DJ's bunnies are two rabbits that DJ adopts during his time on Total Drama Island.

DJ's first bunny


Bunny is attacked by a snake after Geoff leaves it on a lifeguard chair on the docks.

DJ's first bunny makes its first appearance in The Sucky Outdoors. Earlier in the episode, Courtney, who took the leadership role of the Killer Bass, sends a few members of the team out to find food for dinner. Instead of returning with food, DJ comes back with a bunny. Duncan gets excited because he initially believed DJ caught it for food. DJ quickly refuses to allow Duncan to eat it, saying it is his new pet and then named it "Bunny". In Who Can You Trust?, Chris tells DJ about his next death-defying challenge, but DJ nearly forgets his bunny is in his front pocket. He then trusts Geoff to look after it while he is completing his challenge.

After the second challenge, Bridgette and Geoff are about to dive into Lake Wawanakwa, when Geoff nearly forgets about Bunny being in his pocket. Geoff then places it on a lifeguard chair on the Dock of Shame before going swimming with her.

Just as Geoff and Bridgette get out of the water, a snake consumes Bunny, which is then caught by an eagle, and finally, a shark consumes them all. Geoff, too guilty to tell DJ the truth, told DJ he "ran away", sending DJ into a state of depression until he gets his next bunny from Duncan, who felt sorry for DJ's loss.

The snake that ate Bunny appears once again in Brunch of Disgustingness when Trent barfs in the confessional, with Bunny will shown to be consumed.

DJ's second bunny


Duncan finds DJ a second bunny in Who Can You Trust?

During the final challenge in Who Can You Trust?, Courtney sees Duncan using a carrot to catch DJ a new bunny and she realizes that maybe he is not as bad as he seems. DJ manages to win the race after seeing that Duncan has found (what appears to be) Bunny; however, DJ lifts his blindfold to see the bunny, leading to his and Geoff's disqualification in the final challenge and a loss for the Bass. Leshawna mentions the new Bunny in Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon, to force Duncan to admit he has a sweet side.

DJ with his injured, accident-prone bunny in Haute Camp-ture.

DJ's second Bunny is also seen in Haute Camp-ture, where it suffers several accidents, such as being caught by an eagle and thrown into a hot barbecue grill, and later after DJ accidentally hits the table, causing it to be flung in the air. The bunny is also seen during the final moments in the episode when it lands on Lindsay's lap, leading her to mistake it is Tyler, who is sitting right next to her. After that point, it isn't seen again.


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