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Lindsay will drive

Courtney forces Lindsay to be the driver for their team.

Courtney and Lindsay barely interact in Total Drama Island because they are on different teams, and Courtney does not make it to the merge alongside Lindsay. However, Lindsay seems to dislike Courtney's bossy personality in Haute Camp-ture, and even tell her outright that nobody really likes her.

The conflict between Courtney and Lindsay dramatically escalates in the Total Drama Action. After Courtney returns to the competition in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine as the result of a lawsuit, she is placed on the Killer Grips, where she immediately clashes with her teammates, including Lindsay. Lindsay is especially unhappy with Courtney's return, since she knows that Courtney will immediately assert herself as the de facto leader of the Grips, meaning that Lindsay would never be taken seriously as a potential leader again. Courtney, on the other hand, becomes frustrated and perplexed that someone as dim-witted as Lindsay is still around in the competition and still popular among her teammates.

Their conflict continues when the teams merge, with Courtney constantly being annoyed by Lindsay's vacuous personality and how she gets by on her looks. Lindsay eventually grows tired of Courtney always taking advantage of her, playing mind games on her in Get a Clue by taking Duncan to the movies with her in order to make Courtney jealous. Additionally, Lindsay attempts to make Courtney mad by teaming up with other contestants to vote off Duncan. Courtney ends up victorious in Rock n' Rule, defeating Lindsay in the challenge and voting her off that night.

Their interactions die down in Total Drama World Tour and Total Drama All-Stars, due to their separate team placements in the former season and Lindsay's early eliminations in both seasons. Regardless, there is still clear tension between them.

Total Drama Island


After Tyler comes back from walking with Lindsay, Courtney accuses him of potentially spilling team secrets to "that blonde Gopher girl," indicating a sense of distrust for Lindsay early on, believing that she is a spy trying to extract information from Tyler.

Haute Camp-ture


Courtney gasps after Lindsay states that nobody likes her very much.

When Lindsay sees Courtney beating up Harold with a lamppost, she remarks how she's glad Courtney isn't her C.I.T. After Courtney hits Ezekiel with the same lamppost in retaliation to his comment that she needed to stop complaining of her unfair elimination, Lindsay states that even if Harold hadn't tampered with the votes, Courtney probably would've been voted off eventually since none of the other campers really liked her that much. This genuinely shocks Courtney, as she assumed that everyone liked her. Lindsay, along with a few others, teases Courtney about her obvious crush on Duncan, with her admitting that they have been eavesdropping on her.

Total Drama Action

Ocean's Eight - Or Nine

Courtney is frustrated by her team's absence throughout the kart-racing challenge, unknowing of their problems caused by Owen's mental state. She calls Lindsay (along with the rest of the Killer Grips) a "complete dud" and a "slacker" because of this. At the Gilded Chris Awards Ceremony, Courtney is technically voted off by Lindsay and the other Grips. This proves to be to no avail, as Courtney had immunity for this episode due to the settlement of her lawsuit. Lindsay was shown to be upset at Courtney's decision to vote off Owen afterward.

One Million Bucks, B.C.


Courtney grabs the flint rocks from Lindsay out of frustration in One Million Bucks, B.C..

Lindsay calls Courtney "Bossy McSmartypants" and a "know-it-all," and is shown to be very disappointed with her return. She, along with Beth, gives Courtney a glare when Courtney walks into the girls' trailer. After Chris reveals the unfair advantages Courtney would receive due to her lawsuit, Lindsay is shown to be angry about it, especially after Chris revealed that Courtney would have her own private bathroom. Later, Lindsay is shown to be clueless about how to start a fire with the flint rocks she was given. Courtney grows annoyed at this, forcefully grabbing the rocks from Lindsay. Lindsay is shown in the confessional immediately afterward, frowning and complaining about how bossy Courtney is. Shortly after, when Courtney fails miserably to start a fire, Lindsay obliviously picks up the two rocks once again and, by clacking them together briefly and lightly, she inexplicably causes a massive fire to burst into their fire pit.

Dial M for Merger

Court & Linds exclusive

Courtney is less than thrilled to go on a trip with Lindsay.

At the beginning of the episode, Courtney is clearly annoyed with Lindsay's absent-mindedness, telling her to try using the doorknob to get into the trailer instead of talking to it. When Courtney won the grappling hook and the wire cutters in the first part of the challenge, she blackmailed the other contestants with the opportunity to escape the soon-to-explode building. Lindsay offers Courtney her face brightener, implying that Courtney has an "ashy complexion." Courtney takes offense to this, glaring at Lindsay afterward.

Later, after Chris rewards Courtney and Lindsay with a trip to a cheese factory for solving the challenges in the episode, Courtney is dismayed at having to go with Lindsay. She outright tells Lindsay that she does not like her at all, though Lindsay is indifferent to this openness. In the episode's exclusive clip, while Lindsay appears to be enjoying their trip to the cheese factory, Courtney doesn't and glares at Lindsay when she hugs her by the neck. When Lindsay suggests they play a game of "Think Of All the Cheeses They Can,"  Courtney finally snaps at Lindsay and jumps out of the Lame-o-sine while Lindsay continues talking, oblivious that Courtney has already left.

Super Hero-ld


Courtney shoves Lindsay over as they fight for costume materials in Super Hero-ld.

After returning from their trip, Courtney and Lindsay criticize one another because of their bad stench caused by the cheeses. After Chris explains the challenge for the day, Courtney smirks and derisively remarks that Lindsay could call herself "Gorgonzola Girl" and use her stench as her superpower, prompting Leshawna to stand up for Lindsay.

As the contestants gather materials for their superhero costumes, Courtney and Lindsay fight for a piece of fabric which Courtney ends up taking after shoving Lindsay to the ground. Lindsay is shown in a confessional complaining about Courtney's "super power trip" because of this. When Lindsay dresses up as Wonder Woman as her superhero, Courtney criticizes Lindsay for her lack of originality, reminding her that Wonder Woman already exists. Despite that, Lindsay ends up winning since Chris was a fan of the original Wonder Woman. Lindsay then become upset when Courtney accidentally steps on her "invincible jet". Later, Courtney mocks Lindsay after the latter fails the obstacle course challenge. After the challenge has ended, Lindsay agrees with Beth's idea of voting Duncan off in the hope that it'll infuriate Courtney.

The Princess Pride

Come on lindsay

Courtney grows impatient when Lindsay takes too long to take off her boot.

Chris announces that because Courtney and Lindsay won the challenges in the previous episode, they would be the candidates to be the princess for this episode's fairy tale movie challenge. Courtney grows impatient with Lindsay after the latter is reluctant to try on the glass boot in public due to her supposedly large feet. During the Gilded Chris Award Ceremony, Lindsay and Beth discover that they could apparently hurt the real Courtney by sticking pins into the Princess Courtney doll they were holding, prompting Lindsay to encourage Beth to stick a pin into the doll's elbow.

Get a Clue


Courtney and Lindsay argue over the value of Lindsay's contributions in Get a Clue.

The conflict between the two reaches its peak in this episode. At this point, Lindsay is completely fed up with Courtney's attitude and resolves to prove that she can outsmart Courtney, although it's initially to little avail. As for Courtney, she becomes angry that the others even listen to the ideas of the "dingbat" in the first place. When the contestants are trying to figure where Chris is at the beginning of the episode, Lindsay suggests that he is buried alive under the craft services tent, and encourages the others to start digging. Courtney is later shown belittling this idea after they find Chris, which leads to Lindsay replying that Courtney is "not nice."

After Beth intervenes, Courtney seemingly does a U-turn, apologizing to Lindsay, and stating that she was only acting antagonistic to Lindsay out of "jealousy" over Lindsay's intelligence. She then treats Lindsay to a manicure, which Lindsay happily complies to. This turns out to be a trick to get Lindsay's fingerprints and DNA, which were needed for the next part of the challenge. A short time later, Lindsay tries to get Courtney's prints in retaliation by laying down paint and a piece of paper on the ground of the communal bathroom so she can get Courtney's footprint once she steps out of the shower. However, this fails due to the water smearing the footprint. Courtney is then shown condescendingly patting Lindsay on the back in a mock show of sympathy.


Lindsay explains why Courtney is the "murderer" in the challenge.

When the contestants are charged with solving Chris's "murderer" on the train, Lindsay initially suggests that they give Chris's "corpse" fruit juice to revive him. Courtney categorically dismisses this as a lousy idea. The two of them have a different approach to the challenge, with Lindsay trying to figure out who the killer is while Courtney instead tries to find a way to get out of the train while insisting the challenge is all a set-up. It is later revealed in a confessional after Lindsay says that she could be "just as right about the challenge as Courtney is," that even though Courtney wasn't completely sure if the challenge was fake or not, she didn't want Lindsay to know as Courtney wanted to be the leader.

In the end, Lindsay is able to determine through a clever analysis of Courtney's fingerprints and an unflattering sketch of Courtney devouring her cheese puffs earlier in the episode that Courtney is the killer, as she had been set up by Chris to look like the culprit. She orders the others to handcuff Courtney, but before that can happen, the real Chris suddenly enters and announces Lindsay as the winner of the challenge. Courtney is incredulous and indignant after hearing that Lindsay won, arguing that she deserved the win more than her. When Lindsay wins the prize—a night at the movies with a friend of her choice)—she takes Duncan instead of Beth, to successfully make Courtney jealous. Lindsay is then shown in a confessional to have thoroughly enjoyed her revenge, despite not having a good time with Duncan.

Rock n' Rule


Courtney nearly throws a bed with a terrified Lindsay still on it in Rock n' Rule.

Courtney becomes completely annoyed by Lindsay's off-key singing and singing the incorrect lyrics of a song at the beginning of the episode. She also accuses Lindsay of taking Duncan to the movies as "retaliation" against her. Later on, Courtney is also upset that Lindsay won the red carpet challenge instead of her because she posed and greeted rather than trying to avoid them. In the confessional afterwards, she even calls Lindsay by the derogatory name Heather had coined for her, "Lindsiot." In the final part of the challenge (trashing a mock hotel room), Courtney goes berserk and completely destroys the room. As she does so, she almost throws a bed with a terrified Lindsay on it before Chris intervenes. Lindsay tries to convince Beth, Owen, and Harold to eliminate Duncan because Courtney "would go ballistic if he got kicked off." At the Gilded Chris ceremony that night, Courtney gladly votes for Lindsay. Moments later, it is revealed that Lindsay accidentally eliminated herself by voting for herself while she was distracted by Beth.

Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen

Even though Courtney voted for her, Courtney calls Lindsay "selfish" and "thoughtless" in the confessional for leaving the girls outnumbered and forcing her to form an alliance with Beth.

Total Drama World Tour

Hawaiian Punch

Versus 48

Courtney and Lindsay help Alejandro during the final challenges.

Courtney and Lindsay are both chosen by Alejandro to be his helpers in the final challenge. They seem to work very well together, even cheering together when they completed Alejandro's sacrificial dummy of Heather. Both are seen trying to set off the booby traps to slow down Heather and allow Alejandro to gain the lead. After Cody tricks Lindsay into thinking there is a sale on mascara, Courtney becomes annoyed when Lindsay leaves the area, pointing out how it wouldn't make sense considering they're in the middle of a jungle near a volcano.

Total Drama All-Stars

Heroes vs. Villains

Courtney and Lindsay in Heroes vs Villains

Courtney and Lindsay talk about the former's relationship with Duncan.

As they are walking to the first challenge, Lindsay gives Courtney advice in regards to Duncan, encouraging her to yell at him for "old times sake" with Courtney replying she isn't going to make that mistake again. However, Lindsay misinterprets this as Courtney discovering how to stop making mistakes and asks Courtney to teach her how to do so.

When the Heroic Hamsters have trouble deciding who should push the stroller, Courtney immediately chooses Lindsay. However, to Courtney's frustration, Lindsay has somehow forgotten how to push the stroller. In the end, Courtney votes Lindsay off for her poor performance, while Lindsay presumably attempted to vote Courtney off but drew an X over her own face instead. When Chris tells Courtney she's in the bottom two for letting Lindsay drive, Lindsay scolds Courtney for making such a mistake.


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