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Dave and Sky's first and only kiss in Lies, Cries and One Big Prize.

Dave and Sky are placed on the same team, where Dave quickly becomes attracted to her, viewing her as one of if not the only sane member of their team, other than himself. Sky is aware of Dave's feelings and has feelings for him as well, though she holds it back in an attempt to win the competition. However, as the season progresses, she cannot deny that her feelings for him have grown. Dave, on the other hand, tries many ways to win Sky's heart, slowly losing his sanity in the process, and rejecting almost everyone around him, including Ella, unknowingly breaking her heart.

After Sky is transferred to the opposing team, the two of them admit that they miss each other, but Jasmine persuades Sky to concentrate on the game and not to let petty things such as boys get in her head. The same cannot be said for Dave, however, as being separated from Sky strains his mind even further. After Sky injures him during a challenge, Dave begins to slip even further into insanity to the point that he thinks about quitting the competition. However, after some encouraging words from his friend, Shawn, Dave attempts to win back Sky by showing her how strong he can be. This backfires when Dave suddenly becomes cocky and arrogant which makes Sky upset, and she rejects him again. Heartbroken and mentally unstable, Dave leaves Total Drama by voting for himself.

The two of them meet again in the finale when Dave is selected as Sky's helper. Although several issues are brought up again, they finally make amends after Sky kisses him. However, Chris then airs Sky's audition tape, revealing that she actually has a boyfriend back home. This, coupled with his already unstable mind, makes Dave bitter and angry at Sky for betraying him, and he does everything he can to make sure Sky does not win. In fact, he wants to make sure he gets the million dollars that Sky wants to win so much and burn it right in front of her to hurt her just like she hurt him. In the end, however, Dave's chance of revenge fails when one of the finalists (depending on the ending) wins and he is left on the island alone with Scuba Bear.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

So, Uh This Is My Team?


Dave tries to impress Sky in So, Uh This Is My Team?.

When Chef hits Dave with a tennis ball to demonstrate, Sky gasps in concern, but Dave dismisses that it only hurt a little. At the start of the challenge when Sky takes charge of her team, Dave attempts to impress her by telling everyone to agree with her, but she is a bit disturbed and confused by this. Later, Sky instructs Dave to act as a distraction for Chef and draw his fire, and pushes him forward. After Dave returns, he is about to tell Sky another idea he has, but before he can finish, Sky immediately rushes forward to hit Chef's tennis balls back.

I Love You, Grease Pig!

Sky and Greasy Dave

Sky helps Dave to calm down.

Sky calms Dave down when he has a panic attack after being covered in grease, and after a while, Dave finally calms down. In the confessional, Dave claims that Sky has a soothing effect on him during his moments of hysteria, which he claims last much longer than it did just then. Sky states in a confessional afterwards that she suspects Dave has a crush on her, but shrugs it off saying she didn't come to meet boys, she came to win.

Twinning Isn't Everything


Sky almost mistakenly throws a balloon at Dave.

Dave tries to get closer to Sky by hanging around her throughout the episode. In the confessional, he admits that he has a crush on her, and likewise Sky states he is cute and begins to feel attracted to him, but still maintains she has no intention of being in a relationship. During the challenge, Dave shows concern for her when she gets stung by bees. He attempts to flirt with her, but his wording comes out wrong, however he wins over some sympathy from her when he states the many allergies he suspects himself of having. Sky, still focused on the challenge, tells Dave to warn the others that Max is using a blow dart to pop their own balloons. He happily rushes off to carry out her wishes, but she warns him of a tree which he crashes into.

I Love You, I Love You Knots


Dave has to kiss Sky for his dare...

For his dare, Dave is required to kiss the person next to him; either Shawn or Sky. As Shawn had already run away, Dave has to kiss Sky. Although the both of them tell each other that this is just for the challenge, Dave cheers excitedly in the confessional. But just as they are about to kiss, Sky burps at his face, disgusting him.


...but fails when she burps in his face.

Since their lips fail to touch, Team Maskwak does not earn a point. Later in the confessional, Sky admits that she belches whenever she's nervous because of something such as boys. Upon mentioning this, Sky quickly stutters and denies her attraction to him. After the challenge, Dave tries to start a conversation with Sky, but she runs off, having to burp again, leaving him puzzled on whether she likes him or not.

A Blast from the Past


Dave unintentionally insults Sky.

Dave meets up with Sky and they talk a little while walking. Sky mentions she wants to be an Olympic gymnast one day and says her sister was almost on the rhythmic gymnastic team for Canada. Dave insults rhythmic gymnastics which caused Sky to get mad at him while defending the sport. Dave apologizes and says he was trying to tell his feelings to her. He then asks Sky if she feels the same way, to which she loudly belches, but this time Dave realizes that her belches are a sign of nerves, and asks her if she does like him. She confirms her feelings for him are mutual, but she is interrupted by Chris before she explains she did not wish to have a relationship. During the challenge, Sky notices that Ella is developing a crush on Dave and starts wondering if those two are a couple.

Mo Monkey Mo Problems


Dave pretends to like Sky's plan.

Dave is fully infatuated with Sky and prepares a romantic picnic for her. Shawn tries to talk him out of being in a relationship since Sky is not interested in being in a relationship but Dave admits that he doesn't care. Eventually, Shawn fails to talk his friend out of his plan and leaves to find Sky. Meanwhile, Sky is uncertain over whether Dave truly likes her or not and asks consolation in Sugar. Sugar who is planning to "mess with some minds" tells her Dave is a womanizer and is taking advantage of every girl. To make it even more complicated, Ella who gained a crush in the previous episode and is looking for Dave, runs into Shawn and asks him where he is. After finding Dave's picnic, Ella assumes it's for her, and is heartbroken when he says it's for Sky. At the challenge meeting area, a grief-stricken Ella informs Sky that she's the one who Dave loves, to which Sky is overjoyed to hear. During the challenge, Dave wants to impress Sky by agreeing with her plan to bring the bear that ate their monkey to Chris, even though he strongly disagrees to it. 

This Is The Pits!

Berries or marriage

Dave and Sky sharing some berries with each other.

By this stage Sky no longer tries to hide her feelings for Dave: however, she is still hesitant of being in a relationship. She has a dream of a muscular Dave handing her a ring and asking her to be his jungle queen, before she awakens to Dave offering her some berries he picked. Dave on the other hand continues to move on Sky, and feels the only thing required to cement their relationship is a kiss. However, Sugar, who views their relationship as an alliance, continuously attempts to come between them and interrupt their moments. At the end of the episode, Chris decides to split apart a couple due to it being unfair for the rest of team, worrying Dave and Sky. However, he removes Max and Scarlett, transporting the former onto Waneyihtam Maskwak, but then has Sky transfer teams to avoid a numbers advantage. Sky, while upset, sees this as an opportunity for Dave to realize that they're over, but Dave attempts to convince himself otherwise in the confessional before bursting into tears.

Three Zones and A Baby

I want to break free

Sky still wants to help her old teammate and crush.

Following Sky's switch to the Pimâpotew Kinosewak, Dave is left disappointed in the cave, and Shawn's attempts to cheer him up fail. Throughout the episode, Jasmine berates Sky into choosing between her new team or Dave. Jasmine sabotages Dave as he tries to get across the first zone of the challenge, but Sky saves him from an attacking rattlesnake as a "last act of their romance." However, Dave, in the confessional, begin to show signs of becoming unstable as he believes that this act means that he and Sky would be together till the end and becomes excited. Later, he met up with Sky and warn her as she is about to step on her horn. Ultimately, Sky chooses her new team over Dave and throws the horn in front of him, allowing Chef to pin Dave to a tree with his meatball bazooka. Although she believes that Dave would understand her actions, Dave is seen in the confessional crying hysterically, believing that Sky no longer likes him and no longer wishes to continue the competition. Having fed up with his behavior, Shawn inspires Dave to not give up as doing otherwise would not make Sky like him back. This gives Dave's confidence to finish the challenge in order to show Sky that he is a good competitor.

Hurl and Go Seek

Sha-lightning two

Dave tries to show Sky that he can beat her.

At this point, Dave has finally lost his mind trying to show Sky that he is a strong competitor. After the teams have merged, Dave once again attempts to make a move on Sky by trying to prove he is superior than Sky, but she continues to reject him. In the pre-challenge, he vigorously downs his jug in an attempt to beat Sky and show he's worthy, however, this inadvertently makes himself look arrogant. Once Chris announces the challenge is a game of hide and seek, he once again arrogantly tries to pair up with Sky, but this time she harshly rejects him, telling him that he would never be her boyfriend. This leaves Dave extremely depressed and he kneels over and begins to cry. Chris approaches and seemingly attempts to comfort him, however he intentionally ends up making it worse by reminding Dave of all the reasons that made him so upset, which leads Sky to angrily scold Chris. When Dave finally decides to join the others, he continues to call out to Sky, by coincidence she is hiding right behind where he's standing and tells him to be quiet as they would both be caught. As Sky comes out, they both have another angry exchange, however suddenly both stop and smile at each other. Dave takes the moment and asks her again if he can be her boyfriend, but Sky returns to her senses and once again rejects him before leaving him. Dave finally loses it and proclaims he doesn't want to be her boyfriend, taking off his shoe and throwing it at her. He then states he is a "lone wolf", even crouching down on a rock and howling to emphasize his point.

Throughout the rest of the episode Dave remains dejected over Sky turning him down, and after he gets caught, Sugar exploits this. She makes Dave jealous of Sky turning him down and getting a chance at the million while he doesn't, a newly enraged Dave betrays Sky's position to Sugar. While Dave travels with Sugar he sees two birds showing affection to each other, and tells the male bird the female is intending to betray him. At the end of the episode, Dave and Sky are in the bottom two. However, Dave reveals in the confessional that he had campaigned to everyone to vote him off as he has no desire to be in the competition now that he's no longer with Sky. His campaign to get himself eliminated succeeds, due to him voting for himself. As he is about to be fired from the Cannon of Shame, Chris gives him one last chance to make amends with Sky. He calls out to Sky one final time, only to find she's not there watching him. A depressed Dave asks Chris to fire the cannon, however Sky comes running over in time to see him get blasted away.

Scarlett Fever

As the island's self destruct sequence activates, Sky admits that she wishes Dave was with her since he always made her feel calm, but she quickly reminds herself to stay focused on the game.

Lies, Cries and One Big Prize

Dave master manipulator

Dave helps Sky during the finale.

For the final challenge, Sky randomly selects Dave as her helper. Knowing that Dave would be a liability to her, Sky decides to spin again, only to get Dave once again. After descending from the helicopter, Dave is thrilled to see Sky again, though Sky is hesitant given their last encounter. Chris gleefully tells Dave that Sky did not want him as her helper, leading Dave to believe he would only hinder her. To make him focused on the challenge, Sky kisses him and revitalizes his motivation to help Sky. However, Dave appears to have lost intelligence, not catching what Chris said the first time before rephrasing it to Sky. She wonders in the confessional if he used to be brighter. They successfully navigate down the mountain in the first part of the challenge, albeit while getting trapped in a snowball, as well as getting through the mud pit while fighting off Jasmine and Shawn.


Dave slips further into insanity, upon discovering Sky has a boyfriend.

However, their luck changes after the first challenge ends, with Chris showing Sky's audition tape to Dave and everyone else. In it, Sky says she'll miss her boyfriend, Keith, if she is picked for the show. This revelation leaves Dave (quite literally) frozen in shock as the term, "my boyfriend, Keith," plays over and over in his head. Sky tries to convince Dave that it is a misunderstanding, but he bursts out in anger and denies Sky a chance, leaving her guilty of her actions.

Dave refuses to accept Sky's apology and explanation.

When Dave is given the chance to become a "hinderer" for both Sky and Shawn, he heavily targets Sky with no remorse, citing that if he were to get the split million dollars that he and Jasmine were promised had Shawn and Sky not completed the challenge in ten minutes, he would burn it in front of Sky to make her pay. When Dave fails to stop them, he screams out in anguish over not getting his revenge on Sky.


  • This is one of two mutual attractions that does not end in a relationship, and the only one where both members end up on bad terms with each other.
  • This attraction is involved in a love triangle with Ella, who has a one-sided attraction to Dave.

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