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Shawn and Dave discussing their lady problems with each other in Three Zones and A Baby.

While Dave doesn't initially appreciate Shawn's odd behavior, overall the two of them appear to be good friends. Unlike most members of his team, Dave does not view Shawn as being weird or annoying, despite his unhealthy fear of zombies and even comes to respect his skills. Likewise, Shawn is nice to Dave just as he is with most people. Eventually the two come to trust each other enough to help each other out with their relationships. However, Dave is unintentionally responsible for causing a strain on Shawn's relationship with Jasmine, and Shawn's advice for Dave is taken the wrong way. As a result, Dave strains his relationship with Sky.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

So, Uh This Is My Team?

Dave wheres Shawn

Dave wonders where Shawn is going.

Dave is annoyed when Shawn grabs a can of soup from the pile, as it has no use in building a shelter. At the end of the episode, Dave notices Shawn leaving after they finish building their shelter and wonders where he's going. During the elimination ceremony, he asks in the confessional if he could vote off four people. It is unclear if Shawn was one of the "weird" team members that Dave was referring to.

I Love You, Grease Pig!

Dave compliments Shawn for finding so much food, and he is also grateful to Shawn for finding a cave for the team to sleep in. He asks Shawn if he is going to come down from the trees to sleep in the cave, but Shawn still refuses to in fear of his team becoming zombies.

Twinning Isn't Everything


Dave is scared by a camouflaged Shawn.

Dave is happy that Shawn gets rid of Ella without hurting her feelings and joins in with Sky's offer to help Shawn forage (though mostly to spend more time with Sky). While Shawn accepts, he isn't happy about this proposition as he believes groups of people are more attractive to zombies. During the challenge, Dave is terrified when he sees what looks like a tree with eyes. It turns out to be Shawn, who camouflaged himself to look like the tree. He then warns Shawn about someone bursting Sky's balloons. Dave is also impressed when Shawn uses two trees to slingshot his balloons at Max and Scarlett.

I Love You, I Love You Knots

In the morning, Dave tags along with Shawn to help forage for food, where they run into Jasmine and Samey (pretending to be Amy). When Jasmine asks if they would like to accompany them to forage, Shawn quickly bolts, dragging a startled Dave along. In the confessional, Dave notes Jasmine's fondness of Shawn and feels it is a very odd relationship. During the challenge, Dave's task is to kiss someone seated next to him. He glances sideways at Shawn, who becomes wide-eyed in shock and immediately flees in fear. When it is Shawn's turn, his task is to pick his nose and wipe it on someone sitting next to him. As he is seated on the edge, the only person seated next to him is Dave. Shawn grins evilly as Dave flees in terror due to his fear of germs, but Shawn outruns him before blowing a blast of boogers onto Dave (as well as his entire team).

A Blast from the Past


Dave takes advantage of Shawn's zombie paranoia.

When Shawn is brought back to the challenge by Chef, examines his team for "bite marks" due to his belief that a zombie apocalypse has hit the island. When Dave asks Shawn where he had been, he tells him he had been hiding from the horde. When Shawn is reluctant to participate in the challenge, due to fear of the zombies, Dave cleverly takes advantage of his friend's paranoia and tells him he has to grab a jousting stick and knock the other team's zombie into the water. Shawn willingly obeys, and is coincidentally paired with Jasmine.

Mo Monkey Mo Problems


Shawn questions Dave.

Shawn finds out that Dave has set up a picnic for Sky and tries to talk him out of it. Not only does he believe this plan is stupid, but he states that Sky is more interested in winning the million dollars than looking for a relationship. However, Dave chooses to ignore this advice and counters back by telling Shawn he would be willing to give up the prize money in order to be with his love interest. Shawn, who has been experiencing trouble in his own love life, becomes teary eyed and goes to find Sky for Dave as and plans to tell Jasmine how he feels about her.

Three Zones and A Baby

Who is the man

Shawn attempts to motivate a depressed Dave.

Shawn comforts Dave about the fact that Sky had to move to the other team in the previous episode. During the challenge, Dave is devastated by Sky's sudden betrayal, which leads him to get hit by Chef and pinned on to a tree by spaghetti. Shawn is then forced to go back and save him from Pasta Bear, as well as carry him for the next portion of the challenge. Once they're out of danger, Dave tells him that he no longer cares about the challenge and wants to quit. Trying to help him, Shawn scolds him and tells him that he can still win over Sky's respect if he does not give up. After hearing this, Dave becomes inspired to win, however, he is paralyzed due to being bitten by a rattlesnake earlier on, so Shawn is forced to carry him, this time with a help from Sugar. In the final part of the challenge on the snow covered mountain, Shawn and the rest of the team use Dave as a sled to slide down the mountain, which leads them to win the challenge.

Lies, Cries and One Big Prize

Mud fight

Shawn and Dave slap fight each other in the finale.

Dave is brought back to the island to be Sky's helper. However, when Chris reveals how disappointed Sky was to find out Dave was her helper, Jasmine (and, to a minor extent, Shawn) laugh at Dave and Sky's predicament. When they are at the mudpit, the two boys ram into each other after Jasmine turns back due to her claustrophobia. They both angrily tell each other to get out the way before engaging in a slap fight. Later on, when Dave and Jasmine are made to be the finalists' "hinderers", Dave makes the challenge hard for both Shawn and Sky, although his main intention is to get revenge on Sky for not telling him about her boyfriend. When Shawn and Sky are buried in an avalanche, he believes that he and Jasmine had won the prize money after Chris declares that time's up. However, upon seeing one of the finalists (depending on the ending) had indeed reached the finish line, Dave is then disappointed. It's implied that Dave isn't as upset in Shawn's ending.


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