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Duncan, Geoff and DJ watch as their master plan against Harold unfolds.

These three members of the Killer Bass are usually seen together as a trio, later merging into a quintet with the addition of two new guys from the Gophers following the merge. The trio of male campers tend to pull pranks on Harold as one member has a mutual dislike of him. However, DJ was only seen doing this in If You Can't Take The Heat..., as he is the only one in the group to be friends with Harold. Outside of tormenting Harold, the three often hang out and help each other out, especially DJ and Geoff who are very close friends.

Total Drama Island

Opening sequence

When DJ is attacked by animals, Duncan laughs at his misfortune, only to have Courtney glare at him for his lack of empathy.

Not So Happy Campers - Part 1

After Tyler does his water-skiing stunt and lands in a pile of suitcases, DJ and Geoff give each other a thumbs up.

Not So Happy Campers - Part 2


Duncan believes DJ to be a more valuable teammate for the future over Courtney.

When Courtney tells the team that they need to choose someone to be voted out, Duncan interrupts her and says he would have no problem voting her or DJ out because of their lack of participation in the challenge. However, he adds that DJ would be more preferable to keep around, as his strength could come in handy for future challenges, which makes DJ smile.


Both DJ and Geoff, along with the rest of the Bass, cower in fear as a sleep-deprived Duncan enters the main lodge. During the challenge, DJ is hesitant to wake Duncan up, saying he would kill them. When the Killer Bass have their first win in the third round, DJ and Geoff give each other a high-five.

Not Quite Famous

Duncan and dj play cards

Duncan and DJ playing cards.

Geoff admires DJ when he practices his ribbon dance, and DJ shows the same reaction to Geoff's talent of skateboarding. DJ and Duncan are later seen playing cards, while Bridgette is betting with the Killer Bass with her talent.

The Sucky Outdoors

Geoff encourages Duncan to tell his scary story to their team. Duncan then mentions that it will scare everyone, but he tells it anyway. When Courtney jumps in Duncan's arms after a wolf howl scares her, Duncan smiles at Geoff who gives him a thumbs up.

Phobia Factor


Duncan expresses his doubt to Geoff and DJ about Courtney being fearless.

When Courtney denies having any fears, Duncan comments that that isn't what she said last night (referencing her being scared by his scary story). Later, DJ tries to conquer his fear of snakes and Duncan gently encourages him. After he conquers his fear, Duncan and Geoff celebrate, along with the rest of the team. DJ and Geoff also cheer for Duncan after he is able to overcome his fear.

Up the Creek

"One Brave Man"

Geoff calls DJ "one brave man".

Geoff is offered by DJ to be his partner, to which he happily accepts. Before the race, DJ asks if canoes flip over a lot, to which Geoff reassures DJ by telling him he was confusing canoes with kayaks. Once DJ and Geoff are in the canoe, Geoff tells DJ about his attempt of impressing Bridgette with a heart-shaped bowl (with the bowl having a combination of a photo of DJ and Geoff with another picture of Bridgette pasted over DJ). DJ immediately sees Geoff has made a massive blunder, and tries to relay this to Geoff without hurting him. He gives some important advice to Geoff about girls, to which Geoff intently listens to. On Boney Island, DJ asks Bridgette to check out Geoff's leg, since she had first aid training. Geoff then looks at DJ and winks at him, implying that his plan worked. Reaching the water again, DJ decides to face his fear of water, to which Geoff considers him "one brave man". Geoff along with the rest of their team cheer for DJ when he pushes the canoes. DJ admits that Geoff helped him conquer his fear of water, and so he returned the favor by helping him get together with Bridgette.

Paintball Deer Hunter

At the end of the episode, after Chris compliments the campers for the dramatic episode, DJ and Geoff fist-bump one another. Soon after the challenge is over, Geoff helps untie Duncan and Courtney from their fake antlers.

If You Can't Take The Heat...

The three guys get mad at Harold for leaving his underwear on the cabin floor. Throughout the episode, they all team up in picking on him. DJ and Duncan both vote for Geoff to be head chef. When Courtney doesn't want to be Duncan's partner for cooking, Geoff convinces her it is "for the team", and she accepts. Later, DJ tries to help Geoff with Bridgette by starting a conversation with her about him and letting the two of them work together, before hurriedly intervening when Geoff compares her to his friend's "really hot" mother. The three friends show up in a canoe together when Harold gets out of his bed naked.

Who Can You Trust?


DJ becomes disheartened over Geoff losing his bunny, and stops caring about the challenge.

DJ entrusts his pet Bunny in Geoff's care while he and Duncan do the first challenge together. Duncan and DJ are unsuccessful, leading Duncan to comment "This bites" to which DJ agrees. Meanwhile, while Geoff and Bridgette go swimming, he puts Bunny in what he thinks is a safe place. However, shortly afterward, a large snake eats Bunny. Geoff attempts to save him, only for the snake to be picked up by an eagle, which is then eaten by a shark. Geoff does not know how to tell his friend about Bunny and makes several attempts to hide the truth from DJ. Ultimately he confesses his guilt, but bends the truth to make it less heartbreaking, saying he had "lost him". At first, DJ tells Geoff that it is okay, but he then starts to cry which makes Geoff feel guilty.


Duncan finds a new bunny for DJ, after Geoff loses the previous one.

Right before the challenge, that DJ and Geoff are partaking in, Courtney sees Duncan luring a new rabbit out of the woods using a fresh carrot. When the challenge begins, DJ refuses to trust Geoff's directions and questions Geoff as to why he should trust him after losing Bunny. But in the middle of the challenge, Duncan announces that he found DJ's old Bunny, and reveals the small rabbit he was caught luring from the woods before. Though it was not the same "Bunny", DJ believes that it is and has the strength to try and win the challenge. When the challenge is over, Duncan gives DJ his new pet and he thanks him for bringing his Bunny back.

Basic Straining

Geoff congratulates Duncan

Geoff gives Duncan a thumbs-up and congratulates him for kissing Courtney.

Duncan and Geoff pull pranks on Harold together, which include making s'mores out of Harold's underwear, fishing a wedgie out of Harold's underwear, tricking Harold into eating kitchen grease by telling him that it is apple juice, and making a happy face out of peanut butter on Harold's bed. Geoff teases Courtney about liking Duncan, pushing her to go out with him. When Courtney kisses Duncan outside the cabin, DJ and Geoff come out smiling, having witnessed the kiss. Geoff then congratulates Duncan on winning Courtney over, while Duncan smirks and confidently says that he knew she had a crush on him. When Courtney is unfairly eliminated, Duncan angrily tells Chris that he knew there were three people who didn't vote for her, referring to himself, DJ, and Geoff. Both of them nod in agreement hearing this. As Courtney leaves the island, Geoff pats Duncan's shoulder in reassurance.

X-Treme Torture

Geoff is disappointed when his team loses and states that he really could have used the showers. DJ then puts his arm on Geoff's shoulder and agrees with him, smelling the stench coming from him due to falling in the pile of dirty socks.

Brunch of Disgustingness

Geoff-Duncan fight

Duncan gets mad at Geoff for helping Bridgette win the first challenge.

DJ, Duncan, and Geoff, along with Owen and Trent enjoy each other's company in their guys cabin. When they hang out, DJ and Duncan are listening to a turntable together. Geoff supplies encouragement to the rest of his team, who had named him captain. DJ catches and tackles Geoff for the team when he tries to escape.


Geoff and Duncan's strategy to eat their food works.

Geoff, however, thanks him for this, calming himself down. At one point, the boys get in an argument when Geoff helps Bridgette eat her food. While DJ, along with Owen and Trent angrily glare at him, Duncan scolds him and the two exchange words at each other until Chris has to stop the argument. Duncan and Geoff quickly apologize to each other and they shake hands.

No Pain, No Game

After the two-day luxury trip, the three guys, along with Owen and Trent are still partying together after the experience. Duncan smiles at his friends and admits that all five of them are closer than family. He quickly takes back this statement after Chris announces the merge.

Hide and Be Sneaky


Geoff is punished by Duncan for not voting for Bridgette

DJ, Duncan, Geoff, and Owen form a guys' alliance. When Duncan tries to explain his motives for forming an alliance, Geoff takes it the wrong way, believing Duncan is suggesting that by having more girls on the show, the guys will have better odds at getting a girl. Duncan hits him and calls him "butt brain", correcting him by saying that the odds are against them for a guy to win the money. At the end of the episode, they agree to vote off Bridgette. However, Duncan, and DJ, along with Owen, learn that Geoff may not have voted for Bridgette and as punishment (despite Bridgette being successfully voted off), the guys make Geoff sleep outside while hanging upside-down from a tree. While the rest say goodnight to each other, Duncan mockingly wishes goodnight to Geoff.

That's Off the Chain!

Duncan and Geoff, along with Owen, talk about particularly painful mishaps they had on their first bike ride at one point, and debate who had it the worst. DJ overhears and becomes increasingly nervous.

Hook, Line, and Screamer

With a chainsaw and HOOK

Duncan scares DJ using a hook.

While DJ is terrified from watching a scary movie, Duncan intentionally scares him by putting a hook on his hand. DJ angrily says in the confessional that it was not cool. Geoff goes with DJ when he had to use the bathroom.

Never leave a brother

DJ has Geoff keep watch while he goes to the bathroom.

Despite giving his word that he would not abandon DJ, Geoff leaves as soon as he hears the sound of an ice-cream truck. After the both of them have been caught, DJ angrily confronts Geoff for bailing on him. After Duncan is able to beat the killer, both DJ and Geoff join everyone in cheering for him. Later, when Chris announces that DJ is eliminated, Duncan and Geoff join in on the group hug.

Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon

With DJ gone, Duncan and Geoff seem to develop a few differences. In the beginning of this episode, Geoff remarked that Duncan, along with Gwen, are too serious. During the challenge, Leshawna brings up the incident about DJ's Bunny, to which Duncan explains that he gave DJ his new bunny, because his dog ran away, and he didn't want DJ to go through the same thing. Later that episode, Duncan voted for Geoff, remarking that he made a mistake a few weeks ago (not voting off Bridgette in Hide and Be Sneaky).

Haute Camp-ture


DJ and Geoff both pick Duncan for their choice of winner.

When it is DJ's turn to say who he wants to win, he talks about his admiration for Duncan and how tough he was. At the end of the episode, DJ and Geoff both think Duncan deserves to win for helping the Killer Bass in Dodgebrawl, and fist bump over their shared opinion.

The Very Last Episode, Really!

When celebrating Owen's win, DJ and Geoff can be seen hi-fiving. Later, Duncan, Geoff, and Owen team up to throw Chris and Chef off the dock into the water.

Total Drama Action


Duncan stops to make a comment about Bridgette and Geoff making out.

Monster Cash

When Duncan catches Bridgette and Geoff making out, he rolls his eyes and comments that this wasn't the kind of action Chris had in mind. Geoff then remarks in the confessional that Duncan was right and states that it was time he began focusing on the game, only to begin making out again.

Alien Resurr-eggtion


Duncan forbids Geoff and Bridgette to join them.

When the contestants come across Bridgette and Geoff making out, he asks if they were going to keep "sucking face". Duncan and DJ team up with Gwen and Trent for the challenge to try and find the alien eggs. However, Duncan, forbids Geoff and Bridgette to join their team, as he states they would end up slowing them down. In the confessional, he explains the sweetheart couple always got caught first, before proceeding to imitate their kissing. When the four of them find the eggs, DJ celebrates their victory. He is then reminded by Duncan that they still have to get the eggs back to home base. Duncan mentions in the confessional that he knows exactly who's going home, before impersonating Geoff and Bridgette by doing kissing noises. DJ surprisingly votes off Bridgette and Geoff as well, but he is happy they would have each other. When Bridgette is confused about her and Geoff being eliminated, as she thought everyone liked them, Duncan heavily insinuates that he no longer cares for Geoff by saying that he "liked" him, but not "like".

Riot On Set


DJ applying makeup on Duncan before the acting scene.

Duncan agrees with Gwen to make DJ pull their trailer, but DJ refuses. Later, DJ offers to apply makeup on Duncan for the acting challenge. He initially is quite demanding in his requests due to his recent encounter with Chef. However, he softens his tone when the team is vocally shocked about his sudden personality change.

The Aftermath: I

Geoff makes fun of Duncan during the "That's Going To Leave a Mark!" segment.

The Sand Witch Project

DJ explains his quiet nature by saying he doesn't like scaring people because of his mother telling him that it was not gentlemen like. Duncan tells him to go to sleep, wanting to have the energy to perform well in the challenge the next morning. When DJ chooses to quit the competition, Duncan (along with Owen and Justin), tries to convince him to do otherwise but he replies by saying that he had already made his decision.

Masters of Disasters

Duncan agrees with Harold when he talks about missing DJ and his cooking.

The Aftermath: II

High five of DJ and Geoff

Geoff and DJ high five each other.

DJ gives Geoff a high-five when DJ enters the Aftermath show. However, Geoff shows more favoritism of his show rather than DJ or Duncan. He shows this by making DJ play "Truth or Anvil" (as well as trying to make him lie so the anvil would drop on his head to boost ratings). DJ later offers Geoff one of his sandwiches, but Geoff turns down the offer, but after Bridgette forces him, Geoff likes it, and eats a lot of DJ's sandwiches. Geoff shows a clip of Gwen and Duncan almost kiss which makes it look as if Duncan is cheating on Courtney. This makes Courtney jealous and determined to get even with the so-called "couple". Geoff also tries to turn the audience against DJ and Gwen when DJ saves Gwen's life from the same falling anvil. Geoff takes this as a romantic type of action, when they are really just friends.

The Aftermath: IV

Teddy bear

Duncan gives DJ his teddy bear while he is asleep.

A secret clip shows Duncan tucking a teddy bear into DJ's arms while DJ sleeps. Later, DJ votes for Beth to win Total Drama Action instead of Duncan. However, he says it was a very difficult choice to make, and that he only voted for Beth because he considered her kind, and he believed there weren't enough gentle millionaires in the world.

Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special

After Duncan squishes a cricket when all of the others aren't allowed into the Gemmie Awards ceremony, DJ scolds him for hurting the insect.

Total Drama World Tour

Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon

Geoff has high hopes that both Duncan (through Total Drama Fugitives segments) and DJ (through DJ's World of Animals) will be able to raise a high amount of donations to save the show, even at their own expense.

Camp TV

Camp TV

Duncan is scaring DJ with a snake.

DJ and Duncan apparently didn't get along well in the original version of Total Drama Island, as on the promotional poster, Duncan is seen scaring DJ with a snake. However, it is unknown whether the conflict was mutual. Duncan and Geoff, on the other hand, seemed to get along, as Geoff cheers in the trailer when Duncan pushes over two port-o-potties.


  • Performance wise:
    • DJ is the only member of this group to never reach the finale at any point in the franchise.
    • Duncan is the only member of this group to compete in Total Drama All-Stars. He is also the only member of the group to reach the merge more than once.
    • Geoff is the only member of this group to not compete in Total Drama World Tour, as well as the only member to compete on Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race. He is also never the highest member of a team at any point in the series.
      • In addition, Duncan and Geoff are the only former Killer Bass members to reach the finale at one point in the franchise.
  • DJ is the only member of this group who has never been in a relationship and is without a tattoo.
  • Duncan and Geoff are the first contestants eliminated in different seasons, although Duncan later returns.
    • Also, Duncan and Geoff (along with Bridgette) are the only contestants to be eliminated before being placed on a team in a season.
  • Duncan and Geoff both drew their respective girlfriend's face after their girlfriend was eliminated in Total Drama Island.
  • Duncan is the only member of this group to not wear a hat.
  • Geoff is the only member of this group not to have facial hair.
  • Geoff is the only member to have never quit the competition.
  • Geoff is the only member to have never ranked eighth in a season.
  • Geoff is the only member who did not have his own cameo appearance in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.
    • Both Duncan and DJ were tied to a dolly in the episode where they made a guest appearance.

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