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Cody is one of the children attending the daycare center.


Cody's lack of focus in this series left his character greatly unexplored. This is even lampshaded by Jude in Tiger Fail who had completey forgotten about Cody after he disappears midway in the episode before returning near the end. What is known about him is that he is considered the baby of the group as he is often shy, timid and is sensitive to other people's comments. As such, he acts nicely towards the others and greatly dislikes any form of violence.

Total DramaRama

In Cluckwork Orange, he's seen happily petting a wolverine when the mobile zoo pays a visit to the daycare. After class is over, he sucks his thumb without washing it and is infected. Following this, Cody realizes that he has been acting weird, often acting like a wild animal and coughing out hairballs. Izzy explains that he is turning into a werewolf. Cody attempts to brush it off but suddenly starts scratching himself like a dog. While sleeping, his condition worsens, with fur growing on his entire body, fully turning into a werewolf. At the end of the episode, the fully-developed werewolf Cody mauls Nugget before the aggressive chicken can attack Jude.

In Ant We All Just Get Along, Cody is recruited by Courtney and Leshawna to help them retrieve the ants. Izzy, Owen and Beth are guarding at the top of the treehouse. The girls plan to launch Cody to the top of the treehouse using the see-saw but their combined weight is too much, and he is sent flying out of the daycare instead.


Total DramaRama



  • Cody's outer shirt has no collars like his older self.
  • While Cody's undershirt was light gray as a teenager, it's green in the spinoff.
  • In A Licking Time Bomb, Cody mentions that he has a little brother, but is an only child in the main series.
  • In From Badge to Worse, Cody is seen to be afraid of spiders, while as a teenager he was afraid of having to defuse a time bomb under pressure.



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