This article focuses on Courtney's alliances in which Courtney has formed throughout Total Drama Action, Total Drama World Tour, and Total Drama All-Stars.

The first of these alliances are introduced in Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen, consisting of her and Beth during Total Drama Action. At one point, Courtney thought about trying to get Owen to join, which doesn't come to fruition. This short-lived alliance is disbanded one episode later in 2008: A Space Owen, after tension between the two forces Beth to quit the alliance. This leaves Courtney declaring herself the sole member of the alliance, only to be eliminated in the next episode.

Later, in Total Drama World Tour, she forms another alliance with Heather and Sierra during The EX-Files. This alliance is fueled by the three girls' mutual dislike of Gwen, and with the sole purpose of eliminating Gwen as an act of revenge. However, despite Heather later defecting and allying with Gwen and Cody, due to Courtney's obsession with throwing challenges to get rid of Gwen, Courtney and Sierra eventually succeed in their efforts. With the sole purpose of this particular alliance finally achieved, it disbands shortly afterward, and Courtney is eliminated four episodes later.

In Total Drama All-Stars, Courtney once again tries to form several alliances though none of them appears to be official. Due to her relationship with Scott and friendship with Gwen, she sees them as her strongest allies. Everything seems to go well for her until her efforts are wrecked by Mal, who exposes her true intentions in Sundae Muddy Sundae, causing everyone to turn against her for good.

Total Drama Action

Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen


Courtney tries to bribe Beth into joining her alliance with snacks and candy.

Courtney realizes that the guys have the girls outnumbered three to two, leading her to blame Lindsay in a confessional for voting herself off. She believes that in order to overcome this problem, she needs to form an alliance with Beth, being the only other girl left. She says that she will do anything to get Beth to be in an alliance with her. She first tries to lure her in by offering Beth the chance to watch a romantic comedy on her PDA, cheese poodles, and sour grannies. Though she fails when Beth says that she will never form an alliance with her. At first Beth realizes what Courtney is trying to do by being friendly towards her. Beth later takes advantage of it by being let to call Brady with her PDA ,and makes Courtney cook the deadly poisonous fish for dinner, when they are supposed be cooking it together. At the end of the episode, they seem to become friends, and therefore, the alliance is officially established.

Also when Courtney sees Owen helping the boys out during the challenge, she considers the possibility of getting him to join in. While she does succeed in extorting some information out of Owen, the alliance never flies.

2008: A Space Owen


The short-lived alliance officially disbands after an argument.

After Courtney calls Beth a "genius" (sarcastically), Beth reveals in the confessional that she believes that their alliance is really working out, because Courtney called her a genius, not realizing that Courtney said it sarcastically. When the spaceship is about to "crash," Beth and Courtney work together to fit Owen into the hole. When Chris tells them to choose an order for the next challenge, Beth wants to go first, but Courtney chooses to go last so she can watch the other contestants go first, and learn from their mistakes. When they find out that they have to go in the Vomit Comet, Beth gets mad at Courtney, due to the fact they'll have to ride in the other contestants' puke. Beth ends up winning the challenge, after Courtney refuses to do it. Beth quits Courtney's alliance after a fight with her in the girls' trailer. In a confessional near the end of the episode, Courtney claims that the alliance now consists of only herself. At the elimination ceremony, Beth votes Courtney off; however, it is unknown who Courtney votes for.

Total Drama World Tour

Greece's Pieces


Heather comforts Courtney after she learns about Duncan's betrayal.

Following Tyler's forced revelation of Duncan and Gwen's kiss in the previous episode, Courtney immediately goes into a fit of rage and nearly attacks Gwen. She doesn't end up doing so, due to Sierra holding her back. Shortly after, Courtney, Sierra, and Heather all encourage their teammate; Cody, to throw the challenge so that Gwen can be voted off of the team. In response to this this, Gwen starts to cry. However, they win the challenge anyway, because Cody doesn't want to betray his crush, and Gwen is spared another episode. Courtney is crying miserably first-class afterward. Heather is seen putting a hand on her shoulder for comfort in a rare moment of kindness, foreshadowing their teaming up.

The EX-Files

Heather1 (BFKisser)

Heather and Courtney sing Boyfriend Kisser about Gwen.

By now, Courtney has gone from mourning to pure hatred for both Duncan and Gwen. She, Sierra, and Heather team up against Gwen, constantly making threats against her both in the game, and even against her life. This is only emphasized by the song Boyfriend Kisser, where they sing about their hatred for Gwen, and their determination to make her pay for what she's done. Sierra even joins in with her own reasons for hating Gwen. Throughout the episode, Courtney attempts to throw the challenge to make Team Amazon lose, so that they'll have the chance to eliminate Gwen. Heather notices this method much to her chagrin, as she considers winning to be more important than the chance to get rid of Gwen. Nonetheless, Courtney's efforts fail once again and they win the challenge. After Courtney gets her revenge on Tyler after his elimination by knocking him out of the jet, she vows to get the same revenge on Duncan and Gwen.

Picnic at Hanging Dork

Australia heather finger cross

Heather reveals that she lied to Courtney and plans to betray her at the next elimination ceremony.

At this point, Heather is clearly on the outs with Courtney's alliance, as she believes that Courtney's obsession with revenge is hurting their team. Courtney abruptly drags Heather into the lavatory confessional with the lights off to reassure that Heather is with her, and will vote out Gwen. Heather agrees to this, only to reveal in her own separate confessional that she had her fingers crossed, saying that it's one of the advantages to making deals in the dark. She makes good on this promise, and decides to betray Courtney and agree with Gwen that she'll switch her vote, and instead vote with her and Cody against Courtney despite her conflict. When Courtney came to her after they lose the challenge to confirm that Heather is clear on the plan, Heather lies and says that she is still with Courtney against Gwen. At the elimination ceremony, Heather does indeed vote for Courtney, as does Gwen. Courtney and Sierra both vote for Gwen. Also Cody, who is originally supposed to vote for Courtney, accidentally votes for Sierra due to being delirious and dizzy after being spun around multiple times while dangling off of a cliff, after Duncan throws an angry dingo onto him. This causes a tie in the votes, resulting in a tie-breaker challenge that Courtney and Gwen must participate in, which Courtney wins. Gwen is eliminated, much to Courtney's pleasure. After this, the alliance has no further purpose and is dissolved.

Total Drama All-Stars


Courtney tries to secure Heather's vote against Gwen again.

Food Fright

Courtney asks Heather for an alliance to vote off Gwen. Heather accepts, but she has her fingers crossed, so the alliance never really happened. Courtney thinks of forming an alliance with Scott, who flirts with her throughout Food Fright. At the elimination ceremony, when Chris declares the Vultures the winning team, Scott and Courtney cheer together before looking away from each other in embarrassment.


Courtney's alliances
Character Formed Dissolved
Beth Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen 2008: A Space Owen
Gwen Broadway, Baby! Greece's Pieces
Heather The EX-Files Picnic At Hanging Dork


  • This is the third alliance in which Beth ends up being manipulated, before she realizes the truth and breaks away from it.
    • The others are Heather's alliances and Justin's alliances. But unlike her alliances with Heather and Justin, Beth is already aware that she might get bossed around, having learned from her two previous experiences, which might be why this alliance is short-lived.
  • This is the only alliance that Beth is in without Lindsay.
  • Every member of this alliance has made it to the final four at some point in time during the series.
  • Courtney's alliance with Beth is the first and only Girls' Alliance and is formed due to having more boys than girls in the competition at the time.

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