Dawn was a camper on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island as a member of the Toxic Rats.


Dawn is a mysterious nature lover who wants to use the prize money to help Mother Earth. She is able to communicate with all kinds of animals, mutated or not, who take a strong liking to her. She is frequently seen meditating and reads her tea leaves presumably every morning. Dawn is also well known for having the ability to read people's auras. In fact, her first line in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island is her telling B that he is "exceptionally purplish-green", but it suited him. It is likely through this skill that allowed her to be the first of only two people to figure out Mike's disorder without having to be told.

Among this, Dawn also shows signs of having other supernatural powers. In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, Chris blows up the boat she and other new contestants are on, forcing them into the water. Not only does she arrive at the beach first, but she was also completely dry, which baffles Jo. Dawn states that she can predict people's futures, which proves to be true later in the season. She ends up foretelling the unfortunate fate of another player. Beyond her unconventional characteristics, Dawn appears to be kindhearted and very helpful, although she comes across as creepy to the others.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Dawn on the Beach

Dawn mysteriously arrives on the shore before everyone else.

Dawn makes her debut in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er! with B. She immediately puts her powers on display by reading B's aura, telling him "your aura is exceptionally purplish-green" while smiling at him. B, at first, appears to be concerned, but Dawn quickly adds that it suits him. When the contestants are blown out of the yacht and must swim to shore, Dawn finds a shortcut and arrives before everyone else. This especially surprises Jo since Dawn managed to arrive completely dry. Dawn also uses her powers to read Zoey's aura, revealing that she knows Zoey is an only child, and that her aura reads like an open book. Later, Dawn is placed on the Toxic Rats. Dawn, somehow, knows a lot about her fellow contestants. When Dakota tries to cut her team's rope on the totem pole, Dawn tells her to use it like "daddy's steak knife". During the elimination ceremony, she receives the fourth marshmallow.


Dawn talking to a little blue bird in the Toxic Rats's cabin.

Later, in Truth or Laser Shark, Dawn is the first contestant seen in the Toxic Rats's cabin. She is on her bed, hanging upside down while talking to a little blue bird. She expands on B's aura from her prediction in the last episode, explaining that it is in his aura to not speak. She also manages to bewilder Dakota by telling her that her desire for fame is a "depressed cry for love". Dakota, flustered, wonders how Dawn knew that if she only told her therapist. Dawn explains to Dakota that she sees auras and it "looks like someone threw up on" Dakota's. Dakota replies by telling Dawn to "go eat a worm". The bird offers her a worm, which Dawn politely declines. Dawn shows how good she is with animals when she races against Brick during the "Mad Skills Obstacle Course" and the mutated rat she has to hold during the relay race tells her to duck on time from an incoming cannonball. This helps Dawn do exceptionally well in her part of the challenge for her team. After the Toxic Rats suffer another loss, Dawn suggests voting off Dakota, with Scott. However, unlike Scott's reason of Dakota being too easily distracted, Dawn believes that if Dakota spends more time on the island, then a great disaster will befall her if she stays on the island any longer. In her team's second elimination ceremony, she receives the second marshmallow. Following Dakota's elimination, Dawn became the only remaining female member of the Toxic Rats for the time being.

Held as a child

"You weren't held enough as a child."

– Dawn

In Ice Ice Baby, Dawn sees Lightning choking on his gruel, and she immediately saves him. Lightning thanks Dawn for saving him, but Dawn responds by telling him that she was not saving him and she was instead saving a beetle that Lightning swallowed. Later, after the challenge begins, Dawn does not climb but stays near the pile of junk. When Sam falls down Mount Looming Tragedy and says he is done with the challenge, Dawn assures him that B has a plan. When a large mutant beetle becomes angry at Sam's poor music playing, Dawn once again saves her fellow contestants, this time from the same large mutant beetle. Dawn manages to figure out that the beetle is actually the mother to the little beetle that Lightning choked on earlier. Dawn seems to have kept the baby beetle and returns the mother beetle's baby to her, and the mother beetle does not attack Dawn's team when she was about to. Later, Dawn partners with Scott in the "Capture the Flag" challenge, and is able to detect which snowballs are dangerous and which ones are safe to use. After a snowball explodes on Scott, Dawn reads his aura and tells Scott that he was not held enough as a child, which bewilders Scott. While helping Scott, Dawn also waves to the beetle, who waves back to her, implying that she befriended it. During Scott's agenda to oust B, he tells Dawn that B "hates nature" in order to get her vote.

Finders Creepers (2)

A butterfly warns a meditating Dawn about a "dark presence" among them.

Unbeknownst to Dawn, she seals her own fate in Ice Ice Baby by leaving a bad impression on Scott. She does this when she reveals that she knew he was not held enough as a child, then once again when she mistakes him for a beetle whisperer. Scott even states in the confessional that, after B, Dawn is the next to go. In Finders Creepers, Dawn is seen, once again, meditating in her side of the Toxic Rats's cabin. She is the only contestant awake, as the others slept. As she meditates, a butterfly flies in through the window and warns her about an "evil" dark presence that is lurking among them. During the challenge, Lightning manages to claim the first clue and tells Dawn to read it. Dawn reads the clue aloud to her team, revealing that the first souvenir is hidden inside a knot hole in a tree, guarded by a "pest". Dawn is the first contestant captured by the giant spider. Her team discovers her absence when Sam asks her to read out the middle part of the clue again.

Brick and dawn

Dawn reveals that she knows a lot of very personal information about Brick.

In Backstabbers Ahoy!, Dawn is seen by the campfire pit. She is seen collecting firewood, and putting it into a trash bag. When Brick comes over to assist her, Dawn tells him that he does not have to help her just because he was teased as a child. Brick nervously asks Dawn how she knew that about him, and Dawn tells him that it is "right there" in his aura, along with his bladder control issues and his need to be dominated. Later, when Zoey feels upset about Mike appearing to like Anne Maria, she draws a broken heart in the sand with a stick. Dawn comforts Zoey by telling her that Mike does indeed love Zoey, or at least the "Mike" parts of him does. She mysteriously disappears when Zoey questions this statement, before Dawn can explain her words, frightening Zoey. After Lightning loses consciousness due to a seagull attack, Dawn takes charge of her team, to get them back into the game. She appoints Sam as the driver and uses Lightning as their new jet ski. Dawn "rides" Lightning as a jet ski with Brick. She pleads Scott to not fire anymore "defenseless" mutant seagulls. Scott accepts Dawn's plea but shoots one of them anyway.


Dawn takes charge of her team and puts them back in the lead.

Dawn's efforts fling her team back in the lead, and spot the last mine. Her efforts are in vain due to Scott shooting Sam's back with one of the seagulls, which he claims to be accidental. Later, Scott tries to defend himself by claiming that Jo shot Sam, not him. Dawn, in the confessional, secretly knows that Scott is lying, due to the Mutant Maggots's gun being jammed, making Scott the only person who could have possibly shot Sam. Dawn, then, swears to Mother Earth to expose Scott for the traitor he is. Dawn leaves the confessional, but what she does not know is that Scott was listening to her the whole time. Back at the cabins, Scott tries to convince Sam to vote off Dawn for not letting him shoot the Maggots. Sam is unsure, due to him still being mad at Brick for "stealing" their items. When Brick and Dawn enter, Scott picks up Dawn's garbage bag from earlier to give it to her.

Backstabbers Ahoy (52)

Dawn suffers after being framed for stealing the other contestants' belongings.

However, he purposefully drops it (making it look like an accident), revealing everyone's stolen items. However, Dawn did not steal these items – Scott frames her for it, due to her being "too smart for her own good". At their team's elimination ceremony that night, Dawn is voted off nearly unanimously, with the sole vote not being for her being for Scott, which is Dawn's vote. When Scott and Dawn end up in the bottom two, Dawn glares at Scott and is shocked when Chris reveals that she is eliminated. She attempts to defend herself using the McLean-Brand Chris Head. Chris asks her where the McLean Seal of Approval is, and it turns out to be one of Scott's fakes. Dawn reveals that she plans on selling all of the "junk" she collected on Craigslist as Total Drama: Revenge of the Island souvenirs, and donate the money to charity to create a sanctuary for the mutated creatures of the island. Chris calls Dawn's efforts sweet, but pointless. She also tries to reveal who the real traitor of the group is, but Chef stuffs her in her own bag before she can say anything. She tries to warn her teammates but is launched off in the Hurl of Shame.

Dawn is mentioned by Scott in Runaway Model, when he tells Zoey that his whole team voted Dawn off behind his back while trying to convince her that she was the only one who could save Lindsay from Sasquatchanakwa.

Dawn reappears in the finale, where she supports Cameron to win the season. When the mutant animals begin to attack the cast, Dawn watches in horror as a giant tree squid punches B repeatedly, leading her to wonder why her tea leaves didn't predict this event. She is seen leaving the island with the other competitors in a speedboat and joins in laughing at Chris when he gets arrested.


Total Drama Reloaded

Like B, Dawn was not meant to appear in Total Drama Reloaded and does not have an original design. She took the place of a scrapped character named Zoey (the final Zoey was originally named Molly).

Audition tape

View this video for Dawn's audition tape.
Dawn's Audition Tape

Dawn states her name and her purpose for recording the tape.

Dawn's audition begins with her greeting the "citizens of the universe". She then says her name and is recording this so she can participate in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. A squirrel jumps on her hand, and she calls it a "blessed little one". Her tone of voice is noticeably softer at this point. She says that she had read her tea leaves that morning, and they said Total Drama "would make her a lot of money". Then she states that money isn't important to her, and that nature and her animal friends are, petting the squirrel. She says she will win Total Drama and donate her money to help Mother Earth. Suddenly, an eagle swoops down on them and grabs the squirrel with its talons, ending the audition.



  • Dawn is one of the two-second generation characters to not appear in Total Drama Reloaded, with the other being B. However, she did have a character in place of her called Zoey.
  • Dawn is one of six contestants who is known for their love of animals. The others are Bridgette, DJ, Ella, Laurie, and Miles.
  • Dawn is the only contestant in the series who has been implied to have supernatural powers.
  • Dawn is one of five characters with pale skin, the rest are Gwen, Ezekiel, Scott and Max.
  • Dawn is one of five characters with the ability to communicate with animals, with the others being Ella, Ennui, Bridgette and Izzy.
  • Dawn was the first contestant to figure out Mike's condition, the second being Cameron.
  • Dawn is the only contestant in the series to never be injured in any way.



  • Dawn shares similarities with Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter and could be a direct parody; the two bear a striking resemblance to each other, allegedly have supernatural powers, are considered outcasts, and have an affinity with nature.


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