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Dave returns Ella's shoe to her in A Blast from the Past.

Ella is immensely nice to Dave, just as she is to everyone. Dave, on the other hand, views her as one of the many weird members on his team, and is constantly annoyed by her singing. However, he seems more tolerant of Ella than a few other members, and doesn't openly criticize her or try to hurt her feelings. Eventually, due to Dave returning Ella's shoe to her, Ella becomes attracted to Dave after he treats her nicely, and considers him as her "prince." However, Dave doesn't return her affection (and seems to be unaware of it as well), unknowingly breaking her heart, due to Dave's attraction to someone else.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

So, Uh This Is My Team?


Ella offers to sing for Dave to cheer him up.

While everyone is still on the zeppelin, Ella tries to cheer up Dave, who is disturbed by Max and Leonard's odd personalities, by singing him a song, though this just creeps him out even more. During the challenge, Dave is mad at Ella for grabbing a bucket of pink glitter, as it is useless for building their shelter. During the elimination ceremony, Dave, while using the confessional, wonders if he can vote for four people, indicating he wishes to vote Ella off as well.

I Love You, Grease Pig!


Ella offers the grease pig's leash to a reluctant Dave.

Dave cheers for Ella when she seems to cruise through her segment of the challenge with ease by dancing with the grease pig. However, he then encourages her to hurry up when she takes too long due to dancing. Once Ella finishes her course, she gives the leash to Dave, which he is reluctant to take due to fear of germs.

Twinning Isn't Everything

When Ella tries to show her gratitude to Shawn by singing, Dave tells Ella that it isn't necessary. He is also thankful to Shawn when he gets rid of her without hurting her feelings.

A Blast from the Past

Dave helps Ella out of the lake after she is electrocuted by Max and also puts her shoe back onto her foot. This reminds Ella of a certain fairytale and she begins to fall for Dave. In the confessional, Ella is delighted with the "true fairytale moment" and believes that she has now found her prince. When it is Ella's turn again in the challenge, she tells Dave that she will repay his earlier kindness by scoring a point for their team while referring to him as her prince. This leaves both Dave and Sky very confused.

Mo Monkey Mo Problems


Ella arrives at Dave's picnic, thinking it's for her...

In the beginning of the episode, Dave prepares a romantic picnic for him and Sky, and prompts Shawn to go retrieve her. Along the way, Shawn runs into Ella and informs her about Dave's picnic, but fails to mention exactly who it is for. Ella believes that the picnic is for her and she meets up with Dave. There, Ella refers him as David, to which Dave responds that she can simply call him Dave. She blushes as she listens to Dave talking, until he mentions that the picnic is actually for Sky. She becomes devastated when Dave tells her to leave and, heartbroken, Ella leaves him and goes to the challenge site.

Dave and Ella picnic

...but Dave informs her that it's for Sky.

For the majority of the challenge, Ella is woeful, and barely speaks up until Dave's life is put in danger by a bear. Despite Chris's warning in the previous episode, Ella sings in order to save Dave. Chris eventually finds out about this from Sugar and disqualifies her. Before taking the Cannon of Shame, Ella sings one final song, during which she refers to Dave as her "prince" and that he made her heart "wince", but seemingly brushes it off in order to complete her cheery goodbye song.


  • This attraction is formed as a reference to the fairy tale Cinderella, as the "prince" places the shoe on the "princess", making them fall in love.
  • This attraction is involved in a love triangle with Dave and Sky.

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