The cliff is the tallest point on both Camp Wawanakwa and the abandoned film lot, at about one thousand feet high. The cliff makes appearances in Total Drama Island, Total Drama ActionTotal Drama: Revenge of the Island, and Total Drama All-Stars. Lake Wawanakwa is directly underneath it.

Total Drama Island

The cliff appears in the opening sequence, and in both opening sequences, the camera is seen zooming up the cliff, then zooming down into a body of water below. Once the lake view is shown, Owen is seen in the lake, and he passes gas on an aquatic animal.


A panicking Owen jumps off the cliff in the first challenge.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, the first challenge is to jump off the cliff and into the lake. There are two zones in the lake marked by circle shaped rings; the larger circle represented the shark-infested waters, and the smaller circle represented the shark-free zone. Many contestants jumped off this cliff, while some were too afraid.

In The Big Sleep, when Owen is sleepwalking, he walks up the cliff, turns back and falls down into Lake Wawanakwa.

In Paintball Deer Hunter, Owen chases DJ up the cliff with his paintball gun, and after a long chase, corners him at the edge of the cliff. However, Owen runs out of paintballs, causing DJ to take this moment to his advantage and throw him off the cliff and into the water.

In Hook, Line, and Screamer, when DJ runs away screaming, he runs off of the cliff and falls into the water, though he doesn't seem to care about this as he is still running away while in the water.

In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, the guys' alliance is cornered by a bear at the edge of the cliff. They eventually slip, but Cody hangs on and almost pulls the team back up. However, a chunk of the rock breaks off, and the boys fall, but Courtney picks them up with her balloon. As she goes higher, she threatens to drop them if they don't give her the $1,000,000 case. Also, Bridgette knocks Geoff down and gives him a bump on his head when he hits a rock. Heather also ditches Harold with a hang-glider he made and jumps off the cliff, but the hang glider breaks apart, and she falls.

Total Drama Action


The Cliff in Total Drama Action.

Unlike the cliff at Camp Wawanakwa, the cliff seen in Total Drama Action is obviously a man-made replica of the original. It is shown in the opening sequence, where the camera goes up the mountain before landing in the tank of water, similar to Total Drama Island.

In Riot On Set, Chris makes the campers bring set supplies to the top off the cliff. The final item is a trailer, and the only two campers that are able to pull it are DJ and Owen (when he was tempted by food). DJ says he won't do it because he is afraid the trailer will roll back down the cliff and hurt someone and Owen pulls it up due to food being at the top. The Grips win an advantage for the next part of the challenge.

In Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen, the cliff from Camp Wawanakwa appears once again, as the contestants return to the camp and have to climb it in the second part of the challenge. Since the challenge is Kung-Fu themed, Chris refers to it as "the tallest mountain in Japan". Unlike its previous appearances, the cliff also shows a cave situated near the top.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Like many of the other features of Camp Wawanakwa, the Cliff returned in the fourth season. While Chris was introducing the season, it was revealed that there are now many sharp, jagged rocks in the lake directly at the base of the Cliff, making a dive off of it even more treacherous than before. In the introduction sequence, the cliff is introduced in the same way, except that Cameron is seen underwater instead of Owen.

Its only significant role is in The Enchanted Franken-Forest. Lightning fell off of it it because he followed a wrong direction in the map.

Total Drama All-Stars

In Heroes vs. Villains, the campers have to once again jump off the cliff into the lake below. However, this time there were no safe zones and the contestants had to retrieve a key in the water, guarded by Fang and two other sharks.

In Sundae Muddy Sundae, the cliff was used for the part of the challenge in which the contestants must gather ice cream. A snowman made of it was perched at the top along with an ice machine to keep it cool. The machine eventually covered the entire cliff with snow.

The cliff, along with everything else on Camp Wawanakwa, sinks into the lake in The Final Wreck-ening.


  • The cliff seems to be a reference of Yosemite National Park's Half Dome Mountain, located in California.
  • A running gag in season one involves Owen either falling off of the cliff or being pushed off after annoying other campers.
  • Chef Hatchet is the first person to jump off the cliff while Bridgette is the first contestant to jump off the cliff.
  • Beth is the only original contestant to have never jumped or be pushed off the cliff.
  • Lightning, Mike, Sam, and Zoey are the only members of the second generation to jump off the cliff.


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