Dave was a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island as a member of the Waneyihtam Maskwak.


Due to seeing himself as The only "normal" people on the show, Dave can be critical of people and expects little of them. He is a logical thinker, though uptight, and is a complete neat freak and has an intense fear of germs. Dave is easily frustrated by his teammates, believing them (with the exception of Sky and Shawn) to be crazy, and often belittles them. His love for Sky has made him prone to anxiety over being separated or turned down by her, to the point where he slips into insanity. Dave has a tendency to be either easily motivated or easily depressed when it comes to competition and has stated that he hardly had any desire to win or have a plan for the prize money. He will reject reality if it does not suit him, such as when Sky persistently declines a relationship. He can be vindictive when betrayed, as seen in Lies, Cries and One Big Prize. He also appears to have a habit for lying as seen in his audition tape as well as several times in the series.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

Sky and Greasy Dave

Dave suffers a panic attack until Sky calms him down.

Dave make his first appearance in So, Uh This Is My Team? as one of the fourteen new contestants competing. Upon reaching Pahkitew Island, he is placed on team Waneyihtam Maskwak along with Sky, Shawn, Ella, Sugar, Beardo and Leonard. Dave is immediately frustrated with his team's odd antics and thinks very little of them, believing all of them, save for Sky and, to a lesser extent, Shawn, to be crazy and worthless. In fact, during the first campfire ceremony of the season, he wants to vote four people off. Despite his complaints, Dave himself is not useful in challenges, often worried of getting injured or dirty.

Dave pretending to like Sky's plan in order to impress her.

During his stay on the island, Dave develops a crush on his teammate, Sky. Wanting to get closer to her, Dave often goes wherever Sky does, including following her to forage for food and trying to partner with her in Twinning Isn't Everything. In addition, Dave also agrees with whatever Sky says, even though he voices against it in the confessional. While Sky is often angry with the mistakes he makes, the two of them nevertheless become closer as the season progresses. Dave eventually gets another admirer in the form of Ella after helping her in A Blast from the Past. Unfortunately, Dave is unaware of her crush and unknowingly breaks her heart after rejecting her in the next episode, leaving Ella sad for the entire duration of the episode until she is eliminated.


Dave showing his first signs of mental instability in Three Zones and A Baby after Sky injured him.

Dave's infatuation with Sky begins to affect his mind. This is first displayed in Mo Monkey Mo Problems when Shawn fails to talk him out of his plan to impress Sky, as she only cares about winning the money. Dave hears him, but doesn't care, calling Sky his "true love". Although Sky admits that she has feelings for Dave as well, she has something else she wants to say. However, Dave cuts her off before she can finish. When Sky is transferred to the opposing team in This Is The Pits!, Dave is deeply saddened and cries hysterically in the confessional. He still has a glimmer of hope that they can be together regardless. The two of them still help out each other in Three Zones and A Baby. Dave believes that this is a sign that they will be together forever, showing more signs of becoming insane. Although he keeps getting injured throughout the episode, the biggest impact to hit him is when Sky manages to give his position away to Chef and is shot by his meatball launcher. Dave believes that Sky no longer likes him and begin to cry hysterically in the confessional. He even tells Shawn to let him quit the game as he has "lost Sky and nothing matters to him anymore". Finally fed up with his friend's whining, Shawn tells him to win the challenge in order to show Sky that he is not a loser. This boosts Dave's confidence, and with his team using him as a snowboard, they reach the finish line first.

Anti dave pin

Dave campaigns for his own elimination after Sky rejects him.

Still listening to Shawn's advice, Dave tries to prove to Sky in Hurl and Go Seek that he is a strong player by trying to finish his Juggy Chunk before her, despite its disgusting nature. Even after Sugar had already won the challenge, Dave and Sky continue to drink their Juggy Chunks, with Dave finishing his faster than Sky. Dave suddenly becomes cocky and arrogant and begins taunting Sky on how strong he is now. However, Dave is unaware that Sky is angry for losing the pre-challenge and she harshly yells at him that they will never be a couple. This saddens Dave to the point of crying. Still believing that they have a shot, Dave tries to find Sky only for him to be rejected again. With his mind now insane as a result of being rejected, Dave proclaims he no longer needs Sky before howling like a wolf to exert his "lone wolf" status. He is the first person to be captured by Sugar. While helping her to find the other contestants, he watches two love birds and tells the male not to trust the female. Sugar realizes what has happened and manages to encourage Dave to lead her to where Sky is hiding. After the challenge ends and his stomach is clean, Dave confesses that he told everyone to vote him off, seeing as his chances with Sky are over. At the Cannon of Shame, Dave tries to say his goodbye to her one more time, but she isn't there. Depressed, Dave tells Chris to fire him away.


Dave loses his hair and sanity in the finale.

Dave returns in the finale as Sky's helper after she turns the slot machine twice and ends up with him both times. Upon finding out about this, Dave goes into depression again. Sky, determined to make Dave as useful as possible, kisses him to motivate him, saying that she was upset about him being the helper because she didn't want to be distracted by her feelings for him. With his new found confidence, Dave becomes determined in helping Sky to win the million dollars. At one point, Dave loses his hair after Sky provokes the mechanical kitten from Scarlett Fever to melt the snow they are trapped in.

Killer instint

Dave is accidentally left behind by Chris after the season is over.

In the end, Chris decides to make the challenge more interesting by revealing Sky's audition tape to Dave, in which she reveals she has a boyfriend back home named Keith. The shock of discovering that Sky had a boyfriend the entire time further strains his already unstable mind. With the last of his remaining sanity lost, Dave angrily yells at Sky and vows to break her the same way she broke his heart. With the island's weather control at their disposal, Dave and Jasmine activate all of the island's traps to prevent Sky and Shawn from reaching the finish line, as Chris promised to give them half of the million each if neither of the finalists complete in time. Dave, however, is more interested in hurting Sky and wishes to burn the million dollars she wants so much in front of her. However, one of the finalists manages to reach the finish line in the end, disappointing Dave. It is later revealed that Chris and the other three contestants had accidentally left Dave behind on the island. As Dave sighs for failing to have his revenge, he admits that "it can only get better from here", to which he discovers that Scuba Bear 3.0 is standing right behind him.


Audition tape

View this video for Dave's audition tape.

Dave messes up his introduction in his audition tape.

Dave's audition takes place in his garage, where he enters from the left and messes up his introduction. He starts over, but continues to fumble over his words and wishes he had written down what he wanted to say. He states that he would have, but the only available pen was chewed on, which grosses him out. Due to this, he walks off again and comes back with disinfectant, which he starts rubbing on himself, and comments that he would be a vicious, cold competitor that only cares about winning the money.



  • Dave is one of the seven males to have more than one girl attracted to him, the others being Harold, Duncan, Justin, Trent, Alejandro, and Mike. In his case, the girls are Sky and Ella.
  • Dave is one of nine characters on the show to have been bald or currently be bald, with the others being Sierra, Alejandro, Ezekiel, Chris, Staci, Dakota, Chef, and Heather.
    • He, Ezekiel, and Staci, however, are the only contestants to still be bald in their latest appearance.





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