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Devin was a Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race contestant as a member of The Best Friends with Carrie.


Being best friends since childhood, Devin is very close to Carrie and sees her nothing but a friend while being oblivious to her feelings towards him. Devin already had a girlfriend named Shelley, whom he occasionally mentions throughout the Race. After discovering that Shelley had dumped him, Devin becomes heart broken and begins to lose his mind. For the next few episodes, Devin undergoes what Spud describes as the "Seven Stages of Heartbreak" where he is initially in denial or rejects the break up before suffering from mood swings and become easily agitated. After undergoing these stages, Devin moves on from Shelley and begins to fall in love with Carrie. He becomes extremely nervous around her, making both Carrie and Devin uncomfortable and causing problems for himself. He eventually confesses his feelings for Carrie in Last Tango in Buenos Aires, which she returns, only for him to be disqualified by a severe injury accidentally caused by Kitty.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

The Best Friends are the first team to be introduced.

Devin makes his debut in None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1, along with his partner and best friend Carrie, who is secretly in love with him. During the challenge, they decide to take the elevator, and are seen waiting for it to come. Later on, they are seen on the sky walk, where Carrie helps him to get over his fear of height and advance. After they take the zipline, Devin mentions that he has a girlfriend, Shelley, which upsets Carrie. They are one of the six teams that get into the first flight to Morocco.

In None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 2, Devin and Carrie take a taxi to the spice kiosk where Carrie is able to detect cinnamon and randomly chooses the others. In the "Botch or Watch", Devin is the one who drinks the stew and finishes it first and run to the finish line. When Carrie falls, he carries her to the finish line. Despite some trouble finding the Chill Zone, they eventually arrive to the Chill Zone in first place. They have a moment which he unintentionally ruined by mentioning that he wants to call his girlfriend.

Devin, along with Carrie, are the first team to start the race with their moped.

In French is an Eiffel Language, as the Best Friends ride to catch the next plane to Paris, they lose their lead as they initially thought it was the actual police, but it turns out to be the Police Cadets. During the challenge, they did not pass the caricature drawing challenge due to Carrie's drawing being too realistic due to her exceptional art skills and her crush on Devin. They come at fourth place.

In Mediterranean Homesick Blues, Devin struggles with the Botch or Watch, while trying to get the tip from the shark. The struggle continues as the Best Friends ride in a boat that has a faulty engine, forcing them to travel at low speed. They finish in fourteenth place.

In Bjorken Telephone, Devin tells Carrie that the freezing weather reminds him of when Shelley locked him out of the car for bringing her the wrong tea. Later on, Devin gets his foot stuck in the geyser. The two choose to do they fossil challenge. They finish in seventh place.

In Brazilian Pain Forest, Devin and Carrie successfully cross the tree in order to cross the ravine and The Best Friends finish in eleventh.

In A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket, Devin runs with a coffin that has Carrie inside. During the Botch or Watch, Devin fails in the challenge. The Best Friends finish in tenth place.

In Hawaiian Honeyruin, Devin carries Carrie over the bed of hot coals, making Carrie blush in happiness. The Best Friends arrive in the Chill Zone in second place, due to Jacques tripping on a rock. At the end, Carrie tries to confess her love, but stops when Devin says he misses Shelley and comments how he's glad that he got to do the race with his best friend, making Carrie disappointed once again.

In Hello and Dubai, Devin states he had watched Shelley play tennis for years, believing that Jacques has a better chance at a beach ball than a tennis ball due to how hard it is. Jacques then proves him wrong by hitting the tennis ball which embarrasses him. The Best Friends end up in the bottom two due to Carrie's poor tennis skills and her being upset from Devin mentioning Shelley so often. They make it to the Chill Zone short of the last place team and survive elimination.

In New Beijinging, Devin had a dream about the two of them living together, making Carrie blush and squeal in joy, rocking the plane. In the All-In challenge, Carrie again helps Devin conquer his fear of heights by parachuting into the stadium with frightens Devin. In the confessional, Devin compliments Carrie for helping him during the challenge and later states that Shelley wouldn't do it for him, signifying a victory for Carrie as she celebrates. While preparing food, Devin is bitten on the face by a snake In the eating challenge, the Best Friends struggle due to Carrie's constant barfing at the mention of 'worms'. This is caused when Carrie was challenged by her sister to eat a worm when she was younger. Carrie ate the worm and caused her to barf for 6 days straight. But she manages to eat the skewered animals after Devin motivates her by convincing her that she's eating chicken instead. Carrie manages to run despite her sickness and the Best Friends finish in tenth place.

In I Love Ridonc & Roll, Devin recognizes Crimson without her makeup on and compliment her which makes her uncomfortable due to the positive emotions being sent her way. They get ninth place.

Devin finds Junior instead of a rhino.

In My Way or Zimbabwe, they head to Zimbabwe where they have to take a selfie while falling over the falls. While trying to find a rhino, they find Junior also searching for a rhino and he tags along with them. After they get the selfie with a rhino, Junior tells Devin that he kisses the rhino as if it is Carrie, which Devin finds weird. Junior then asked Devin if it's okay to date Carrie which he doesn't mind, but reveals to him that Carrie doesn't date younger guys, unless if he can wait a few years which then Carrie can change her mind, making Junior secretly happy.

In Shawshank Ridonc-tion, when he finds out the reward to be a one phone call from home by Don, he becomes very determined to win this challenge to call Shelley, leaving Carrie worried. Carrie continually tries to confess her feelings, but Devin is constantly distracted. After the Best Friends come in first place, he tries calling Shelley multiple times until he finds out she has broken up with him and is dating her tennis instructor. Devin is seen hysterically crying for the rest of the episode while Carrie tries to console him.

Devin begins to go through the stages of heartbreak after Shelley broke up with him in the previous episode.

Later in Down and Outback, Devin is still upset over the events that happened in the previous episode and goes through the denial stage of the break-up (Stage 1 of the 7 stages), telling himself it was just a misunderstanding. After getting input from Spud, Carrie realizes that she needs to push him through the seven stages of breakup faster so that he can get over her. She tries to make him angry at Shelley and he begins to lash out. They eventually come in seventh place.

In Maori or Less, Devin is still angry at Shelley (Stage 2 of the 7 stages) and uses his anger to perform the traditional Maori dance successfully, much to Carrie's surprise.. In following episode, Little Bull on the Prairie, Devin becomes very desperate to try and win Shelley back (Stage 3 of the 7 stages) and becomes determined in getting in first place but ends up getting third.

Devin offers the Goths an alliance.

Throughout Lord of the Ring Toss, he becomes very depressed and gloomy (Stage 4 of the 7 stages), similar to the Goths which leads to Devin asking to form an alliance with them but the Goths decline due to Carrie's optimistic behavior. In the following episode, he is still depressed which makes the Goths piquing the interest of asking him they should hang out more often. During the challenge, he finally moves on from his break up with Shelley, and starts to become more active and helpful. They end up in fifth place.

In Dude Buggies, Devin finally moves on from the heartbreak and became determined to win the race. At first, he forces Carrie to go on the dune buggies, but eventually changes to the magic challenge, which is what Carrie originally wanted to do. After accidentally dropping Carrie down instead of the lion, Devin gets really worried about her as she is "the most important person in my life"; making him realizes that he's in love with her. He tries to confess his new feelings to her twice, but fails at doing so. They come in last, but are saved from elimination due to it being a non-elimination episode.

Devin has some trouble with the challenge.

In El Bunny Supremo, The teams must now take part in an All-In, in which one of the team members must eat a hot pepper. According to whether the pepper they chose was mild, hot or spicy, they must wave the corresponding flag for their team member, who will then jump from one of the ledges of the cliff and search in the water for a canteen full of milk and the next tip. To win over Carrie, Devin continuously tries and fails to eat the spicier peppers, forcing Carrie to climb up to the highest ledge. MacArthur berates Devin about not being a man. Devin becomes angry after noticing Carrie and Ryan holding hands, in the cliff, giving himself temporary blindness in the process. Later, while on the way to the Chill Zone, Ryan gives Carrie a hand with Devin as he is unable to see. Both Best Friends and Daters come in fourth place.

Devin tries to tell Carrie he loves her.

In Ca-Noodling, Devin now desperate to win over Carrie, steps up his game, but his pepper induced blindness makes him accidentally pull Stephanie into a cab with him, forcing Carrie to cab with Ryan, making him nervous. Carrie reveals that she thinks that Devin might like her due to his attempts to impress her and begins to regain her feeling back for Devin but was quickly gone after getting advice from Emma to push her feelings aside along with Devin's clumsiness as he accidentally throws a bucket of chum onto Carrie. In the challenge, Josee and MacArthur swim past Devin and trick him into thinking they saw a mega catfish, which Devin thought it would impress Carrie. However, it turns out the "mega catfish" was a crocodile. The blind Devin brings it back and the crocodile ends up devouring all the catfish. Luckily for them, Brody had experience with this type of situation and is able to make the crocodile regurgitate the fish via the Heimlich maneuver. The teams must now compete in another All-In which involves searching through tunnels filled with traps and dead ends for a Don Box with directions to the Chill Zone. Devin tries to reveal his crush on Carrie but gets interrupted numerous times and almost costs them the race after alerting the other teams when the Best Friends find the Don Box. The Surfers ultimately let the Best Friends pass them in the race to the Chill Zone due to their alliance and was eliminated after coming in last place.

Emma tells Devin that Carrie really loves him.

In Darjeel With It, during the flight, Devin ponders over whether he should reveal his feelings to Carrie, but ends up chickening out. Upon arriving at the Darjeeling, they immediately succumb to the effects of the intense humidity. For the first challenge, Carrie and Devin must go into some tea fields and fill a basket with tea leaves, and their haul must be approved by a local to received their next Travel Tip. Later, the Best Friends must now ride on a train and try to fight their way into the front car before reaching the Chill Zone. After having trouble with the animals, the Best Friends and Sisters ally together and try walking over the train cars instead. While helping her up, Emma finds out that Carrie has not gotten over Devin and wishes that he would talk to her. The Ice Dancers manage to separate the cars but before they are left far behind, the Sisters and Best Friends manage to jump onto the first car. The Police Cadets manage to fight their way through the animals, but they find themselves being separated from the other teams. MacArthur suspects Devin of pulling the lever to separate the train cars, and warns the Best Friends they had earned themselves a new enemy. Upon seeing a heartbroken Carrie, the Sisters call out Devin for his behavior, only for him to reveal he has a crush on Carrie. They don't believed Devin's statement, leading Kitty to slap him and Emma to curse at him, where they proceed to reveal Carrie had feeling for him all along while Carrie was seen alone on the train. Devin is overjoyed by the news, and becomes even more determined to share his feelings with Carrie but couldn't confess his love to Carrie as he fell off the train and was later ran over by the Police Cadets with the bull, injuring Devin. They finish in third place.

Carrie and Devin have their first kiss.

Finally in Last Tango in Buenos Aires, The final four teams receive their next tips and head for their next destination: Buenos Aires, Argentina. Devin is convinced that nothing will go wrong, causing Carrie to worry as an Elephant crushes and sits on the taxi in which Devin and Carrie are in, . Devin again tries to confess to Carrie about his feelings in the plane, only to stumble once again. Once in Buenos Aries, the teams face an All-In where they must perform the tango for at a local dance academy to receive their tip before taking a cab to a ranch. Taken tango lessons with Shelley before, Devin is confident he will be able to profess his love for Carrie, but ends up injuring her during their dance. The Sisters, Ice Dancers and Police Cadets finish their tango, leaving the Best Friends to fall behind. Carrie becomes upset at Devin for repeatedly injuring her and making reference to Shelley, which causes Carrie to take charge, allowing them to complete the dance. The Best Friends are the last at the ranch. Devin manages to snag his emu, but Carrie notices they are the only ones there. Carrie gives up hope, leading to Devin to finally tells Carrie that he’s in love with her. The two embrace and have their first kiss, before noticing the sisters heading up the mountain. Realizing they are still in the race, they head for the Chill Zone. The Best Friends barely manage to beat the sisters and take third. However Kitty,

Devin is too injured to continue.

unable to steer the emu, crashes into Devin, sending him over the cliff’s edge and severely injures Devin. Even though it's a non-elimination round, Devin can't continue due to his injuries and is evacuated by helicopter in a body cast. Before the Best Friends depart, Don tells them they must choose one team to return to the competition. Carrie chooses the Surfer Dudes, as they sacrificed themselves for the Best Friends back in Vietnam. As the Best Friends leave via helicopter, Carrie reminisces over the good times they had during the Race and professes her love for Devin. However she hears a muffled Devin say “Shelley” and tells him to stop talking.

Devin and Carrie are mentioned twice in Bahamarama after their elimination. In the interview, the sisters feel sorry for them, especially Kitty. When the Surfers return to the competition, they thank the best friends for bringing them back to the race and say they will split the million with the Best Friends if they win.

Devin appears in A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars with the other eliminated contestants, watching the final outcome of the Race. In the short time since being eliminated, Devin has recovered from most of his injuries, as he is seen with only his head still covered by bandages. After the winner is declared, he joins the others in the final group shot.

Total DramaRama season 1

Devin's Cameo Alongside Carrie and Chet.

Carrie and Devin appear in Harold's magazine about aliens. His design has been altered slightly, with most of the color of his clothing different, an absent of his facial hair and he now wears a pair of sunglasses.


Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

Total DramaRama season 1




  • The Best Friends is the only team to be eliminated from The Ridonculous Race for reasons other than coming in last, as they were forced to quit due to Devin's injuries.
    • This makes Devin one of three contestants in the franchise to be eliminated due to extensive injury, the others being Izzy and Cameron.


  • The "Seven Stages of Heartbreak" Devin suffers from is based on the five stages of grief from the Kubler-Ross model; denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance.


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