The five teams head to India where they pick tea leaves and deal with a dangerous train ride to the Chill Zone. One continues to have problems in dealing with his love of another, until a team forces him to finally take responsibility for himself and push forward their feelings. Meanwhile, two partners go through their ultimate trial, where one finally takes charge and tries to help them to survive; while nearly saved due to two cheaters long penalty, they fail to make it and in the end leave the race with rekindled feelings for one another.



Emma ensures no one takes the taxi.

The teams must now fly to India and take a cab to the mountains of Darjeeling. During the flight, Devin ponders over whether he should reveal his feelings for Carrie, but ends up chickening out. MacArthur is still affected by her actions in the previous episode, and as a result promises she will follow Sanders's orders. Upon arriving at the airport, the teams immediately succumb to the effects of the intense humidity. For the challenge, teams must go into some tea fields and fill a basket with tea leaves, and their haul must be approved by a local to received their next Travel Tip. Stephanie is unable to comprehend the heat but with some motivation from Ryan, she carries on with the challenge and refuses to ask him for help.

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Sanders refuses to sabotage the Sisters.

The Ice Dancers approach and suggest the Police Cadets to join them in sabotaging the Sisters. However, Sanders refuses, believing that it'll result in a penalty. Josee warns the Cadets that they would be the next team eliminated but Sanders still refuses. The Ice Dancers manage to sabotage the Sisters by opening the hatches of their baskets while diverting their attention to an alliance offer, which they also refuse. For the next challenge, the teams must now ride on a train and try to fight their way into the front car before reaching the Chill Zone. As the other teams make their way onto the train, the Daters are still stuck trying to get tea leaves after Stephanie's are blown away by the wind, but Ryan refuses to let this affect them and harvests an entire bush of the leaves, sending the Daters onto the next challenge. As other teams try reaching to the first car, the Ice Dancers try to sabotage the other teams by disconnecting their car from the others.


Emma reveals to Devin that Carrie is in love with him.

After having trouble with the animals, the Best Friends and Sisters ally together and try walking over the train cars instead. While helping her up, Emma finds out that Carrie has not gotten over Devin and wishes that he would talk to her. The Ice Dancers manage to separate the cars but before they are left far behind, the Sisters and Best Friends manage to jump onto the first car. Emma states that they had to do it to stay in the game, but Kitty teases her about enjoying it. The Police Cadets manage to fight their way through the animals, but they find themselves being separated from the other teams. As the Cadets arrive, MacArthur sees Devin at the carriage and thinks Devin pulled the lever to separate the train cars. She declares to the Best Friends they have earned themselves a new enemy. Upon seeing a heartbroken Carrie, the Sisters call out Devin for his behavior, only for him to reveal he has a crush on Carrie. They are disbelieved by Devin's statement, leading Kitty to slap him and Emma to curse at him, where they proceed to reveal that Carrie had feelings for him all along. Devin is overjoyed by the news, and becomes even more determined to share his feelings with Carrie.

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The Daters walk away from the competition with reignited feelings for each other.

Sanders is under the impression they had fallen behind the other teams, to which MacArthur comes up with the idea of riding the bull and catches up to train. Due to their attempt to sabotage the other teams, Don gives the Ice Dancers a one-hour penalty. As the other teams begin arriving at the Chill Zone, the Daters realize that their train had stopped and race to the finish but stop to reveal that they're dating again, giving enough time for the Ice Dancers' penalty to end and for them to secure fourth place. Despite coming in last and being eliminated, the Daters believe that the race helped strengthen their relationship, due to the many bumps and hardships they faced along the way.


Voice actor Role(s)
Terry McGurrin Don
Kristin Fairlie Carrie
Jeff Geddis Devin
Stacey DePass Emma
Scott McCord Jacques
Julie Lemieux Josee
Stephanie Anne Mills Kitty
Evany Rosen MacArthur
Joseph Motiki Ryan
Nicole Stamp Sanders
Nicki Burke Stephanie

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  • With this episode, Carrie's feelings of being in love with Devin, after being a secret kept from him for so long, have finally been revealed to him.
  • The ice skating girl who appears in the magazine that Josee is reading in the plane bears an extremely close resemblance to Josee herself.
  • Counting the Surfer Dudes' appearance in the recap of the previous episode, this is the only episode of the spin-off to not feature any of the characters from Total Drama.


  • Sanders's arm is still broken from the previous episode.
  • Devin states he doesn't love unibrows, referring back to what he said in the previous episode.


  • The title is a reference to the phrase "Deal with it".


  • The flight to the Darjeeling is seen leaving the Russian far east on the world map, however it isn't where the Kola Borehole is located.
  • Several times throughout the episode the wind direction is different.
  • At the beginning of this episode, Don states that Sanders was dropped 7 miles down the hole because of MacArthur. However, according to what Sanders said in the previous episode, she was almost half way down the 7-mile hole when MacArthur dropped her.
  • When trying to encourage Stephanie to continue the challenge and not give up, Ryan brings up what she said to him last year. However, in None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1, Ryan reveals he met Stephanie at the gym two months and six days prior to the race.
  • Stephanie's socks disappear when she was cheering over gaining the leaves.
  • After the Ice Dancers unhook the other train carts, the lever used disappears in further scenes.
  • When there is twelve seconds remaining on the Ice Dancers penalty, Jacques's top half and bottom half of his attire have swapped shades, with the highest one being purple and the lowest one being pink.


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