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All the interns carry a totem pole per Chris's request in the opening sequence of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.

Chris has little to no remorse for the pain he inflicts on people throughout the series. This is especially so in the case of the interns. They often require medical attention after testing the host's crazy challenges. Some are even the only characters in the show to die at the hands of them. Chris lacks any concern when this happens, sometimes shrugging and saying with a smile, "That seems safe enough." Despite their lack of dialogue, the interns' resentment of Chris is obvious. They appear satisfied whenever he is the one receiving pain. They can also be seen with disapproving looks on their faces as they obey his every order.

With the most speaking lines and the most focused on conflict with Chris, Dakota, who makes her debut in season four, is the most prominent intern. From her unexpected return in Ice Ice Baby, Chris deprives her of technology and her paparazzi and forces her to perform laborious tasks. It is thanks to Chris that Dakota suffers major disaster that she is shown to still be dealing with in Total Drama All-Stars.

Total Drama Island

Not So Happy Campers - Part 2

During a conversation with Chef Hatchet, Chris says all of the interns who tested the challenge are currently in the hospital, while he made Chef test the challenge instead.

Who Can You Trust?


An intern performs a complicated stunt in Chris' place.

Chris uses an intern to complete an impressive stunt as a way of making an entrance. He takes credit for it by appearing behind a podium, where the intern landed, and dusting himself off to look as though he was the one who performed.

Camp Castaways

Chris comments that three interns were injured during the transportation of his "cheesy" island set. When Owen is frightened by a tyrannosaurs rex skull, Chris proudly declares that it was "worth every intern." He later considers in the midst of a party with Chef that they should send the interns a video postcard, saying it's a shame they are missing out on the fun.

The Very Last Episode, Really!

Intern cliff

Chris orders an intern to test one of the final challenges in the Canadian version of finale.

Chris appoints a new intern with the job of testing one of the final challenges. The intern jumps off of the wooden plank and into the shark-infested water below, where he is eaten by the sharks off-screen. Chris cringes as the sharks devour the intern. Afterwards, he labels the challenge to be "safe enough," not even bothering to check on the physical state of the intern.

Total Drama Action

Riot On Set

Two interns destroy equipment in response to Heather commenting that a gaffer "sounds like something that has rabies." One of them rants about "getting no respect," possibly referring to how Chris treats them. During the elimination ceremony, Chris calls two twin interns to forcibly remove "E-Scope" from the competition.

Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special

An intern is shown as one of the participants on Chris's fake season, Total Drama Dirtbags.

Total Drama World Tour

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1

Slaves are the interns

Chris and Chef relax with their feet up on the backs of interns.

Chris forces two interns to carry him like an Egyptian pharaoh. Both appear to resent him for this.

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2

Chris has an intern crouched on his hands and knees, and serving is as a footstool for the host. This same intern is eaten alive by the swarm of scarab beetles and is reduced to only a skeleton by the end of it. True to routine, Chris doesn't seem to care or even notice. He continues standing on the deceased intern while cutting to a commercial break. He also keeps using the skeleton as a footstool throughout the challenge, while Chef does the same with a live one.

Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better

Chris assigns two interns to endure the icy water so they can rescue any contestant who may fall in. Both freeze to death by the end of the episode, encased in blocks of ice.

Greece's Pieces

Greece chris eliminates intern

Chris has an intern take the Drop of Shame, as punishment for providing the wrong information.

Chris is irritated when he finds out an intern has supplied him incorrect information about the Olympics originating in Rome, Italy instead of Greece. He tosses him out of the Total Drama Jumbo Jet to make up for this error. Later, Chris expels another intern to spare Duncan from elimination. He adds that this is also because he still hasn't gotten over the confusion from earlier.

African Lying Safari

Chris demonstrates the effects of the tranquilizer balls by shooting an intern with one.

Awwwwww, Drumheller

Drumheller snakes scarabs attack interns

Chris knocks a barrel over, releasing snakes ontop of one of the interns.

The interns once again irk Chris by mistaking the plane's remaining oil for barrels of snakes, spiders, scorpions, beetles, and many other kinds of vicious, deadly insects. Chris releases one of the barrels' contents by pushing it over. The insects swarm and the interns' screaming eventually fades into silence.

Hawaiian Punch

Chris appoints an intern with the job of setting fire to Alejandro, Cody, and Heather's platform. The same intern, or a similar one, later tests out the final challenge. Lava splashes onto him when he throws a test dummy into the volcano. His entire body is burned from the ordeal, and he is taken away in a wheelchair by Chef with Chris looking on, unfazed. During the actual challenge, an intern supports a large ice cube on his back so its coolness, blown by a fan, can protect Chris and Chef from the intense heat of the volcano.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Opening sequence

Interns carry a totem pole with Chris standing on top, the host whipping them to move faster.

Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!

Intern 1 and Chris

An intern serves Chris a coconut drink at the start of the season.

An intern is seen serving Chris a coconut drink during his season introductory speech. He watches on, amused, as a tentacle bursts through the water, smashes the dock, and the intern is drawn into Lake Wawanakwa.

Ice Ice Baby

CARE1004171400002258 007 1280x720

Dakota's plans go awry when Chris makes her an intern.

Dakota returns to the competition demanding more screen time. Chris, with persuasion from her father, honors her wishes by giving her an interning job.

Finders Creepers

Chris temporarily deafens Dakota by making her blow an air horn to wake the contestants. While the challenge is going on, he tasks her to fill the open graves with kitchen grease and scrub his toilets with spring water. To compensate for the lack of any eliminations that night, Chris forces her to take the Hurl of Shame. He says she is welcome to come back if she can swim that far, giving her a rubber flotation device to aid in her effort.

Backstabbers Ahoy!

At the beginning of the episode, Chris has Chef drop Dakota into the piranha-infested water. After "demonstrating" the challenge, Dakota is stranded in the lake with nothing but a buoy to keep her afloat. Chris neglects to bring her back to land for the duration of the episode.

Runaway Model

Dakota moves barrels of radioactive waste while Chris relaxes under an umbrella with a cold beverage.

A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Dakota annoyed

Chris' direction to venture into the mine leaves Dakota with unwanted results.

In order to verify that the contestants have but half an hour to collect their team's statue and exit the mine, Chris sends Dakota into it for forty-five minutes. She is seen afterwards to have survived, but is completely bald as a result of toxic exposure. When another intern shows her the aftermath, Dakota screams that "Chris is a dead man." At the end of the episode, Chris places Dakota on the Mutant Maggots to make up for Anne Maria quitting. This officially ends her stint as an intern.

Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon

While the female intern cleans the Hurl of Shame, Chris tells Chef Hatchet to launch the catapult, sending the intern hurtling into the air. Another appears angry at Chris, who changes the subject by talking about the episode's elimination.

Eat, Puke and Be Wary

Trolling chris

The interns release more sewage while Chris is trapped in the washroom.

Chris falls victim to one of Scott's traps that he intended to catch Fang with. He is caught by the ankle and sent flying back into the communal washroom. The interns ignore his pleas for help throughout the episode, even releasing more sewage onto him.

The Enchanted Franken-Forest


An intern named Josh mutates after falling into a toxic sinkhole.

Chris explains to Cameron, Lightning, and Zoey how the forest floor is littered with dangerous sinkholes full of toxic waste. An intern named Josh falls in right at that moment, emerging seconds later, heavily mutated. He now possesses an enlarged eye,  left arm and right leg, and bat wings. As he flies off, Chris tells him to have fun at his new job at the circus.

Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown

Caesar chris

Chris approaches to the final two and the interns play the trumpet.

As Chris tells the two finalists their challenge, two interns, one male and female play the trumpet. When Chris forces the chubby intern to bring the monitor to let the finalists to see their parents, he blows a raspberry to him, while he isn't watching. Later, the first two interns, are seen fanning him throughout the challenge.

Total Drama All-Stars

Sundae Muddy Sundae


Chris hasn't fed his interns for a week.

When the contestants arrive to learn about the day's challenge, they are greeted by Chris standing with two starving interns. He explains that he hasn't fed them in a week, agreeing with the laughing Mal that it's hysterical. Chris decides to honor their needs by making the challenge involve food preparation. The interns do not get the opportunity to eat, as he ends up telling the contestants to consume their own creations. The interns eventually collapse from hunger. Afterwards, Chris reprimands Courtney for attempting to feed them her disgusting sundae, which is topped with bird vomit and coal.

The Final Wreck-ening

Chris demands one of the interns bring down the contestants who were not shot out of their balloons by Mal or Zoey. During the challenge, a female intern brings Chris is ringing cell phone on a silver platter. The look on her face states that she is not enjoying her work.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

Hurl and Go Seek

An intern shields Chris from the rain by holding an umbrella for him, while he himself looks drenched and miserable.

Pahk'd With Talent

Order of challenges

Chris uses the interns to decide the challenge order.

When some of the million dollar prize falls out of its case, Chris demands the clumsy intern pick it up. A flashback during the challenge explanation shows that Chris selected the challenge order by having the interns hold up pictures of the contestants. Chris himself is blindfolded and holding a dart, which he hits the female with. The intern from earlier serves as a talent show judge alongside the host and Scuba Bear. Scuba Bear knocks the million dollar case from his hands at one point, scattering around the money again. Chris laughs and sends him to clean it up, replacing him with the female intern.

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