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Heather comforts Cody in order to gain his trust.

During Total Drama Island, Cody and Heather are placed on the same team, but the two interact minimally due to Cody's early elimination.

In Total Drama World Tour, they are both placed on Team Amazon, but again didn't interact much until the merge. This time, Heather attempts to make an alliance with him and Sierra and eventually develops a friendship with Cody through their mutual rivalries with Alejandro.

Total Drama Island


Cody and Heather, along with the other teammates, celebrate their team's first victory ever.

Not So Happy Campers - Part 2

Heather joins in with Cody's toast to their team after they win their first challenge.


Heather cheers for Cody after he scores a point for their team. When Cody is sitting, Heather tags him after she got hit by a ball.

The Sucky Outdoors

Cody 6

"She should have just peed in her pants like Cody."

- Heather

Heather points out that Cody peed in his pants, prompting him to frown in embarrassment and shame. However, she points it out as something Izzy should've done to stay safe from running into a bear rather than intentionally making fun of Cody. 

Up the Creek

When Cody and Trent are discussing Gwen, Heather calls them "ladies," and angrily tells them both to hurry up.

Paintball Deer Hunter

After being mauled by a bear and put in a body cast, Cody is confident that he will be safe despite his severe injuries, because he is aware of how universally hated Heather is, calling her "a snake."

Haute Camp-ture

Cody agrees with the other campers on disliking Heather.

Total Drama World Tour

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1

Cody joins Heather and Sierra off-screen during the challenge. Heather reluctantly joins a group hug with Cody and Sierra at Sierra's request after they reach the finish line.

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 2

Team Amazon before the amazing camel race

Heather makes fun of Cody.

When Cody tries to flirt with Gwen by telling her that he is available for a relationship with her, Heather mocks him by saying "Hear that? It's the sound of girls all over the world running and rushing, just desperate to lock their doors!" which embarrasses Cody. However, in a confessional, he reveals to have no hard feelings towards Heather and adds proudly that he was "born to be humiliated".

Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan

Cody becomes quickly annoyed at Gwen, Heather, and Courtney for bickering about both parts of the challenge. After Cody states that Courtney, Gwen, and Heather's ideas are good, Heather stops him, and says "Overruled", to Gwen. After Cody and Sierra win the challenge of their team, Heather along with Courtney and Gwen want to hug him, but Sierra tells them to back off.

Broadway, Baby!

Screen Shot 2016-05-27 at 2.49.08 AM

"You've only spoken to me like three times ever, including this time."

– Cody

After Courtney and Gwen gang up on Heather, she decides to target Cody and Sierra as alliance members so they can slavishly obey her. When she greets Cody and Sierra, Cody glares at her and states she's only spoken to him three times in his life, including this one.

Slap Slap Revolution

Along with the rest of Team Amazon, Cody glares at Heather for throwing away their meat grinder when they discover its importance for the first challenge. Arguing with Courtney, Heather says "Yeah, but I-" but, is stopped by her teammates, telling Heather to shut it, after Courtney and Heather's arguing. When Courtney tells Heather "Way to lose the challenge", Cody, Gwen, and Sierra glare at her.

The Am-AH-Zon Race

When Team Amazon is tied up, Heather asks Gwen to see what color Cody's underwear are and is shocked after Cody reveals that he is not wearing underwear. When the team sings Gypsy Rap, Heather is smiling when she sings about how Cody would die since Gwen had used up all of his EpiPen.

Can't Help Falling in Louvre


Heather holds Cody in her arms after seeing the bear.

Heather becomes annoyed at Sierra's constant crying and scolds Cody for causing it, nagging him to try and calm Sierra down. After Cody leaps into her arms when frightened by the bear, she drops him. When she realizes that all Sierra wanted to do was "go outside" with Cody, she loses her temper and yells at Cody for not figuring it out sooner.

Jamaica Me Sweat

When Chris tells the contestants to begin the bobsled race, Heather points to Cody and Sierra, saying "Ladies first!"

I See London...

When Noah and Owen come back to the Total Drama Jumbo Jet after the challenge is over, Heather says they were so stupid to be worried about the others as there was nothing to be scared of. As a response, Cody, along with Sierra, Alejandro, and Tyler, glare at her.

The EX-Files

During the first part of the challenge, Heather tells Cody to get his "clammy hands" off her leg, but Cody replies that he isn't touching her leg. Cody, Heather and the rest of Team Amazon then run off when they find out it was a lizard touching. After Cody sacrifices his candy to set off the mines blocking the path for Team Amazon, Gwen praises him, to which Heather replies that she should "thank the dork while you run!" Later, when Heather asks him and Sierra if they had found anything useful to win the challenge, Cody answers that the only thing that he could find was a penny, disappointing her.

Picnic at Hanging Dork

Heroic Heather Picnic

Heather helping Cody back on the cliff, alongside Gwen.

When Heather is greatly annoyed by Courtney's tendencies to throw challenges, just for the purpose of eliminating Gwen, Heather betrays Courtney and Sierra and agrees to instead align with Cody and Gwen to eliminate Courtney. Shortly after that, when Cody is in the confessional can, Sierra asks if he fell in, Cody replies that it happened first, causing the others to laugh at him. Later, Heather, along with Gwen, is worried about Cody after he is attacked by a dingo. Both of them are then seen helping him back on the cliff.

Sweden Sour

After Cody uses Team Amazon's supplies to build a giant Gwen-head, a furious Heather begins chasing him with a hammer to inflict harm on him.

Chinese Fake-Out

At the beginning of the episode, Heather and Cody are sitting next to each other in economy class, talking about Cody and Sierra's marriage. Heather defends Cody's point of view, saying that it isn't a real wedding because there's no marriage certificate, no rings, and no paparazzi photos. After Alejandro leaves, Heather begins to advise Cody on how to get rid of Sierra, saying that the situation Cody's in happens to Heather all the time.

When the contestants arrive in China, Heather acts extremely nice to Cody, even wanting to partner up with him during the challenge, and telling him to rock the rickshaw. After Cody mounts Ace the Donkey, Heather scolds him that he hasn't broken up with Sierra even after she gave up a vehicle for him. Cody replies however he's gotta pick his moments. During the eating challenge, the contestants are served donkey meat, which Cody refuses to eat as he believes it to be Ace, even after Heather trying to encourage him.

African Lying Safari

When searching for Ezekiel, Heather finds Cody stuck in a tree. Heather asks Cody if they are friends, reminding him of how she tried to help him in China. He nods and points out Ezekiel's tracks to her.

Rapa Phooey!

After Alejandro and Cody spend the night in first-class and spend time together during the challenge, Heather reveals that she has only been playing Cody, complaining that Alejandro was "undoing all the work that she had done on Cody" meaning that it is just strategy and she doesn't really like him. When talking to Sierra, Heather calls Cody a loser for sticking to Alejandro. Cody commends Heather's ability to catch an egg Sierra dropped. After her ordeal with Sierra in this episode, Heather explains that she is more willing to have an alliance with Cody because of his sanity.

Awwwwww, Drumheller

When the contestants are searching for supplies to create their dinosaurs with, Cody finds a piece of cardboard, which Heather quickly steals before Cody could call dibs. Cody is confused on what Heather did to make Sierra so sad, replying her back she did nothing. Sierra asks Heather if she remembered Cody's birthday. Heather, in the confessional, then calls Cody a "twerp" and says that he is lucky that she even remembers his name. During the dinosaur challenge, Cody gives Heather his dinosaur to hold, which she quickly drops when it is revealed that the dinosaur is made up of coprolite fossils.

Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles

After Heather helps Sierra try on a new wig, she asks Heather and Cody if it looks okay, to which Heather replies "gorgeous", but looks at Cody and shakes her head.

Teletoon trailer

In a Teletoon trailer which advertises the finale of Total Drama World Tour, featuring Heather, Cody, and Alejandro standing around a wheelbarrow of money, when Cody picks up a wad of cash excitedly, Heather angrily slaps it out of his hand.

Hawaiian Punch

Versus 32

Heather tells Cody to move quicker as she sings Versus.

Heather wants to eliminate Cody after she sees how many fans he has, thinking she will have a better chance against Alejandro in a vote. During the fight, Heather claims that Sierra fell into the water behind him, which distracts Cody long enough for Alejandro to push him off into the water. He is then swallowed by a shark, to which Heather shows no remorse whatsoever. Despite this, Cody volunteers to help Heather because she has been "pretty good" to him all season and because he doesn't want Alejandro to win. His support for Heather also earns her a helper in Harold, due to his friendship with Cody. 

During Versus, the god-form Heather picks Cody up and threatens him if he doesn't move faster. Heather gets access to Cody's baby carriage since he's her helper, though it fall apart immediately. When Cody releases a booby trap, it accidentally traps Heather in a cage, promptly making her sarcastically commend him. Cody, however manages to motivate her to continue by saying that she can't let the "bad guy" win, which shocks Heather because it means that, for the first time, she's the "good guy", encouraging her to catch up to Alejandro. In Heather's ending, Cody is seen cheering for Heather along with everyone else, excluding Courtney and Ezekiel.


  • Both were in the final four of Total Drama World Tour along with their love interests (or in Cody's case, one-sided love interest).
    • Both have been also through every single location in the third season, along with their love interests and Ezekiel.
  • Both have placed third in a season.
  • Cody is on the same team with Heather in both seasons he competes in.

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