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Heather mockingly tells DJ he should have accepted her alliance offer in Jamaica Me Sweat.

Despite her reputation of being hated by almost everyone on the show, Heather apparently gets along well enough with the kind hearted DJ. Though there are times DJ dislikes Heather, he still treats her with respect. In Total Drama Action, the two are placed on the same team where they are often shown working well together to help their team. In Total Drama World Tour, Heather attempts to help DJ several times in order to gain his trust and confidence so that he would form an alliance with her somewhere in the future, but fails, as Alejandro beats her to it. When Heather is pitted against Alejandro in the finale, DJ chooses to support Heather (although he was initially supporting Cody) due to his greater dislike to Alejandro.

Total Drama Island

Not So Happy Campers - Part 1

DJ is terrified of Heather when he sees her for the first time as she arrives.

Search and Do Not Destroy

Upon finding out that Heather and Trent kissed, breaking Gwen's heart, DJ agrees to join Leshawna into voting one of them off, voting Trent off after Heather wins immunity. Along with Bridgette, he looked angry when Heather won immunity.

Hide and Be Sneaky

A flashback reveals that while DJ and Owen were waiting for the girls outside the bathroom, Heather and Leshawna started a catfight which the boys were overheard. They were amused at first but when things became physical between the girls, they left in fear.

That's Off the Chain!

After Heather betrays Lindsay, DJ, Geoff and Gwen angrily glare at her for not showing any sympathy at her despite everything Lindsay has done for her. They also laugh at Heather after Lindsay tells her off.

Hook, Line, and Screamer


DJ is frightened to see Heather shaving her legs in the bathroom.

While Gwen tries to convince everyone to stay together in order to survive the escaped killer, Heather decides to leave and shower. DJ eventually enters the washroom in order to "take a leak" while Geoff wait for him, but is horrified to see Heather with a facial mask, trimming her leg hair and starts to scream in fear. Heather notices DJ and yells at him to calm down as it's only her, causing him to scream in terror anyway momentarily. After Heather is captured by Chef, DJ is still terrified of her face mask and tells Chris to let her leave so she could change it. After the challenge ends and DJ is eliminated for being the worst at the challenge, Heather surprisingly joins the others to give DJ a farewell hug.

Total Drama Action

Riot On Set

Before the second part of the challenge, Heather sarcastically thanks DJ for not pulling their makeup trailer that would've given their team an advantage.

One Flu Over the Cuckoos


DJ and Heather working together.

At one point of the challenge, DJ carries Heather on his shoulders and together, the two of them assemble their cadaver after acquiring one the pieces. Later, Heather is shocked to see a sore on DJ and believes that he too suffers "Mortatistical Crumples Disease" like Owen.

The Sand Witch Project


Heather slaps DJ back to his senses, wanting to wake him up.

After DJ loses consciousness at the end of the first challenge, Heather slaps him in order to wake him up. When he wakes up, DJ demands that he wants to see Chef but Heather believes he is talking nonsense and slaps him again. After their team successfully scare the Killer Grips, Heather noticed DJ is unhappy and asks him if he's okay. DJ, however, hallucinates Heather as his mother scolding him while Heather scolds her team for not letting her down. During the elimination ceremony, Heather is shocked to find out that DJ is quitting the show for his alliance with Chef.

Total Drama World Tour

Slap Slap Revolution

DJ cheers for Leshawna while she continuously slaps Heather.

Can't Help Falling in Louvre

When DJ is to select a model for his tie-breaker challenge with Lindsay, Heather, along with Izzy and Courtney, begin to pose, hoping that he chooses. one of them. Much to her surprise, DJ chooses her rival, Gwen instead. Heather would then become one of the judges for the challenge, along with Owen and Chris. After Gwen is done modelling, Heather admits that while she dislikes Gwen's modelling, she likes the shirt that DJ made her wear and awards DJ some points.

Newf Kids on the Rock


Heather barges into the confessional from above while DJ is using it.

With DJ being the final member of his team, Heather tries hard to pull him into an alliance with her team, before Alejandro can. However, DJ has no interest to continue the competition, and just wishes to quit before his curse makes him hurt more animals. While he is using the confessional, Heather bursts in from the vents and tries to convince him to form an alliance with her. However, DJ is unhappy with her barging in, and tells her she was lucky that he wasn't doing his business at the time. When the contestants are being thrown into the sea, Heather manages to throw a cushion to DJ to help him stay afloat. Once the challenge beings, Heather abandons her team to help DJ. During Sea Shanty Mix, DJ refuses to sing so he can be disqualified but Heather manages to trick him into singing. DJ warns Heather of the ice blocks their raft is heading towards. Although DJ is thankful Heather saved them from a crash, he is disappointed when he finds out they are the first to reach Newfoundland.

Heather tricks DJ into completing the challenge; by letting him finish a bottle of vinegar, claiming it's cough syrup for his 'cold', making him complete another challenge. For the final challenge, Heather notices an Egyptian symbol is painted on one of the fish and convince DJ to kiss it, hoping that it might end his curse. DJ refuses to believe her but is eventually convinced by Alejandro to do so, securing an alliance with him which frustrates Heather.

Jamaica Me Sweat

After DJ loses the challenge, Heather shows no sympathy and instead mocks him for choosing to ally with the wrong team, claiming that if he had joined her she would have saved him from being eliminated.

Hawaiian Style

Like most of the contestants, DJ chooses to support Cody over Heather and Alejandro in the finale.

Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles

DJ and some of the other contestants are disappointed when Heather reaches Hawaii faster than Cody does.

Hawaiian Punch

During the tiebreaker between Alejandro and Cody, DJ and the rest of the eliminated contestants constantly laugh at Heather's misfortune. After Cody is eliminated, DJ and most of the contestants move to Team Heather due to their bigger dislike for Alejandro. In Heather's ending, DJ cheers for her after she defeats Alejandro and wins the season.


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