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Courtney and Scott

Scott and Courtney's first kiss in Zeek And Ye Shall Find.

After Courtney transfers over to the Villainous Vultures in Total Drama All-Stars, she sets out to make a new ally and settles with Scott after he displays affection towards her. Initially, she shrugs off his constant advances, treating him like everyone else. However, over time, she is unable to deny her own feelings towards him any longer, and the two become closer. She realizes that she cares for him in Moon Madness, when he volunteers to go to Boney Island and she, in turn, grows worried for him.

They finally agree upon a relationship in Zeek And Ye Shall Find, but this is short lived due to Mal's interference causing Scott to lose faith in her. Despite this incident, they manage to make up in the next episode due to Courtney's insistence she wasn't at fault, and Scott finding her bossiness attractive. However, Mal manages to break them apart yet again, after he reveals a chart detailing her plan to bring Scott (being drawn with a rat's tail) to the finale with her, believing he would throw the challenge for her. Finally fed up with her, Scott becomes determined to make sure Courtney doesn't win, either by securing victory for himself or someone else. In the end, Courtney gets eliminated, but Scott begins to show uncertainty over his decision. It is unclear where the two of them currently stand.

Total Drama All-Stars

Food Fright


Scott and Courtney's first interaction.

After Chef Hatchet throws gruel into the girls' side of the cabin, Scott comes over and asks for more gruel from Courtney, to which she doesn't mind. Scott then picks and eats gruel straight off her face. He then adds, "You clean up real nice". In the confessional, Courtney calls him "smelly" and "pit-stainy", but admits that she needs a new ally on her new team and finds Scott to be the perfect candidate.


Scott flirts with Courtney during the challenge.

Courtney sarcastically compliments Scott for jeering how easy the challenge seems, thus convincing Chris to add another obstacle. However, Scott simply smiles and says, "You're pretty when you're mad". When it's Scott's turn to run through the obstacle course, he complains to Heather that he doesn't feel good, as he had eaten too much gruel earlier. However, when Courtney orders him to do the challenge, he quickly complies and completes it. Courtney, however, tells Scott to stop smiling at her. During the elimination ceremony, the two hug each other in celebration. Once they realize what they are doing, they both quickly turn away awkwardly.

Moon Madness


Courtney pines for Scott after she sees a bird that resembles him.

At the beginning of the episode, Courtney stands on the balcony of the McLean Spa and Hotel, wondering why she feels that something is missing. At that moment, a bird that resembles Scott lands on a nearby branch and emits a chirp that resembles Scott's laugh, reminding Courtney that Scott had volunteered for exile on Boney Island in order to search for the McLean-Brand Chris Head. After Scott is brought back from exile via helicopter and landed in front of Courtney, the latter check up on him with a worried expression but she quickly reminds him to get his head back in the game to which Scott eagerly replies "Yes, ma'am!" In the confessional, Scott comments that because of his parents's respective occupations (his father being in the army and his mother a waitress), he likes taking orders. In her following confessional, Courtney insists that her only interest in Scott was strictly as an ally but accidentally admits that she find him cute, but in a rustic way, like a donkey wearing a wig.


Though Courtney is upset about Scott volunteering for exile again, Scott reassures her that he will be okay.

After the Villains win again, Scott volunteers for exile for the second time in a row. Courtney is shocked and asks him why, to which he puts a hand on her shoulder and reminds her that he has to go find the invincibility statue, referring to her as "babe". As Scott is carried away by the helicopter once again, Courtney sighs despondently.

No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition


Courtney and Scott hold hands.

Soon after the challenge begins, Courtney finds Scott asleep, backed up against a tree, as he was tired from his second consecutive stay on Boney Island. When he wakes up and suddenly starts panicking, she puts her arms around him to calm him down and tells him to help her look for some eggs. They hide behind a rock together at one point, and Heather comes up to the two and tells them that Alejandro is convincing everyone to vote for Scott. Courtney worriedly asks, "What?" and shows concern, subsequently voting for Alejandro at the elimination ceremony out of concern for Scott. Later, when Courtney worries about all the mutants around them, Scott takes Courtney's hand and ensures that he will protect her. This makes Courtney blush and smile at him. Scott smiles back and is about to say something to her when he gets pulled away by a giant mutated gopher. Courtney takes a stick and accidentally whacks Scott numerous times with it while trying to get the creature off of him. When she finally makes the creature go away, it digs up an egg that lands right in her hands, and she excitedly runs off while forgetting to help up Scott, instead simply yelling for him to follow her, which she would have normally done.

Suckers Punched


Courtney checks up on Scott after he's beaten up by Fang.

When Scott has to face his fear in a boxing match, Courtney becomes concerned since Scott falls into a state of shock over having to battle the shark. After Fang knocks him out, Courtney unsuccessfully tries to get him to fight back. In his delirium, Scott calls Courtney "pretty lady" before passing out. Courtney then scolds Fang for hurting Scott, calling him an "overgrown guppy". As Courtney drags Scott out of the ring, Gwen helps. In a subsequent confessional, Courtney states that she probably doesn't have to worry about Gwen stealing Scott away from her, implying that Courtney sees Scott as her love interest now.

You Regatta Be Kidding Me

When Courtney and Gwen vow to team up to go to the end together, Gwen questions Courtney's relationship with Scott, and wonders why she would want to choose her over Scott as an ally. Courtney replies that, while she does like him, friendship should be put first. Scott, meanwhile, is in the next room trying to listen in on the conversation by holding a glass to the wall.

Zeek And Ye Shall Find

Courtney accidentally falls on Scott after she trips while walking down the cabin porch. This results in them sharing their first kiss. Despite being embarrassed by this, Courtney is delighted in the kiss and squeals in excitement while using the confessional. To symbolize the beginning of their relationship, Scott gives Courtney a makeshift ring that he made from his shoe lace. Before heading into the mine, Scott and Courtney ditch Gwen so they may celebrate their one-hour anniversary. Scott tries to compliments Courtney but he is too nervous and is unable to think of the proper words, resulting in him getting embarrassed. At one point, Cameron is instructed by Mike (Mal in reality) to kiss Courtney in order to make Scott to form an alliance with them. Upon seeing his girlfriend kissing someone else, the two of them get into a heated argument. Ezekiel then appears and throws them into his prison with Zoey, where Scott is still furious at Courtney for kissing Cameron. Enraged, Courtney gives back the ring, thus ending their two-hour relationship. Scott is more than happy to end things with her, as he sarcastically states that walking with one shoe lace missing is a problem.

The Obsta-Kill Kourse

Courtney does feel bad for the kiss between her and Cameron, but knows it is not entirely her fault. When Courtney sees Scott being depressed and eating dirt, she decides to take charge by telling him that they are a couple again. Scott agrees; however, he does not forgive Courtney yet. During the challenge Courtney becomes irritated by Scott's incompetence and either forces him to complete the challenge correctly or abandons him several times. Later, Scott is tricked by Mal into thinking that Alejandro made Cameron kiss Courtney, but gets the wording confused and simply asks if Courtney kissed Alejandro. Courtney, thinking that he's referring to Total Drama World Tour, tells him that was two years ago, and she didn't even know Scott at that point so it was okay and smiles at him.

Sundae Muddy Sundae

Dirt sundae

Courtney and Scott no longer get along with each other.

Courtney reveals that she is bringing Scott to the finals with her, as opposed to her original agreement with Gwen, knowing that he will throw the challenge for her and give her an easy win. As the contestants are walking towards where Chris is, Scott tries to compliment and impress Courtney by saying she looks nice and by showing off his muscles. Just then, Mike (Mal in reality) reveals Courtney's planned elimination order to the other contestants. Scott is deeply hurt, and is further angered when he notices the picture that she drew of him with a tail. Heartbroken and furious, Scott is determined to win the challenge in order to eliminate her. However, his luck officially runs out and he gets injured very often during the challenge. Each time she sees his misfortune, Courtney laughs at him. Due to his determination in trying to get rid of her, he is believed to be one of the three voters who voted against Courtney. As he watches her take the Flush of Shame after her elimination, the other contestants and Chris admit to not missing her, Scott surprisingly says that she was “not that bad”.

The Bold and the Booty-ful

Despite their negative interaction in the previous episode, Scott appears to be remorseful and upset about Courtney's elimination, wondering who will boss him around. Mal tricks Scott into thinking Gwen is the reason that Courtney and Scott's relationship failed.


  • Both were the main antagonists of a season.
    • Both placed fourth in the season in which they were antagonists.
    • This is the one of two romantic relationships in the series between two main antagonists, the other being Alejandro and Heather.
  • This is the second couple whose members debut in different seasons, with the first being Alejandro and Heather.
  • This is the first relationship between a first generation contestant and a second generation contestant.
  • Both have caused the elimination of the same person twice in one season.
  • Both have thrown or attempted to throw challenges more than any other contestant.
  • This is the shortest-lived couple thus far, getting together and breaking up within the same episode, apparently lasting just over two hours. Although they arguably got back together in the next episode, it seems that their relationship had ended again as of Sundae Muddy Sundae after Scott discovers her future attempt to betray him. In the end, Courtney and Scott are officially broken up.
  • Both are the only contestants to reach the final five twice, but not the finale.
  • Both were the eleventh contestant eliminated from the first season they competed in.
  • Both were eliminated in a double elimination leading up to the finale of their second season competing.
  • Both were eliminated in the eleventh and twelfth episodes of a season.
  • Both were eliminated after eating challenges in different seasons.
  • Both have used their sole vote to eliminate someone in the series.

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