Cody 1 and 2, also known as "Cody Jrs." or simply "Codys", are a pair of conjoined mutant rats, which were adopted by Sierra in No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition, while visiting the "Fun Zone" on Boney Island. She loses them in the following episode when she is forced to fight their mother in Chris's rigged boxing match. After the mother defeats Sierra, she takes her babies and leaves.

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"A mother has to look after her newborn."

- Sierra

Sierra first finds Cody 1 and 2's egg in No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition, as part of the challenge. When she goes to put it in her team's basket, a pink, hairless rat with two heads on each end of its body emerges. Sierra immediately showers it with affection while Duncan is slightly freaked out. She then declares herself its mother in a nearly exact duplication of her experience with Cody Jr.. She names them "Cody 1 and 2", and is seen cradling and carrying them throughout the rest of the episode - even when they bite and attack her. Chris and Chef, who are watching from monitors outside the Fun Zone, are highly disturbed by her behavior. Chris comments on how Sierra needs a psychiatrist, and how they should only bring back the sane contestants from now on. It is later shown that she takes her pet back with her to Camp Wawanakwa.


The Codys (aka conjoined mutant rats) attack Cameron in the confessional.

In the next episode, Sierra is having a hard time taking care of Cody 1 and 2. She sees the animal has escaped from its crib and is electrocuting itself by chewing on a cable. She intervenes and saves them, but they end up attacking her. Sierra explains in the confessional that motherhood has her too busy to maintain her (one-sided) relationship with Cameron. Her pet is later seen as everyone walks through the forest, biting her finger and clawing an intern's face while Sierra desperately tries to tame them. During the challenge, each of the contestants is required to fight an opponent (designated by the Wheel of Misfortune) in a boxing match. Chris and Chef had established a system beforehand allowing the selection to be controlled by a button. When it is Sierra's turn, the wheel lands on a silhouette of a mutant two-headed rat, which she mistakes for her pet. Chris clarifies that it is not the Codys, but their actual mother. Sierra is not afraid to fight them, eager to keep mothership over her pet. Prior to entering the ring, she "breaks up" with Cameron and requests he holds the baby. The Codys do not like Cameron any better than Sierra and proceed to attack him in the confessional. When the fight commences, Sierra aggressively beats the mother. However, her blows have no effect and she is clobbered, before being thrown out of the ring and landing on Cameron. The mother then reclaims her children and departs. Sierra restarts her relationship with Cameron (much to his dismay) now that she has relinquished motherhood.


  • Cody 1 and 2 is the third animal to be named after a contestant, with the first being Leshawna Jr. and the second being Cody Jr..
    • It is also the second to be named after Cody, with the first one being Cody Jr., Sierra's other pet featured in Rapa Phooey!.
  • Cody 1 and 2 is Sierra's third known pet, as she mentioned that she owned several fish named Chris.
  • Cody 1 and 2 is the sixth pet adopted by a contestant during the competition, the others being Bunny, Irene, Leshawna Jr., Bruno, and Cody Jr.
    • They are also the second to be adopted by Sierra.
  • Cody 1 and 2 is the second pet to be a mutated creature, the first one being Larry.
    • Unlike Larry, however, Cody 1 and 2 started out mutated, whereas Larry was mutated after Chris forgot about him.
  • How Sierra obtains and loses Cody 1 and 2 is very similar to the events that happened with Cody Jr.
    • Both of which were newly hatched before Sierra proclaims herself to be their mother.
    • Both times she ends up losing her pet to their angered mother, who attacks Sierra.
    • In both cases, she was eliminated in the episode after the one in which she first adopts her pet.


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