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Chris and Topher

Chris is not happy with Topher for trying to steal his sign-off.

Topher initially shows great respect for Chris, complimenting him on his hosting skills and the challenges he puts the contestants through. Chris, at first, is excited to meet someone who appreciates his work and takes his suggestions on how to make the challenges even more dangerous. However, he quickly grows annoyed by this incessant fawning after some time. Adding to his resentment of Topher, are his backhanded comments about his age and frequent attempts to host the show. Topher eventually steals Chris's cell phone to contact the producers about officially replacing him, bringing into question whether his admiration of Chris was ever sincere. However, Chris predicts that he would do something like this, and goes along with it to teach him a lesson in "playing a playa". In Three Zones and A Baby, he is delighted at getting the chance to expose the truth to Topher and eliminate him after his team votes him off.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

Audition tape

During his audition, Topher is shown to have a fanatic obsession with Chris. Topher mentions that he nicknamed himself "Chris 2.0", as people usually compare him to a younger Chris. To further compare himself and Chris, he even has a cat named after Chef Hatchet, and yells at his cat loudly through a megaphone, similar to Chris's behavior throughout the series. He even has a picture of Chris in his home.

Opening sequence


Chris pushes Topher off a rock.

In the intro, Chris is annoyed that Topher is standing too close to him, so he pushes him off the rock that they are standing on.

So, Uh This Is My Team?

While on the zeppelin ride to Pahkitew Island, Topher desperately tries to look for Chris, which significantly annoys Sugar, who pins him to the wall angrily. Once he appears, Topher and Ella are excited, and Chris calls them "keeners" and that some pain and starvation will fix that. Shortly before the crash, Topher compliments Chris's idea of blowing up the zeppelin and offers him a parachute so that they may safely go down to the island together. The Chris that he is talking to, however, is only a hologram, and Topher jumps off with Chef instead. At one point during the first challenge, Topher leaves to remind Chris that it is about time to announce the commercial break. When Chris asks him why he has reminded him, Topher exclaims that it's always been a dream of his to watch Chris cut to commercial break. Chris is flattered at first but isn't against throwing Topher back into the gunfire of Chef's tennis ball shooter.

I Love You, Grease Pig!

Nobody cares Topher

Topher compliments Chris in coming up with the challenge.

While Chris is announcing the challenge, Topher keeps complimenting Chris on his ideas for the challenge, including the name. Chris is flattered by this and thanks him. While using the zip-line, Topher once again compliments Chris but mentions that he seems to look tired for spending all night planning for the challenge. This startles Chris, and he asks Chef whether what he said was true or not. Topher attempts to sign off the show for the commercial break before Chris stops him. Chris signs off the episode with Topher copying his exact moves and saying to him, "You are so good!", to which Chris responds, "Yes, I am".

Twinning Isn't Everything


Topher is excited by the challenge.

Topher reaches the meeting site earlier than the other contestants to greet Chris, though he is not to glad to see him. Although Chris denies Topher from announcing the challenge, he is happy to hear all of Topher's compliments about him. While Chris is announcing the challenge, Topher continues to give him compliments, but Chris shuts him up by blowing a whistle. Later, Topher tells the audience how close he and Chris are and believes that one day he might become the co-host.
So long Toph

Chris is happy when Topher is eliminated from the challenge.

Topher again leaves in the middle of the challenge to inform Chris to put on some makeup before he a younger host replaces him. This scares a paranoid Chris, who quickly calls the make up crew. Once Chris is done, Topher again compliments him, but adds that Chris should apply some moisturizer. Angered that Topher is not concentrating on the challenge, Chris watches as Dave throws a spider-filled balloon at him and thanks him for getting rid of Topher.

A Blast from the Past

Chris has done many things to remove any noticeable wrinkles such as shaving his beard. Topher tries to guess what changes that Chris has made, and notices that he has used "Slowtox" to make himself look younger. However, Topher realizes that this might ruin his chance of becoming the show's host. During the challenge, Topher makes a self-narration complimenting his good looks before Chris yells at him to stop. When Scuba Bear attacks Chris, Topher is shown to be delighted in the confessional. Then, he asks Chris if he can cut to a commercial break and that he screams if he agrees, which he does because he's in danger. Before Topher could start, Chef Hatchet appears, which scares the bear away, and Chris continues with the show.

Mo Monkey Mo Problems

Topher believes that he is far superior to Chris in every way and believes that it should be him who should be hosting the show, not Chris. At the beginning of the episode, while the contestants are waiting for Ella and Dave to arrive, Topher suggests that they should have a "host-off" to which Chris immediately rejects. When the challenge begins, Topher leaves his team, claiming that he is on a certain errand. He purposely bumps into Chris, claiming that he is chasing the monkey, and leaves after helping him up. Once he leaves, Chris gives a note to himself, "start hating Topher". In reality, Topher steals Chris's cell phone and uses it to call the producers and tell them that they should choose a younger host instead of Chris.

This Is The Pits!

Topher spends most of the episode obsessing over Chris's cell phone in hopes of getting a call from the network to replace him. He gets aggravated due to the poor cell phone reception in the pit that the contestants fall into. Chris yells at the entire cast, including Topher, for not finishing the challenge "correctly".

Three Zones and A Baby


Topher receives a call from a producer...

Topher continues to mock Chris for being too old to think of better challenges throughout the episode. In response to him not taking the challenge seriously, Chris has Chef fire his meatball bazooka at him. For the most part, Topher puts off helping his team with the challenge while waiting for a reply call from the producers. Near the end of the challenge, he finally receives a call from a "producer" telling him that he will be replacing Chris. This delights Topher so much that he screams with joy, causing an avalanche that costs his team the win.

...who turns out to be Chris in disguise.

At the campfire ceremony, Topher is voted off, but he doesn't mind since he believes that he will be taking over the show. However, Chris reveals that Topher was tricked and that the "producer" who called him earlier was Chris himself. Shocked at this discovery and his subsequent elimination, Topher remains speechless as he is placed into the Cannon of Shame and launched away from the island. 


  • This interaction is similar to Chris's interaction with Sierra, as both involve Chris and one of his fans.
    • Chris initially takes pride in both of his fans, but eventually grows to hate them.
    • However, unlike Sierra's admiration, Topher eventually reveals only to be interested in getting Chris's hosting job.
  • If their names are put together, they will spell out "Christopher", the full version of the name "Chris".

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