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Gwen and Courtney's friendship comes to an end in Total Drama World Tour, after Gwen shows disloyalty...

During Total Drama Island, the girls do not interact much as they were on opposing teams though they didn't seem to be fond of each other. In Total Drama Action, due to Geoff's "Captain Hollywood" phase, he turns Courtney against Gwen, as Courtney becomes jealous when Gwen becomes close friends with her boyfriend, Duncan. Gwen denies any attraction for Duncan as she is still dating Trent at the time. When Courtney enters the competition unfairly, she constantly brings up that Duncan is cheating on her, but he also states that he did not hook up with Gwen.

In the beginning of Total Drama World Tour, Courtney and Duncan are still a couple, while Gwen, on the other hand, has indeed fallen in love with him. Because of their constant bickering, Duncan quits the competition. During his absence, the two girls patch up their conflict and end up becoming friends to an extent. However, after Duncan returns, and he and Gwen kiss in the confessional, their conflict comes back again in full force once Courtney finds out about the kiss in Greece's Pieces. Courtney, feeling betrayed by Gwen, becomes obsessed with trying to eliminate her, going as far as to throw the challenge for the opposing team, and eventually succeeding in doing so.


...and again two seasons later when the roles are reversed.

When Total Drama All-Stars begins, Courtney's grudge against Gwen is still present, while Gwen genuinely wants to repair their broken friendship. Gwen however, unintentionally hurts Courtney everytime she tries apologizing to her which makes Courtney believe Gwen is out to get her, and causes Gwen to break down in tears in the confessional in Food Fright. However, Courtney begins to warm up to Gwen shortly after getting switched to the Villainous Vultures. She even seemingly lets go of her grudge, and becomes friendly with Gwen after learning from Gwen that she broke up with Duncan. They finally resolve their conflict and become friends again in Suckers Punched. For the next few episodes, the two girls spend most of their time together while complimenting each other's appearance, and mocking Duncan from time to time. In Sundae Muddy Sundae however, Courtney reveals that while she cherishes her friendship with Gwen, she still favors the prize money above everything else and plans to eliminate Gwen at some point before the finale despite promising to go together. Gwen soon finds out about this and is angered at her betrayal, believing that Courtney has been pretending to make amends with her all this time.  No longer trusting her, Gwen refuses to accept Courtney's apology, even when Courtney pleads for her forgiveness. In fact, Gwen even tells Courtney to vote for herself in order to earn her trust back, something that Courtney objects to. These factors, along with Gwen showing no sympathy for Courtney's elimination that night, implied that their friendship has ended again.

Total Drama Island



Gwen becomes Courtney's unintentional target for her oatmeal.

During breakfast in the lodge, Courtney glares at Gwen for winning her team the challenge in the previous episode. Heather begins to taunt the Killer Bass for voting off Eva, their strongest player (an event she herself had orchestrated). Courtney retaliates by trying to fling oatmeal at Heather's face, but hits Gwen in the face instead when Heather moves aside. Later at the dodgeball game, Gwen retaliates for this incident by throwing a ball at Courtney's face, as she never apologized for this mistake.

Not Quite Famous

In a rare display of sympathy, Courtney remarks to Bridgette during the talent contest that Heather reading Gwen's diary was a disgusting act.

Phobia Factor

When Courtney is forced to face her fear of green jelly, Gwen intimidates her by remarking on how gross, warm, and snotty it is. Courtney irritably replied, "You're not going to make me quit!" However, Gwen's taunts probably played a factor in Courtney's failure to complete the challenge, costing the Killer Bass yet another challenge.

Basic Straining

When Courtney runs outside to throw up, Gwen (along with Leshawna) laughs at her misfortune.

Haute Camp-ture

Courtney follows up on her earlier statement that reading Gwen's diary in front of the whole world was "so uncalled for". However, Courtney remarks to Trent that Gwen was not a team player in the challenges like she was and should be in the final five instead of Gwen.

The Very Last Episode, Really!

Gwen does not consider Courtney as one of the five sane people that she got along with and calls her a "goody-goody" jerk, although, not to her face. Courtney is never on Gwen's side as to who should win in the final two. Courtney showed concern when Gwen was attacked by eagles, and disgusted when Duncan jokes that if Gwen were to fall to the sharks below, it would make for a cool song for Trent. In Gwen's ending, she is invited to Gwen's party along with every other camper, except Heather.

Total Drama Action

The Aftermath: I

Courtney seems upset when she learns about Gwen and Duncan's friendship, claiming that Duncan was going to get it next time she sees him. When picking Trent's or Gwen's side she states, "I'm on Team Gwen. Not because I like her, but because Trent is a loser by choice." She switches to Trent's side after hearing that his nine obsession had nothing to do with Gwen, but with his childhood.

The Aftermath: II


Courtney accuses Gwen of stealing Duncan away from her.

This episode seems to officially establish Gwen and Courtney as enemies, as the animosity between them has been more or less ambiguous prior to this point. When Gwen is coming on to the stage, Courtney boos along with the audience. When Gwen's relationship with Duncan is brought up, Gwen tries to convince everyone that they are just friends, but Courtney accuses her of using her "goth girl hooks" onto him. She also asks if DJ's mom had any more rotten vegetables to throw at her. Geoff then shows Courtney a clip where she and Duncan are stargazing, and Duncan spends the whole time thinking about Courtney. Courtney cools down and smiles happily as she witnesses this. Unfortunately, Geoff finishes the clip to show Duncan playfully wrestle Gwen to the ground, where he is merely inches from her lips. Before Gwen can explain, Courtney angrily glares at her and storms off the stage to call her lawyer.

One Million Bucks, B.C.

Courtney openly resented Duncan for his alleged "hook up" with Gwen, despite Duncan claiming that he never hooked up with her.

Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special

Gwen said in her blog show that Courtney "was nuts" for breaking up with Duncan, saying she shouldn't have broken up with him since Duncan was the "best thing that happened to Courtney.” In a shocking twist, Gwen reveals to her viewing audience (therefore the world) that she thinks Duncan is hot when she exclaims, "I mean look at the guy, he's hot!" She immediately retracts the comment, entirely embarrassed, and sheepishly adds, "I mean... he's okay... for her..." Later, on the road chasing down "the dirtbags,” Gwen makes the mistake of asking Courtney if Duncan should drive. Courtney tells Gwen to shut it, but Heather has other plans. She tells Courtney that Gwen was just looking out for her boyfriend, and this ends up making Courtney uneasy, not to mention that Courtney surely saw the webcast of Gwen's confession of liking Duncan. In the confessional, once both she, Duncan, and Gwen had qualified for Total Drama World Tour. In the confessional, Courtney says that she will have her eyes on Gwen, whom she calls a "boyfriend stealer."

Total Drama World Tour


Courtney is annoyed when Duncan is worried of Gwen sinking.

Opening sequence

When the boat that Duncan and Courtney are in crashes into Gwen's raft, Duncan gives a concerned look as she sinks, only for Courtney to stop him with a glare.

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1


Courtney and Gwen argue on top of the pyramid with Duncan watching.

After Duncan makes a joke about Heather's hair and Gwen laughs about it, Gwen and Duncan smile at each other, which irritates Courtney. At first, Courtney does not want to work with Gwen climbing the pyramid, but relents when realizing that a three-person climbing group is better than two. Both Courtney and Gwen argue furiously when they are climbing up the pyramid. They continue to fight until Duncan runs down the pyramid with both of them being dragged behind him, having enough of their fighting. He threateningly tells Chris that he quits the show due to him refusing to sing. When Duncan leaves, both Courtney and Gwen are shocked and upset. They were later placed on Team Amazon.

Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan

Both Courtney and Gwen, along with Heather, keep on fighting through the whole episode, because of their conflicting ideas for the Japanese challenges. They ultimately win, but only because Cody and Sierra were able to make the winning commercial.

Broadway, Baby!


Gwen tells Courtney she will help vote Heather off.

After Courtney brings up Heather's lousy treatment of her in the previous episode, Gwen tells her that she'll help her vote off Heather at the first opportunity they get. Courtney is then shown to be genuinely appreciative of this gesture, smiling back at Gwen and asking if they should "whip" her off. When Courtney mentions that she has an idea on how to scale the Statue of Liberty, Gwen asks if it's the belay she utilized in Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1, sarcastically noting about how well that worked for them last time. Courtney stammers, denies it while glaring at Gwen, and then drops the subject.

Slap Slap Revolution

At the beginning of the episode, Gwen and Courtney are sitting next to each other in first class, enjoying some chocolates. During Eine Kleine, both Gwen and Courtney sing about their desire to vote off Heather. When Gwen sings about this, Courtney follows her and pokes Heather's nose, to which Gwen gives an amused smile. Gwen supports Courtney when she rants at Heather for throwing away the meat grinder they had won during the previous episode, and when Team Amazon wins again, both girls high-five each other in celebration. By the end of the episode, it's implied that the conflict is resolved in the absence of Duncan, and that there's a camaraderie between the two girls.

The Am-AH-Zon Race


The girls enjoying some chocolates, served by the air hostess.

When Gwen accidentally jabs herself with Cody's EpiPen, she is pumped full of adrenaline and gets extremely jittery. With Gwen becoming incomprehensible through her attempts to tell Chris what happened, Courtney takes over in speaking for her regarding the capture and the subsequent accident. Despite the fact that Gwen cost Team Amazon the challenge, Courtney does not treat her with hostility. When it came time for the barf bag ceremony, they both worked together to convince Sierra to vote for Heather with them, succeeding and leading to a unified vote against her. However, after Chris showed who each of the members of Team Amazon voted for, he revealed that the elimination was a non-elimination.

Can't Help Falling in Louvre

Gwen and Courtney are seen screaming and hugging each other when the bear comes after Team Amazon with a chainsaw.

Newf Kids on the Rock

At the episode's beginning, Gwen and Courtney sit together and get along just fine, gossiping about Heather's possible crush on Alejandro. During Sea Shanty Mix, they both mistake a rock for Duncan and Courtney becomes suspicious when she notices that Gwen has noticed the Duncan rock first. When Heather gets angry at Courtney for causing their team to lose, Gwen takes the blame instead, claiming she got the team lost. Courtney looks at her worriedly. They both smile in relief when Chris announces it was a reward challenge.

Jamaica Me Sweat

When an electric eel lands on Courtney's head and shocks her, Gwen immediately tries to get it off Courtney, but ends up shocking herself as a result.

I See London...


Courtney makes a remedy for Gwen's burnt hand.

In the whole episode, they were seen working together, and they both say in the confessional that surprisingly they could get along well, which struck them as odd. When Courtney accidentally sat on Gwen's sunburned hand, she quickly apologized and offered to make a remedy. Even though the remedy was made with tea and bird feces, Gwen was grateful because it worked. They sat on the tour bus together and talked about the London-related school projects they did when they were younger. Gwen finds their mutual interest in London cool, and refers to Courtney and herself as a "nerdette dream team." During Changing Guard Mix, Courtney, along with the rest of Team Amazon, pushed Gwen into being the one who has to strip the guard by making the excuse that Duncan will freak if he sees her stripping the guard, but Gwen ultimately tricks Sierra to do it for her. While discussing their tolerance of each other, Gwen insults Courtney's obsessive list-making, while Courtney insults Gwen in that she is incapable of making a list.

Courtney-Gwen 03

Courtney is impressed with Gwen's ability to tame the guard dogs.

Though the two of them have problems, by this point they have become more tolerant and even friendly towards one another. However, this ultimately comes to a challenge by the end of the episode when Gwen kisses Courtney's boyfriend in the confessional and Tyler witnesses it unexpectedly. Courtney is unaware of the kiss, but she finds out in the next episode.

Greece's Pieces

Greece courtney hits gwen

Courtney slaps Gwen when she finds out that Gwen kissed Duncan.

At the beginning of this episode, Courtney and Gwen are talking about Duncan's return, about which Courtney is elated. However, Courtney enjoys talking to Gwen now that they're closer to being friends, but Gwen is still harboring the huge secret of her and Duncan's kiss, making her feel guilty and nervous in the whole episode. In addition, in the confessional, Courtney states how great it is to have a girl to talk to, especially Gwen. Prior to arriving, Courtney becomes suspicious when she sees Gwen and Duncan staring at one another, making Gwen flighty on how to respond to her and merely trying to stay on her good side. Gwen and Duncan are partnered up for the first challenge, making Courtney become nervous that the two will be alone. Throughout the rest of the episode, Courtney constantly suspects Gwen of flirting with Duncan, even becoming suspicious regarding the content of Greek Mix due to her being unable to hear its lyrics about their relationship.

After Alejandro makes Tyler tell Courtney that he saw Gwen and Duncan kiss, Courtney, outraged and betrayed, leaps at Gwen, only to be held back by Sierra. She yells "I hate you" repeatedly at Gwen, and then attempts to throw the game to get Gwen eliminated, but Cody goes forward with doing the challenge. When Gwen pleads Cody to win, Courtney angrily points at Gwen and tells her she is not allowed to cheer. After Cody wins the challenge, Gwen becomes relieved that she is safe, but Courtney slaps Gwen's face. In first class, Courtney, crying miserably, is comforted by Heather, while Gwen sits alone guiltily. She later goes to the confessional wondering if the kiss was worth it (despite how great it was), because not only could both her and Duncan will likely be voted off soon, her and Courtney's friendship was broken because of it. When Chris is signing off the episode, Courtney is heard shouting "I hate you!" at Gwen.

The EX-Files

Courtney is still extremely angry at Gwen throughout the episode. She scribbles in her notebook a to-do list, in which she hastily writes about getting Gwen eliminated over and over again to the point. In the confessional, Courtney insults Gwen over and over, even when complaining about Duncan, calling her a "sun-fearing, Emo-loving liar."

Courtney sings about her hatred towards Gwen.

Later, as the plane starts to crash, Courtney is disgusted by Duncan and Gwen flirting with one another about how they currently look. When Team Amazon is stuck standing on the minefield, Courtney makes a sarcastic remark towards Gwen, suggesting that she should make out with the minefield's boyfriend to get across safely. She even wants to purposely throw the challenge to get Gwen voted off. At one point, she sings Boyfriend Kisser with Heather and Sierra, and talks about how much she hates Gwen for kissing Duncan. At the end of the challenge, Courtney intentionally trips Gwen, thinking that destroying their alien artifact would lead to an elimination, but Chris catches it, giving Team Amazon victory and keeping the whole team intact, which infuriates Courtney. In first class, Courtney ignores Heather's advice on eliminating the guys first before Gwen and scribbles in her notepad while repeatedly saying, "Gothie's going down". After Courtney knocks Tyler out of the plane, she swears she'll have her revenge on Gwen and along with her new boyfriend, Duncan.

Picnic at Hanging Dork

While the tension is rising at first class cabin, Heather offers a cookie to her team, which Courtney grabs before Gwen reaches it and smashes it with her fist. In the Confessional Cam, Courtney said that she is "so ready to push Gwen out the door at 30,000 feet." She also insults Gwen's skin. Gwen and Courtney both attempt to form alliances to vote each other out. Cody sides with Gwen, Sierra sides with Courtney, and Heather is the swing vote. Throughout the episode, Courtney wants to throw the challenge and get Gwen eliminated because she's convinced that she has the needed votes with Sierra and Heather to eliminate her (but Heather never made any such promise with Courtney, lying she would vote off Gwen, but already anticipating a Courtney vote due to Courtney's previous behavior in throwing challenges). Later when Team Amazon cast their votes in the Barf Bag ceremony, Courtney furiously shows Gwen's passport and aggressively stamps on it many times until Chef is forced to drag her out of the voting booth.

However, Gwen's plan of using Heather and Cody to defeat Courtney nearly falls apart due to Cody being sabotaged in the final challenge when a dingo is thrown at him during his bungee jump, making him dizzily vote for Sierra instead. Chris forces both Courtney and Gwen to do a tie-breaker involving feeding eucalyptus leaves to baby koalas, which Courtney wins due to Gwen's allergy to eucalyptus. After her loss and elimination, Gwen enthusiastically yells at Courtney one last time to "suck it" as Courtney listens with delight with Gwen's plummet into the sky. In the exclusive clip, Gwen complains of her elimination and tells she will get back at Courtney the next time they met.

Sweden Sour

With Gwen gone, Courtney demands Duncan to apologize to her for cheating on her, but he ignores her. Later, Courtney was upset that her team built a model of Gwen's face during the first part of the challenge. When Sierra begins to explain that the model of Gwen's head was hollow, Courtney laughs and implies that she thinks it actually is. She was happy to be cutting a portion of Gwen's face to make a boat.

Niagara Brawls

When Chris announced that a player was coming back to the show, and when Cody asked if it was Gwen who was coming back, Duncan said, "that wouldn't suck," and Courtney responded, "Yes, it would!" in a gruff manner.

Chinese Fake-Out

In the exclusive clip, Courtney calls Duncan "The Lover of the Goths", mocking Gwen indirectly.

Hawaiian Style

While singing her hate song in Who You Gonna Root For?, Courtney calls Gwen a boyfriend stealer. Before I'm Winning This starts, Courtney tries to sing her hate song again by insulting Gwen and saying she is "so lame" before Geoff cuts her off. In both instances, Gwen just ignored Courtney. In the exclusive clip, Courtney, in an attempt to sing her hate song again, insults Gwen again by saying that she is so hairy. This causes her to received a sandal thrown at her face by her ex-boyfriend. Gwen, along with Duncan, is then shown smiling at Courtney's misfortune, and they proceed to share a kiss.

Total Drama All-Stars


Courtney battling Duncan and Gwen with a burning jousting stick.

Opening Sequence

Courtney is seen grinning menacingly at Gwen and Duncan while using a burning jousting stick to attack them.

Heroes vs. Villains

TDAS Flowers

Gwen hands Courtney a bouquet of flowers in an attempt to apologize to her.

When Gwen falls out of the plane and is introduced by Chris as a boyfriend stealer, she mentions that Courtney and Duncan weren't dating at the time that she and Duncan started dating. When the teams were forming, Gwen questioned why she was placed on the villains' team. Courtney angrily reminds her that she kissed Duncan, stole the latter from her, and became the new Heather, which intimidates Gwen greatly. As the campers are walking to the challenge site, Courtney continually glares back at Gwen, who complains about this to Duncan. Courtney confides to Lindsay that she thought Gwen was her friend, and feels she made a mistake trusting her. Near the end of the episode, Gwen tries to make amends with Courtney by apologizing and giving her flowers, but Courtney is shown to be allergic to them, causing her to become annoyed at the gesture and state that she "knew Gwen was a villain."

Evil Dread


Courtney gets mad at Gwen for accidentally throwing garbage on her.

After the Hamsters win the challenge, Gwen once again attempts to make peace with Courtney by congratulating her in a friendly manner. However, she triggers a garbage bomb in the process and inadvertently deflects it towards Courtney, causing Courtney to be covered in trash. Courtney, visibly upset, walks away as Gwen apologizes to no avail.

Saving Private Leechball


Gwen accidentally kicks a pail of leeches onto Courtney.

While the contestants are walking towards the challenge site, Gwen spots Courtney glaring at her, making Gwen uncomfortable. Later Heather commends Gwen on her "plan" on pretending to be Courtney's friend and hurting her by "accident" so that she can eliminate her when she doesn't see it coming. Gwen tries to explain she wasn't pretending and hurting Courtney on purpose, but Heather just gives a wink and sarcastically says, "Sure!". Later as Duncan and Gwen try to find the Hero team, Duncan encourages Gwen to picture the opponents as Courtney, so that she can easily shoot them. Gwen becomes upset at this due to the implication that everyone, including Duncan, thinks she's been targeting Courtney on purpose. At the elimination ceremony, Courtney was forced to swap teams with Duncan due to the actions they did during the challenge. When Gwen attempts to welcome Courtney to the Villainous Vultures, she accidentally kicks a bucket of leeches onto her head. Gwen tries to explain she didn't see the pail, but Chris calls her actions pure evil.

Food Fright


Gwen cries in the confessional over how badly things are going between her and Courtney.

In a confessional early on in the episode, Gwen is shown to be crying bitterly, as she reveals that she only came back to Total Drama in order to make amends with Courtney; however, she laments the fact that it hasn't gone as well as she has hoped, and that she may have made things worse. Courtney had eavesdropped on Gwen's confessional and heard her cry. In a subsequent confessional of her own, Courtney still displays obvious doubt that Gwen is genuine, refusing to believe Gwen came back just to make amends with her, and assuming that she probably made that confessional knowing Courtney would eavesdrop. She does show to have some sympathy for her and makes her feel bad for Gwen. During the challenge, Gwen expresses her hope that she can impress Courtney by not vomiting, thus helping the Vultures, but fails. Courtney tells Heather that she does not want to take her turn directly after Gwen, since she thinks that Gwen set a trap for her within the pancakes. Courtney then tries to cut a deal with Heather to vote Gwen off should the Vultures lose. At the campfire ceremony, Gwen appears happy when Chris points out that she didn't "accidentally" injure Courtney on purpose, but Courtney replies that the night isn't over yet.

Moon Madness


Gwen saves Courtney from a crazed deer in Moon Madness.

As the challenge is about to begin, Courtney is shown briefly glaring at Gwen, with Gwen giving out a sigh in response. A short time later, Gwen and Courtney are seen having a brief conversation about how Heather was seemingly affected by the blue harvest moon. Gwen jokes about Heather being "part-wolf," causing both her and Courtney to share a brief laugh together before Courtney, realizing what she's doing, cuts it short. Gwen then expresses disappointment about this in a subsequent confessional scene. Later on, Gwen decides to take a detour after deciding against taking a rope bridge that the other Vultures were considering crossing. Courtney, believing that Gwen is trying to throw the challenge and threatens to eliminate her if she don't come back in time. Near the end of the challenge, a deer affected by the Blue Harvest Moon is about to attack Courtney, but Gwen managed to save her in the nick of time. Courtney was surprised that Gwen would save her to which Gwen state that she would have done the same if their positions were reversed. Courtney nervously states that she would; however, in a subsequent confessional scene, she states otherwise and that she would have let Gwen be "deer food" so that she'd be one step closer to winning the million dollars.

No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition

A deal

Gwen and Courtney discuss on who should they vote off.

Right before the elimination ceremony, Gwen pulls Courtney behind a bush and tells her that she broke up with Duncan in the previous episode. Gwen goes on to say that she's done putting boys ahead of friendships, and that she swears that she'll vote with Courtney at that night's elimination ceremony. Gwen then offers Courtney her hand. Courtney momentarily looks at it, and then shakes it, smiling at Gwen and seemingly patching things up with her. Courtney whispers in Gwen's ear about who she plans to vote for, to which Gwen happily agrees.

Suckers Punched


Courtney and Gwen are seen getting ready to box...

Courtney and Gwen are shown to have ended their conflict about Duncan and be getting along with each other much better than before. When Courtney helps drag Scott out of the boxing ring following his loss to Fang, Gwen offers to help, which Courtney appreciates. In a subsequent confessional, Gwen is ecstatic that Courtney is finally treating her "like a human being." Courtney is then shown in her own confessional scene stating that perhaps Gwen has "paid her dues", and that she likely wouldn't go after Courtney's new love interest Scott anyway. They also spend their time talking in unison as well as insulting their ex-boyfriend, especially when he is unable to fight the bird he met in the previous episode When it is Gwen's turn to spin the wheel, Chef make it stop and much to her surprised, she had to fight Courtney. They both refuse to go through with it. Chris, anticipating this, then shows Courtney footage of Duncan and Gwen making out back when they were together, even showing footage of the two from Sierra's "Gwuncan blog."

This succeeds in stirring up Courtney's emotions and causes her to become very angry with Gwen. Gwen tries to talk her out of it, but Courtney says that perhaps she isn't as over it as she thought she was. She then takes a swing at Gwen and states that was for kissing her boyfriend which makes Gwen retaliate by once throwing a punch and claiming that Duncan was not her boyfriend when he kissed her back in the third season. The two girls then box each other until

... however, they ultimately make up and hug.

both girls are thoroughly beaten and bruised; Chris rings the bell and tells them that their time is up, but neither girl is willing to back down. Gwen then tells Courtney that she only came back to make things right with Courtney. Courtney replies by saying that she never really missed Duncan; however, she really missed Gwen. They then collapse to their knees out of exhaustion and embrace each other, saying that they're "friends forever." This puts a little warmth into Chris's "otherwise frozen heart," making him give both girls one point and subsequently making the Villainous Vultures the winners of the challenge.

You Regatta Be Kidding Me


Courtney and Gwen complimenting each other's hair.

Courtney and Gwen have a friendly chat with each other after waking up from a restful sleep in the spa hotel. They seem ecstatic to finally be getting along again, with Gwen now hoping to last as long as she can now that they've made up. Courtney states that she hopes they make it to the merge together, and both hope that if one doesn't win the prize money that the other does. After the teams merge, Chris announces that the challenge is a boat race. Despite the rules stating that there can only be one person per boat, Courtney and Gwen team up by choice. During the challenge, the girls dodge Chef's obstacles from above as he pelts them with coconuts. When Courtney is knocked off the motorboat, Gwen pulls her back into it in the nick of time. Courtney then thanks her as she almost got her hair wet. The girls then compliment each other on their hair as the race continues. However, their fun is interrupted when Chef blows up their motor and leaves them stranded. Both girls struggle to get it up and running, but Gwen keeps them going by paddling forward until the motor kicks in. The girls mock Alejandro together when his boat stalls, and nearly win the race together only to be beaten by Alejandro at the very last second.

Zeek And Ye Shall Find

When the challenge begins, Courtney is the first person Gwen goes to to partner up with. However, Courtney prefers to go with her new boyfriend instead.

The Obsta-Kill Kourse


Courtney thinks Zoey and Gwen are gossiping about her incident with Cameron.

Courtney asks Zoey not to tell Gwen about her kiss with Cameron since that would make her look like a hypocrite. Courtney accidentally reveals to Gwen about the kiss during the challenge and Gwen says they will have to talk about it. Courtney explains that Cameron kissed her but Gwen was confused since Cameron never showed interest in Courtney before.

Sundae Muddy Sundae


Courtney hugs Gwen upon her return from Boney Island.

Courtney embraces Gwen upon the latter's return from exile on Boney Island, telling the others that Gwen survived because she is "super smart and totally strong." As Zoey walks away, Courtney attempts to make sure she and Gwen no longer bond any further and tries to convince Gwen to team up with her and vote Zoey off. Gwen is skeptical about this, and Courtney asks if Gwen is still upset about her kisses with Scott and Cameron. Gwen says that she isn't, and asks Courtney if she still wants to go to the finale together, to which Courtney says that she does. However, Courtney reveals in the confessional that she is not planning to bring Gwen to the finale as she doesn't want to lose another chance to win the million dollars again. Instead, she is going to eliminate her second-last so she could go to the finale with Scott, who she believes would let her win. However, Mal then reveals Courtney's elimination chart to the other campers which shocks Gwen, who was furious that Courtney was going against her promise. In the confessional, Gwen notes that she couldn't believe she didn't see that Courtney was just pretending to be her friend after all that she had done to repair their friendship and vows to take her down in the next challenge. After the challenge starts and the contestants head for the snowy cliff, Courtney tries to apologize Gwen, but to no avail, with Gwen declaring it was now "every woman for herself." In the confessional, Courtney questions why Gwen couldn't be impressed by the foolproof plan that she had made and go along with it, believing that this is the reason why Gwen has a hard time keeping friends.


Gwen is hesitant to trust Courtney again.

Later at the main lodge, Courtney desperately tries to apologize to Gwen for the chart and tries to convince Gwen not to vote for her. Gwen replies that that she will try to convince Zoey to vote for Scott only if Courtney agrees to vote for herself in order to secure Gwen's trust again. Courtney protests by saying that she was trying to make it unanimous but Gwen replies by saying that it was just a chance she would have to take. Later at the elimination ceremony, Courtney pleads to Gwen to not vote for her, but Gwen again states she needs to vote for herself, which frustrates Courtney. When Gwen tells Courtney that her sundae smells like an outhouse, Courtney runs off to puke which Gwen laughs at. After Courtney is eliminated and flushed, Chris notes that they will all miss her, but then everyone, including Gwen, shrugs that off.


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