The craft services tent is the tent where all the meals are served to the cast in Total Drama Action and are made by Chef. There are two different rooms in the craft services tent. One of the rooms is the tent that the castmates eat in and the other room is the kitchen where Chef Hatchet cooks the food. There is also a window where Chef gives food to the contestants as well as a condiments table and two picnic tables. After Courtney returns, her rule list says that she will not be eating at the craft services tent; rather, she will be dining with the producers. However, she is seen in the craft services tent in The Princess Pride, Get a Clue and again in Top Dog (receiving Chef's so-called "scrambled eggs" in the latter). The Crafts Services Tent appears to be the counterpart to the main lodge from Total Drama Island.

Total Drama Action


An exterior view of the craft services tent.

One of the most notable events in which the craft services tent is seen takes place in Monster Cash, where one of the challenges is to find the hidden key in some fake food props and the reward is a choice between a normal trailer or a smashed trailer with one assigned to each gender. Owen mistakes this for a speed eating contest, assuming that the food is real, and ends up eating the fake food props, which results in digestive problems throughout the episode (and the next episode as well).

In Alien Resurr-eggtion, Chef serves most of the castmates burnt toast and scrambled eggs, some pancakes (with ketchup for one), nothing to a few, and prunes for Owen due to his congested bowls. The craft services tent is also where Chris announces the challenge for the day and the movie theme for that challenge. Slime also pours through the kitchen ceiling to make Chef look more like an alien, revealing there may be some sort of trap door.


Beth, Lindsay and Justin eat breakfast in the craft services tent.

In Beach Blanket Bogus, as compared to the decent food in the last episode, the castmates receive Chef's regular brown slop and orange juice. Justin lucks out and also receives bacon and "facon" from Lindsay and Beth, and Owen also receives bacon. Trent luckily receives scrambled eggs (nine to be exact, his lucky number).

In The Chefshank Redemption, the craft services tent is seen after the Killer Grips win the challenge. At the Grips table, Owen is happy to have Izzy back and starts flirting with her. At the Gaffers table, Heather tells Gwen that she knows that she was throwing the challenge for the Grips. DJ serves Gwen food and she thanks him.

In One Flu Over the Cuckoos, Chef and DJ are making pizza in the craft services tent's kitchen. The Screaming Gaffers are eating pizza in the tent and studying for the challenge. Leshawna does not eat any pizza and instead studies. DJ then appears (after being in the kitchen with Chef) and asks for pizza. Leshawna leaves the tent since there was no point of studying since there was no team invincibility on the line. Duncan agrees with her and he leaves as well.


The Grips spend the entire night in the tent, playing with cards most of the time.

In The Sand Witch Project, the craft services tent plays an important role in the last challenge. The Killer Grips had to stay in the tent for one night without leaving it. Chris tells them a scary story about the abandoned film lot being abandoned because of a police officer who died there. The Screaming Gaffers had to scare the Grips out of the tent in order to win the challenge. (The Gaffers attempt to scare the Grips twice but both of their attempts were foiled by Lindsay.) While the Gaffers are in the kitchen, the Killer Grips try to pass the time by playing cards, until the lights went out. Then they see a ghost above (which is actually Heather in disguise) and run out of the tent. Lindsay tries to stop them from leaving by using the ghost-meter. But when the ghost-meter goes off, Lindsay runs out of the tent as well. The Screaming Gaffers walk into the tent after winning the challenge. DJ hallucinates and believes Heather is his mother. Afterwards, Heather asks if anyone was going to get her down from the ceiling.

In Masters of Disasters, the teams are eating breakfast, which is cooked by Chef, Harold comments that he missed DJ's cooking. Meanwhile, Beth tells everyone that she has a boyfriend, which some of the cast do not believe. Later, Chris announces that the challenge will be a disaster-themed challenge.

In Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, the cast eats bacon and eggs in the crafts service tent. Due to Owen's jaw getting undone, he crazily devours the food served. He then smells something and went to Chef's kitchen only to find nothing out of the ordinary. Chris then cuts a hole through the tent's top, comes down by a rope and announced the challenge. While Beth, Lindsay and Justin are shocked, he explains that Leshawna and Owen were taken away for part of the challenge. He also explains that the cast will need to release their respective team member, collect the bank robbing tools and try to rob the first national bank of Chris.

In Super Hero-ld, the tent is seen from the outside at the beginning of the episode when Duncan, Harold and Justin were walking out and discussing a possible alliance. 

Burrito contest

Duncan holds a burrito contest.

In The Princess Pride, Duncan hosts a burrito eating contest with Beth, Lindsay, Harold and Justin as the contestants, while Courtney is busy strategizing at another table. Duncan declares Harold the winner of the burrito contest even though he found Harold's creation weird. Chris and Chef come in and announce the first challenge, to test which of the girls can put on a glass boot, to decide who the 'princess' will be. Courtney is able to get the boot on and becomes the princess for the challenge.

In Get a Clue, the remaining five contestants are eating Mexican food for breakfast. Harold then finds a flash drive in his bowl that was for Courtney's PDA. The challenge is announced on the flash drive through Courtney's PDA, which involves finding Chris.

In Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen, the craft services tent's kitchen is used to cook a feast for the winner of the challenge. Beth and Courtney are forced to make the feast since they lost the challenge to the boys, the winner of the challenge. Courtney and Beth make an alliance with each other as they serve each other tea. Harold releases Leshawna Jr. after she asks to be released into the wild and starts to cry as she slowly leaves the tent.


Courtney and Beth chat over "scrambled eggs".

In Top Dog, the final four are eating breakfast, which looks like scrambled eggs. Beth and Owen ask Chef if the food is scrambled eggs, to which Chef laughs non-stop and falls backwards while Duncan and Courtney discuss their relationship. Moments later, Beth saves Owen from choking to death after not been able to properly swallow his breakfast. Chris then comes in to the tent and announces a animal-themed challenge with his "BFFFL".   


The craft services tent's last appearance, with Chris and the cast of Total Drama World Tour (minus Ezekiel).

The craft services tent's final appearance in Total Drama Action is in the Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, when Owen, Gwen, Heather, Duncan, Leshawna, Izzy, DJ, Lindsay, Bridgette, Harold, Courtney, Cody, Tyler, Noah, Ezekiel, Sierra, and Alejandro all receive the news from Chris that they will be competing in Total Drama World Tour. While in the tent, the contestants celebrate their advance to season three by throwing a party.


  • The craft services tent's counterpart is the main lodge from Total Drama Island, and both of them have many similarities:
    • Both have a room where the contestants eat and a kitchen where Chef cooks.
    • Both have a table for each team.
    • There was a challenge that took place inside of the tent.
    • The kitchen was used for a challenge.
    • There is a window and counter where the contestants collect their food.
  • Alejandro, Cody, Ezekiel, Noah, Sierra, and Tyler are the only contestants to be in the craft services tent without actually participating in Total Drama Action.
    • Technically, Ezekiel was inexplicably missing from the wide shot of the entire group in the craft services tent. Nevertheless, he was part of the next season's official cast anyway.
  • Eva, Katie, and Sadie are the only original contestants to never be seen in the craft services tent.
  • The Killer Grips are the only team to do a challenge that involves staying in the craft services tent.
  • Total Drama Action is currently the only season to feature the craft services tent.
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