other team arriving first. Owen is then sent to the hospital and the castmates all show considerable anger at Chris for his lack of remorse for the incident. At the end of the episode, Owen is brought back to the set and Chris allows him to celebrate with the Gaffers if Owen promised not to file a lawsuit for the damage of his jaw, which Owen agrees to.

Ocean's Eight - Or Nine

After Owen is eliminated, Chris allows Owen to give a farewell speech, despite Courtney's protest. In his speech, Owen thanks Chris (while imagining him as a slice of pizza), but he is not given enough time to say what he thanked him for.

One Million Bucks, B.C.

Chris mentions that if Owen was still present for the challenge, there would have been a mammoth hunting challenge, hinting that he was supposed to use Owen as part of the challenge.

Rock n' Rule

Chris brings Owen back to the show, claiming that Owen has filed a successful lawsuit against the show, for having his jaw broken and being unfairly eliminated at the hands of Courtney. However Owen reveals in the confessional that Chris really just offered him fifty grand to do so, and that it would make up for his family spending the same amount of money (that they did not really have) on a cheese cellar. But the offer has one condition: Owen would have to start acting as an antagonist and sabotage the other contestants. He states that the only reason that he accepted the offer at all is because he needs the money to help his family, as he would never want to do anything harmful to his friends (except for Courtney).

Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen


Chris scolding Owen for helping both teams instead of picking one team.

The alliance has a greater emphasis in this episode because Owen begins to sabotage the participants, at the behest of Chris. Chris sends Owen to sabotage one of the two teams, but instead of sabotaging just one, he sabotages both of them due to not wanting to give a team an unfair advantage, annoying Chris. At the next challenge, where Duncan and Harold have to climb a cliff in order to collect a bonsai tree, Owen goes along only because Chris wants him to sabotage either Duncan or Harold and take their chances of winning a reward away. While Owen is ascending the cliff, by being pulled up by a crane, Chris becomes furious at him for letting Duncan and Harold help each other and for not doing his duty. He pulls Owen up and threatens him that if he doesn't sabotage at least once, he won't be getting the fifty thousand dollars he was promised and will be fired. After climbing the cliff, Owen finally does some sabotage work by ruining Duncan and Harold's small friendship by asking Harold what he misses about Leshawna, knowing Duncan would respond negatively to his answer. Duncan then insults her, causing an enraged Harold to throw a glass of water into Duncan's face and then brutally punch him. This allows Harold to win the challenge after he takes down Sasquatchanakwa.

2008: A Space Owen

Owen's guilt over sabotaging his friends is reaches an all time high after he receives an award from home for being the most honest and trustworthy person at his school. After Harold saves the cast on the spaceship, Owen sabotages his work and breaks the window on the spaceship using Harold's nunchucks.

Top Dog

Owen sad

Chris fires Owen after his cover has been blown.

In the confessional at the beginning of the episode, Owen admits that he is actually starting to enjoy sabotaging. At the beginning of the first challenge, Owen sabotages Courtney by making her shark to go on a frenzy. He is also seen hindering Duncan, but does not sabotage Beth. In the second challenge, Chris secretly gives Owen a GPS as a reward to get him out of the forest first and win himself invincibility. Owen and his bear plan to trap Duncan and Beth so that they could not win. Owen fools Duncan when he puts up a sign pointing in the opposite direction of the Film Lot and leads Duncan into a hidden hole, which Owen honestly did not expect. However Owen fails to sabotage Beth, as he gets caught in a net trap. After a few days, Owen, Duncan and Courtney finally get back. Owen's secret is revealed when Courtney gets a message from her lawyers revealing that Owen is the saboteur. Beth and Courtney then immediately confront him. Owen says in the confessional that he is glad that his secret has been revealed and that he can go back to being his old self. At the Awards Ceremony, Courtney is voted out, but she is soon joined by Owen when Chris fires him from his job. He says that there is no point of "having a spy that's been spied", indicating that the alliance has ended.

The Aftermath: IV

Chris appears to like Owen's challenge for the final two.

Total Drama World Tour

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1


Chris knocks Owen out in order to calm him down.

Throughout the episode, Chris is annoyed by Owen's fear of flying and calms him down by knocking him with a frying pan. Chris hits him again during Come Fly With Us.

Slap Slap Revolution

Owen the sausage

Chris is entertained by seeing that Owen ate the sausage.

Chris is shown to be very entertained when Owen is revealed to have eaten his team's raw sausage for the challenge. Chris places his arm on Owen's back and sarcastically comments "Dude, that was raw meat, not good" then chuckles. Chris even allows Alejandro's suggestion of riding Owen down the hill and pays no attention to Owen's worried face.

Jamaica Me Sweat

Chris ignores Owen's recent break up with Izzy and forces him and Gwen to sing a song or they will be automatically eliminated.

Greece's Pieces


Owen joins Chris in signing off before the commercial break.

Earlier in the episode, Owen misunderstands Chris's explanation of their challenge and begins to strip, freaking everyone out. Later, Owen happily joins Chris to sign off before the commercial break.

The EX-Files

Chris laughs at Owen after Owen came out from an experiment chamber that causes him to resemble The Joker.

Sweden Sour

After Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot wins the first challenge, Chris congratulates them and gives Owen a viking helmet to wear. When Owen salutes, Chris tells him that's not what vikings do.

Hawaiian Punch

After Ezekiel crashes into Chris's boat, Owen and the rest of the contestants laugh at him as he and Chef begin to sink.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!


Chris tells Owen he is not coming back to the show.

Owen swims back to the island to ask Chris why the yacht carrying him and the other veterans wouldn't stop and is shocked to hear that he will not be competing in the new season. Chris then orders Chef to place a bomb on Owen's face and laughs after he is blown away.

Total Drama All-Stars

The Final Wreck-ening

Chris decides to bring Owen back to help out with the challenge by feeding him beans and placing the eliminated All-Stars into balloons. Owen doesn't mind the purpose of his return and thanks Chris for giving him free food.


  • The alliance between Chris and Owen parallels the alliance between Chef and DJ, as it is an alliance between a contestant and a staff member. However, in this case, the producers allow Chris to do so.
  • Owen's actions of sabotage are similar to the reality show The Mole, even describing himself as a mole twice.
  • This is currently the only alliance between a contestant and a staff member that has caused a contestant to return to the competition; Chef's alliances are both with contestants who were already in the game.

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