Courtney calls her lawyer, Michael, during The Aftermath: I in preparation for suing the show.

Courtney's personal digital assistant (often shortened to Courtney's PDA) is an electronic handheld device used by Courtney throughout Total Drama Action, mostly used to contact her lawyers.

Total Drama Action

In The Aftermath: I, Courtney is seen calling one of her lawyers, Michael, using her PDA, saying, "We're gonna sue the pants off this show, Michael!"

In The Aftermath: II, after becoming angered by the footage of Duncan and Gwen, Courtney takes out her PDA, furiously storms off of the set, and threatens to call her lawyers.

In One Million Bucks, B.C., due to the contract that was given to Chris by Courtney's lawyers, she is legally entitled to bring her PDA into the game and gains many other unfair advantages.

In Million Dollar Babies, Beth sleepwalks out of the trailer twirling the PDA during the beginning of the episode. She then launches it into the air, only to be saved by a desperate Courtney who dives to its rescue. She carries it in her pocket during the first part of the challenge, where it falls

Leshawna holds Courtney's PDA up to the camera during her cheer in Million Dollar Babies.

out at some point. Beth picks it up with the intention of handing it back, but after seeing Courtney was preoccupied, she looks through it and finds some startling information. After the second challenge, Courtney shows the entire cast a video of Leshawna insulting her fellow castmates after Beth persuades her to show what Leshawna did. During Leshawna's cheer, she mentions that Courtney loves her PDA and "is an organized gal," and then grabs it to show it to the audience.

Courtney tries to contact her lawyers in Dial M for Merger, but gets an out-of-office reply.

In Dial M for Merger, Courtney brings it out during the bomb challenge. She tries to call her lawyers to get them to quickly contact some bomb experts so she can win but finds that they are out of office. She tries to call them again later when the reward is announced (so she can get out of it), but the lawyers are still gone. She then dunks her PDA into tomato juice out of frustration.

In Super Hero-ld, Courtney once again tries to contact her lawyers when she loses the first part of the challenge but gets yet another out-of-office reply.

In The Princess Pride, at the beginning of the episode, she is seen using her PDA to strategize. At the end of the episode, Courtney is seen using her PDA again while waving goodbye to Justin, not even glancing up to look at him.


Duncan and Lindsay use Courtney's PDA to watch Chris's message.

In Get a Clue, Courtney's PDA is used to play the message from Chris. Later, she tries to contact her lawyers but finds out that she has no power left. It is revealed that she also uses her PDA as an agenda and uses it to figure out to the point where she plans out what she is having for breakfast in the future.

In Rock n' Rule, Courtney takes out her PDA briefly, threatening to call her lawyers after she learns about Owen getting back into the competition even though she was the one who declared him eliminated, but then puts it away after she finds out from Chris that Owen supposedly also filed a lawsuit.


Beth uses Courtney's PDA to talk to her boyfriend.

In Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen, in an attempt to get on Beth's good side, Courtney offers to let her watch a romantic comedy movie on her PDA, but Beth said no. Later, when Courtney tries to seal an alliance with Beth, she lets her borrow her PDA to call her boyfriend.


The shark reveals to have gotten Courtney's PDA.

In Top Dog, Courtney's PDA was featured again in this episode. First, her lawyers tried to contact her, but she did not have time to read the message. When Courtney was fighting her animal buddy, it stole the PDA, threatened to destroy it, and then tossed it over a waterfall, which Courtney dived after in order to retrieve it. Two days later, Courtney returns to the film lot, shivering due to "PDA withdrawal." Beth's raccoon finds the PDA and gives it back to Courtney. Courtney finally reads the message and finds out that Owen is a traitor.

After this episode, in the Lame-o-sine, Courtney throws her PDA out of the car window after giving up hope on her lawyers, who are still on a three-week vacation at the time.

In The Aftermath: IV, in Beth's ending, she takes out her PDA to call her lawyers in order to help Duncan sue the show for what she deems to be "election fraud" when Beth wins instead.

In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, when Duncan and Courtney are photographed in the restaurant, Courtney is seen using her PDA.


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