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Courtney is one of the children attending the daycare center.


Compared to her older self, Courtney is much kinder as a child, even though her bossiness is still present. Being a teacher's pet, she tries to keep a good reputation in class in order to set up for her future. Courtney, like her older self, shows intelligence beyond her age and tends to explain in rather long explanation that the others have difficulty in understanding. In Know it All, Courtney is shown to be so used to correcting people that she finds it extremely difficult not to.

Total DramaRama

In Venthalla, Courtney is among those chosen by Duncan to sneak into Chef's office to retrieve Owen's confiscated Uber Ball. Courtney wanted to stay in class to stall Chef but Duncan deduced that she will reveal their plans to him, to which Courtney admits in the confessional. After the team opens Chef's locker, Courtney tries to tell the others to behave only to find her confiscated doll and begin hugging it affectionately. After Duncan abandons them, Courtney has doubts that they will be able to return to class until Owen leads the way by following the scent of pizza.

In Duck Duck Juice, Courtney volunteers to go with Duncan to buy another cup of Rainbow Pegasus Juice Mix, after the previous one got consumed by Izzy and Jude. Having foreseen Duncan trying to escape on their way back, Courtney handcuffs him to her and drags him back to the daycare. Despite completing their task, their efforts are in vain as the contents of the drink spill out after Duncan's clay explodes beneath Chef when he tries to take a drink.

In Sharing is Caring, Courtney brought a limited edition Extreme-a-Saurus toy for her Show & Tell. She explains to the class that she plans to keep the toy as an investment, selling it in the future and use the money to enter prestigious schools and colleges, save the environment and becoming president. Her toy intrigued Duncan, Beth and Leshawna who plan to steal the toy for their own selfish purpose. Courtney has to protect her toy from the three of them the entire day until it comes out of the box during a struggle and cracks, ruining its value. The toy egg hatches into what supposed to be a rare toy called Drago-Chicken but it fails to live up to Courtney and the other kids' expectations. As Courtney and the others leave, the Drago-Chicken transforms into a giant version of itself playing an electric guitar.

In Germ Factory, Courtney is the only person who refuses to join Duncan to get sick, as she is one day away from getting a gold star for a perfect 100-day attendance. Near the end of the day however, she is accidentally infected by Bridgette when the latter sneezed on her. Despite her condition, Courtney drags herself out of bed the next day and walks all the way to the daycare in order to get her attendance, begging Chef and Leshawna to let her in.


Total DramaRama season 1

Total DramaRama season 2



  • Instead of the white shirt, grey blouse and green capris her teenage counterpart wears, Courtney wears a pink shirt with white sleeves, white skirt and dark purple leggings.
  • Her hair is tied up in pigtails unlike her older self.
  • Courtney's eyes are dark brown in this series, as opposed to black like her counterpart's.


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