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Courtney wishes to strangle Harold in Haute Camp-ture.

Throughout Total Drama Island, Courtney would often criticize and scold Harold for his annoying geeky habits, or his apparent uselessness to the team, though she does support him on the the few times he has proven useful. This conflict greatly intensifies for the remainder of the season after Harold unfairly causes Courtney's elimination by tampering with the votes to get back at Duncan for tormenting him throughout the season, due to Courtney being Duncan's love interest at the time. The incident has since only been mentioned once, but the conflict has not subsided with time. Courtney and Harold continue to lock horns, particularly through intense competition such as in Hawaiian Style and Hawaiian Punch.

Total Drama Island

The Big Sleep

Courtney scolds Harold for being the last person to complete the twenty kilometer run at the beginning of the episode, blaming him for their team's apparent loss, although he claims he's having heart palpitations.


You and your snoring face!

Courtney yells at Harold for his snoring.

Courtney yells at Harold, blaming him for Duncan sitting out most of the game due to his loud snoring, to which he snaps back that his snoring is due to the fact that he has a medical condition. Courtney also heavily criticizes Harold's weak dodgeball skills and forces him to sit out of the game, even though he wants to actively participate. This is because of his performance in the first round where he barely throws the dodgeball. However, Courtney also snaps at Tyler for insulting Harold since he is the only person playing worse than Harold. When the Bass need to wake Duncan up to win the challenge, Courtney tells Harold to wake him up, because Duncan said he'd kill anybody who woke him up, and Harold is the "only one they could afford to lose", according to her. However, her views on Harold quickly change when it turns out that Harold has incredible dodging skills. Courtney quickly calls a time out so the team can give Harold some advice while he rests. Once Harold successfully gives the Killer Bass their first victory, Courtney and the others celebrate with him.

Not Quite Famous


Bridgette and Courtney hug Harold after he wins the challenge for their team.

Courtney doesn't give Harold a chance to audition for the talent contest, believing he possesses no talent at all and stops Harold before he even starts. However, after several mishaps involving the other teammates, Courtney reluctantly allows Harold to perform and encourage him by telling him "What have you got to lose?" Harold surprisingly performs an excellent beatboxing routine that gives the Bass enough points to score their second victory. Courtney and Bridgette run over to Harold and hug him..

Up the Creek

After Harold accidentally burns the Bass' canoe paddles, Courtney states that Harold's arms are too skinny to push the canoe when the Killer Bass are devising a method to make it back to camp, showing obvious frustration towards him.

If You Can't Take The Heat...

Courtney joins the other girls in teasing Harold when he awakens naked on the dock.

Basic Straining

Courtney is grossed out when one of Harold's underwear s'mores made by Geoff and Duncan lands near her. After Duncan and Geoff give Harold the glass of kitchen grease and watch him drink it, Courtney, in a rare mood of sympathy, stands up for Harold and claims that Duncan and Geoff were "so immature" to continue pulling pranks on him. At the elimination ceremony that night, Courtney spends the entirety of it smugly eyeing Harold, certain of his elimination. She is shocked at the fact that her team seemingly chose to keep Harold over her. It is then revealed that to get back at Duncan for picking on him during the season, Harold rigs the votes to mess with his love life, eliminating Courtney unfairly. 

Haute Camp-ture


Courtney and Harold slap fight each other.

Courtney had finally discovered off-screen that Harold had tampered with the votes and eliminated her. Courtney vows revenge and spends majority of the episode hunting for Harold. While hiding inside a bush, Harold admits to the camera that what he did to Courtney was "pretty heinous", but he was really upset with Duncan, because he kept bugging him. Courtney eventually finds him and beats him up with the lamppost she was hunting him with. When the campers are discussing which camper they would want to win, Courtney blackmails Harold into saying he'd vote for Duncan if the winner came down to a vote, saying that if Harold didn't, she'd post all of Harold's love letters to Leshawna on the internet. Later, Courtney and Harold get into slap fight and insult each other, and eventually fall into the pool after Courtney accidentally votes for Leshawna.

Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island


Courtney refuses to let Harold join her and Duncan.

Harold asks Courtney and Duncan if he can come along with them to search for the million dollars, though Courtney furiously rejects his offer, saying that he will only slow them down.

Total Drama Action

Opening sequence

Duncan and Courtney kiss and are then seen smiling deviously at each other in response to Harold's misfortune when Harold is shot with seagulls by Duncan.

Dial M for Merger

When Courtney uses the contestants' lives as a bargaining chip and she keeps turning down the offers from the others, Harold impatiently demands for her to just say what she wants, emphasizing the countdown was nearly up.

Super Hero-ld

After the challenge has ended, Courtney, with some convincing from Duncan, convinces Harold to vote for Leshawna by claiming that the girls are targeting him for elimination. When she calls his name to talk to him, he makes a confessional saying he always knew she'd eventually come around. She explains that based on his performance in the challenge, Courtney could take him to the final four. This, along with Courtney's comment on Leshawna not being trusted, was enough to convince Harold to vote Leshawna off.

The Aftermath III

Bridgette and Geoff reveal that Courtney has a "Courtney Cam" on her PDA, and was using it to take a video of Harold playing with his yo-yos before it reveals Leshawna and Heather were also watching him. 

The Princess Pride


Harold listening to Courtney's song.

Harold thinks that Courtney's song is beautiful and requests a copy. Soon after, he listens to it in the confessional and starts singing along with it. Later, Courtney blew Harold, along with Justin and Duncan, an air kiss.

Get a Clue


Courtney gets irritated at Harold playing dramatic music.

Courtney manages to convince Harold to assist her in trying to stop the train by allowing him to still use his magnifying glass and congratulates him for being too sensible to listen to Lindsay. When they are trying to stop the train, Courtney throws Harold's magnifying glass onto the tracks, breaking it. Harold then glares at her when she replies with "oops" with a smile on her face. Courtney becomes increasingly annoyed at Harold for playing his keyboard, and glares at him when he does it for the fourth time. Later on, when Lindsay tells him and Beth to arrest Courtney, Harold starts walking towards her and prepared to do so.

Rock n' Rule

During the first challenge, Harold admires Courtney's skills in playing the guitar, stating that she could "rock". Harold looks at Courtney's voting device to see who she is voting for, until Courtney sees him and moves her device away, angrily glaring at him in the process.

2008: A Space Owen

At the start, when Courtney sees Harold and the boys doing disgusting things like nose-picking and scratching, she calls them apes. Later on, Courtney and the rest of the contestants cheer for Harold after he helps everyone in the first challenge. When Courtney makes the mistake of going last for the Vomit Comet, Harold thanks her for "taking one for the team". As he is eliminated, Harold tries to warn Courtney and the others that Owen is a traitor. 

Top Dog

Courtney's lawyers spend the episode trying to tell her that Harold's warning of Owen being a traitor was correct, causing her to vote Owen off. 

Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special

In complete contrast to how they interact within the competition, Harold and Courtney work together to slow down the Total Drama Dirtbags bus. While Courtney is at first skeptical of Harold's plan she listens to his instructions, which allows her to gain a lead against the other bus. 

Total Drama World Tour

Hawaiian Style

Deer better than jaguar

Harold taunts Courtney for picking the harder animal.

In Who You Gonna Root For?, when Harold has his beatbox solo, Courtney asks why Harold gets to sing while she doesn't, subsequently shoving him off the screen and begins singing herself. Despite this, Harold continues to sing back up for her. In the surfing challenge, Courtney and Harold choose to represent two of the final three rivals, where Courtney plays for Alejandro and Harold plays for Cody. Courtney joins everyone in laughing at Harold when he picks a deer for Cody's "spirit animal". When the challenge is revealed to be putting a lei around the animal's neck, Harold taunts Courtney for picking a jaguar when he had the much easier animal to handle. While competing in the challenge and singing I'm Winning This, the two of them constantly bicker in the lyrics that they sing.

Courtney - Hawaiian Punch a

Courtney retaliates to Harold's taunt by kicking him in the groin.

Hawaiian Punch

After Lindsay ran off following a trick by Cody, Harold taunts Courtney about how they're sure to win now. Courtney reacts to this by promptly kicking him in the groin.


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