The Daycare is the main location where Total DramaRama takes place.



The primary feature of the daycare where the kids studies or play. The frog chair, where the kids usually do their confessional, is located in this room. Other major features in this room include a play castle, a set of cubbies, a timeout corner, a long table where the kids eat their lunch and an egg chair where Gwen usually spends her time at.

Chef's office

When he is not supervising the kids, Chef spends most of his time in his office. Inside the room, there is a safe where the children's confiscated toys are stored. Near the window, Chef has a pet gold fish inside an aquarium.


Located at the main entrance, the lobby separates the main classroom and Chef's office. While a counter is present, nobody is seen sitting there.


Located in the backyard of the daycare and can be assess via the backdoor at the classroom. Among the facilities present are a treehouse with a slide, a sandbox and a set of swings.


Located outside the daycare where Chef parked his car and motorcycle. During pick up time, the kids' parents will park their cars here.


There is only one bathroom at the daycare and it is the dirtiest part of the building. Currently, only the boy's bathroom is shown.


The kitchen is where Chef prepares lunch for the kids. Sometimes lunch is serve here instead at the classroom.


  • Chef Hatchet is apparently the sole faculty of the daycare as there are no other teachers.
    • Similarly, there are no other children in the daycare other than the main cast and a few former students, alongside Nikki.
  • As a running gag, the daycare occasionally suffers some damages that end up being miraculously repaired by the next episode.
  • One of the daycare's most important rules is that no toys from home are allowed. Anyone caught bringing them in will have their toy confiscated. Despite this, the kids still bring their toys from home such as Gwen's doll which she manages to hide from Chef.
  • Duncan has dug multiple holes on the daycare floor in order to escape the daycare. The location of the holes differ in each episode and each hole will disappear by the end of the episode it was featured in.


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