Courtney's lawyers are unseen characters who Courtney frequently mentions or contacts whenever she has an issue with the competition, most prominently in Total Drama Action. While they appear to have a conflict with her, Courtney's lawyers have supplied her with many advantages in the game, some of them being unfair and drastically pushing the odds into Courtney's favor. Her most prominent lawyer seems to be one named Michael, as Courtney speaks to him on the phone in The Aftermath: I.

Total Drama Island

After being eliminated in Basic Straining as a result of Harold tampering with the votes, Courtney felt that it was unfair and believed that she was cheated out of the prize money. In a fit of rage at the injustice, Courtney reveals in Haute Camp-ture that she is in the middle of filing a lawsuit against Total Drama, citing "wrongful termination."

Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island provides an update on the lawsuit's status when Courtney tells Duncan that her "pathetic" lawyer was unsuccessful in suing the show.

Total Drama Action


"We're gonna sue the pants off this show, Michael."

- Courtney

In The Aftermath: I, Courtney speaks with her lawyer on the phone in the beginning, to which she says that they are going to sue the show again.

In The Aftermath: II, after hearing what Duncan has been doing, Courtney calls Michael to tell him to sue the show, which he succeeds in doing by the next episode. Courtney's lawyers have advised her not to comment on the progression of their lawsuit. Later, when Courtney notices that Gwen and Duncan have become extremely close to each other, she leaves the set to call her lawyer again. It is likely that she wanted to use this as further ammunition for her lawsuit.

In Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, Courtney says that the law offices of "Fleckman, Fleckman, Cohen, and Strauss" won her lawsuit. It is also revealed that her lawyers managed to get Courtney invincibility during her first episode on the show, protecting her from unanimous votes against her from the Killer Grips, and sealing the fate of former finalist Owen, who gets sent home due to Courtney's sole vote.

At the beginning of One Million Bucks, B.C., Chris calls the lawyers' pit bulls before correcting himself. It is also revealed that the lawyers have made a separate set of rules for Courtney, such as dining with Chris and the producers with fine food, keeping her PDA with her, having premium bedding and her own private bathroom. At the end of that same episode, Chris acknowledges that Heather was unsuccessful in cutting off Courtney's hair. He explains that thanks to her "kick-butt" lawyers, they can't do as much as harm a hair on her head.

In Million Dollar Babies, Courtney's lawyers send Courtney a video of Leshawna badmouthing the entire cast during her trip to the spa.

In Dial M for Merger, she mentions that her lawyers are already working on Leshawna's spa incident. She also tries to contact him to get a bomb expert, but she is unable to reach them due to out of office calls. She gets mad and reveals that she's paying her other lawyers 20% of her settlement, so they should not be giving her out of office replies.

In Super Hero-ld, Courtney tries to contact her lawyers again but gets another "out of office" reply.

In The Princess Pride, Courtney's lawyers demand 80% of the profits gained by the Princess Courtney Doll merchandise. This results in the dolls being recreated as "Princess Beth" dolls.

In Get a Clue, Courtney tries to contact her lawyers but finds out that her PDA has no bars on the train, much to her chagrin.

In Rock n' Rule when Owen returns to the game, Courtney feels it is unfair considering she had to file a lawsuit to be brought back, while Owen apparently just "came back." She states that she is going to contact her lawyers about it, although she stops once Chris declares that Owen also filed a lawsuit and won (in reality he didn't actually sue the show; Chris offered to take him back to sabotage the other contestants for money that his family needed).

Courtney's lawyers try to contact her in Top Dog when they find out that Harold was right about Owen and that he was a traitor. However, Courtney is too busy to pick up her PDA and loses it to a shark. Only after the challenge has ended is Courtney able to get back her PDA after suffering from withdrawal, after Beth's raccoon buddy finds it near the waterfall.

In Beth's ending to The Aftermath: IV, she calls her lawyers because she sensed an "electoral fraud" in the votes after Duncan lost.

In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, Courtney's lawyers advise her not to comment about her recent court filings against Duncan.

Michael is mentioned in Best. Game. Ever. when the player breaks an alliance with Courtney. She tells them, "You're breaking our alliance? Well, I'll have you know that was a legal and binding agreement. You'll be hearing from my lawyer, Michael!".

Total Drama World Tour

In Jamaica Me Sweat, when it is Heather and Courtney's turn to do the bobsled challenge, Heather asks if Courtney's lawyers read over their contracts to see if Chris was allowed to kill them. Courtney says her lawyers made sure that she is safe, but she tells Heather that she isn't sure about her contract.

Courtney mentions her lawyers in Chinese Fake-Out, right before she takes the Drop of Shame from the Total Drama Jumbo Jet. She promises to sue Chris for applying a double elimination instead of a tie-breaker like last time, as well as Duncan for cheating on her.


  • Total Drama All-Stars is the only season in which Courtney participates but does not mention her lawyers.

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