Crimson was a Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race contestant as a member of The Goths with Ennui.


Crimson is a dark, brooding soul who has been described to have the emotional range of a stone gargoyle. It is uncertain as to why she and her boyfriend, Ennui, sign up to participate in the race or if they're even enjoying the experience. Crimson is known to be uncomfortable whenever she receives compliments, not knowing how to react to them. She is also committed to keeping her relationship with Ennui, willing to overlook his "de-gothed" appearance and love him for who he is on the inside. Crimson has knowledge of many dark things, as seen in A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket and I Love Ridonc & Roll. Despite scaring many other competitors, Crimson is actually sometimes nice and gives advice to those who need it.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race


Crimson is introduced alongside her partner.

In None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1, they choose "Scares" but are one of the few teams who are not terrified at skywalking around the tower. Despite that, she and Ennui end up being one of the six teams on the last flight to Morocco. In the next episode, the Goths get annoyed when the LARPers try to ally with them, and simply walk away. After being able to pick the spices, Crimson is the one to drink the stew during the Botch or Watch. She nearly pukes after seeing Chet swallow his own puke. They finish in thirteenth place.

In French is an Eiffel Language, after Ennui manages to draw a caricature, they make their way through the catacombs, feeling right at home, scaring Jay and Mickey. They finish in thirteenth place. They continue their silent ways in Mediterranean Homesick Blues, where Crimson is able to get the tip after she is able to scare one of the sharks. After building a sufficient sand castle, the Goths finish in eighth place.

Goths At Feast

The Goths eat the Icelandic Feast with ease.

Crimson and Ennui begin to get on Don's nerves in Bjorken Telephone, when their absence of emotion irritates him. They have no trouble repeating the Icelandic phrase, having knowledge of Iceland because most of their favorite bands are from there. They decide to eat the feast after seeing the other teams choosing to dig the fossils and manage to do this with no trouble at all, creeping out the other contestants. They manage to get first place in this leg of the race, although they annoy Don with yet more emotional absence. 

Due to winning last time, the Goths start first in Brazilian Pain Forest, but their plane gets delayed due to a flat tire caused by Dwayne. Although Ennui experiences pain when getting the tip, Crimson tells him not to be so dramatic. Crimson then dons a goth-like decorative head piece and tail piece to show the judge, scaring the judge, but still getting the next tip to the Chill Zone location. In the interview, Crimson states that bright colors are for those making up for their sad, meaningless lives. The Goths finish in second place, behind the Ice Dancers. 

Get in

Crimson tells Ennui to get in the coffin, as it may be his only chance, at least, that he will remember.

The Goths feel right at home in A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket, as Crimson reveals that Dracula was the first goth, and so in a way, their "king". She almost shows cheerful emotion but Ennui stops her from showing "color". She mentions how Dracula looks similar to Ennui, which flatters Ennui, and how she wants to be buried in a coffin made during the time of the plague. The Goths get a ten minute penalty due to Crimson swapping places in the coffin with Ennui but were not worried. In fact, Crimson and Ennui both smiled, indicating that they both enjoyed their experience in Romania. The Goths finish in twelfth place after their penalty expires. 

Crimson and Ennui are sad to leave Romania in Hawaiian Honeyruin. The two were able to go through the Botch or Watch challenge with no problems. But at the coals, Crimson had to recolor the grass skirt black, as Ennui stated that she can only wear black and nothing else. The two finish in tenth place, behind the Adversity Twins. In Hello and Dubai, the Goths choose the Serve challenge. They come in seventh place. Crimson freed the bats destined to be eaten in New Beijinging. During the interview, she says they're the most beautiful creatures on the earth. Later, she almost vomits in the eating challenge. They finish in eighth place.

The Horror

The Goths' appearance when de-gothed.

In I Love Ridonc & Roll, Crimson and Ennui are excited to go to Finland, a paradise for Goths. But during the sauna challenge, the Goths' makeup melts off, much to their horror. When they go outside, they get knocked into the river by Kitty, causing their makeup and wigs to wash off, revealing their true appearances to each other. Both of them are shocked at seeing each other "ungothed", and wear paper bags over their faces out of shame. While waiting for Ennui to finish the challenge, Crimson is complimented by Carrie about her real hair, which she is unsure of how to react to. Crimson and Ennui decide to leave the competition and begin to get used to the other's appearance, but they spot a local store with more Gothic outfits and return to the competition. With a new Gothic appearance, the Goths complete the challenge with ease and finish in tenth place. Their relationship also grows stronger as a result, which is expressed vocally by Ennui. Later, Crimson notices Josee's Hawaiian lava rock, which she is fascinated by and explains to the Ice Dancers how they have become cursed.


The Goths adopt Loki.

The Goths do not play a very important role in My Way or Zimbabwe and they finish in eighth place. After breaking out of prison in Shawshank Ridonc-tion, the Goths progress on in Down and Outback where they have no trouble catching all the bunnies, due to their affectionate behavior towards Ennui. However, after he and Crimson realize how the rabbits act as a plague to Australia, they decide to keep an aggressive one as a pet, naming it Loki. The Goths land their hang glider with ease and finish in seventh place. 


Crimson rides the mechanical bull with ease in Alberta.

The Goths choose to bungee jump for fish in Maori or Less, and finish the challenge in fourth place. In Little Bull on the Prairie, Crimson and Ennui complete both challenges with no effort, in part due to Crimson's time on her grandmother's farm, as riding the mechanical bull is much like her experience riding real bulls. They finish the challenges first, but finish in fourth place due to getting distracted by a skull they found along the way.

In Lord of the Ring Toss, the Goths are offered an alliance by Devin, but decline, though they question if they made the right choice after taking a liking to Devin's melancholic state. They have no trouble in putting a ring onto a narwhal's horn, once again due to Ennui's affinity with animals. They disapprove of the Dater's bickering and show a rare state of affection by holding hands. When the Goths have trouble making an igloo, Ennui suggests stacking snow and molding it into an igloo shape. Devin approaches them with the alliance offer again, however the Goths decline due to Carrie's optimistic nature. They finish in sixth place.

In Got Venom, the Goths are tempted to befriend Devin yet again, due to his current stage of grief giving him a melancholic nature, resembling that of a goth. They have initial trouble with the challenge as the Komodo dragons flee from the Goth due to their deodorant which is made from the same species. The Ice Dancers try to convince the Goths to leave the challenge area, for the safety of Loki, but they continue on after Ennui mentally links with the rabbit who wants them to continue on with the challenge. The Goths eventually manage to collect venom from the drool of a Komodo dragon by having it chase after Loki. The rabbit then quickly finds them a Ridonculous Race branded carpet during the All-In, which lands them in first place.

Lion vs Crimson

Crimson during the magic show.

In Dude Buggies, the Ice Dancers now view the Goths as a huge threat and plot to eliminate them. They attempt to hinder the Goths by sabotaging their mode of transportation, but are unsuccessful. Although they are not able to complete the challenge as instructed, the Goths try a magic trick of their own, which involves Loki being supposedly get eaten by a lion only to get pulled out by Ennui afterwards. The shocked judge accepts their performance further angering Josee. They finish the race in first place again.

Crimson and pepper

Crimson has no trouble with eating the hottest pepper in Mexico.

In El Bunny Supremo, the Ice Dancers manage to find the Goths' weakness in the form of Loki whom Jacques kidnaps while striking up a conversation. Crimson has no trouble eating the pepper and it is only when Ennui is about to jump that he realizes that Loki is missing, finding a burrito in his place which devastates him. The goths put the challenge behind them as they search for Loki who arrives riding a burro soon after escaping from Jacques. They continue on with the challenge but arrive just short of a few minutes, getting eliminated from the competition. The goths feel satisfied by their performance in the competition and wish the Ice Dancers get what they deserve.

Crimson and Ennui reappear in the finale, along with the other eliminated teams, where they express their happiness due to the fact that the Ice Dancers lost. She and Ennui are later seen with the rest of the cast during the final group shot.





  • As revealed in I Love Ridonc & Roll, Ennui and Crimson are actually Caucasian teenagers underneath their make-up and wig. It is also revealed that neither of them have seen the other without make-up, despite dating for three years.
  • She and Ennui are the only couple in the series to have never been shown kissing.


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